Choosing is hard because they functioned in an efficient corporate structure as a collective for the common good (80s corporate perfection was realized in Star Trek TNG complete with cubicle office decor in matte finish which was pleasant but unassuming and also in Star Trek: Voyager, although Enterprise was like a Chicago startup trying to compete with Silicon Valley.

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Oh there’s other ways. Someone who goes this route often has at least a few $$ in the bank and is able to put together a somewhat self-sustainable farm. They’ll spend years and years reading and studying what to do and once they have enough capital, they jump in and do it.

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I’m not easily impressed but *this* impresses me. I expected it to notice “interesting things happening” in natural cavities… but no, they took it much further and mathematically modeled and have a proper glossary to describe structure. [I’ll give example in the comments] I know this means nothing to most people on my friends list but *this* here is one of the missing links in properly modeling real neural networks because they *include* the structures themselves in how they’re found and behave. It’s not just weights but how the weights are located topographically that makes a difference. Think of putting a set of earbuds in your pocket – the ones with the wires. Then you take them out and they’re knotted together. Sort of like that. Not really like that but sort of like that.

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