YES! I first encountered the name Damasio when I first came across George Lakoff’s Embodied Cognition ~ Sept 14, 2014. Then me on Apr 21, 2015, I was trying to help someone understand what “It’s not about the nail” video was really about, and in this part: me, inspired by Damasio: “Yet it’s not emotion vs reason. Reason is pushed by the amygdala – pushed by emotion. It’s not a separated system. Pure logic and reason in a human results in perpetual indeciveness, as they’ve found with people with brain damage to the amygdala. Without the emotional push, you can’t make conclusions without GREAT difficulty.” is where I linked what I must have read around that time: Now it’s 2Q 2018 and I see Damasio has done more work I need to catch up on. Thank you Zee Mista !

YES! I first encountered
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I think he’s been burned one too many times, so he wrote a book and talks about it to help others do what he probably failed to do in his life at some point. His is the personality that procreates, breeds, survives and thrives while the high conflict personalities get themselves killed off thanks to their penchant for conflict. What interesting is that he gives NO advice “what if you’re a high conflict person?” That’s smart and taking his own advice. After all, if he *did*, he’d be telling a high conflict person, HEY YOU’RE A HIGH CONFLICT PERSONALITY”. Better a high conflict person thinks he must be talking about someone else, which an hcp (using his model) would do anyway.

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I’ve tried playing sides in Syria and I just can’t anymore. I want Russia to be right yet I also want NATO to be right. I see 3 players: Russia Official Syria team, NATO regime change team and ISIS. NOBODY wants ISIS but ISIS. Did you see this Jack? It was a MOMENT – just a moment – of peace. Just enough time for a visit and a blessing and survey damage. A few days later, US started attacking in the same area. ISIS was out – driven out to the desert. Liberation with Russia’s help. That’s the 200+ Russians killed by the US, just a few days after this moment. At least they had a moment.

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