I saw President Oaks trending on Twitter. I thought maybe the Professor from Pokemon got elected to something. Anyway, looks like the President of the Mormon church did a good thing today, canceling using divisive American politics within the Mormon church. Prioritizing things in a big way. So, I hope it has a positive effect as the more Americans quit the “You’re not a true [x] unless you’re [y]”, whatever their creed, the better.

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A) Keystone pipeline was a doomed project from the start and it only benefitted Canada, not the USA. It would have resulted in LESS JOBS, not more once it was completed. B) OPEC is holding their prices for now as they don’t want a repeat of the Spring “less than $0 per barrel” oil price issue. OPEC affects gas, not “the president”. C) “enemies mocked/do what they want” is meaningless babble. That’s what enemies always do. D) Japan and India going to russia for help with what and for what? No idea what you’re talking about. In any case, India and Japan have been turning hard-right for a few years now so this would be zero surprise to anybody aware of anything. Plus Russia geographically superior to the USA to both nations and offering extras to bribe them.

A) Keystone pipeline was
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I like President Biden’s version of the Buy American thing. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it as it’s usually fluff but that he exec ordered strict purchasing requirements for the Federal Govt that’s are strong enough to piss of Canada and now the EU? I think it’s a good thing. There’s room for exceptions but they can’t be made by anybody in the lower ranks – only the top dogs can make exceptions – and it affects every federal department if I remember right. Gives me a smidgen of hope in that economic zone of things. I like that he kept the fracking even though I don’t like fracking as it’s a necessary show of “I’ll work with you” with the oil companies while also “The Federal fleet is shifting to Electric” to satisfy part of the Green things. So, I have reasons to like what I see so far. But it’s only been a month. Jan21-Feb21 so far.

I like President Biden’s
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The only reason the dollar is stable is because the dollar was chosen as the standard for OPEC. That’s why Bush was cozy with Saudi. That’s why Obama was cozy with Saudi. That’s why Trump was cozy with Saudi. That’s why Biden will be cozy with Saudi. Other countries have to compete by exporting enough oil to keep their economies stable but the USA does not have to, so long as we are tied to OPEC. It’s a weird set up but the USA benefits and Saudi benefits. Everybody else has to scramble a little if they’re a part of the group. If we leave it and OPEC goes with Yen or something, our dollar value will fluctuate far more wildly UNLESS we have a stable way to output energy by whatever means. So, fracking remains on the table for now with an eventual expiration date. But offshore drilling is more costly than beneficial so that will probably stay off. The transition to other energies is necessary because the timeline of running out of non-renewables is running short in nation times. Shell admitted last week that oil production is only going to decrease every year from this point onwards. The heyday is over. In 50 years, we’ll be at 1/3 of the rate of output we are now. That’s why the getting alt systems online is critical now while we can still depend on oil/etc. Gives us time to get the bugs out of the alt methods.

The only reason the
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Their independent grid is for purely POLITICAL reasons. But President Biden is bailing them out just the same as they’re a part of the United States, even if they’re naughty with their “oh we’re fiercely independent oh no it’s snow and our big oil power plants are frozen halp plz? halp?” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Interconnection

Their independent grid is
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I don’t think he’s trying to be THE HERO. Trump did the SUPERSTAR thing. That doesn’t seem to be President Biden’s gig. No, I think this program will probably a huge expansion of AmeriCorps, allowing some greatly needed infrastructure work to get done, probably like a workrfare situation but not the nihilistic “get a job or else” like we usually do it. It takes the weight off needing low level jobs in companies as there’s fewer and fewer of those meanwhile accomplishing needed national goals. We’re not in a Great Depression situation anyway but we do need something. There’s no “magic of the market place” waiting to fix everything. Govt’s gotta step in and man up to the task for now.

I don’t think he’s
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