There’s no way to make our response as a nation as led by Donald Trump to COVID-19 ok. It’s not. The USA has succeeded in many things in its life but this is not one of them. One of the top jobs of a president is to be the figurehead – responsible for all that happens under his care and guidance. This means he gets to gloat for the good but have to suck it up for the bad, even though we know a President isn’t responsible for all that much except maybe tone.

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Those of us who are FAR AWAY from statue topplings and movings don’t always know the whole story. We see statue go “boom”. But when you learn why statue-go-boom, what you think you see isn’t always what’s there. “On Saturday afternoon, a group of about five dozen indigenous activists of all ages — children and elders included — gathered at Father Serra Park in downtown Los Angeles, just south of Olvera Street. As Tataviam/Chumash elder Alan Salazar burned sage and invoked the spirit of his ancestors, a group of young activists bound the nearby statue of Father Junipero Serra with ropes and tore him off his pedestal to chants of “Take it down! Take it down!””

Those of us who
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From 2015 but good stuff. It’s that space/time thing. One operates across space, the other across time, like Fourier Transform and such but in this case, they’re quantifiable — countable. One for one. They do the same thing. “Operationally equivalent.” but conceptually distinct. — “Quantum coherence and quantum entanglement are two landmark features of quantum physics, and now physicists have demonstrated that the two phenomena are “operationally equivalent”—that is, equivalent for all practical purposes, though still conceptually distinct. This finding allows physicists to apply decades of research on entanglement to the more fundamental but less-well-researched concept of coherence,”

From 2015 but good
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Going back in time to 2013, I wrote triumphantly: “Rigged Hilbert Space’ With ‘ Chinese Remainder Theorem’ For The ‘ideal’ Ring Is The Closest I Found To My Mindset About Reality ATM” From 2014-2020 I was confused what I meant by that exactly as I’d left my depths of that kind of research and couldn’t put my mind back to it yet. But now I did, and now I know again. As much as I love my time travel stuff, I’m also aware that backwards time travel probably isn’t possible, except maybe in really tiny bits in the right places, so long as it doesn’t fully get realized completely. I hadn’t heard of the Glauber oscillator but I’m not surprised at this. They did a real-world test with a laser beam giving some real world weight to the theoretical in 2015. I’d like time reversibility but I suspect that time’s arrow is going to keep moving forward, even when we are able to go backwards.

Going back in time
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Oh yes. “Oscillatory neural network” is bringing results. Funny thing is “oscillatory neural network” was one click away from a Wikipedia article I’d visited in the past a few times but I never clicked on it. Guess I wasn’t ready. But as soon as I saw this and things like these in searches, I recognized it’s ‘in sync’ with how I’m thinking. Breathe.

Oh yes. “Oscillatory neural
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DISTANCE FUNCTION… I was just looking it up again this morning.. after a year of _not_ looking it up. I was looking at distance transform, in particular I wanted to find out if my mathematical morphology software had any function to calculate “manhattan distance”, which goes around the kernels/pixels as if they’re streets in manhattan, hence the name – instead of Euclidean, which is as the bird flies (straight). DIdn’t find it yet, but happen to find this.

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