It’s a road that diverges. Is this interview primarily about Vladimir Putin’s perspective on why he is justified in invading Ukraine? Yes. Is there anything that helps America in giving Putin a legitimized (yes, Tucker Carlson is a Certified American) outlet for promoting his _already known) Ukraine invasion perspective? No. If it doesn’t help America for an American celebrity interviewer to legitimize Putin’s perspective, could it harm America by giving additional legitimization to a divided America? Yes. If Tucker Carlson intentionally frames his questioning to give Vladimir Putin freedom to promote his already known perspective on Tucker Carlson’s program, and it harms America, is it treasonous?

It’s a road that
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what’s weird about doing these key changes and taps. This wasn’t a lesson. Piano teacher didn’t go over “how to transpose” as she was doing strict classical music. On my own, I liked TAPS and I was fascinated that it was possible to play the SAME SONG in different keys and so I’d do this kind of thing a lot. Then I discovered major vs minor and then other modes and would change songs to different modes – and I was always making medleys of different songs I knew shoved together in pieces, connecting them at natural connection points.

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Inflation is inevitable and it’s here to stay for a long time. Unrealistic pipe dreams from the past that were only temporarily there because of tricks is a game that can no longer be played – well it can but it’ll be temporary when it does. I don’t delve much into this stuff lately but this guy is a pro. Give him a look. I don’t agree with everything he’s said but he’s been right for decades about a lot of things. I remember him predicting austerity after some last-gasp false “everything is getting better folks!” WAY BACK in the early 00s and predicted it would happen around 2018-2025 at which point we’d no longer be able to pretend that things weren’t going flat. It’s not that things won’t get better or will get worse but rather than we’d hit a point of ‘sustaining’ and the people chasing the big money-to-be-made would have to face the fact of “no, not for some time”

Inflation is inevitable and
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I’m glad to help and you’re welcome! Super appreciate the feedback! I was always an internet advocate. Couldn’t wait until everybody had “pocket terminals” and could get online anywhere, be able to find like-minded souls and congregate without the limitations of local life options. I have no regrets for my advocacy then or now, even though I’d had higher hopes for humanity’s ability to go past polarization. But I still feel as if what we’re seeing is the last throes of many old empires breathing their final breaths, clawing for relevance just prior to new and better things that will be invented by each up coming generation as mine and those older than me fade off.

 I’m glad to help
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