50% is actually good odds in some circumstances and there are ways to mitigate risk. For example: You have money to invest. You break into two categories: Low risk | High risk. Money you can afford to lose goes into high risk. Money you can afford to lose goes into low risk. You can split low risk / high risk at the 50% line if you like. Notice I didn’t say “Money you cannot afford to lose”. Money you cannot afford to lose you do not invest.

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“That feeling of information that just by reading it, can change the way you see the world…” is brilliantly worded. I try to treat information / input as food. It’s why I don’t watch documentaries much; I know the tricks they use to convince rational-minded people through “what if” and logic mazes connecting bits of evidence. It’s bad for people. But, I more strongly believe in autonomy of knowledge seeking so I wouldn’t forbid it. I can try to convince but not ordain.

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I’m not Roman Catholic so I wasn’t able to see the connection. But the other week, I was finally looking at TOS episodes that I never saw before. That episode basically ended with a “space Jesus” twist, that any sufficiently advanced, mirror Earth civilization would eventually reach a point of Jesus visiting leading to the end of the Roman Empire. and I was like. wait-what? So I looked up a few things and I saw article after article about Star Trek and how it’s Roman Catholic in its ethics and morals and that the Federation is a Roman Catholic inspired institution. I kind of rolled my eyes at the notion, but thinking back through it, it makes a lot of sense. Star Trek is very pro-life, medicine is important (think Catholic hospitals and missions to places with leprosy), the man and woman is pretty strictly adhered to in most human and alien civilizations, “where are the gay humans?” … etc.

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Lack of empathy with possible link to higher intelligence. No correlation to autism. I’m A;G “You have a SNP in the oxytocin receptor which may make you less empathetic than most people. When under stress you may have more difficulty recognizing the emotional state of others which impacts loneliness, parenting, and socializing skills.” “Some studies have suggested that the A;G genotype is associated with an intermediate level of empathy (compared to the G;G and A;A genotypes), although most report that A;G and A;A individuals have similar levels of empathy and stress handling capabilities. rs53576 is a silent G to A change in the oxytocin receptor (OXTR) gene. Studies have demonstrated that individuals with the G allele are more empathetic, feel less lonely, employ more sensitive parenting techniques, and have lower rates of autism” Lots of studies on this one.

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