has what I was looking for. It’s less Dawkins’ meme and more gestalt. In a sense, they can be seen as equivalent of course. I’d say my way of thinking is a little more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transactional_analysis Transactional Analysis, although not strictly so. You’ve got the stereotypical behavior patterns, which would be TA and maybe Dawkins yet gestalt has more of an ethos – the “inbetween bits”, which can also be transferred.

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I’m not Roman Catholic so I wasn’t able to see the connection. But the other week, I was finally looking at TOS episodes that I never saw before. That episode basically ended with a “space Jesus” twist, that any sufficiently advanced, mirror Earth civilization would eventually reach a point of Jesus visiting leading to the end of the Roman Empire. and I was like. wait-what? So I looked up a few things and I saw article after article about Star Trek and how it’s Roman Catholic in its ethics and morals and that the Federation is a Roman Catholic inspired institution. I kind of rolled my eyes at the notion, but thinking back through it, it makes a lot of sense. Star Trek is very pro-life, medicine is important (think Catholic hospitals and missions to places with leprosy), the man and woman is pretty strictly adhered to in most human and alien civilizations, “where are the gay humans?” … etc.

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Weird stuff I wrote: July 28, 2000 – about organization structure.. “(it also points to one of the BIG reasons why Roman Catholic and Orthodox cannot be joined currently. It’s a matter of structure. The infrastructure that is in place in Orthodoxy and the one in place in Catholicism is quite incompatible. A Pyramid or Cone (Catholic) vs a Ring with other rings inside of it (Orthodox). Stick the Pyramid on top of the Ring, and you have — a pyramid with a ring under it. Stick the ring on top of the pyramid, and you have a pyramid sticking up through a ring, and the tip of the pyramid still stands above the ring. Morphologically, a pyramid or a cone cannot turn into a ring.” -Kenneth Udut 2000-28-07

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It’s a part of a family of internet discourse styles. Rules of debate have morphed and changed over time as all things do although it’s mostly unchanged from Usenet days, except perhaps the Fallacy list has grown exponentially and the informals are de facto formalized now and always growing.

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Can’t get this face out of my head. [ignore the one floating around with the communist shirt – that kid has a cleft chin and different facial structure and is a fake] Affluent neighborhood, guns aren’t cheap and apparently he had a lot. Saw a couple of videos from in the school. Can’t get the shooting sounds and screams out of my head. So easy for people to be jaded, focusing on themselves, coming up with ridiculous “solutions” that are the laughing stock of the rest of the planet. I don’t have a solution. But this is a problem. Lawmakers need to stop ignoring this. Leave the thoughts and prayers for those with little power to make change. They need to take it seriously. Come up with real answers instead of glib ones.

Can’t get this face
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