Politicians don’t want to spend tax money (not their money but they find ways to make it theirs) on mental health. They’ll do it for prisons but not schools nor long term psychiatric care. If the same funds that used to be spend for long term care was spend on community mental health programs, simple outpatient facilities mental and wellness programs, I think you’d see less problems caused by the unstable. The problem isn’t precisely the loss of institutions: it’s the loss of mental health as a managed aspect of communities, whether institution or outpatient. In short: the money’s not spend on mental health anymore, not unless you’re of the correct class. Then the funds show up.

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50% is actually good odds in some circumstances and there are ways to mitigate risk. For example: You have money to invest. You break into two categories: Low risk | High risk. Money you can afford to lose goes into high risk. Money you can afford to lose goes into low risk. You can split low risk / high risk at the 50% line if you like. Notice I didn’t say “Money you cannot afford to lose”. Money you cannot afford to lose you do not invest.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience going through this. I’m so enthralled with how this matches how I think about this stuff that I keep pushing it away. It’s like, “This can’t be it.This is the it, but NOBODY has that “it”” and yet I think this is. You may find more by looking up AI Kindergarten. I still shake my head in disbelief, looking for the flaw. I’m sure I’m overlooking something and a little spooked out that maybe I’m not and this is the thing that’s missing.

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I don’t have the research handy but people with damaged or removed amygdalas get stuck in analysis paralysis mode. They can “logic” but without the emotional “push” for decisions, even simple reasoning tasks can go on for months and months as there are many directions and many conclusions one can reach and with nothing to create “the winner”, they can get stuck.

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I uploaded my genes to codegen.eu which anonymously matches up markers with matching studies. It’s not saying “you have x” but it lets you research using the same stuff the scientists have on hand. I noticed a LOT of overlap between autism and ADHD in studies because they having a few overlapping traits. But comparing the two, ADHD is the winner for me – but it ALSO explains why I’ve always felt a lot of kinship with people on the autistic spectrum. Also, I may also be on the autistic spectrum. None of this is proof of anything but it’s pointers and I’m fine with it either way. First: autism

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