I try not to follow a particular youtuber – either then or now – as it’s easy to fall into somebody else’s narrative and becoming a megaphone for it unwittingly all the while believing you’re producing these thoughts originally. I do the same with philosophy and science and such. It’s hard though. I have to be hard on myself too. That’s what made this “jump out” at me and I’m going to watch it. —————- Of course. We’re each a bit of everybody we ever knew. BUT, we have conscious control of consumption. —————–

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All that speculation in the OP is mountain-out-of-a-molehill. There are real people involved, with some things in common but all unique experiences that shape. So what you have is a lot of anecdotes which can combine to form a general narrative but they ultimately remain individual stories and situations. I know several trans people and their stories are each different. Bundling into scary narratives of downfalls of civilizations is a bit ridiculous.

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Adventures in shared experience. I challenge myself occasionally to “try something new” which sometimes involves making the old work on the new. Back 29 years ago in 1989, one of my first downloads from “online” was a program that made Fractals. I didn’t know the math or care but I was fascinated by the concept and what it made my computer do. The program was called FRACTINT and I followed its development for years and years. I was inspired to learn about complexity and chaos and a lot of theoretical stuff about the closed universe model of mathematics from that time on. Over in Great Britain, back in 1989, another young man was inspired by Fractint named Ian. It helped lead him towards a career in computer science and a love of similar things that he now inspires his son. Sadly, FRACTINT did not carry over into Windows 64-bit (Win7 and on). Officially. However, a few years ago, I tracked down ONE person who got it working for Win7. I got it, installed it, and made a video for Youtube. In the description, I told my story. Now it’s late 2018. Ian finds my video and tells me HIS story and he ran across the same troubles I did finding a Win7 Fractint. He asked for my help. So, I went on a quest. Alas, it was gone. So, I packaged up what I had from my computer and now _I’m_ the source (if it works) for Win7 Fractint. Hopefully the next Ian or Ken will have an easier time now. http://icopiedyou.com/fractint-for-windows-64-bit-20-99-8-download-win7/

Adventures in shared experience.
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