Once upon a time, there were 13 channels on TV. Then there was cable with 100 channels. Those 100 channels played continually, 24 hours a day. Those 100 channels ran nonstop from the 1980s to the early 00s. Then in the 2010s, streaming came into its own. Youtube became more than just a place for comedy sketches. Radio transformed into podcasting. New celebrities emerged. From 2010s to today, the old world media despite all the advertising money pumped into it, is severely dying as it should.

Once upon a time,
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Like, I don’t see a reason to reinvent the wheel with a new program when another one exists that just has to be automated. FFMPEG, oh gosh on my old lap top I had a few dozen workhorse batch files I made to do whatever transformations to video I felt like. I loved breaking apart video, doing stuff and putting them back together in different ways.

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Ah, while I don’t have that, I do have something similar that I have to stay defensive on regarding the present moment zone and attentiveness: For me it’s an overactive “anticipation mechanism”. I see/viscerally feel/experience disaster many hundreds or thousands of times in a day. The experience lasts the shortest of moments. but it’s visual or auditory but mainly my body preparing for it but I have to hold firm and not show it. Imagine ducking as a beam falls on you without showing that you’re ducking and that’s what it feels like; a quick “preparedness configuration” of the body muscles but just a tug. Sometimes I talk my way through it quickly or berate myself, but I move away from the sensation as quickly as possible as it’s uncomfortable.

Ah, while I don’t
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well, I don’t think think you’re missing anything really. I’m only a fan of very particular types of sci-fi. Dr Who, Star Treks up to a point, and pretty much anything time travel related. But that’s about it. Why time travel? I don’t know. It’s likely because I do it in my mind and it’s weird that the regular world doesn’t work like that.

well, I don’t think
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The world is a big wonderful amazing place. Being mentally stuck with an ancient picture of a dead man laughing and a few words he never said because of some affinity you feel for a fictional imaginary power-friend is also your choice if you like. But really, there’s a big world out there, today.

The world is a
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