Protests do nothing, right? Oh… “Bonus Army March on Washington Tens of thousands of protesters, many of them World War I veterans and their families, descended on Washington in the summer of 1932 to pressure Congress to pass legislation awarding them deferred bonuses they desperately needed to weather the Depression. When the protest turned violent, Army troops led by Douglas MacArthur used tear gas and bayonets to roust the demonstrators, producing a backlash that further turned the country against President Hoover. He lost the November election to New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

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’cause the reduction in regulations was mostly for coal companies. 1stQ is done though and 2ndQ is too I think, so if there were significant improvements in small business, you’ll start seeing it. It might not go down to the employee level in paychecks (not required) but any company that benefits will start finding out. A lot of it will be phased over a long period of time, so a lot of businesses won’t see much change at all. Micro businesses (under 50 employees) probably won’t see much benefit right away but I could be wrong.

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