Images of Hawking and Krauss with Epstein will start appearing. Partly for ‘oh no’ shock value but also an attempt to soften peoples feelings about Epstein and about anybody who was associated with him. Written b4 first charges arose. 2006 “The topic of the meeting was “Confronting Gravity.” Krauss intended to have “a meeting where people would look forward to the key issues facing fundamental physics and cosmology”. They could meet, discuss, relax on the beach, and take a trip to the nearby private island retreat of the science philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein, who funded the event.”

Images of Hawking and
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Massimo Pigliucci is the first of this kind of philosopher I can endorse as “I agree with him” – probably 95% of the way – and it was long road getting there for me. This article started it and as I compared Massimo Pigliucci’s journey with my own, I realized we started on opposite paths yet ended up in roughly the same place.

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