Complementary Academic Instructional Programs (XREF / Cross References) extracted from Classification for Instructional Programs (CIP 2020) 415 XREF in total.

Complementary Academic Instructional Programs
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Ellie Ott i used to build them. I understand completely. working for a computer repair shop for a few years cured some of it. (too much of a good thing) i’ve had to wean myself off of some of it. choosing an iPhone over an android years ago was intentional. I asked myself “what if I had a computer that I couldn’t tinker with?” I couldn’t upgrade the battery. I couldn’t increase the memory. I couldn’t change the operating system. I couldn’t even change how to get software on it. but that was my challenge. it’s against my nature but it was good to expand

Ellie Ott
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That’s because I did not finish. He did not use anesthesia with her because who he was operating on was not considered human and her screams were considered to be that of an animal scream and ignored. He perfected the repair technique on her and then a couple of other black slave women and then opened up a practice for wealthy white women for the repair and they got anesthesia and humane treatment. Did she need it? Yes. Was there any valid excuse for him not to give her anesthesia? No.

Men were not allowed
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