Ok Zee Zee : Now I can work on your question. I needed context: (“Gender has biological ties” comes from Richard Green, sexologist, who wrote in 2002 at 66 yrs old a compilation of support from various directions, conflating social gender and biological sex BUT not irresponsibly, as he is not saying “It’s all DNA” or “it’s al social”. Post-humanism/post-gender that George Dvorsky and James Hughes write about in 2008 is a view from a political activist perspective in a “We need a discussion now”. The main inspiration for THEIR piece is tracable to Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto” (1983-1985) who suggested that understanding chimerism through a metaphor of cyborgs is useful in ascertaining the future roles of being in a society with flexible expression of selfhoods.) Zee writes: “You Genetically Germ-line Engineer the Human Species with the End-Goal of Post-male-female, Post-gendered-brain goals. The World is going to have to have a serious discussion on why Technologies are being used for this, in this fashion, with this approach.” If it is with an eye to individual choice, having the technology freely available with an option for default settings of “whatever” for those who don’t want to partake, I’m 100% fine with it. If it is applied in an authoritarian or capitalist way, that might be a problem as one mandates and the other restricts.

Ok Zee Zee :
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We gather around a ? and study it, question it, probe it. Science, religion, mathematics, literature, linguistics, fiction, music, art, introspection, testing — so many ways. It is The Aleph and all do their parts in trying to translate it into a form that fits in our ways of describing things. But it is available and aloof, showing what it shows and it never gets boring.

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Hell 01070407n is semantically closest to The mind 02n Oaths 02080701n is semantically closest to Society 03n I love the classification used by the “Historic Thesaurus” as it is based upon semantic similarity. I’m analyzing it (using Excel of course) to find which categories are FURTHEST AWAY from their PARENT category and CLOSEST TO the next PARENT category.

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