Targeted, repeated bullying can be verbal assault under US law. It is also a Tort, so it falls under both criminal and civil codes. _Usually_ it’s verbal assault where the person is in range to fulfill the assault. This is the justification used by police all across the USA. “Why did you shoot the dog?” It barked at me. “Why did you kill that man?” He was saying bad things to me that left me scared for my life and so I shot to protect myself. Here, her verbal assault (bullying) led him to use a weapon to protect himself against further harm. He killed to protect himself. But it’s himself he killed to protect himself against her repeated verbal assault. That’s one interpretation.

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It wasn’t always. But inserting the daily news into social media has made all of the difference. This has turned social media into “Letters To The Editor”. If you compare old style “Letters To The Editor” with news-change social media interaction, you’ll find that it’s nearly or totally identical. HOWEVER, social media that does NOT focus on constant “news-change” does not “amplify and inflame our tensions”. Groups for fans of a thing and research groups generally follow standard rules of civility.

It wasn’t always. But
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