e, physics makes possible, but does not causally determine, the higher-order layers of structure and meaning. It cannot replace psychology, sociology, politics, and economics as autonomous subjects of study. Physics underlies emergent biological complexity, including the physicist’s mind, but does not comprehend it, because it has its own organisational principles

“physics makes possible, but
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I’m basically a scientist at heart. Born and raised online since ’89 since I was 17 years old., Internet’s structure is a fascinating beast. The protocols are basically agnostic in nature. Value is not placed upon packets – at least wasn’t until video prioritizing – and is often held up as a “socialist system” in construction. When you consider that it’s borne of military + university, that should not be surprising. In both the currency is basically “company store” – ie – the government is the store. IETF is basically “the government” of the internet and it’s the kind of government I like. Voluntary, invisible, functioning.

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More Background/Foreground: No Background in Dreams: “Perceptual experience has a sensory foreground-background structure, in which selective attention determines the foreground while the background is pre-attentive or diffusely attended. Neither dreaming nor visual imagination seems to have this kind of foreground-background structure; rather, selective attention directly determines the sensory content of the dream image or visualized object, while the background is due to cognitive supposition. For example, while having a flying dream I image whatever I attend to—for example the trees directly below me. To say that I don’t notice the mountain ridge is not to say that it is there as part of an imaged but unnoticed sensory background; rather, it is to say that it is absent because I am not generating any sensory imagery of mountains. ” Response to Commentators on Waking, Dreaming, Being Evan Thompson Department of Philosophy, University of British Columbia https://evanthompsondotme.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/thompson.pdf

More Background/Foreground: No Background
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Back to Foreground-Background Stuff. Researching: 1) Phenomenology, particularly Maurice Merleau-Ponty, who I always find confusing and quickly give up on but who I probably would like. “background foreground structure” makes sense though. 2) Embodiment. How we can be a body that does while also in the body that’s doing. 3) Ooh, Background / Foreground in auditory? https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.1000129

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