I don’t think there has been a President since President Teddy Roosevelt that was advocating so strongly for this measure. One would think it was FDR but no; FDR inherited a CRIPPLED (sorry) tax code inherited from the decimation from Congress and Presidents during the 1920s that was nothing like what came out of President Teddy Roosevelt’s tenure. Likewise, President Biden inherited a tax code severely cut at the knees, his options limited but what he asks is also very narrow and limited but powerful. Other measures will come into play to ensure they don’t price gouge, as the meat industry is doing in grocery stories during COVID “Oh no the companies will bully us if we tax them too much” shows who they’ve bullied already. Anyway, I keep being surprised when I hear it. Never heard it from any other President in my life, just candidates. Will it happen? Who knows. But go ahead: respond with “whatabout” some other thing. Floor’s open.

I don’t think there
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ok. Didn’t seem like it from what I saw. Seemed like an old fashioned middle-of-the-road Republican (rare these days) but figured there had to be something that got her in the news a lot. There’s a few Democrats like that who are really Republicans. Used to be Republicans that were more like Democrats but there’s fewer than there were. For a long time, there was hardly much difference at all between most Democrats and most Republicans. The whole 1990s there was almost no difference, except for the weird extremists who were always trying to radicalize the Republican party — who ended up succeeding.

 ok. Didn’t seem like
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“critical race theory” as a conceptual object is traceable. there’s a brief mention of it in the 1980s if I remember right when it was constructed. sparse mentioning of it through the next 30 years – almost none. then one right wing activist comes along looking for SOMETHING That can be used to replace the tired complaints of marxism socialism communism that can be used as political canon fodder against black lives matter in July 2020. he constructed critical race theory as a boutique drug – a designed answer to a vague “problem” that is ill defined – that is marketable

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It really was tricky. It had been escalating with tit-for-tat tariffs having NOTHING to do with the Boeing / Airbus companies but their parts makers and other down the supply chain, bulking up to ridiculous punitive fines from both sides. It’s been going on a long long time, through several presidencies but hopefully this will be the fix they each need.

 It really was tricky.
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