I’ve een saying for decades: WE NEED BETTER BATTERIES TO GO GREEN. Until then: “, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggests that high-income nations reduce their material throughput—legislating longer product life spans and rights to repair, banning planned obsolescence and throwaway fashion, shifting from private cars to public transportation, while scaling down socially unnecessary industries and wasteful luxury consumption like the arms trade, SUVs, and McMansions.”

I’ve een saying for

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The flaw that I see in common in many of these philosophical arguments over this topic is this: You assume the only acceptable answer is universal. I can work with that flaw and say: the only acceptable answer is that it is arbitrary and often practical for humans and other creatures and non-intelligent entities to behave “as if” they are themselves objects which interact with what they treat “as if also” objects. Objects with gaps inbetween them.

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