He’s my age. Like, less than a year apart and I went to school with kids like him as far as personality goes. It’s not that he isn’t doing and won’t do good things; i mean, his place in history books is guaranteed. But he’s a Thomas Edison complete with the showmanship – and the storytelling. Look at what he’s distracting us from at each turn and you get a more true story. For Every big event, there’s some piece of gigantic bad news he’s hiding. We like to be lied to by charming men and he knows how to do it; He’s hard to complain about him to most people; he’s very likable and charming and people will go to bat for him at the slightest grumble.

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This is completely normal for his age. It’s a series of facing fears and overcoming them in a Safe way. To learn that monsters aren’t real you have to face them Each monster you face and overcome is a victory It’s a process. These popular monsters on YouTube are a common part of the collective debunking that their generation is going through. If you look at some of the lore that comes with Five Nights at Freddy’s and the new one – huggy-wuggy I think – it looks gruesome and bloody and scary and poopy But they also know it’s not real, even if it gives you nightmares You still have to reassure them but you mostly have to reassure yourself

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Looking at the work he’s done so far, he even looks like the kind of guy that would put this all together. Barefoot peace warrior travelling professor (but he has a day job as a regular professor) gonna save everybody storytelling guy. Reminds me of the “find yourself go out into the desert” mythopoetic men’s movement that was a big thing in the 80s and 90s and bits of it still exist today.

Looking at the work
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