A preposition is a wonderful thing to end a sentence on. Regardless of whether or not one supposed is to or not supposed to, nevertheless they do so. The placement of commas has gotten me in trouble many times through the years – a penalty I don’t care of which For English has a puzzle-like flexibility that many languages also share but beautiful of, I find it which, the poetic flexibility allowed is rich. The stanza, to find can show up in a place and it’s – the unexpectedly understood! – with switch!

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this section seems to be right at my level : ´┐╝them. **Cognitive Processes:** * **Spatial navigation:** The brain’s spatial navigation systems, which are involved in wayfinding and remembering the layout of environments, are active during dreaming. This allows us to navigate dream spaces and experience them as coherent and immersive worlds. * **Familiarity:** The feeling of familiarity associated with dream spaces may arise from the activation of neural networks that represent previously experienced environments. * **Association:** Dreams often combine elements from different memories and experiences. The association of familiar elements may contribute to the recurrence and coherence of dream spaces. * **Imagination:** Imagination plays a crucial role in the creation of dream spaces. The brain’s ability to generate novel and unexpected imagery allows us to experience dream spaces that are unlike anything we have encountered in waking life. * **Emotion:** Emotions are closely linked to dream spaces. The emotional tone of a dream can influence the way we perceive and remember the space. * **Significance:** The significance we attach to dream spaces may be influenced by their emotional impact, their association with personal experiences, and their recurrence over time.

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there can be an ancientness to a dream space. I have a number of dream spaces that I feel certain that I have visited and Revisited many times. During the dream and after waking I can recall how the space looked in past dreams. Each of those Past Times have their own stories and the spaces looked a little different. I can be nostalgic within the dream about the old spaces and how they were different or better, or worse and better now. And yet – were those really Dream spaces I had been to before? Or was the entire history of Histories constructed on the fly? Unless I’d have kept a tangible dated record, I have no way to know. yet it doesn’t matter. The ancientness of these dream spaces remains.

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Oh actual Indians did care. I remember. 1988 there were nationwide protests from Native American groups. It was long time ago but I remember that’s why I figured it would never happen in my lifetime. and there was the “Liberation of Aunt Jemima” art piece. I didn’t care-care about this stuff – neither one was my battle — just aware of it. As far as your GM, that’s a Iranian city-boy vs women thing – and a good example of systemic forces supporting oppression ’cause your Iranian RGM is not oly free to deny the promotion, but there probably not a whole lot your GM can do about it because RGM has reasonable sounding excuses that support her continued denial.

Oh actual Indians did
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Interestingly, one of the meditative practices I learned as a kid for anxiety reduction was imagining there were holes in the bottom of my feet and breathing slowly through them. “Breath through your feet!” I’d have to tell myself. So I know I’d have some killer visuals here – and an interesting time walking home on mushy holey sponge protrusions

Interestingly, one of the
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