Well, I don’t know what you have invested in the narrative you got, so I’m not going to argue it. I just wasn’t too surprised when I actually heard the word “boogaloo” show up on Facebook. I’ve been seeing it for months now, usually related to tianamin square 2 : electric boogaloo jokes and various civil war 2 / race war 2, old running jokes. If there’s actual “HI IM A TRUE AMERICAN FREEDOM FIGHTER” also using the word for themselves? well, I’d just say that’s fascinating but I’ll hold a grain of salt for it.

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van der Waals, nano- molecular planetary system motor, Delauney and Voronoi diagrams, and a nice free modeling suite called “Molecular Workbench” I found. (I( just made this but I forgot to do music) Now to find this in tribology and I have a connection – I suspect in stick-slip mechanics, which is what I’m hoping for.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL9gm_CrEus Here I am in 2013 describing it, mystified by knowing my process but not what it’s called. What’s weird is I KNOW I’ve looked _at_ “Depth First Search” several times but it just didn’t “click”. But using the Dewey Decimal grid and doing these motions quite literally with my mouse as I traverse this morning, _blam_ there it is – what was right in front of me for years.