Creepy looking picture of me at age 6.5. Halloween costume. [I suspect the colors are ‘off’ a little because my hair was never reddish-orange and that outfit was a different green] Regardless of that, what was 6.5 yr old me for Halloween that year? I always knew it was part Sherlock Holmes but there was *also* somebody else i was trying to emulate but I only got confirmation tonight: It was, indeed, Doctor Who. The first episode aired on WOR TV channel 9 on October 7 1978. Halloween was October 31, 1978. My grandmother loved her TV Guide and loved being “at the beginning” of anything “new”. I watched it with her. Four Saturdays nights in a row by this picture. I’d seen only ONE full Doctor Who episode, confirmed to be “Robot”, broken up into four parts. I’d already had the Sherlock Holmes costume but in my mind now? I was already Doctor Who at 6.5 years of age after only one four part episode watched on four Saturday nights in a row with my grandmother. Much earlier than I’d expected. I thought I started when I was 8 but no, I was 6. I’m understanding better why the show has had such a recurring thread in my life.

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Ah, he dives into semiotics. The style of the page reminds me of what you’ll see from people who have been online a long time — the single long page with lots of links, broken down into logical 1 2 3 4 pieces. While it comes across a little rambling, it makes sense. He’s actually calling for a moderate view of things but it’s got enough hyperbole to keep it interesting. I just skimmed it (have to run out the door) but I’ll give it a proper look-see later.

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It’s never too late. I started after the show was already on for 17 years but I caught up. Then there was a 15 year delay when nothing happened. But really, there’s not even a need to catch up on anything. You just try it one day, see if it grabs you. Might not. It’s not for everybody. The show has always been the story of the character “in progress” so you never really get “a beginning”, so starting anytime oddly works.

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