All that speculation in the OP is mountain-out-of-a-molehill. There are real people involved, with some things in common but all unique experiences that shape. So what you have is a lot of anecdotes which can combine to form a general narrative but they ultimately remain individual stories and situations. I know several trans people and their stories are each different. Bundling into scary narratives of downfalls of civilizations is a bit ridiculous.

I’m ok with categorizing [read full article]


automatic malnourishment. Vegans *can* have adequate nutrition but being a special diet they have to work harder at it. But omnivores can end up with different problems from excess nourishment that’s unbalanced. Fat’s good for you. Too much fat can be bad. Salt is good for you. Too much is bad. etc.

automatic malnourishment. Vegans *can* [read full article]