Yeah what Jim said. Google not doing what you want isn’t a violation of net neutrality – it’s just really really annoying. Theres several other search engines, although it’s still on the evil side that Google does that. But that’s a far cry from being unable to connect to any alternative sites. You won’t even know they exist from your perspective because your ISP will never let you go to them.

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I took it as a challenge. Way back in the early 90s, I volunteered full time in a Cerebral Palsy center and one of the things I did besides helping the teachers with the kids, was to install alternative input devices for the PCs… which was more tricky in 1992 than today. So, I’ve been grateful I still have it better than they did. That said, after a few weeks of that, I’m about ready to fix this somehow. I’ll search around and see if that bluetooth keyboard is around… and then see if I can find my old bluetooth dongle. Just gotta get around to it.

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Ah! well, I did it as an experiment and used lots of messy batch files to make it. I didn’t do it one by one. Also it contains pieces of an idea that didn’t work (the scattered HTML files). I did it all over a long weekend, figuring out what to do as I went along, how to autocreate the directory names, how to move 35,000+ txt files into the right places… So it’s not a “ready for publication” thing but rather “proof of concept”

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whiteness / anti-whiteness is 100% US born and raised. Sometimes European is used as a substitute for whiteness in the US and Canada but that’s different from a European identity in Europe. Example: Once upon a time, people would identify as being from a particular country. “I’m 1/2 German / 1/2 Irish”. “I’m 1/4 Ukrainian, 1/2 Slovak, 1/4 Scottish”. That sort of thing. But that’s too darned complicated for some folks, so it’s just “whiteness” or “Western Civilization” or “Greco-Roman roots’ and a dozen other substitutes for some collectivist notion of loose affiliations.

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I think quality levels of military effectiveness is expected on a daily basis by the military forces of various nations and around the world, militaries have studied effective ones like these very well. What’s changed is in WW2, large amounts of live bodies were needed. But war has been pushbutton with a goal of fewest casualties possible. Anything to the levels of WW2 would be defined as forms of genocide in today’s world, as it should be.

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I wouldn’t say the whole right wing at all. Small independent militia groups that have been training for decades for that very magical moment that will never come (sorry), will be ready. So will survivalists, which comes in all political flavors (sorry to disappoint – but artsy hippies can shoot more than just rabbits for their suppers). But anything larger than small bands? I see more infighting and grandstanding for leadership roles when any kind of larger cells need to form, enough to cause internal collapse before they can get any revolutionaizing stuff done.

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