Awesome! My first Google translate experiment in chat was in Orkut with Portuguese friends who knew no English and I knew no Portuguese. I set mine up (It was complicated at that time) and with the translation in place on my end, I could teach them how to set it up on theirs, although only one had to have it). I’ve watched realtime translate grow since Orkut was around and impressed at every milestone. This latest is the closest to Universal Translator Star Trek style yet and I’m really glad.

Awesome! My first Google
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I’ll add it to my show list. [I’ve been on a “mostly no TV” binge for about four years, only allowing myself Doctor Who, although I’ll watch the occasional individual show or sit down and watch british mysteries with my mom, which don’t count in my “mostly no TV” binge]. In this time, I have a mental list of “should watch this” TV shows and movies. I was breaking a TV habit and it’s worked well.

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Naples FL is working on it but in a smart way so far. I’m in the rural (read “suburbs but with big fat lots”) part which is resistant to fast development yet they have an intelligent 2030 plan set in place a few years ago during the real estate boom (remember that?) They’re trying not to become “another Miami” but we’ll see. I’m fine with it though. It’s not my perfect place to live – the politics here are almost all wrong – yet I do like Florida’s transparency and ease at starting many businesses.

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In the USA, it was commonly taught that “if you ignore racism it will pass on its own”, from the 1980s onwards. It didn’t work of course but a lot believed at the time. Instead, overt racism became obscured, substitute words entered into the lexicon of public discourse. So there’s decades of white people (and non-white too) who believe law changes worked. Removal of slurs from public acceptability worked. It didn’t though. It’s a deeper problem and attacking it at the surface ended up only being a “feel good” measure for those who originally caused the issue.

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don’t know what I’ve ever completed. I’ve recorded musical ideas, played piano or synthesizers in long rambling four/five hour sit downs and mostly take other music and do stuff to it, like extreme slow downs, or taking a vocal track and putting a different backing track to it for comedy… that sort of thing. But just toying around. The kind of focus and dedication required to make something excellent to my satisfaction is something I don’t have.

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