Tough call. The days of dirty basement kiddy pornographers are LONG gone and we’ve moved into an era where there’s a democratization of pornographication available to nearly anybody of any age. But laws have not shifted to reflect this new reality. I refer you to this image. As you are 18+ and in an authority position in this situation, you may have to save yourself first and let the system process them as it does. Law’s law, even though it’s weird and sucks. Hopefully they have a decent lawyer to minimize the fallout.

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Connectionism and computationalism aren’t mutually exclusive and they are compatible but Pinker’s view has almost no such compromise to any significant degree. You can bring in Ramachandran and I’ll probably find Ramchandran agreeable to my view. But Ramachandran does not affect Pinker. This is from 1998 but I have not seen a fundamental shift in Pinker since. He misrepresents connectionism then rejects his misrepresentation in no uncertain terms. “We conclude that connectionists’ claims about the dispensability of rules in explanations in the psychology of language must be rejected, and that, on the contrary, the linguistic and developmental facts provide good evidence for such rules.”

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