Religious purism in actuality is rare. The amount of neurosis required to get everything perfect is just too much for any human being of any religion with more than a couple of “ought tos” to manage. So, assuming zero pure followers of any purely singular religion, automatically there’s going to be a hybrid of some kind. Say, 98% [religion], 2% [agnostic] for that seed of doubt. That sort of thing. Or, hey, you’re basically [generic left leaning American Christian] but also [believe you come back based on how you did in this life and how this life was is based on how you did in your past life]. That’s a common hybrid.

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While this has been informally known for a long time – and a few schools have taken steps to address it by offering alternatives — but I think this is the first time that it’s been really researched to confirm. I hope this will help. The commends under the original post will be therapy for anybody who was ever faced with standardized testing issues or who stayed away from completion because of them, particularly the GRE.

While this has been
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Artifacts of Web 2.0 days. Here in 2008, Google had just launched Google Friend Connect, which was a precursor to Google+, which is now also another dead Google product. I miss Web 2.0 but my own habits changed too as fewer and bigger sites started capturing a lot of the features that previously made having separate websites useful. Still hoping for a new growth of decentralized networking online, one that isn’t bands of thieves anyway.

Artifacts of Web 2.0
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