Corrupted files are unacceptable. Memory capped errors are familiar to me from Excel – I know it well. Excel 2k7 is more prone to throw up and crash but its recovery works perfectly so far: 2k did not crash but I learned to walk away sometimes for a while while it ‘froze’ in calculation mode. (it stopped screen updating ’tis all). But I’d say that Excel 2k7 is equivalently stable, even if it handles it differently – and the extra rows and columns are WELL worth the slight discomforts of trying to find my familiar things. For Search/Replace functions, I’ve always dropped down into text: usually with NOTEPAD++ but that’s a luxury I have because I’m not dealing with complex documents, just big text files.

Corrupted files are unacceptable.
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Fascinating. I’m not having any luck yet – but parts are coming back as I search. I remember being surprised at the argument taking place at all. He had a minor quibble – it may have been universal vs particular? [that is coming to mind as I type] – perhaps a philosopher from around that time — Yes, this is along those lines. It’s possible I’d referenced Wikipedia not as an authority but as a conceptual placeholder for the conversation — a marker of what I was referring to. But he took it as a reference and started hammering me about invalidity of Wikipedia. I started defending its pragmatic use and pointed out references that were in it and tried to move back to the topic pointed to in the Wikipedia post. But it started devolving. It was like he was looking for a confession of some kind – and what I gave him was even worse because I was so cavalier about it, not a hint of shame or remorse in the expression of my methodology. === The thing is: in this case, my friend’s passion was based upon his misunderstanding. You sent It was as if he was taken over by another force out of his hands, steering him to crash — I realized afterwards he suddenly believed I was lying to him and that I had been lying to him our whole time as online friends. He may have believed I was like him. University graduate, well read in teh classics, and instead I’m a fraud , an imposter, a pretender and he could not abide that. =-=- I have disappointed university educated people before. One of my idols, —, who I agree with 80% of the way on his ideas, once commented excitedly about something I was writing, hoping I had a paper or something in the works. But no, I did not and his response was slight disappointment. But we’re still online friends and he still comments on my posts occasionally, which is nice. === ah. Yes, it’s commonly used in business communications as an illustration of departments. Basically, one department does not communicate with another department, even with a proper hierarchy in place. Corporate structure is based upon university structure, which is older, dating back to the scholasticism era — Confused. I don’t expect these kinds of reactions from adults most of the time. Then I stopped and thought : what could have happened? I knew how I was thinking: so what might have he thought that could justify in his mind an action such as blocking me? I gave it a couple of minutes of thought, concluded. I believe I wrote a couple of sentences about being sad to have lost an online friend over a misunderstanding but I understood that from his perspective it was necessary for him to remain in his kind of chaste: I was a contaminant. And I accepted that as a reasonable possibility. — Not necessarily pejorative. But rather a fact. You can be discussing an idea academically but if it is with someone who has a political view of the subject, they may have opinions that are informed by their chosen politics. — I suppose it could be generalized to ideology, which could then include religion and politics as well. —- when I was a child, pre-internet, I can remember testing out ideas on people. I’d think “This is not my idea. This is [so-and-so’s] idea. But I wonder how [this person] will react if I say it as if it was my idea?” and so I would do that sometimes and gauge people’s reactions. Sometimes it didn’t go very well but it was always interesting. == Everybody knew my name but I never knew theirs. ==== well, it is sobering to realize that for a majority of the planet, we’re not even just a number. we simply do not exist. === Conspiracy people are lucky in a way. They believe they are important; they have secret knowledge. They are vital and they matter because the systems at play have them in mind. —–

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Ah here we go: I knew (intution) he was significant: Abstract: Leibniz was not the one to discover China, as far as Western culture was concerned. His historical contribution lies in the fact he presented Europe and China as two distinct ways of contemplating the world, as fully comparable and resulting in types of societies at the same high institutional, economic, technological, political and moral level. In this sense he saw China as the “Europe of the Orient” and as such susceptible to investigation by the same tools of natural philosophy which Leibniz knew from the environs of European scholarship. He was the first representative of the classical school of European philosophy to knowingly reject Eurocentrism. Leibniz followed the intentions of learned missionaries in his understanding of the Christian mission as a cultural and civilisational task, a search for mutual agreement and connections, in favour of a reciprocal understanding

Ah here we go:
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nameless superordinate Did a search on Google and found Two-Year-Olds Readily Learn Multiple Labels for the Same Basic-Level Category which is a perfect find! (nameless superordinate is a descriptive phrase that came out of my fingers as I was typing a sentence where I was coming up with a possible generic form of hypernym but without a name – and not limiting to words either) On to Google scholar citations of it! Good to be back to words again.,10&hl=en

nameless superordinate