It’s not the do but the don’t. Does consciousness arise from synapses directly? Probably not. Could it rise from transient selection of subnetworks via metabotropic receptors and G protein-gated ion channels? Quite possibly. Due to its matching up in crucial timing factors, it may be that piece that was missing.

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Chaperonin. September 10, 2013. Categorizing ancient bookmarks to shoehorn into “Cognitive Science”, I wanted to justify a protein folding helper cell as part of Cognitive Science. It prevents mistakes in protein folding; which is intelligent behavior, which is a form of natural intelligence, which is related to artificial intelligence, which is part of cognitive science. I could’ve gone shorter but I like the longer route.

Chaperonin. September 10, 2013.
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Andrei Tudor Patrascu OK. You’re talking about questionable nutritional supplements. collagen from my understanding is generate it by vitamin C interacting with protein. it’s part of the Krebs cycle and you can generated by having meat and eating an orange or tomato juice.

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Mildly curious to see if anything is other than I thought. My 17 second review is: it’s not. I also know: if I got involved, I’d be hooked. I was once hooked on the stock market and it was addictive. Fun, did really well, but not doing it again. Maybe if it lost the feeling of being Windows XP pop up “earn money while you browse” toolbars I’d think of it.

Mildly curious to see
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The key/heyhole analogy — I guess what happened with me is I’d learned about the issue with protein folding and had my computer set up to participate in Folding @ Home before I’d heard about the key/keyhole analogy and was working at the pharmaceutical company where they were reversing the chirality of patented drugs about to expire in order to get another 7 years of prescription sized cash… and sometimes reversing the chirality had weird side effects but it usually worked…

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It’s a sneaky one. I noticed it mentions conscious states and then consciousness, which are different things. Let’s see what it says: Human: What is the difference between consciousness and conscious states? AI: Consciousness refers to an individual’s awareness of their status as a self-aware being. Conscious states refer to the various mental activities or processes, such as thoughts, emotions, ideas, etc.

It’s a sneaky one.
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