I’m looking forward to whoever gets in next. Exploring EVERY loophole of “It doesn’t say I “CAN’T” do this” will cause ALL THOSE LOOPHOLES his lawyers are finding for him to get closed. More rules for whoever comes after to PREVENT this from happening again. Obama was our last President. Whoever is our next President won’t get the same luxuries as whoever’s sitting there now.

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“Close reading expects readers to focus on the information that a text provides”. I learned in school too, back in the 80s. Also hated it. I found studying the cosmos surrounding a work, including the author, the historical period, influence in culture, etc, to be far more engaging than close reading.

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I try to keep the line btwn fiction and fact as clear as I can. I know a lot of fact is muddled with fictional parts, but folks are too easily swayed by well written, all too internally logical fictional narratives that don’t really reflect reality except as a loose metaphor. Otherwise, I could end up following it like a religion and world’s got enough of that.

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