Untyped Lambda Calculus is not foolish. The Lambda Calculi form the basis for all computing as we know it. It is why I can type: 5+5=9 right now without error. It allows for logical inconsistency in the broad while remaining logically consistent only within a single tick of a clock. What is a restriction or condition of an unlimited order non compact infinitary logic?

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Creative work. I do a lot of these. Keeps my head out of politics / news / whatever most of the time. I could explain but it’s better to just ignore it if it looks/sounds weird to you. I’m proud of the way I got xxx-t song past FB and YT checkers. It’s not compressed: it’s straight to flat by simplifying the sound wave lines in a medical imaging program I mess around with. Huh. It does sound weird when I write it out.

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All we have is our limited cognitive abilities. With those limited cognitive abilities, we create machines with limited cognitive abilities. The limitations are enfolded within us and remain when expanded via limited cognitive abilities to broader and/or more precise mechanisms. This to me means that we may build machines that are capable of anything we can imagine but are also only capable of anything we can imagine. It’s a wall no single human may reach but collectively it’s there. Thing is, we won’t know it. So what is reality but what we can map? What’s unreachable will always be invisible.

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