John Deere’s been posting RECORD earnings and not passing any of it on to the workers. It never “trickles down”. Economy doesn’t work that way and never did. They also haven’t been listening to customer needs with their new products. Making it impossible for owners to service their own equipment is a big part of President Joe Biden signing the Right to Repair bill – to force John Deere to listen to customers. And now the workers are forcing John Deere to listen to them. How many yachts does a John Deere executive need?

John Deere’s been posting
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Poetry in domain names / metaphors / money-where-the-mouth-is. Inexpensive domain names meant I had some fun experimenting through the years at times. Few of these exist anymore: most were one-two year experiments. I would try different software, different website concepts. Some were single page “express the concept”, others message boards that I’d gotten some people on. (Subset of them – there’s others) I never put them together all at once to look at the them all to see if there’s patterns. What’s in a name? 09/19/2011: jointheinter. net 09/19/2011: nowyouare. us 01/08/2012: udut. us 09/25/2013: temporalabuse. com 11/10/2013: help. nobody-needs. com 11/13/2013: nobodyneeds. me 11/17/2013: friendrequest. me 01/01/2014: fictitiousname. us 01/09/2014: avoiding. us 02/07/2014: everythingislearned. com 02/23/2014: nobody-needs. com 02/27/2014: stitchlock. com 03/01/2014: nobodycaresabout. me 03/02/2014: youareawesometo. me 03/04/2014: youreawesometo. me 03/08/2014: maybe-u-ken. com 03/11/2014: school-in-six-seconds. com 03/17/2014: neither-nor-nor-nor-nor-nor-nor. com 03/17/2014: xor-xor. com 03/28/2014: justnotice. us 06/10/2014: healthyclock. com 07/04/2014: supposed-to. com 07/04/2014: timeshaping. com 07/06/2014: placeblocks. com 07/09/2014: icopiedyou. com 07/09/2014: unemploymentpool. com 07/10/2014: weirdyou. com 07/19/2014: leakytriangle. com 07/28/2014: sifferent. com 08/08/2014: createwait. com 08/27/2014: minimumuniqueness. com 09/05/2014: minuniq. com 09/27/2014: clubnobody. com 10/04/2014: encouragefailure. us 10/26/2014: system-of-systems. com 11/11/2014: constructedfriends. com 12/15/2014: societyisok. com 12/16/2014: containedsuccess. com 12/22/2014: youmakemereal. com 05/15/2016: skepticalgeneralist. com

Poetry in domain names
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Michael Blais my church community when i was a kid was a very supporting, kind and forgiving community in contrast to public school or my town. At 13 i jumped at the chance to be custodian after school and weekends. They ran a non religious preschool 5 days of the week and rented out the halls for Indian marriages and other religious groups to meet. They did a lot of community work and as did i. So in that building 7 days a week from age 13-18 for 1-3 hours a day with keys to every room except one, i overheard and saw a lot of things, good and bad. As far as their religious message, it was vague and unclear to me. do good and be good, step outside of yourself and your group is how the gist of it came through to me. i didn’t do much in the worship services except lighting candles or the occasional reading but i helped out a lot in Sunday school teaching younger kids the mythology of the bible or having age appropriate discussions about “deep thoughts” type topics. i was trusted with a lot and so i did a lot, more than was asked. value of prayer i understood. say thanks. talk about problems. help me get through this thanks etc. as i believed in inner child stuff (child adult parent) and knew about mythology it was all interchangeable to me. so that’s where i came from. i never understood faith belief spirit etc. beyond some synonyms so i just put those aside and saw generally nice people trying to learn to be better than that are.

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