Udut, Kenneth (2019), “Don’t curse the darkness; instead, paint a lantern: the importance of imagination, fiction and play in taming the unknown.”, Mendeley Data, v1 This morning: In a dream. Tonight: Matching placeholder in this world. https://data.mendeley.com/datasets/4d7swyzcy6/draft?a=4ee9bed7-ecfa-4cb0-bb96-a69e1e5e45c7

Udut, Kenneth (2019), “Don’t
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Funny how nobody cared ’til it happened to Trump, then it’s WHAT ABOUT OBAMA? Hey, what about Bush? Clinton? Reagan? I’m sure JFK got boo’d. It’s like there’s this trigger that gets triggered whenever anybody says anything negative about Trump and it’s instantly “LETS SEARCH ARCHIVES FOR OBAMA LORE”. It’s really really hysterical.

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