The powers to “break up” corporations with too much power are extraordinarily weak. No teeth. For all the time spent in school about anti-monopoly efforts in the early 1900s… one would think there are none anymore. Just as it is with slavery. Look at the “except” in the 13thA – it’s right in front of us the whole time that slavery was never made wholly illegal. Just “out of sight, out of mind”, like US corporate superpowers are effectively monopolies. Joe’s answer nails it.

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I want to thank everybody again. I was focusing on roleplaying a caricature of my better self to distract myself from an upcoming dental appointment. Three tooth fillings. New dentist (to me) as my old one suddenly retired with no warning. Conversation was sufficient to refocus my nervous energy and as I sat in the chair and he tapped on my teeth, I thought of the humans sitting in cages on US soil who journeyed 1000 miles and said to myself, “Quit complaining. You could be having to brush your teeth with a shampoo packet right now”. #firstworldproblems Thanks again.

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