I appreciate the challenge today. It squeezed extra research out of me and I learned about the 4 major philosophers of science from the 20th century and their battles. Learned today that I seem to like Imre Lakatos overall, although there’s directions we can go in in science that go further. Blindness for example. https://www.nature.com/articles/526187a

I appreciate the challenge
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Michael Cavallo programming is a surprisingly post modern activity. church’s untyped lambda calculus, which introduced Lambda – an anonymous function / variable thing – Is so flexible that you can make true=false without a blink. in fact that flexibility is required for us to be able to type freely right now. But it’s restricted in a safe “type” called TEXT. church’s typed calculus. with types, you get some predetermined truths because they are programmed in at a deep level but that’s different from determinate.

Michael Cavallo
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