My own search for… decades now… since I was a teenager at least – has NOT been “Ultimate theories for everybody and everything”. Rather it’s been: “I have a view of things. What is it? Where and how is my view of things reflected elsewhere in a better, deeper way, so that I can see my view reflected back at me and understand my own view better?”

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A humbling realization for me was that almost anything I might conceive, someone else did it first. That used to make me sad. “Am I unoriginal?” But then I realized: Yes, I am original. I thought the thought myself. That somebody else ALSO did? That is THEIR original thought too. So in a sense, their brain power was used on my problem. It was as if they worked for me. Reframing originality of thought and “brain hours” in this way makes the search for my original ideas “somewhere already out there” a fun quest. It’s as if I’m seeking a forgotten employee of a company I never had.

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As I wanted to find a connection between renormalization and fractals and wasn’t finding it in theoretical physics, I looked outside of it which is how I ended up on: _Probabilities and Materials_, 1994. (The mid 1990s was the heydey of discovery for fracture sciences – where physical materials were just starting to be studied for fractal breaking patterns and the math and analysis was going full in) I noticed it’s part of the “NATO Science Series”. What’s that? Looked it up. Holy moly, it’s 301 VOLUMES published between 1975 – 2002 of these amazing things held by NATO that were state of the art in each field, crossing over MANY scientific fields. It’s dizzying looking at these volume titles. NATO Science Series

As I wanted to
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