They’re purely Nazi-punchers. I don’t like when they call the neos parents and the pizza places they work at, but I don’t mind if they post legit biographies online about them. Neos gotta settle down They’re using other people’s battles (like confederate stuff they don’t care about) to march about nazi ideologies? Nope. They gotta stop. Next march is Boston. One thing I know about Boston? They don’t need outside anti-fa help. Boston *is* anti-fascist themselves. They’ll punch them out themselves if they go too far.

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I don’t hate him. I want whoever is President to be successful at being a President. Despite a lot of help around him to clean up his poopy messes, he’s failing miserably, although the elimination of one after another of his campaign promises ever coming to fruition gives me hope that maybe he’ll start being a President. “Fuck it, guess I’ll act like a President now”. That’ll be better. Less embarrassing.

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The thing I’d count on if Pence was instated, is that people don’t like to lose their sense of power. Think: balance of power at the Fed level. One might think “Oh, if you have a matched congress and president, everything is smooth for them”. But reality seems to be Congress works towards their next term and sees the President as temporary. So, they’d have to do things that didn’t appear that they were simply mirroring the President because if they did, they’d appear weak and copycats. So even with a seemingly matched Pence+Congress, I’d expect the same kinds of battles you see now and always see.

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