Oh I don’t think it terms of tanks but continuous turbulence of various pressures in open systems. Always had an overactive imagination. When I was 12, I was at a church camping trip for the weekend. JYF (Junior Youth Fellowship). It was at cabins somewhere. At some quiet moment, nobody was in the place where they had a fireplace and kitchen – big meeting room I guess. I was messing around with the fireplace, getting a fire going, I got it and sat on the couch just looking at it. My mind was wandering and I was thinking about something from school about colors and I wondered, “What would the universe look like if there was no colors?” Right then, it was as if I could see through my feet through the earth to the other side, across the universe. Nothing had any colors, everything was transparent but I got a sense of varying pressures as substitutions for colors as I was passing through stars and planets and blackholes and stuff ’til I came around and ended up back into myself. Probably about a 10-15 minute experience. It was pretty amazing. No drugs involved, just an overtired kid on a long camping trip by himself, imagining stuff. But yeah, no tanks. I never understood labs for isolation. Universe is all connected stuff.

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I fell in love with Lupita Nyong’o the moment I heard her talking about the research done for Black Panther. The painstaking cultural detail she researched and became incorporated into the movie is why I saw Black Panther. How happy I was to find out she graduated from Hampshire College – which is where I went. That’s probably why I recognized her way of talking: It is very Hampshire College. “The “Black Panther” star then talked about the difference between colorism and racism, and said she didn’t experience the latter until moving to the United States since she comes from a homogeneous area.”

I fell in love

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