Aspertame alone is reason enough to want to send the FDA to the lowest level of hell. I’ve seen other artificial sweeteners be compared to Aspertane, people claiming negative effects with Splenda, etc, but nothing compares. I watch my intake of it; I get a tight chest from too much; I drink it anyway knowing it’s toxic – I think it converts to formaldehyde in the body – I’m so sorry about your father and no, I don’t blame you at all for your stance with the FDA or Pharma. I worked for Pharma for a short time and yes, they are as amoral as it comes.

Aspertame alone is reason
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eh, they’re on the side of ConAngra, etc for sure so yeah. I expect my pound of corporate plastic a year. But what I like about them; and I don’t just like this a little but I like this a lot; the FDA recall function when there is food poisoning; and they are (usually) aggressive when it comes to algae and mold contamination in factories and sewage spilling in (such as flooding incidents, etc – a toilet backing up near a plant floor can make a week long shutdown). But is there any excuse for their approval of corporate bullshit stuff? no. But I like their public safety function, (acknowledging how many of those things shouldn’t be on the market in the first place)

 eh, they’re on the
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Once upon a time, a co-worker’s son went through bootcamp and she would share his progress with us in the butt hut (smoking spot outside). The strangest thing happened with his letters one December. He’d been in boot camp for about 2.5 months and his handwriting dramatically changed. It was erratic, slanting left to right, swooping up and down, compressed and expanding and that doesn’t include the content; there’s no question he was cracking. It was the last letter she got from him until 2 months later. That next letter was neat and perfect, better handwriting than he’d ever had. He came home to visit for a week; totally different person. They successfully cracked his personality and reformed him. I knew they did it but I never saw it reflected like that in handwriting so dramatically.

Once upon a time,
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I took a test the other day by Pew Research; it put me into an interesting category: “Outsider Left”. I jived with some of it, some of it I didn’t – no category’s perfect — but what sold me on it was this: out of all 10 groups – 86% of the Outsider Left – moreso than any other group by far – believe that none of the candidates usually represent me. The next was “stressed sideliners” at about 73% (they’re in the middle but apathetic) – and everybody else is in a range where far fewer people believe there’s nobody to represent them. and I find this significant; it helps explain a lot to me how I feel not only about politicians but about celebrities or about following thought leaders, etc; I have a very difficult time finding representation in any of it and it can be frustrating

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I know it’s not your alt – and you’d never do the unfriending thing like that – but I got a kick out of how he referred to woke as he did. Tagging is because I tag people in the course of communication online. I’m here because I find people interesting. I likely tag several dozen people a day during the course of communication; sometimes I also just shout into the clouds online and let my words fall down into whosever ears as they may. Tagging you is personal but it’s nothing personal. And thank you; “Time Machine Diaries” – I like that name for it; I’d done other ongoing skits when I made Vines, including bringing a childhood ID badge with me, introducing the child me to the world of 2015 or whatever year it was and getting his responses. I think at the end I got delivered through my mailbox back home very painfully – series of maybe 8 6 second skits. It was a fun era. Was nice to have an audience. Also: INFP I tested as INFJ ONCE recently to my surprise; but although I’ve been working hard on my J for years, I’m still more P than J; I think I can mimic somewhat though now.

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You’re looking for “connectionists”. They don’t really exist as a type of scientist / advocate anymore as that dates back to the early 1990s. AI / neural networking became a dirty word in the 1990s and they started referring to it by other names in order to get funding. There was a long AI winter from around 1991 – 2000 or so. Instead you saw the words “Machine Learning” as one of many replacement terms. They knowingly used an outdated model of the neuron because it was computationally easy to follow but they knew at least at the time that it wasn’t a mimic of the brain. Where you see that kind of fluff is in marketing “brain on a chip” from IBM an stuff – and unfortunately, some machine learning researchers actually believe they’re modeling the brain, although I think most of that is what’s in the science advocacy press to keep people enthusiastic about science and to sell books on THE SINGULARITY and stuff. CogSci has been well aware that the neuron is far more complicated than the leaky integrate-and-fire model used in neural networking; it’s just for many purposes, when working with the electric model of the brain, it remains a useful metaphor and easy to work with. But generally I think the current modeling is focused on chemical gating including the behavior of microtubules, white matter, etc.

You’re looking for “connectionists”.
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Hi Future! Yes, it’s possible! Dubbing a Spanish video in English by translating the automatic Spanish subtitles into English, then getting it spoken for me is wonderful. I just added a plugin, “Voice Subtitles for Youtube”, set it to slow down the video so the speech is normal speed, and slowed the speed rate down to 75% (because I need more time to think because it’s a translation of an automatic spanish subtitling) Video is: Olimpia Lombardi – The problem of entanglement of “indistinguishable particles”: A new approach But now that I think about it, I went up to Spanish IV; there SHOULD be enough cognates from English because English dominates Physics terminology – that I should be able to understand her WITHOUT all of this. But I wanted to know if it’s possible; and it is.

Hi Future! Yes, it’s
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