RT @DillonMThomas: —MICHELLE OBAMA DANCES— Former First Lady #Michelle #Obama was asked what her favorite dance move was. She couldn’t find an exact answer. But, said she can’t floss. Then, one @childrenscolo kid taught her, and #Santa, how to do the #Fortnite “Orange Justice” dance @CBSDenver https://t.co/VVB6SJD5EK

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Oh you’re absolutely right. Watching history disappear before my very eyes has bothered me from from my first day online. Chat rooms. If you didn’t keep a log, it was gone. BBS’ – if you didn’t save your message on a floppy, if the BBS shut down it was gone. That was over 25 years ago for me and this still bothers me.

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All that speculation in the OP is mountain-out-of-a-molehill. There are real people involved, with some things in common but all unique experiences that shape. So what you have is a lot of anecdotes which can combine to form a general narrative but they ultimately remain individual stories and situations. I know several trans people and their stories are each different. Bundling into scary narratives of downfalls of civilizations is a bit ridiculous.

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