TOOL: tRNA they call it an “adapter” A transfer RNA (abbreviated tRNA and formerly referred to as sRNA, for soluble RNA) is an adaptor molecule composed of RNA, typically 76 to 90 nucleotides in length, that serves as the physical link between the mRNA and the amino acid sequence of proteins. Transfer RNA does this by carrying an amino acid to the protein synthetic machinery of a cell called the ribosome.

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DOMAIN in genetics: “A specific physical region or amino acid sequence in a protein which is associated with a particular function or corresponding segment of DNA.” Good. More backup that my principle (of principles of domains) can 1) be sequences (here of amino acids but musical notes for a melody, or list of rules or axioms) 2) be a specific physical region 3) can be associated with a function (principle and applied – that is, testable)

DOMAIN in genetics:

Double-checking I picked a good word with Domain: I did. DOMAIN [via Wikipedia] Mathematics- -* Domain of a function, the set of input values for which the function is defined -* Domain of discourse, the set of entities over which logic variables may range -* Domain of an algebraic structure, the set on which the algebraic structure is defined -* Domain (mathematical analysis), an open connected set -* Domain theory, studying certain kinds of partially ordered sets -* Domain (ring theory), a nontrivial ring without left or right zero divisors –* Integral domain, a non-trivial commutative ring without zero divisors —* Atomic domain, an integral domain in which every non-zero non-unit is a finite product of irreducible elements —* Bezout domain, an integral domain in which the sum of two principal ideals is again a principal ideal —* Euclidean domain, an integral domain which allows a suitable generalization of the Euclidean algorithm —* Dedekind domain, an integral domain in which every nonzero proper ideal factors into a product of prime ideals —* GCD domain, an integral domain in which every two non-zero elements have a greatest common divisor —* Principal ideal domain, an integral domain in which every ideal is principal —* Unique factorization domain, an integral domain in which every non-zero element can be written as a product of irreducible elements in essentially a unique way -* Frequency domain, the analysis of mathematical functions with respect to frequency, rather than time -* Fundamental domain, a symmetry group of an object is a part or pattern, as small or irredundant as possible, which determines the whole object based on the symmetry -* Time domain, the analysis of mathematical functions with respect to time Science- -* Domain (biology), a taxonomic subdivision larger than a kingdom -* High-field domain (physics) in semiconductors, also called Boer domain -* Protein domain (biology), a part of a protein that can exist independently of the rest of the protein chain -* Magnetic domain (physics), a region within a magnetic material which has uniform magnetization -* Social domain, a concept in sociology -* Domain of discourse, the collection of entities of interest in logical analysis Information technology- -* Administrative domain -* Broadcast domain, in computer networking, a group of special-purpose addresses to receive network announcements -* Collision domain -* Domain (software engineering), a field of study that defines a set of common requirements, terminology, and functionality for any software program constructed to solve a problem in a given field –* Application domain, a mechanism used within a Common Language Infrastructure to isolate executed software applications from one another –* Programming domain, a set of programming languages or programming environments that were engineered specifically for a particular domain (software engineering) -* Network domain, a named grouping of hosts and servers with managed login, access to resources, and permissions. –* Domain name, a label that identifies a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the Internet Other uses- -* Territory (subdivision), a non-sovereign geographic area which has come under the authority of another government -* Demesne, in English common law and other Medieval European contexts, lands directly managed by their holder rather than being delegated to subordinate managers -* Domain, or Battlespace, a concept in military operations dividing operating environments into defined components: air, land, maritime, space, cyberspace, information, and electromagnetic spectrum

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wait – WOAH, don’t be telling me it solved PROTEIN FOLDING? that’s huge. I donated my computer time to FOLDING @HOME for a long time to help in precisely this. If DeepMind succeeded — decades ahead of when ANYBODY thought anyone /thing could, this is a massive leap forward for that which can solve protein folding is capable of handing a LOT of other really really difficult problems that involve very complicated multitudes of possibilities.

wait – WOAH, don’t
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adhesives: while I’m staying away from organics for now, as my text is listing them nicely as examples, I’ll post for when I’m read to refer: “Three prominent classes of natural adhesives include proteins (polyamides), carbohydrates (polysaccharides), and natural rubber (mainly cis-polyisoprene). Three specific examples are: starch, a carbohydrate; gelatin, a protein; and rubber cement made from natural rubber.” _Adhesives Technology Handbook, 3rd edition_

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