I think for the practitioner, it truly would depend on their own boundaries. children age 3 1/2 -4 and up know the difference between fantasy and reality. it’s a cognitive “switch” that clicks in. that’s not to say they get it right every time, or that there aren’t mental states where the line gets blurred, or where the local social structure artificially props up a fantasy element such as Santa Claus. But even those don’t usually last too much further. within the blurred line category, you can also choose to believe something is real and reinforce it yourself by choice. I believe in most cases though, displays of belief in fantasy when lacking social support tend more towards conscious acting where the line is very clear. In that case, creating bad habits that transfers into non role play exchanges is at the same level as method acting issues perhaps and could be addressed that way.

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Change is made where the pain is felt. I can’t remember the expression exactly but it’s a good sentiment. In businesses, this notion is used when doing forensic analysis (what went right and wrong in a project after it’s done). You identity the sources of pain in the project, which are usually departments that were either under or overutilized in the process, or used incorrectly, and then work with that department to make appropriate changes for the future. If done properly, the organization as a whole becomes healthier and more functional for future projects.

Change is made where
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When I think of governing, I think of the lawn mower part called a “Governor”. “To control engine speed, a mechanical governor uses gears and flyweights inside the crankcase to detect changes in the load and adjusts the throttle accordingly.” And basically, that is what governments do. They’re load and speed adjustors. https://www.briggsandstratton.com/…/governor-system.html

When I think of
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I’m more familiar with entropy from the information theory view or communication theory – information loss — that is, loss of structure or rather, discernable patterns become fewer. You have sender and receiver and noise. The higher the noise, the higher the entropy. There’s clever ways to use noise to change the original signal in meta-useful ways (that is, following a meta-set of rules that are of a higher order than the information being encoded – I’m thinking of evolutionary things – but this diagram is a useful starting point I think in shannon’s entropic view.

I’m more familiar with
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Oh my religion is leftism? Well, I appreciate you putting a name to it. My “of course he got off” is a matter of knowing the nature of organizations. Work for any corporation, government, military or be involved in any hierarchical structure for even a short amount of time and you begin to understand how things really work. is that leftism? Maybe. It’s “not being naivism”. It’s how things go.

Oh my religion is
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I found Emergence was a way to create a path that led-to a dualistic formulation whereby one could choose whether to view a structure as monism or dualism, the dualism being justifiable if viewed as a convenience due to tradition (hence the language to discuss is available easily) and NOT as an absolute fundamental distinction … I think.

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a) Created plain text version of 2051 Wikipedia pages I had in my history + bookmarks, b) Ran them through Topic Modeling that happily ate the single 42 MB text file I gave it and told it to give me 12 topics of 20 words each. c) Did Google for those word sets and came up with these (showing 8) Surface tension surface high flow change water due energy force stress material small low body rate large conditions temperature current size phase Programming paradigm theory language information term analysis model logic terms type object data based structure objects mathematical systems word common programming related Embedded System computer needed system systems design game software citation based video version memory control games technology support code data source power Vector space set function space number called group point functions defined linear numbers case elements vector values real sets finite points open Introduction to the Field of Psychology life social human world knowledge work view nature thought scientific study people person mind individual events philosophy psychology experience natural Quantum mechanics time system process state field theory physics physical mass light quantum earth called energy mechanics processes free input model single Evolution of the neocortex: Perspective from developmental biology doi pmid cid cell cells bibcode development pmc journal brain biology al form species acid neural activity evolution molecular protein Classic Antiquity century early history modern education greek age found art years period world part ancient bc church great ii middle culture

a) Created plain text
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