His daughter got shot in the back last week and is dead. Rubio is wrong to argue with the man. Wrong person + wrong time for “actually…” But I give Rubio credit for trying in other parts. It may only be a show but it’s the right show. Rubio’s ignorance by doing the “actually” at that moment shows that he’s inexperienced at dealing with anything but echo chamber politics. But he’s trying. I’ll give him a small pat on the head where its due.

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7th grade nephew just came home and said, “I don’t know how to say this without sounding crazy…” and he told me: On the school shared folder, someone found a hit list. It’s from an 8th grader who has a knife collection but nothing further identifies him. My nephews name is on top along with all of his friends. He and his friends are the “meme kids”, with all the jokes and memes and stuff. They told each other then one of them informed a teacher who said they’d look into it. Also, there was an assembly today about the shooting and local things going on. We’re the county next door to where the shooting took place last week. All I could say is, “If there’s ever a reason to stay out of school, this is it.” and he did the hand motions that said “exactly!” and went inside. Being the meme kids, it normally would get blown off as a prank by the meme kids themselves. But in this environment, I hope they follow through. If it *was* one of the meme kids, they can find out, but as those kids (including my nephew) likes the “ironic edgy” stuff, it can get on people’s nerves. That was like 15 mins ago I heard it.. It’s only a knive you might say, but on Monday, they snagged a kid in a local high school that had a knife along with a map of the school and notes about shooting up the school. He’s in jail now already. It’s real.

7th grade nephew just
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First internet friend I met lived in Spartanburg SC. Waay back. 1990. I was a teenager. My friend and his mom were from Rhode Island but the dad dragged them down to Spartanburg at some point. Abusive asshole, got restraining order etc, so I never met him. I visited for two weeks during summer of 1990. A month before I was there, they’d had a break in and stuff stolen. Just a mom and son there, Was surprised she let his internet friend stay for two weeks but I think she was just happy to give him something to do. It was in the outskirts, don’t remember where. We only went to town a time or two. I remember redneck types mostly. He got bullied a lot and hated it. So I didn’t know about high crime but I wasn’t left with a good feeling about Spartanburg SC. Didn’t seem like a nice place. Sorry about your cousin. Can’t even imagine. Keep bitching. Gotta get it out of you somehow. Here is as good a place as any.

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Fair warning: the “circles with lines farm” is at it again. Once upon a time, significant effort promoted and succeeded in convincing many gullible people that Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. Now they’re at it again, farming out memes to convince the gullible that the school shooting in FL was a hoax and using photoshopped images of survivors and plastering them on other events, claiming they’re hired actors. Also the fact that the state of Florida agreed to cover demolition costs is part of this conspiracy theory. (Of course they want it demolished : fellow community members died there horribly). If you like being suckered into conspiracy, that’s your business. I had my say.

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