Ruah is mentioned 389 times in the Hebrew Scriptures. Judaism is a Bronze Age religion. Ruah was breath. Ruah meant breath. It meant spirit. It meant wind. It meant all those things. Retroactively people made it fancy into some magical skin pore breaching thing from another dimension. But Bronze Age religion, it was breath because that’s when all animals and humans are first alive and viable: when they can breathe. Take away the breath of life, and you have the non-breath of death because you can’t breathe.

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Once upon a time, I made a religion. Church of the Primal Supernova. If we’re going to reasonably worthy anything, worship that which created the actual ‘stuff’ we’re made of; the sun that went supernova, collided into a giant molecular gas cloud and started to coalescen via electrostatic. There’s the trinity and all the elements hence forth eventually became us and all we know within a reasonable distance away.

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Temperature Is Stimulus to Rapid Evolutionary Changes Experiments With Drosophila Indicate Mutations Appear Five Times as Frequently Among Warm Colonies VOLUTIONARY changes appear rapidly at high living temperatures, more slowly in chilly environment, experiments reported before the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Dallas indicate. Two Amherst College zoologists, Prof. H. H. Plough and Dr. George P. Child, discuss different aspects of this phenomenon. They used as experimental animals the little vinegar fly or pomace fly, Drosophila partly because its small size and simple living requirements make it easy to rear huge numbers in limited space, partly because long study of this particular species has given science a better knowledge of its heredity than they have of any other organism. Mutations, or abrupt evolutionary changes, appeared about five times more frequently among the offspring of a given number of animals in a “warm” colony than among the same number of offspring kept at a temperature ten degrees colder. It does not seem that high temperature in itself is the cause of mutations, since mutations appeared also among the insects kept at low temperature. More probable is the assumption that the natural tendency of all living things to change is intensified by the speeding-up of life processes that occurs when it is warmer. Let us do it When you want a book on science, save yourself the trouble of shopping. Let us get it for you. We will gladly obtain any American book or magazine in print and pay postage in the United States. Just send your check or money order to cover retail price ($5 if price is unknown, change to be returned to you). When publications are free, send 10c for handling. Address: Book Department SCIENCE NEWS LETTER 1719 N St, N. W. Washington, D. C. Prot. Plough and Dr. Child did not extend their conclusions to take in evolution in other animals, but if their results are valid for organisms in general it would be natural to infer that evolution goes on more rapidly in the tropics, and in the past has been most rapid during periods when the general temperature of the earth stood at a relatively high level. Science News Letter, January 3, 1942

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Yes. This, however, illustrated well in your post and made exaggerated by my graphic I made just now, is a particular kind often left unspoken or unseen. That image? I looked up “normal guy” and that’s what came up, so that’s what I used. I gave symbols for what I think represent these overwhelmingly oppressive forces bearing down upon “Normal guy”. and then I took a stab at identifying various possible identifies for the “normal guy”. Particularly note the cross +and+ the science symbol. It can be either or or both. But it’s a particular mindset regardless.

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