Ok Ian, I think I have a solution: I found the Installer and also zipped up my Program Files folder for you. It’s available here on my own site: icopiedyou.com/fractint-for-windows-64-bit-20-99-8-download-win7 Feel free to scan with virustotal or whatever but I think it’ll come up clean. I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling myself to doublecheck but I don’t want to lose my copy :)

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Reading through it now. It was unsatisfying until I found “Multiple range” theory. It’s compatible with my computational-thinking and can encompass any of the other theories within it, if needed. I can work it on an Excel spreadsheet, which I once finally discovered can be accurately described as: “Step-indexed Kripke models over recursive worlds.” and “non-monotonic dataflow programming, concurrent logic programming”. So while it may not be “satisfying” (pun) for many, it’s effective.

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I think she did talk radio long ago when I was in New Jersey — ::: research computer on ::: Yup. “Behar hosted a call-in radio show on WABC in the early 1990s where she provided a liberal voice to a mostly conservative programming lineup.” I didn’t pay much attention but my boss played talk radio all the time so hers was just another yappy voice along with Rush Limbaugh and others.

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Going through my own geneology – some of which I’ve found family records back to 1500s Europe and 1600s USA – the household members were far from “Mom, Dad, Kids” but always included whatever grandparents were there, cousins, people with other last names, etc. Detangling family trees from way back can be REALLY messy, especially in large households with large blended families consisting of cousins and in-laws with similar names. You want scientific, go through family tree stuff if you can, Cross reference and compare. Nuclear family is far from norm and is a 1950s fantasy that it was that way in the past.

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I don’t know about their politics. But I’ve been friends with about 50+ Brazilians for about 10 yrs online now, back when I was testing a translation feature from Google. (Star Trek dreams). They spoke no English and me no Portuguese but we became friends and we all follow each other on various networks. (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+…) and it all started on Orkut, long ago. But prior to that, from 1999-2002, I worked for a big Pharmaceutical company in the IT dept and we had a LOT of our programming done from Brazil. Very cheap labor but very high quality work.

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