Final note in Also sprach Zarathustra (2001 movie theme) truly is a perfect chord played by all the instruments. I used Sonic Visualizer with two plugins made by an auditory research section of a UK University. One of them shows identified potential MIDI notes and the other plays them. It’s not a perfect/exact science yet but the algorithms do a surprisingly ok job. But never have I seen it work more perfectly than I did with the last note of the 2001 song. [I stretched out the last note using the Paulistretch algorithm 2001% simply because 2001 and analyzed that to give more time to see whether or not there’s note movement happening within, but there doesn’t appear to be. Any auditory appearance of notes bouncing around seems to be the actual interplay of the harmonics themselves, waves colliding, cancelling and reinforcing plus whatever effects produced in our own cochleas and auditory processing systems internally (‘auditory illusions’ but they’re not really illusions but perceptions].

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