i’ve done a lot of food and vitamin experiments through the decades. Knew a vegan family in NJ in the 80s – friends with one of the kids. Did vegan for about a year around age 19-20 to see how my body reacted – a large part of it was raw food. Occasionally I’ll do meatless to try new protein ideas. I find out what my body likes and doesn’t like.

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I had you at about 20-22 ish when i first joined and assumed you’d aged. I didn’t actually put any thought into it. Your factors don’t mesh up with mine though. –quot What factors? I’ll presume them. “He’s immature because he displays hostile behavior, so he must be younger.” If that were the case, it’s a bit provincial for a few reasons. —quot You didn’t seem hostile to me, just internet argumentative. I’ve been around a while and I’ve seen hostility online, but you’re not. Rather the #1 factor? Your preoccupation with women and men being biologically different as well as your interest in trans issues. That says to me: He dates or wants to date and is trying to understand women and thinks he found “the key”. This would be typical of someone in their early 20s, dating game age. That’s the #1 factor.

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Did all kinds of stuff then one day in my mid 20s was all set to join a monestary. Still could even though not religious. Now at 45, still haven’t gotten around to dating again. I get offers (from female and male alike) but I’d rather have friendships. The ups and downs of dating brought out shitty sides of me I didn’t like. I’d do fine now and not worried about “getting a date” part. I just like keeping friendshps much more.

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