It’s all part of open access DNA stuff though. Just as we can use it to find long lost relatives, so can they. My stuff’s out there, findable. I put mine out there. Is it uncomfortable that they’re using the same databases and using it to build lists of potential suspects? Yeah. Should they get a court order to search publicly accessible databases? I don’t know. Should they get it for private databases? I think so.

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Lack of empathy with possible link to higher intelligence. No correlation to autism. I’m A;G “You have a SNP in the oxytocin receptor which may make you less empathetic than most people. When under stress you may have more difficulty recognizing the emotional state of others which impacts loneliness, parenting, and socializing skills.” “Some studies have suggested that the A;G genotype is associated with an intermediate level of empathy (compared to the G;G and A;A genotypes), although most report that A;G and A;A individuals have similar levels of empathy and stress handling capabilities. rs53576 is a silent G to A change in the oxytocin receptor (OXTR) gene. Studies have demonstrated that individuals with the G allele are more empathetic, feel less lonely, employ more sensitive parenting techniques, and have lower rates of autism” Lots of studies on this one.

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Boy reached into the van, got pinned down by a seat and was suffocating. Called 911. Cops came out, didn’t find the van. Called 911 again. Cops came out again. Didn’t find the van. 5 hrs later, a family member finds Kyle dead. The dispatched didn’t give the police GPS info or a description of the van. The cops probably didn’t search too hard. I suspect they thought it was a prank.

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That was a long time ago in the days where a husband could get rid of a pesky wife by claiming she’s nuts or a mother could get rid of an unwanted child by making similar claims. But the big old institutions have nearly all shut down and the ones that are left are usually retrofitted into prison psychiatric wards or “adolescent treatment centers” with just as much abuse as ever. But the ease in the days of the Rosenhan experiment is long gone Healthcare costs virtually eliminates it and that doesn’t happen in the USA anymore in quite that way. The lesson remains however and nowadays the danger in overdiagnosis is found in schools putting kids under the federal disability list WITHOUT informing parents properly as they’re supposed to. [happened to my friend’s son just last week and she was MAD], which sticks them in a special track where they are subject to different rules than average school kids. So while Rosenhan won’t happen again in quite the same way, vigilance is needed. The most dangerous intersection imo is between criminal law enforcement, psychiatry, and schools.

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Terry searches make it tougher for African American citizens, especially in police states like FL. Higher courts have had to overturn Florida decisions on many occasions. “Unreasonable Suspicion: Relying on Refusals to Support Terry Stops” Rachel Karen Lasert, Found it by searching for: can black people decline consent to search vehicle

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