7th grade nephew just came home and said, “I don’t know how to say this without sounding crazy…” and he told me: On the school shared folder, someone found a hit list. It’s from an 8th grader who has a knife collection but nothing further identifies him. My nephews name is on top along with all of his friends. He and his friends are the “meme kids”, with all the jokes and memes and stuff. They told each other then one of them informed a teacher who said they’d look into it. Also, there was an assembly today about the shooting and local things going on. We’re the county next door to where the shooting took place last week. All I could say is, “If there’s ever a reason to stay out of school, this is it.” and he did the hand motions that said “exactly!” and went inside. Being the meme kids, it normally would get blown off as a prank by the meme kids themselves. But in this environment, I hope they follow through. If it *was* one of the meme kids, they can find out, but as those kids (including my nephew) likes the “ironic edgy” stuff, it can get on people’s nerves. That was like 15 mins ago I heard it.. It’s only a knive you might say, but on Monday, they snagged a kid in a local high school that had a knife along with a map of the school and notes about shooting up the school. He’s in jail now already. It’s real.

7th grade nephew just
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I doubt a whole lot can or will be done from a Federal level. Bump stocks are a safe political move as they hardly work right anyway, apparently, so it’s really no loss if its banned. But because of the fear of “slippery slope”, even that probably won’t pass Federal legislation. BUT: on a Confederate level (State by State), mounting pressures will cause *some* improvements. I expect some waiting periods added, some background checks, and some additional steps taken to temporarily restrict gun holding by people reported to be a danger to themselves or others. None of this is new solutions, but I think it will help somewhat.

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I also advertise on FB (its actual value is questionable but there’s not a lot of choices for exposure. Adwords maybe but that’s more random) but I didn’t know they still allowed racial targeting due to a scandal involving housing and targeting whites-only (which is illegal in the USA). Maybe the tweaked it and still allow it… and i know it’s part of demographic targeting… but I still don’t like it. I have Hispanic Affinity btw apparently. I’m ok with that, although I’m not hispanic.

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I don’t know anything. But I like the challenge in a conversation to simultaneously learn and educate, so I give what I have as best I can and in the negotiation of conversation, all parties can help each other in betterment. But when I hit “empty” and even run out of questions to get more from others in the conversation, I stop. I don’t hesitate to say “I don’t know” though. I often start with “I don’t know. But…”

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1) They want more than “thoughts and prayers”. That is an unbelievably difficult step to get past. That tactic has been EXTREMELY effective at maintaining Status Quo. Nothing new: in the USA, guns are untouchable and restrictions are usually minor. 2) They have to get past 1 first. Right now, they got to “We will listen to you speak”. Afterwards, it might become… “and we decided to enforce an existing database that we have neglected”. Will that be enough? No, as it’s not anything changing. But that might be all the politicians have to do to make this go away as a news story.

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It’s a part of a family of internet discourse styles. Rules of debate have morphed and changed over time as all things do although it’s mostly unchanged from Usenet days, except perhaps the Fallacy list has grown exponentially and the informals are de facto formalized now and always growing.

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I just want to see more than “thoughts and prayers” from lawmakers. They’re supposed to make laws. They have access to ALL the money and power. I’d LOVE to see comprehensive mental health improvements in the USA. If it’s mental health, then it’s mental health. But instead we as a nation get side tracked into debates, while lawmakers distract us while they continue stuffing their pockets.

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