TreatMyOCD Yes that sounds very accurate. For example, I have long list of rules in my head that I follow which could be like OCD. But they’re functional and a bit scientific / experiential. But I would try repeated exposure for various concerns but it would be as bad a hundred times later as the 1st. I can spiral down into a bad state and emerge 45 mins later. But that’s biochemicals going overboard and they just need to settle down and do their thing. While going through it I disappear or look in the mirror or brush my teeth – probably a little depersonalization or whatever they call it, need to find grounding / centering or something And it kind of is what it is. I have a very chatty brain but I never had any thoughts that I was Disturbed by, not really. I’d manage the ones that would pull me under, lock them in a box in my Roman room and let them do their thing in there. I’m not my thoughts but they are entertaining and strange. It’s the only thing I’ve ever been diagnosed with at 11, had guided meditation and biofeedback lessons back in the early 80s. It helped and helps. I sympathize with ocd because I occasionally do some of the OCD like things. But that’s not where the center for me is just as chronic worry and anxiety, while debilitating for OCD too isn’t its main thing. (I’m just guessing though). They certainly wobble together in a very similar area though. Ocd gad ADHD-I asd and a few others. Anyway that’s a good writeup you did of some distinctions. All the best!

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Many many children stories are horror They do serve a purpose though When it’s just the right amount of scary, it’s a safe environment to explore various feelings safely. Children after the age of 3.5/4 know the difference between fantasy and reality. Of course adults lie to children so they believe things that aren’t always true but if they know it’s fantasy they know what’s fantasy or reality But there’s limits. There’s been a lot of safe horror on YouTube for the past couple of years that’s actually impressively at the exactly the right range for small children to process. The whole skibidi toilet war between the camera heads and the toilet guys is perfectly fine for 4 to 11 years old – they each get different things out of it. All made by one guy and embraced by generation Alpha like I’ve never seen. The hugy wugy blue creature with all of the teeth is popular on every country for 3 to 7 year olds. I thought it was just my little ne but then I started to see it on all the different YouTube shorts and Instagrams and stuff and it’s worldwide. However, horror made for older teenagers and adults don’t belong in front of kids eyes My oldest niece who’s now in her late 20s I think was exposed to the Leprechaun movie by a babysitter at the age of four We finally had a trip to go to Ireland to go to a wedding – the only overseas trips I’ve made. She was about 9 years old and she loved Ireland but no use for leprechauns whatsoever. She would look away or duck a little when she would saw one in a store window She got over it by the time she was a teenager but still it wasn’t necessary. My sister dropped that babysitter after she found out they were watching leprechaun

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Logical assumptions are foundational beliefs or premises that are used as starting points for reasoning or forming conclusions in various contexts. They are often considered reasonable or likely to be true, given the available information or evidence. Here is a detailed breakdown of the nature of logical assumptions and their function in reality and other worlds:

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oh lord this was hard won, like extracting teeth slowly from #chatGPT but worth it. it would give but a tiny bit at a time of the different Realities which i had to put each in their own Universes AFTER creating a hypothetical multiverse (which it didnt want to do either) but worth esp for the Fundamental Units of Reality. and Theories of Reality. Timothy Fugmann im very happy me can you output all of the fundamental units of reality and theories of reality associates with each of the hypothetical hybrid universes in the ontology, one hypothetical hybrid universe per line Quantum mechanics: Planck units, superposition principle, wave-particle duality String theory: Strings, branes, extra dimensions Aether dynamics and thermodynamics: Aether, energy, entropy General relativity and chronodynamics: Spacetime, gravitational waves, relativity Consciousness theory and memory dynamics: Awareness, consciousness, memory Emotional physics and dream dynamics: Emotion, feeling, dream states Imaginative physics and electromagnetic theory: Imagination, electromagnetic radiation, electrodynamics Gravitation and cosmology and statistical mechanics: Gravitation, cosmology, statistical mechanics Biology and information theory: DNA, genes, information theory Psychology and neuroscience and geometry and topology: Psychology, neuroscience, geometry, topology Metaphysics and philosophy and linguistics and cognitive science: Metaphysics, philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science Anthropology and sociology and political science and economics: Anthropology, sociology, political science, economics Ecology and environmental science and engineering and computer science: Ecology, environmental science, engineering, computer science Aesthetics and art history: Aesthetics, art history, visual arts, literature

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