It has no independent existence outside of humans transacting tangible and intangible goods and services using substitutions that are standardized. Much of the money is created in second order, not really linked to anything having to do with transacting good and services but rather amongst itself, guided by other rules, even arbitrary such as political laws or thieving schemes. But within the world of humans performing transactions, money is functional and through its functioning, it has reality. If you lack “enough”, you can die. That’s real.

It has no independent
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April 29, 2013 i narrated a short story into my iPhone 4s not long after i got it, only time i did. butterflies of the mind. A clip from a video on fluid flow showing formation of a stagnation layer with the single jet inbetween when faced with an obstacle i just posted? i guess this is that process. (small part of the story) “Where I walked, there were butterflies all around. As I walked without stopping I captured each butterfly gently in my hand and quickly found a place for them behind Me. I did not see where that place was. I just saw myself catching each butterfly and putting it behind me at full speed with out changing my speed of walking. As I walked, and kept walking, arrows would go by me and I knocked it out of my way. All without stopping. I captured butterflies while blocking the arrows. And the earth opens up below me. I keep walking. Never stopping. I calmly walked down into the hole that opened before me….“

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Stratified fluid behavior. When I was little, I read an old (then) sci-fi story where time travelers who was otherwise extremely careful accidentally brought with them a single butterfly which ended up wreaking havoc with the ecosystem of that timeframe and destroying it all. The way the butterfly was purely accidental: there was a stagnation layer near one of the exhausts and the butterfly just happened to be fluttering in that zone when the time travel ship left and was safely transported in an otherwise impossibly hostile travel condition. So, this kind of phenomenon has fascinated me since although I never really stopped to look at it like this.

Stratified fluid behavior. “stratified
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