I worked in Pharma for a few years. Placebo is VERY HARD to beat, statistically. For a drug to be approved in the USA, it has to pass many trials. It can pass drug trials, animal trials and several levels of human trials and still fail to placebo. Millions of dollars in research can be wasted because placebo is so strong and it’s one of the final tests. I watched a chiral and similar molecule “Viagra” go through trials (drugs with left or right handed chirality are treated differently). It had a different handedness than Viagra and substituted bits of the molecule. It reached almost the end, showing effectiveness through it all. But placebo was ALMOST as effective. It was SO CLOSE they had to stop trials and stop the whole project. I think placebo was 50% effective and the drug was 53% effective. It just wasn’t enough to justify treating it like a drug to treat anything.

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It’s a show of enthusiasm, facial recognition, a “foot in the door”. I put a link on the post for those who want to learn more and summarized my opinion, which is that this is best for the future of Florida. For some, it may be all they need to vote Gillum/King. For others, a more detailed research is available. I wouldn’t use it as an exclusive thing, but I’m thrilled that this enthusiasm is here and growing.

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Indeed it was. Original was: “Neural correlates of maintaining one’s political beliefs in the face of counterevidence” by Jonas T. Kaplan, Sarah I. Gimbel & Sam Harris (yes, that Sam Harris :) ) I look at citations and then citations of citations on up to find influence. 34 from the original paper. It gives you some idea of where it leads in research and influence.

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