Regulations hurt businesses. Churches are businesses that pay no taxes. Regulations hurt church businesses. Regulations hurt the medical industry. Regulations slow down medical progress. We need to experiment freely with no legal consequences. Do not tax or regulate churches selling medicine. If you do, you are banning free speech and freedom of religion which is against the Constitution where it talks about total freedom of commerce without consequence for churches profiting from paying no taxes and selling industrial bleach as a cure for a virus and this makes the judge a libtard and we will write to President Trump to overturn this.

Regulations hurt businesses.
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I’m not deflecting anything. What is the nature of a government? What does it do? What metaphors function in place of a government? That can be tricky as government is a nominalization of a verb: TO GOVERN. Government governs. Act of governing. So where does this action of governing take place? On a plot of land with people and things on it. SO now we have a circumscribed place with an act (“governing”) taking place with people and things involved. What metaphor covers all that? A house. A family. Mom, Dad, kids, pets, stuff. Is it a good metaphor? I don’t know. But nation as house, leader as mommy or daddy, the people as kids, the economy as bank account, is SO commonly in use that it acts “as if” true already. Look at the budget. People talk about the budget as if it’s a bank account for their home. But it’s not. It’s entirely different, functions differently. But the metaphor of nation=house, leader = mom/dad is so strong, that even the smartest economists fall in that metaphorical trap and can’t get out of it.

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It’s an extension of absentee voting. This is not new, this is not novel, this is not going to lead to the President of the USA canceling the vote and becoming King. Why? Because: States have extended absentee voting times before due to natural disasters and things. What’s new is a coup that reached the supreme court.

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Once upon a time, President George W. Bush read a book. The book was about a pandemic, not unlike our own. The book wasn’t published yet. But being the President, he could get a copy ahead of the general public. He read this book. He became obsessed with it. The year was 2005 and he had just been re-elected. President George W. Bush said some intelligent things about a future pandemic and its effects on the USA and the world and gave ideas on what America should do. This generated a firestorm of comments in another post I made and I’m amazed. None of the comments were about George W. Bush but rather about anything but. I found that fascinating.

Once upon a time,
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