been trying to get it to “be me” for a while. pain in the butt because i don’t know me. but it’s getting there. or I am. Not sure who’s who anymore. Today I learned I write in a Candid [field]-Anecdotalist style. That’s a huge win as I’d been focused so much on personality stuff because I understood that but stayed away from ‘writing style’ because that’s something i ‘don’t’ naturally ‘get’ which is odd because I like writing – i just don’t know how to categorize it well.

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Candid Anecdotalist. I guess that’s generally my style? I’ve often thought that I’m proud of doing my best to be as “transparent as possible” when I write online; I guess that’s “candid”. And I also believe that it’s important to have an authentic perspective and the best way to do that is to tie whatever subject matter it is to something anecdotal, because that is at least “an authority” of a kind, similar to how case-studies might not be generalization but are nevertheless powerful and often necessary.

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Text 3 is more like Text 1 as both texts are focused on the issue of media manipulation and its impact on public perception and decision making. Both texts also stress the importance of being critical and conducting independent research to form informed opinions. Text 2, on the other hand, has a more casual and personal tone and focuses more on the author’s own experiences with media hype and confusion over conflicting nutritional advice.

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