It’s not weird. a) People don’t congregate in large buildings anymore. b) police are EVERYWHERE in everything now. c) The USA gave everything to the Taliban after a meeting at Camp David, and reports are that the Taliban and ISIS are teaming up now. So, basically, the USA supports ISIS now by proxy. So, we don’t hear about it.

It’s not weird.
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There’s no way to make our response as a nation as led by Donald Trump to COVID-19 ok. It’s not. The USA has succeeded in many things in its life but this is not one of them. One of the top jobs of a president is to be the figurehead – responsible for all that happens under his care and guidance. This means he gets to gloat for the good but have to suck it up for the bad, even though we know a President isn’t responsible for all that much except maybe tone.

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ah, elections. yeah, they’re always ridiculous. It’s so common that the word “mudslinging” came from political fights. Smear the opponent for the silliest things. SO yeah, what you see in memes and online is mostly ridiculous. But it’s an extraordinarily powerful position and with each President, hundreds of other powerful people in other powerful roles come in with them.

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Mixing implies there’s purity. The notion of “racial purity” is absurd. Hence, argument is absurd and dumb. Simple. Explain how family trees can be pure? What does that entail? Which families are allowed to procreate with each other through time and which families are incorrect? It’s an absurd argument.

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