Words of Wisdom, Inner Diplomacy, Peaceful Mind, Self Search Space, Recall, Conceive, Inner War, Physical Pain, Externalized War, Empathize, Disagreement, Relief, Agreement. KENNETH UDUT What is the text about? chatGPT: The text is about the idea that words of wisdom can come out of one’s head when writing with a pen and paper instead of using a computer or phone connected to the internet. This is because the conversational norms are different, and the search space for self is different, leading to a better inner diplomacy and a peaceful mind. The text also mentions the idea of self search space and how it relates to recall and conceiving thoughts. The author argues that inner peace is a desirable goal as it reduces physical pain from inner war, unlike externalized war which may bring empathy and emotional pain.

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Introspection, creativity, abstract concepts, analysis, complex systems, connections, open-mindedness, exploration, and discovery can be modeled as mathematical concepts when abstracted. Empathy, intuition, sensitivity, and meaning of life may be more difficult to model as mathematical concepts as they involve subjective experiences and emotions.

Introspection, creativity, abstract concepts,

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In terms of philosophical theories, INFPs and Openness/Agreeableness personalities may be drawn to Humanistic and Transpersonal philosophies which focus on personal growth, self-actualization, and the interconnectedness of all things. They may also be drawn to Existentialist philosophies which focus on the individual’s search for meaning and purpose in life. Additionally, they may be drawn to Democratic and Progressive philosophies which focus on the importance of empathy and understanding in human interactions and the need for social and political change. These are the kind of philosophies that they may find compatible with their personalities.

In terms of philosophical

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Observing: ? Watching, a television or a security camera, Monism-pluralism Combining: ?Mixing, a blender or a mixing bowl, Dualism-non-dualism Integrating: ? Putting together, a puzzle or a piece of furniture that requires assembly, Reductionism-holism Altering: ?Changing, a light bulb or a tire, Essentialism-non-essentialism Adapting: ?Adjusting, a thermostat or a bike saddle, Absolutism-relativism Perceiving: ? Seeing, a window or a microscope, Objectivism-subjectivism Analyzing: ? Studying, a textbook or a computer, Rationalism-empiricism Individualizing: ? Separating, a sieve or a recycling bin, Individualism-collectivism Examining: ? Checking, a thermometer or a smoke detector, Naturalism-supernaturalism Determining: ?Finding out, a calculator or a search engine, Determinism-indeterminism Interpreting: ?Understanding, a dictionary or a guidebook, Idealism-realism Classifying: ?Sorting, a sorting tray or a filing cabinet, Nomothetic-idiographic dichotomy

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