When I played, my methodology, which nobody told me but it was through trial and error., was buy and hold. I invested as if it was going to be forever (Warren Buffet), but I was aware that people are generally emotional and to find opportunities the cool kids aren’t seeing while looking for pumping (George Soros). So I bought for 18 months and stopped. I only sold each when it was about to fall, and used it as income in our new house to start a modest business. Last one I sold was in 2014, so it was a nice 14 years out of 1.5 of work. I didn’t and don’t understand the politics of it all. I was only focused on my needs and wants and how I could get there. Edit or delete this Like · Reply · 1m

People are using their
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1600-1663 – Looking at a map of ancestors, I was surprised to see Belgium. “Cornelius Melyn Trades with the Indians” Apparently the trades were fine and friendly enough but it didn’t always stay that way. He went back and forth across the ocean. Peter Stuyvesant didn’t like him, sent him and a bunch of others on a ship that ended up crashing with most of the people dying with him and 18 others surviving. Another time one of the voyages got taken over by pirates. Whole thing was a bit of a mess all around. 11th Great Grandfather. Ultimately Belgium to New Haven, CT but also Staten Island and some other spots.

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Here’s a list of Fellows. I don’t see why they must be forced to being used as a marketable title (Fellow of LSA), if a significant portion of the group or its supporters no longer think he is a fit for it. I don’t know who else on the list is recognizable but that may a clue as to why he was inducted in the first place. He was a science popularizer but I don’t think he was particularly revolutionary in linguistics. I remember in the 90s he was a rabid anti-connectionist, going with a hard-wired notion of genetics. I enjoyed Language Instinct so long as I ignored his stupid illustration of wired women and men brains showing actual wires — seemed childish — but turns out he believes that down to the core and from that flaw in thinking is an outcropping of several bad notions.

Here’s a list of
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Disabilities get in the way of many social situations. If you, a family member or a friend have a disability that has gotten in the way of social situation going smoothly, often an explanation is in order. Once upon a time it was considered rude to refer to someone’s disability in social situations. Delicate way to talk about disabilities was saying ” a person with ” or “a person of”. But about 25 years ago or so, a cascading series of campaigns from different disability groups made it very clear that a disability is not something to be ashamed of and hidden and it becomes Who You Are so don’t be afraid to talk about it. Since then they’ve been trying to educate the public varying degrees of success and failure. Of course you call somebody by their name. Of course you don’t refer to a disability unless there’s a need to. But when the need arises do you talk about it awkwardly or straightforwardly? It’s not one-size-fits-all. It’s an issue that apparently the general population is surprisingly unfamiliar with. So there’s my explanation best I could do. Edit

Disabilities get in the
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There’s no way to make our response as a nation as led by Donald Trump to COVID-19 ok. It’s not. The USA has succeeded in many things in its life but this is not one of them. One of the top jobs of a president is to be the figurehead – responsible for all that happens under his care and guidance. This means he gets to gloat for the good but have to suck it up for the bad, even though we know a President isn’t responsible for all that much except maybe tone.

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IF consumers were who screwed all communicated with each other to CREATE an awareness of price gauging , THEN perhaps it can function in a similar fashion to commodities, etc. The only way I can this matching reality is *if* — and only if — you are ALSO including “government intervention”, “news media intervension”, “lemon laws” etc as “part of” the system and not outside of it.

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