Yeah, I dont’ think you’ll have any problem writing it. I haven’t written any significant VBA macros for a while but I think with a moderate level of general programming knowledge and good research abilities, I’d estimate you could get a working prototype going in about single working day if focused and possibly within two hours if you hit someone precisely with the same problem online.

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I never liked that the conservatives have tried to “own” the American flag, patriotism and stuff my whole life. I believe in the core of American values but what *I* think is American values and what the flag-wavers say is American values are far too often two different things. So, I’ve spent my life generally avoiding the flag, displays of patriotism and stuff because it would put me in a club I don’t want to be included in. I never liked the phrase “family values” growing up for this reason either. There was a way they said the word “family” in the 80s and beyond that made my stomach turn. “FAAAAAAmily…”

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