adhesives: while I’m staying away from organics for now, as my text is listing them nicely as examples, I’ll post for when I’m read to refer: “Three prominent classes of natural adhesives include proteins (polyamides), carbohydrates (polysaccharides), and natural rubber (mainly cis-polyisoprene). Three specific examples are: starch, a carbohydrate; gelatin, a protein; and rubber cement made from natural rubber.” _Adhesives Technology Handbook, 3rd edition_

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I forgot I posted this reply. I just woke up from a dream, wrote out my dream, then replied to this. I remember that much, but I don’t remember writing this. I think I was referring to the notion of worth and purpose as seeing one’s life as if an economic object of “value”, with a cost/benefit analysis, efficiency vs effectiveness, etc, and had that strange puzzling meme on my phone so I used it. But if and how that might apply to your original message, I don’t know. Waiting for coffee. I live for that coffee.

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