There’s a lovely reddit group where people post images of their “retrobattlestations” – which is what I guess they call resurrected old computers and equipment – or even simply old pictures of old equipment. I’m enjoying going through image after image of people proudly posting their various victories. This made me smile because I’d never seen it before in my life and I thought I’d seen everything.

There’s a lovely reddit

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I experimented with bounding boxes a few years ago with OpenCV and Processing — I couldn’t get enough of them. —- ah yes, I have labelme – and it’s a lot of fun. — my direction lately has been really looking hard at the pre-processing stages, causes of many of the problems with creating “accidentally racist” facial recognition that mislabels American blacks far too often and rolled out to so many police departments.

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So: One lifelong fascination seems to be: breaking down walls that prevent conversion from one file format to another. More generalized, there’s no need for walls between any communication medium. Interchange between written text, spoken text, audio, music, images, video, tactile, database, mathematics, programming languages and programs, types of computer or living memory, and under explored areas such as taste and smell, sense of presence — all of which don’t need barriers inbetween them. They exist but they’re not insurmountable.

So: One lifelong fascination
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