More complex structures can be decomposed though and any information that is dependent upon human usable structures can be effectively hidden (destroyed) by being practically impossible (pragmatically) to reconstruct. This is part of a personal issue as I was into this in high school (late 1980s). I did a 10 page report on black holes – and it was JUST prior to Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” came out. So, nothing in my paper mentioned Hawking. He just wasn’t significant enough for encyclopedias, books, etc at my library. With an interest in black holes was naturally an interest in subatomic things. “Information cannot be created or destroyed” was a concept I loved – that somehow, some way, knowledge will survive and can be reconstructed. That means no thought is ever really gone, no word is wasted, no action without effect. In some way, it transfers and is preserved in some fashion. A ticket to a scientific immortality! Yet, I watched information structures hide, disappear, become difficult to retrieve. The more complex the structure, the easier it is to deconstruct and its information scattered, reconstituted, put into new combinations. Nothing was destroyed yet it also was. Classic hard drive wipe pattern – XXX OOO XXX in three passes renders a hard drive functionally renewed to original scattered state. What operating system can retrieve prior configurations? None we have. So, 16 yr old me has had his share of disappointments at lost data and still does to this day at 46 yrs old. I watch information disappear off the internet and out of libraries, facts being shifted to fictions but still appearing as fact…. …it’s tangled Christmas lights or earbud cords in a pocket: and Knot Theory has barely begun to be able to adequately detangle them as well as a frustrated but patient consumer who doesn’t want a topologically equivalent earbud cord structure that won’t reach from phone to ears and is instead a knotted mess. So, I’m glad that Hawking finally conceded and information is back to being impossible to destroy. But man, obfuscation is REALLY powerful just the same.

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Govt requires cooperation for good leadership. Firm and also cooperative. Executives don’t have to cooperate with anybody. But board members do. Forget CEO / COO. They’re bark-and-obey. But find a board member and you’ll find someone with transferrable skills, if you insist on business experience. Activism requires leadership. Coordinating an activist organization is leadership and far more difficult as it has no job title / corporate backup structure in case of failure.

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You can’t think of the levels of govt as a cohesive unit. It’s designed to NOT be that way for a lot of very good 1776 and 2018 reasons. You could go with Russian nesting dolls with a caveat: Home < street < neighborhood < borough < city < county < state < region < federal < international community IF and only if: Each wooden doll container retains independent structure and governing., constrained by the greater and responsible for the lower but not shackled by either.

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