if the path from non-verbal to abstract language communication were a communication protocol like TCP, what would the handshake look like? (this would compress 24 months of human cognitive/social development) Do any existing protocols use the same pattern for handshaking and negotiating meaning and building understanding? What about development of pidgins?

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“The Multiple Functions of T Stellate/Multipolar/Chopper Cells in the Ventral Cochlear Nucleus” – [tone and envelope / speech too] T Stellate cells encode the spectrum and envelope of sounds. – [phase to tone] These cells convert phasic excitation from the auditory nerve to tonic firing.

“The Multiple Functions of
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*ugh* so this is cohesiveness. What’s within and a part of this active and responsive process _is_ what allows an object to be an object, a number to be number, a thing to be thing. It creates (parenthesis) around things, “center surround cells”, Derivitive of Gaussians / Mexican Hat wavelet, or just a Gaussian kernel sitting there in its bell curviness, letting the edges fade off into the background. It’s a matter of scale and is participatory. We measure the processes which may snap them into focus as we measure, the process of measuring itself creating the phase locking that we seem to be seeing happening elsewhere.

*ugh* so this is
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