I started following him after this study of his: “The Myth of the Teen Brain”. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-myth-of-the-teen-brain-2007-06/ as it was counter to prevailing (then and now) claims that there such a thing as a distinct “teenage brain”, which there’s not — at least not as a part of instoppable development, but it is culturally imbued. However, since he’s ‘gone political’, I had to drop him from my recommended scientists. Why? ” Epstein did provide seven pages of citations—but all of them are papers or op-eds he wrote or co-wrote himself. ” It’s not that scientists can’t or shouldn’t cite themselves at all. For truly groundbreaking research, sometimes they have to do that more than most. But then, there’s hucksters. And… I’m sorry but for this and in this, Epstein’s a huckster. It’s not that Google COULDN’T manipulate results. But Epstein didn’t prove it. He threw shade – and it’s disappointing as I had previously respected him.

I started following him
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