“You’re our slaves now until you die.” Trump ends”Catch and Release”. Red-capped villagers go “whoop whoop”. But to where are they held? Why, newly constructed for-profit detention centers. Republicans, you got your slavery now. Went from “send ‘em back” to “Gotta Catch ‘em All”. Now they can be held indefinitely. That means: “You’re our slaves now until you die.” Federally owned Plantations.

“You’re our slaves now
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I’ve been watching this with interest, not just now but for a long time. I’m a fan of generic human rights and believe it’s crucial to “scrutinize your own” before pointing fingers elsewhere when possible. So, every year or two, since the early 90s, I look at “Human Rights Watch” to see the US “Report Card”. Sometimes I compare to other countries, but my own country is whose reputation I care about most because it’s mine. Our treatment of immigrants, with and without papers is always pretty darned awful as are police abuses, which is why they so often get my attention. I also try to watch state vs federal issues. Common Core for example got my ire because it piggybacked on W’s “No Child Left Behind” and tried to rush in and salvage what they thought was good about it. But it was rushed, mixed in with a ploy by Microsoft to take over Apple products in schools (which worked), and spoiled whatever was good in the *concept* of Common Core pretty badly, especially Pearson products. So I was glad when Obama struck No Child Left Behind out and said, “Ok, so Common Core is 100% up to the States now – it’s no longer a Federal heavy program” and I was glad. So, I watch for certain things. I don’t care who is President; I care what effects executive orders have on people, what effects congressional decisions have, what effects governors have, etc. The American checks and balances is still here, strong as ever, and I believe that it works. Now I’m watching how *this* round of challenges plays out.

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For most Americans, the period of President Obama’s reign was like this: https://www.facebook.com/kenneth.udut/videos/953358385218/ For some, it was a horrifying, terrible experience that had to be stopped and erased as soon as possible. The global cooperative network of hard right nationalists that started gaining steam around 2010 was very underground at the time. But now they’re out in the open.

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He’s pretty bad imo. If he’s not representing the people he is supposed to, like her, he hasn’t earned their respect. === From a level playing field, you’d be right, and ultimately you are, but I don’t know her and outside of this picture, I probably never will. But Ted Cruz is powerful and may run for President one day. As politicians hold an extraordinary amount of power over citizens, her actions are akin to throwing a feather against the direction of the wind. === If anything, chastise me for sharing an example of “not good” behavior. === It’s my bias. The US has a class system and it’s usually difficult for someone in one of the lower classes to feel too much sympathy for someone in the higher classes. We don’t talk about the US class system much as we’re not supposed to have one. But we do. If I was in the same class as Ted Cruz I could agree with you. But I’m probably in the same class as the woman who posted this, so I will sympathaze with her more. =====

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