“The brain isn’t something that’s beholden to causality and physical laws? Please tell me I have that completely wrong because that’s how your response comes across.” a) Do you know all of the causality and physical laws the brain is operating with? If you hold a human made object, a computer, as primary over the brain who thought of its structure, it is backwards. The computer is subordinate to the brain. So to flip it inside out and say “The brain is like a computer” or “The brain operates according to the laws of logic” (the laws of logic that were created by human brains) – etc – is rarely questioned but fundamentally absurd. The laws of logic operate similarly to the brain in some fashion. Computers operate similarly to the brain in some fashion. It is because it is brain that developed those things. Logic did not develop brains. Computers did not develop brains.

“The brain isn’t something
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Chaos Theory is a type of Dynamical systems Fractals is a type of Chaos Theory Floors is a type of Structural Engineering Control Engineering is a type of Dynamical systems Self-organization is a type of Dynamical systems Applied Mathematics is a type of Fields of Mathematics Patterns is a type of Structure HOLISM Control Engineering Self-organization Applied Mathematics Patterns Chaos Theory PHYSICAL QUANTITIES Dynamical systems Fields of Mathematics Structure Fractals Floors

Chaos Theory is a
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ok. i agree consumerism is bad. we need to get back to nature and do outdoor things together. we need to accept each other. all good messages. this may do a disservice to severe depression or severe anxiety or other things. Depression and anxiety are easy to solve by people who don’t have the conditions. if you go in history suicide was always a common out for which these medicines can help prevent. That said, a medicine free solution is number one if possible. if the support structure is there. if people have the patience and kindness needed

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