advice is scattered. There are “how to hide from your parents” videos and articles, “how to bypass school internet blocks”, “how to use Tor”, “how to erase your tracks”, “how to hide files on your computer / phone”… “how to turn off GPS tracking”, stuff like that I’d say they’re pro-youth in that they are pro-privacy., as invasions of privacy is a common problem for young people as there are so many eyes watching them.

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Awesome! My first Google translate experiment in chat was in Orkut with Portuguese friends who knew no English and I knew no Portuguese. I set mine up (It was complicated at that time) and with the translation in place on my end, I could teach them how to set it up on theirs, although only one had to have it). I’ve watched realtime translate grow since Orkut was around and impressed at every milestone. This latest is the closest to Universal Translator Star Trek style yet and I’m really glad.

Awesome! My first Google
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If you know the bias of the news outlet though – and it’s not usually hard to figure out after a few articles even without “help” – you can get your news from anyplace. Just a) learn to separate gossip and rumor from what’s more-or-less factual. b) put the gossipy stuff on a mental shelf off to the side and NOT your main focus just in case they have relevance later. c) continually check to see if it reinforces or goes against your biases.

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In the USA, it was commonly taught that “if you ignore racism it will pass on its own”, from the 1980s onwards. It didn’t work of course but a lot believed at the time. Instead, overt racism became obscured, substitute words entered into the lexicon of public discourse. So there’s decades of white people (and non-white too) who believe law changes worked. Removal of slurs from public acceptability worked. It didn’t though. It’s a deeper problem and attacking it at the surface ended up only being a “feel good” measure for those who originally caused the issue.

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Hurricane stuff. Stood outside during a Cat 3 and screamed randomly “woo hoo” while at a crappy motel helping brother at a job repairing homes wrecked after a PREVIOUS hurricane 3 weeks prior. . Another Cat 3 (Irma), I had to go outside to batten stuff up or take stuff down or move things at the windiest times. Also, I did one or two job interviews long ago. Much worse.

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