Oh there’s others I’m sure :) I just used an amazing Google feature that I never get tired of – did you ever use it? You specify what time frame you want. What you do is do a Google search for something, like Trump racism. Then click on “Tools”. Under tools is: “Any Time”. Click on that, and you can select “Custom range…” In there, I typed 1980 for the start and 2016 for the end. But because there was a lot of stuff on the birther thing, I change it again to 1980 to 2005 and that’s where I could find the older references.

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My 12 yr old nephew’s lament since late 5th grade with the forced choices of school reading. His complaint? “Why can’t the bad guy win? The villain destroys the hero and that’s it. Why is it always the underdog who overcomes the odds and wins everytime?” I look forward to seeing what his reading and movie choices are in the future if he keeps up this rant. He likes the hero/villain dichotomy but he wants to see a flip.

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