automatic malnourishment. Vegans *can* have adequate nutrition but being a special diet they have to work harder at it. But omnivores can end up with different problems from excess nourishment that’s unbalanced. Fat’s good for you. Too much fat can be bad. Salt is good for you. Too much is bad. etc.

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Bacon makes everything better. But for nutrition, spinach is close enough and I love spinach any which way. Mustard greens is good with bacon. Pretty much any of them. I don’t see the magic of Kale tbh. Then again, I see value in iceberg lettuce. Good on pizza btw. Take your salad and dump it on your pizza. It wilts, just a little. Yum.

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I shoot for ketosis when I can. It uses the alt systems, burning fat instead of sugar. You get a *tiny* bit of brain fog the first time or two but it quickly passes and once you switch a time or two, there’s no longer any brain fog at all. I prefer using the anaerobic systems of the body over the aerobic any day.

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