Trump and Giuliani had long been tied to the Russian mob in NYC. Money laundering in NYC – political parties don’t matter at those levels – tied to business and residential real estate holdings were commonplace. Inflating holdings, playing paper-records games – whatever was needed to happen to happen happened. And it’s notoriously difficult for prosecutors to prosecute ANYBODY for any real estate fraud because of the big money and power involved. But now was a chance to get somebody. Trump’s game isn’t anything new or special. OF COURSE he inflated size repeatedly. OF COURSE he got more loan money than he should have. He banked on not getting caught because nobody prosecutes those things: it brings money into the city. But this time was different. A rare opportunity for somebody in NYC real estate to go down for very a common scam.

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Here. I found some examples. Florence Kenyon (1910s-1920s, New York City) – Campaigned on going after mobsters and organized crime figures like Lucky Luciano. Thomas Dewey (1942, New York City) – Ran focusing on prosecuting Mafia boss Frank Costello and “cleaning up Times Square.” Later became Governor of New York. Thomas Eagleton (1951-1953, St. Louis, MO) – Ran focusing on prosecuting mob boss Anthony “Tony G” Giordano and organized crime figures. Robert Morgenthau (1974-2009, Manhattan, NY) – Campaigned on going after high-profile figures like John Gotti, Philip Agnello, and other mob leaders as part of the “Italian Squad” unit. Tom Steffen (1981-1987, Hennepin County, MN) – Promised to pursue cases against “teamsters bosses” like Jackie Presser during his election. Jim Garrison (1962-1973, Orleans Parish, LA) – Gained attention for investigating New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw in relation to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Here. I found some
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The legality of it will be decided in this particular case as the cases go forward and challenges go forth. It’s a slow process but it’s a process. I’m concerned at your agreement with Trump’s assertion about past presidents and their prosecutability; They’re already liable for criminal actions and have a form of immunity for civil at the moment. But do you agree that Trump should be totally immune? Or any President? Mind you, I’m not a fan of the high levels of immunity given to police officers and other “special people”. It’s ridiculous to be not allowed to bring to trial legitimate grievances .

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Trump’s a doofus who has been trying to President since the 1980s. He failed. He failed. He failed again. His ducks lined up in a row and he finally got his heart’s desire; to move government money around for his family to invest in their pet projects, which they all did. Y’ ol’ nepotism. People can stand up to real injustice if they like. But damn there’s a million other injustices more interesting that that silly putz’s whining.

Trump’s a doofus who
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