Nephew’s in 8th grade in a very Trump-y Florida school. [since 7th, he’s made it a point to look at all the voting registrations of his teachers. About 80% Republican, 10% Indy, 10% Democrat, mostly women who talk politics freely in class, argue with students, etc. He likes pointing out that they’re not supposed to talk politics, which eventually stops the worst of it for a while, but they always go back. Two days ago, two class periods in a row one teacher argued with a student about transgender and school sports, having the “only correct opinion” of course, “We Should Not Criticize Our President” — she’s a living meme of typical Trump-y talk] Anyway, this one particular teacher lives directly across the street from a gun range and the kids suspect she gets her anger out about the students by shooting off a few rounds before and after school, but that’s just kid speculation. So, with all that said, Florida’s arming our teachers. With many Florida public schools ALREADY modeled after prisons (architecture, probably the same “preferred builders” that are probably cousins of big politicians too — and mentality)… … I know she’d GLADLY be a prison guard… I mean an armed teacher. All the students will know she’s packing heat and with her temper, it’s not threats from the outside that’s a worry. Our schools recently had a BIG outflow of teachers to a county offering better cost of living, so they’re busy hiring temps. I think some that are left behind are angry they couldn’t take advantage of moving (mortgage, church, partner and kids can hold you from freedom of movement, so you just have to shut up and take it). So, all I know is: It’s only rosy in a theoretical picture. Knowing real kids that are now LAB RATS in an artificially constructed political social experiment that could result in their termination from within the cage is a bit harrowing. But, politicians gotta play, and there’s big $$$ for them to make.

Nephew’s in 8th grade
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My great-great-great-great grandfather, born 1827 Csicsó, Tolna, Hungary (Austria) Came to the USA in 1855. CONTEXT: In the USA, when he was born: President: John Quincy Adams (DR/NR-Massachusetts) Vice President: John C. Calhoun (D-South Carolina) Chief Justice: John Marshall (Virginia) Privilege isn’t today’s $$$ in the bank or your parents or grandparents. Privilege is having a picture of my g-g-g-g grandfather, born in 1827 in Austria when John Q Adams was President of the USA while other ancestors that linked up later had been living in Branford, CT, New Haven Colony, Long Island, Elizabeth, NJ from the early 1600s onwards with the ability to find their records and stories and artifacts.

My great-great-great-great grandfather, born
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SEE, now THAT’S how I look at it too. I didn’t see ‘da media’ really. I only saw this after reading that Ecuador was done with hospitality. Almost 7 years of food, clothing, water, internet (except for a few months once but he got it back). I heard the President of Ecuador give reasons and it sounded reasonable to me. All that other feces? I dunno. But as a guy who is VERY PATIENT with bad behavior, I know what it’s like to FINALLY say “ok, I’m done” after a LOOONG time of accepting it.

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I heard Ecuador’s President explain why. 6 years and 10 months of asylum and Ecuador followed every international protocol for treatment of political asylum. Do I believe him? I do. As a patient guy myself, I have long patience with ongoing bad behavior but also have a breaking point. Takes a lot to get there but when it’s done, it’s done.

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If a book is seen as a 2D Image (all pages at once, single side), I’ll see how much I can compress it using my 4D model “layers over time” notion. Facing my demon of structured writing, I’m trying to read _The Craft of Research, Fourth Edition (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing), 4th Edition_ Before right now, I was starting to read it slowly, closely, carefully, allowing myself to be mostly ignorant of what was coming next. I could work with what it TOLD ME was coming next and I knew the overall TOPIC, so I had some extra-dimensional information, but I was trying to minimize its influence. This is much like watching a movie for the first time, or hearing a storyteller, or allowing a teacher FULL control of how information comes to you. But this was giving me a headache. I’m used to speed reading, devouring books quickly and this went against all that. As I no longer want a headache, I’m going to apply my methodology, which I think is already common enough (I’m using available sources), I just put it into my own words from consolidations of my own thinkings about it: Here is the process I’ll try to follow: —– 1) identify the salient categories. A: “a concept is a theory of a category” so B:for each category, identify a theory behind a category to be sure you are capturing the proper concept. Provide some justification for why this concept should be viewed as a salient concept. 2) for each category, create a layer and place the category on it. 3) for each category on its layer, shrink the 2 dimensional area in area. 4) stack the layers. 5) provide reassembly instructions. You now have a 4D object representing your static 2D map. —– I’ll use the Comments area below to capture layers and to of course provide discussion area as that’s its normal function. :)

If a book is
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I either extend eye contact too long, or too short. Usually too short, as I’m not looking for a Pokemon Battle at every turn. Cats conserve their energies until needed and I also appear to, giving 100% each time. But I was usually the staring contest winner in standard kid battles as I could manipulate my facial muscles how I liked, causing a laugh and a win for me, although I’ve been bested a time or two. In romance, it varied from getting absorbed in each other to giggle fits to hearing “this is starting to scare me”, depending on the partner at the time. Eye contact has many levels and interpretations. During my Vine days, I used the ambiguity for fun and on Earth Day 2015, I became President of Earth, saying “I love you” with a right-brained left eye projecting across spacetime, to either be received as love/avuncular support or creepy-af, all subjectively determined by the recipient. Eyes. Such things.

I either extend eye
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