Accept that you might become neurotic and crazy about your eventual losses. That is a perfectly normal response and it is ok. It is ok to grieve ahead of time, during an event, after an event. It’s also ok to feel nothing at all or have an entirely distinct experience. You are normal for you however that may be and your preparations, actions and reactions are yours.

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He lets us say Merry Christmas now and lets kids eat more pizza at lunch. The pseudo-conservative batch of Republicans, who are now the majority, have the dominoes lined up since 2010, Newt was working on it longer. This has nothing to do with having an impeached President in 2020 who will run for office anyway. Could’ve been anybody. The machinery was in place.

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I like how you describe it. One thing I love about interacting with you is that your ability to express your experience of ADHD affords me the ability to see myself in it and it’s refreshing as it usually feels lonely as I’m not always able to express what it’s like despite usually being pretty ok with wordsmithing and wordplay. Some aspects of experience are difficult to put into words. I love finding “perfect words” – that is, good word combinations that are solid enough descriptions of something that I consider important. Skeptical Generalist as a way to describe myself has been useful and I was proud at finding that combination of words and putting them together. Back in the mid 1990s, Rational Mystic was another combination of words for self-description that worked very well for that period of time — and I could use it again as it’s still self-descriptive just not a focal facet at the moment.

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