Tallmadge Amendment, 1819. “And provided, that the further introduction of slavery or involuntary servitude be prohibited, except for the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been fully convicted; and that all children born within the said State, after the admission thereof into the Union, shall be free at the age of twenty-five years.” James Tallmadge’s bill to extinguish slavery as a condition for Missouri to enter the United States, failed. In 1820, the Missouri Compromise passed – a compromise bill (just as the name says) drawing a hard line across the USA of “Slavery extinguished / Slavery allowed”. 19th Century US never interested me much, although I always said I wanted to learn about the 1840s, because it seemed like a high creativity time.

Tallmadge Amendment, 1819.

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POSSIBLE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT IN MY HISTORY AGAIN? Fixing confusing genealogy is confusing but satisfying. I do most of my work in two places: a) FamilySearch, because it has “too much”, a lot of mistakes to be fixed and sorted through, and easy merging and access to supporting data. b) geni – which is a world family tree but has “less”. It can be messy too but it is more useful in sorting out conflicting data and being less, I can “build it up” properly, making geni my trusted chart. So, I successfully fixed a very confusing set of generations caused by many conflicting Family Bibles from many relatives, odd use of different names for the same people and same names for different people…. and made sure FamilySearch + geni match up for me at least… and I fixed a few of their siblings along the way, Oh, Cymon/Simon Searing/Seryon, you immigrant of confusion. “In America, the first mentions of him were in the records of the New Haven Colony as being in Stamford in 1642. This old record refers to him as Simon Seiring and the record lists him among eight men named as freeholders with a `house lot and pasture land in he field.’ I would therefore venture the guess that he married in England and brought his new family to the Colonies around 1640. ” I’ll have to go through whatever ship data from back then I can find and see if I can find you, Simon. Ice Time Agents may be coming after you to send you back.



Ok. It’s possible my Merkle /Snell research might be unrelated to me. Looks like a Margaret Merkell did marry a John Christie but it might not be the same John Christie. If so, that means I’m back to no ancestors as slave owners. It’s fine either way but this is part of the frustrating fun of this stuff. [Still on the fence, looking for evidence. The connection was made by someone else and while it’s not unreasonable given the dates, a guy going from Scotland and dying in south NJ married in a German-area NY to a woman who was born and died in German-area NY seems suspect. For confirmation, I will probably have to find the RIGHT John Christie, unless this already is the right one.

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Oh, I could have done none of this without your father’s research! His work brought us back to Colonial times and beyond, which hooked into the work of others into their families. He put his work into most of the sites I use HIMSELF : his name is everywhere I go. Anything I’ve done builds off from that and many others have built off of his work as well.

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ICE TIME AGENTS: Veteran’s Benefits FRAUD And Possible UNDOCUMENTED Immigration! John Scott, born “around 1635″ in England, suddenly shows up in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, marrying Sarah Bliss on 20 May 1656. In 1736, his grandson, also named John Scott (not my ancestor) managed to get his grandfather’s name in an official list of soldiers who DIED in the same night raid on Indians as Captain William Turner in 1676. This was to get LAND and other Veteran’s benefits. HOWEVER, there is NO RECORD of a “John Scott” in Turner’s original lists. ALSO, while there is a WILLIAM SCOTT who fought and did not die on the raid, and “while an Edward Scott was married in Hadley MA in 1670 and a John Scott was married in Springfield MA in 1659, no linkage to William Scott in nearby Hatfield MA has been found. ” William Scott fought, did not die. John Scott did not die, although grandson claimed benefits. There’s no link between William and John Scott and appear to be from different families. THEREFORE, it is reasonable to believe a fraud was committed, ESPECIALLY since quite a number of the LIVING were claiming DEATH BENEFITS for themselves! [see attached evidence] “Yes, I died during the raid”. FURTHERMORE, it is reasonable to assume that John Scott did NOT participate in the raid against Indians at Turner’s Falls. Hippie. ICE TIME AGENTS, please confirm original research of Kenneth Udut and remove all illegally gained benefits from the “grandson John Scott”‘s fraud. Also, if it is determined that John Scott entered these lands UNDOCUMENTED, please move all descendants to tent cities for further processing. John Scott is Kenneth Udut’s 10th great grandfather.

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