Man, I just learned today that if she had the means, my mother was going to put me in a “it starts with an M… M.. Mon.. something”. “Montessori? “That’s it” school when I was little. She didn’t believe in Ritalin, which was an option EVEN IN THE EARLY 1980S, which I didn’t know, and I was ALMOST on it. Instead, I got a revolutionary-for-the-time guided meditation/biofeedback program based on a study that had finished just the year prior. And yes, it worked. But wow… I almost went to a Montessori school. That would’ve been awesome. A good “I read Mother Earth News before it was glossy” Mom. What surprised you that your parents did – or tried to do – for you that you only learned about as an adult?

Man, I just learned
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Sept 27, 2013 That’s when I solved the Traveling Salesman problem. P=NP, “Short enough” path. Saved it to Vine. Elastic Bands and Pins on a Grid, Remove pins to find a binary “short enough” path that CAN be closer given finer granularity but as a CAR HAS CERTAIN LENGTH and and a ROAD a certain width, YOU DON’T have to find “short-EST”. I saw it in this paper from Aug 19, 2017 by Patrick Chisan Hew in “The Length of Shortest Vertex Paths in Binary Occupancy Grids Compared to Shortest r-Constrained Ones” published in JAIR: The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. I’m not done reading it but it’s AS IF I WROTE IT if I was focused enough to put ideas into proofs, which I’m not. I’m just glad I wasn’t nuts.

Sept 27, 2013
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At 11, I was supposed to go to Julliard music school. Right near the entry time, I bowed out. I could see my future and I didn’t like it. Same time frame, I stopped a “Gifted Class” test when I realized it wasn’t for me. I love going in deep but quickly. I can’t free float. I need to stay tethered so long as I choose the tether.

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The non-physics (pure mathematics) book that was recommended, “Quantum Invariants: A Study of Knots, 3-Manifolds, and Their Sets (Series on Knots and Everything)”, I looked up citations to find 2019 citations of it in order to find “State of the art” in this particular specialized field of pure mathematics. This can give you a taste of what’s happening at what I presume to be at the top level of this particular field of inquiry / creativity.

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