You gotta understand my bias here: I’m from Jersey and I remember Guliani before 9/11. He hated free speech as a mayor; well known for it. He always took credit for other people’s work; like even more than most politicians. Like the lower crime rate in the 90s; does he deserve some credit? Sure. Some. But the crime rate went down during David Dinkins’ time first – he was the black mayor and Guliani hated that NYC had a black mayor. And all the city clean up in the 90s wasn’t his work. It was ED KOCH’S work from the early 1980s that took 14 years to reach the point it did when Guliani took office. “I cleaned up the city”, lol sure Guliani. And the 40,000 extra cops hired by President Clinton for NYC during Guliani’s term might have had something to do with the crime rate going down further. Anyway, when 9/11 happened and he jumped in front of the camera as AMERICAS FAVORITE MAYOR (only he said that about himself), I was like, oh please, get out of everybodys’ way and let them work. Stole praise from the police and fire chiefs and other workers. Very annoying. So yeah, I got my bias lol

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I was excessively harsh on Biden but in this conversation I needed to counter the notion that he’s a Green Hero (which makes him the Evil Villain to the starter of the conversation) and while he really is THE CLOSEST to a Green Hero we’ve ever had as president, he (*rightfully for his character*) treasures cooperation and bipartisenship; a consistent feature of his character throughout his careers. So while he has platforms and issues and causes, in the end he will gladly work to compromise in order to facilitate a workable mutual agreement; very practical. Is it a practical pragmatic? I want him to be. I hope he is.

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i don’t care if you like or hate him. But most of the stuff people like to blame biden and his admin for were all trump people and trump stuff, trump’s era of congress etc. It takes many months for things to happen and most of the complaints all started under his administration to come to fruition finally under Biden and then biden gets to get all the blame. very annoying. I don’t care about biden but people are weird about it. How many people believe that biden was president when covid started? A lot. Reply1m

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