Mental illness commonly shows itself around his age. Looks like he recently left home and has been trying to live on his own. Maybe he went “nuts for Trump”, letting his new friends radicalize him and he wasn’t in his full cognitive capabilities and therefore your honor, is not responsible for the crimes he has committed…. and besides, you wouldn’t want to put him in prison with “Real Criminals”* now would you? He’s just a boy** after all! — James Alex Fields Jr’s expensive defense attorney that an anonymous donor supplied, November 20, 2017. *Translation: defense attorney-code for black people ** Translation: “just a boy” is code word for young white male under 28 yrs old. ==== Also expect a “teen brain” defense with some expert waving brain scans and some rhetoric about “rational capabilities are not fully formed until the age of 25″, which is modern BS science but people _love_ brain scans so it might work. [I love science but this is one area that I think is likely very wrong and will be proven through cross-cultural studies. But it’ll likely still be available for his future defense attorney to draw from]

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