I take heart that they pushed aside everything else in the drug pipe lines all around the world. each company focused exclusively on COVID-19 vaccine followed all regulations. i don’t know about russia’s but their scientists science really well – and there’s been enough shared information that they bounced off each other. they all built on past research as they’ve made similar things before. I don’t want to think how many animals were tested for this but I imagine quite a lot worldwide. and with 700 million vaccinations worldwide, i’d expect to see some cluster of horror in some genetically fragile population. it would come from someplace as bad news travels fast by many means. and yet .. it seems the drug making has been very competent. will we turn into werewolves or develop some awful sci fi issue? i don’t think so. they make the smallest weakest changes possible that work rather than broad solutions like the DDT days.

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Love the concept. Wasn’t until I winnowed down a part of my research to these words: things time system words work science mind point brain human part thinking idea systems and searched in Google Scholar did I learn about boundary objects, which is perfectly in the zone. Origin of concepts. Where’s the gap between objects? How does that change and how is it created? What is its lifecycle? etc.

Love the concept. Wasn’t
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Oh wait! It’s Piaget! “From his studies into child development, Jean Piaget suggested that children were born with an innate animist worldview in which they anthropomorphized inanimate objects and that it was only later that they grew out of this belief. Conversely, from her ethnographic research, Margaret Mead argued the opposite, believing that children were not born with an animist worldview but that they became acculturated to such beliefs as they were educated by their society.”

 I always forget that’s
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I may have found a tool to help my long research for “interface” (or gap) and that is this broad definition “tool”. I’m always looking for a perfect combinations of words and these are good for my purposes: “a tool is an entity used to interface between two or more domains.” So: Going reverse: 1) A domain. Its antonyms are: waste, wilderness, wild. A domain’s synonyms are: sphere, domain, area, orbit, field, arena “territory over which rule or control is exercised” So, a kingdom with a ruler. Who rules or owns each of the domains is an open question right now. 2) Between. If it’s not domain, it’s waste, wilderness, wild. 3) Skipping to front, “tool is an entity” means I can say “entity” instead of “tool”. Entity is a being, presence, an idea, a thing, an object, a body, a grouping, just for a few. 4) “used to”. Used by what or whom? This returns to “domain” and its owner/ruler(s). Is a tool used by two or more domains? Well, “does an action to” two or more domains. But it can also be an outsider, an entity from the “waste, wilderness, wild”. (Synonyms for waste, wilderness, wild are forthcoming) 5) “Interface”. That is the crux of what I’m looking for, this action of ‘interface’. I’d been looking specifically at different ways this concept of interface has been used in different contexts. But I think I’m ready to tie it together as I think this good combination of words may be able to do it. I may start standardizing my language to this because it fits. Can I say “domain” instead of “contexts”? Is a Concept an entity used to interface between two or more domains? Well, a metaphor is. An analogy is. Are all concepts? They may be. So, that’s some unfiltered thoughts. Note, publicly. Also easier to find on my phone or home.

I may have found
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