Depends on the situation as to what’s acceptable. I talk in general until race is brought up and if it’s relevant, THEN I’ll say “as a white” or “as a white male” or whatever, *if* that’s the social convention in that situation. Sometimes the races of who is talking or listening makes a difference. Sometimes it doesn’t. I’d prefer it never did but I was raised with that assumption, “If we don’t talk about [x] it goes away” and it turns out that while that works SOMETIMES, it doesn’t ALWAYS. In the case of black vs white, substitute words replaced saying “black”, which made the situation worse because it became an invisible problem for a while, couched under other names.

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I can give some hidden clues that might be invisible on the outside. Here’s a hint: If it wasn’t for the 80s Southern WASPy right usurping American pride and intermingling it with tent revival fundamentalist TV evangelism and claiming “America” for themselves, I’d gladly wear an American pin because I’m proud of when America does things right but I’m also disappointed when America does things wrong.

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The people at the extremes are being reigned in as they expose themselves freely and are shamed. The internet alt right is as large in numbers as it ever was, but having a “win” in the White House has been demoralizing because now there’s no excuses for their glorious revolution to take place. But they expected daddy to do it all and he can’t. Now a number of them are angry at the firing of Bannon because *he* was the one that held their core values in the White House more than Trump, who is more of a moment to moment opportunist.

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I was a systems analyst for a large pharmaceutical company without a college diploma because I made a complicated thing in Excel as a temp that got ‘hot’. It was weird because I didn’t want it. I was a temp and I cut my hours down to four hours a day, started taking community college courses to hopefully end up as a special ed teacher, and basically did whatever I could to convince them to let go of me. Long cigarettes breaks and all. Custodian at a biomedical facility was weird. Running a business (doing the boring stuff) so my brother can do work that he loves is weird. It’s animal trapping. I helped him with killer bees once. They flung their bodies at the truck as we wore painters coveralls thinking it would help. Sounded like hail. Geez, I could just talk about the times I went on calls with him in animal trapping to give weird stories. It’s … weird that I’m doing this now. Fuck money.

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Next march White Power march is Boston. One thing I know about Boston? They don’t need outside anti-fa help. Boston *is* anti-fascist themselves. They’ll punch them out themselves if they go too far. Not that I’m advocating violence. I’m not. But I’ve known Boston people that don’t take kindly to excess fascist rhetoric.

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They’re purely Nazi-punchers. I don’t like when they call the neos parents and the pizza places they work at, but I don’t mind if they post legit biographies online about them. Neos gotta settle down They’re using other people’s battles (like confederate stuff they don’t care about) to march about nazi ideologies? Nope. They gotta stop. Next march is Boston. One thing I know about Boston? They don’t need outside anti-fa help. Boston *is* anti-fascist themselves. They’ll punch them out themselves if they go too far.

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