Funny how nobody cared ’til it happened to Trump, then it’s WHAT ABOUT OBAMA? Hey, what about Bush? Clinton? Reagan? I’m sure JFK got boo’d. It’s like there’s this trigger that gets triggered whenever anybody says anything negative about Trump and it’s instantly “LETS SEARCH ARCHIVES FOR OBAMA LORE”. It’s really really hysterical.

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Right now, I’m working from a starting point of trying to understand as many systems as I can that fall into a category of “complete lattice”. I’m working from that mathematical construct as a basis right now as I understand mathematical morphology, which is a complete lattice. My thinking is: If you understand one complete lattice system it’s probably possible to understand any complete lattice. The first search result I found for “shown to be a complete lattice” was Formal Concept Analysis. I looked through and I’m able to see how having a structured set of triples forms a complete lattice. From that, I can make an analogy to link what I understand (mathematical morphology) to Formal concept analysis. As a bonus, i found WordNet tied into FCA which is exciting to me as I enjoy working with WordNet hypernyms. This boosts my comprehension further. From this point, I’ll start looking at other complete lattices that I find from different fields.

Right now, I’m working
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