It’s a part of a family of internet discourse styles. Rules of debate have morphed and changed over time as all things do although it’s mostly unchanged from Usenet days, except perhaps the Fallacy list has grown exponentially and the informals are de facto formalized now and always growing.

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It’s a breath of fresh air. I don’t mind folks using large grouping terms as shortcuts to facilitate discussion (like saying liberals this, communists that, capitalists the other thing, randians, etc) but it becomes a problem to me when these “personality type” shortcuts: a) are actually used to construct one’s whole identity – which is a religion to me or b) used to ascribe immutable traits to a person or holders of an ideology — some going so far as as to search for genetic roots.

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I got confirmation from a site called — upload your DNA and do a search for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (or find a link under a similar thing that spells it out)… I got this. It was a relief to get this depth of confirmation. It’s anonymous and free — I had 23andme from a birthday present.

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