My thing is: these “I DARE YOU” operations don’t help forge a necessary trust of the police. Effective law enforcement needs community assistance. “See it, Say it”. They got a huge list of unsolved murders and they’re instead adding to mistrust of police. If a community doesn’t trust the police, who are they going to go to if there’s trouble? Not the cops – they’re just playing tricks. So, they turn to nobody. Or, they turn to someone with ACTUAL power in the community, which might be a powerful local gang, to do the police’s job for them. Gang warfare anyone? This “broken window theory” style of policing (be hard on jaywalkers so they don’t become murders), doesn’t work.

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Do you know a classic hypnosis trick? It works on rational, logical, intelligent people. It’s called “confusion”. I read a basic hypnosis script about 5 yrs ago, badly. Put it on youtube. Actually worked on a bunch of people. Clinical psychologist knows priming and basic “ease the patient” techniques. What’s Peterson by training? Oh yeah, that’s right.

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His dominance hierarchy hitched onto evolutionary psychology and jungian archetypes (tainting campbell in the process too imo) as justifications, and I can’t abide JP. Systemic flaws are glaring, a primary one an identity as “Normal” that remains unspoken, leaving anyone else as the not normals. It’s an unhealthy system he proposes tied into basic motivational fluff.

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I’m not going to entertain that question. It’s a dangerous chain to follow. If pedo is gene and pedo is bad, cull the gene pool of pedo. But if gay is gene maybe gay is bad then cull the gene pool of gay. And if liberal is gene and libera is bad then cull the gene pool of liberal. No. “what should be done about it?” is a dangerous question when there’s no “it”. It’s all fictional.

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