Ok. I’m going around in an iterated spiral, re-reaching similar conclusions via different routes. Strange attractor? 17 of March, 2014 “I wanted to be able to describe everything – and I mean everything – in just a few words, in a way that’s easy to understand – about how the brain functions, why what we think we see and what we really see are often quite different and I’ve looked for symbols, illustrations, writings but I wanted it to be as scientific and mathematically solid as possible. This fits it, as does the title of the website.” It was on a site I made for a year that I called: neither-nor-nor-nor-nor-nor-nor com “Denial always comes before Acceptance.” “I am neither this, nor that, nor the other thing. Keep adding more NOR until there’s something leftover – something remaining that resembles the “you” that you don’t know as well as you would like.”

Ok. I’m going around
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I don’t know, but glancing at her recent work with attractors it just dawned on me that geometrically concavity is likely due to an attractor or rather that “like finds like”. It’s not from anything she wrote that I read but considering what it is that both gravity and rotational acceleration does – “dog chasing its tail”-like – is bring more of itself to itself. why do like things tend to stay together?

I don’t know, but
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This skit/show/exchange has nothing at all to do with Facebook comments, Trump, women, speed of exchange, whatever. It’s said the USA is a nation of laws. That’s unfortunately not always true. But that’s its aspiration. So this is a nice model exchange for how things are supposed to work.

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