Bacon makes everything better. But for nutrition, spinach is close enough and I love spinach any which way. Mustard greens is good with bacon. Pretty much any of them. I don’t see the magic of Kale tbh. Then again, I see value in iceberg lettuce. Good on pizza btw. Take your salad and dump it on your pizza. It wilts, just a little. Yum.

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I shoot for ketosis when I can. It uses the alt systems, burning fat instead of sugar. You get a *tiny* bit of brain fog the first time or two but it quickly passes and once you switch a time or two, there’s no longer any brain fog at all. I prefer using the anaerobic systems of the body over the aerobic any day.

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“Second Wave Gen-X”. I think I avoided a lot of what he said about Gen-X with nutrition and fitness but damn, he nailed some things painfully on the head. My “Whiz kid” status in the 80s and beyond is a source of pride for me and yet, I can’t argue with the guy where he’s right. While I didn’t go into gaming after age 16, I *did* go more heavily into computers and jumped on board with online in ’89, so I can’t argue his “suddenly sedentary” point as much as I’d like to. Chuck Underwood, your being generally correct is getting irritating but worth listening to.

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