It’s politics. Most articles I see are slanted against Madigan, saying “he” and are generally highly sarcastic in tone. I found a neutral report that didn’t slander either side. Now I’ll be looking for a supportive article or two, if I can find. It’s how I research political things, especially in areas I know little about (such as Labour Party politics).

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Answer: Nope. Some communities want to handle their own affairs instead of police living outside of their neighborhoods doing so, and report to the outside authorities to their progress in improving their communities, but that won’t happen because 2nd amendment rights don’t extend to non-white groups. Also, that’s a community decided temporary measure some are proposing _not_ an authoritarian imposed “solution”. But I didn’t read the blog. I don’t like reading things that require me to get chemotherapy when I’m done.

Answer: Nope.
Some communities
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when the internet was all text, i started a youth rights group. Lasted for a lot of years, spawned other groups like NYRA, TCS and other things you probably never heard of. [I’m assuming here]. I still follow some of the spawned groups to see what they’re up to. One is NYRA. Someone asked if antifa is pro-youth rights. Various answers came up, and I gave my two cents. In the process, I did a little research to see if there was still an anarchy youth liberation element still out there and came across a newer (2016-current) ‘zine on the topic. Great to see it’s still going on. Familiar zone, familiar language style, same drive I remember. So here it is if anyone is interested.

when the internet was
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