I forgot I posted this reply. I just woke up from a dream, wrote out my dream, then replied to this. I remember that much, but I don’t remember writing this. I think I was referring to the notion of worth and purpose as seeing one’s life as if an economic object of “value”, with a cost/benefit analysis, efficiency vs effectiveness, etc, and had that strange puzzling meme on my phone so I used it. But if and how that might apply to your original message, I don’t know. Waiting for coffee. I live for that coffee.

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I was thinking about logic and ingredient substitution in cooking recipes. You can substitute most ingredients for other ingredients *if* you are careful and compensate for any shortfalls the substitute ingredient may bring. Baking is chemistry and very precise but cooking is far more versatile and much more of an art form. So, I wondered what was done in the area. I came across a patent from 2015 from IBM for a supercomputer system using IBM Watson to do just that. It was marketed for a year or so, but wasn’t a money maker and, like a lot of fascinating IBM Watson project, shut down quietly. I think it produced a cookbook first though. Personally? I think it was overkill. I think you could do the same by collecting properties of ingredients that are common: acid / base, protein / fat / starch, sweet / salty / umami / bitter / fatty / sour / bitter, crunchy / chewy / fluffy / melty etc and have at it…. Hm… maybe every cook is a bit of a supercomputer come to think of it.

I was thinking about
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Well, maximum information appears as randomness. Entropy. It’s patterns or clusters of bits that form patterns. What is the minimum reduction in entropy required for something to be useful information? How many combinations are possible of patterns? For each dimension higher, you can all of the previous dimensions quantity of useful information as well as your own, which can also include novel ways to store lower dimensional information while adding your own. [such as protein folding]

Well, maximum information appears
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I followed the charts once. I’m 6′ “large frame / big bone” but basically, muscular. Charts said I should be 180 lb. So, over 9 months once, I got myself from 240 to 190. Body fat got down to 3%, according to whatever that BMI scale said.. I was cold, sickly, uncomfortable, kept trying to push it. But I wanted 180. After a week of misery, I decided to let my body decide while continuing to work out. 205-210 was my “natural lowest” that I could sustain for a while with extreme diet without feeling miserable. But that was still unnaturally low. Now? I’m sure my BMI’s too high. I keep the muscle with protein but stopped working out long ago. If I did it again, I’d go to 220 and stop and wouldn’t even push for 210, nevermind 180. Every body’s different. My point’s just – find your own way with that, pay attention to what your body’s telling you.

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