Ah! Chroma is the base NOTE (in whatever scale it’s in) and the tone HEIGHT is the _octave_. PLUS – there is a neurological structure corresponding to this helix! The VNLL! The helix idea is over 150 years old and it’s been CONFIRMED as a physical structure. [the bands in the VNLL are the helix]. Hence: This is where notes and octaves happen! [aka Chroma and tone height) One puzzle piece of “how the brain simplifies music” snaps into place!

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137. Fine structure constant. Also one of Stephen Wolfram’s four discovered 1-D Universal Turing Machines. Also, proven emulate-able by Dr. Chua’s memrister circuit (edge of chaos circuit) by HP. Enjoying watching Dr. Chua talking excitedly about 137: I’m just as the introduction but it looks like he spends 90 minutes talking about it all by itself in one of the lectures. I’m looking forward to it but I’ll be good and go through all of them in a row. He’s got the kind of mind worth listening to.

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