I’ll give credit: Trump signed Executive Order to help expand broadband into rural America. That’s a good. With a bad. Sadly, American Farm Bureau, which used to be for small farmers has become a very powerful anti-EPA representing only the interests of HUGE farms, not small and medium and even normal large farms. So, big agro only, but sold with the small farmer rhetoric. But: a good job on the rural broadband expansion. Internet should be infrastructure and laying wires is a step towards that.

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Mike and I have our political differences but he’s right in this case. On a State, County, Local and volunteer level, restoration efforts are swift while through and careful. Search and Rescue teams jumped into high gear quickly, both official and volunteer. Comfort shelters opened up quickly so people can get a break, power restoration has been swift. Clearing roads with search and rescue is usually the first step and it takes a few days to clear things up completely. Lots of chainsaws working right now.

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Oh, it’s fascinating for a lot of reasons. I was involved for six years with the Orthodox, learned a lot of theology and solidified in me what “the whole point” of Christianity is supposed to be as a religion. From that vantage point, I can see what other Christian groups do wrong and what they do right in attempting to adhere to a model of “How To Be A Human Well”. I can’t say I believe or even if I did, even at the time. But I dove in as deeply as I could to understand as fully as I could, at least on an intellectual level, and from that I can see its holding power, even when its in fractured form.

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There’s a LOT of reasons I want Andrew Gillum for Gov and Sean Shaw for Attorney General. Shaw’s been a consumer advocate lawyer for a long time among other things and he wants to be tough on big companies for flaunt laws that affect employees but for stuff like this, he’d soften things, especially if there’s no complaints. If I were AG? Sure, let them fine him, ok. Shove the paperwork he needs to practice legally at him and give him an option to work under another’s dentistry license. Say, six months or so. Meanwhile, work with the legislature to make changes and when his case comes up, fight for an exemption in his case as consumer advocate against improper state legislation.

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The one that followed, 9th edition that I had, was more traditional, although it kept a good amount of the groundbreaking inclusion of various social groups whereas prior versions always showed only white boys, even though Boy Scouts was not a white boys only organization. As I’m going through the 8th edition, I’m noticing a lot of things I *wish* my edition had, such as nature watching in the city, how to navigate in a city when lost and stuff like that.

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