“When you get into this line of work, you’re in public office, you expect you’re gonna have cheap shots taken at you. That’s part of the process,” the Louisiana Republican said. ——- This strange item came up in a search for Scalise, the Representative who was shot and is in the hospital presently. When political metaphors are made real, everything changes… No disrespect intended and I hope he pulls through (Congress should have sufficient health coverage) but how strange that off-the-cuff sentences sound entirely different after an event such as the baseball game shooting: My best of hope for his full recovery. This kind of thing is thankfully very rare in the USA and I hope the rarity of this kind of thing continues to be rare. More importantly, I hope the five people who were inured today all recover fully.

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I really had to describe the Facebook play button. Yes, it’s the same as play buttons in 1984 but as the circle means record and triangle means play, there might be some confusion when the two are combined should some unwary time traveler with their trusty BBC Micro happens to wander upon this audiovisual data stream.

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