I doubt much will happen – maybe switching him out to another route. I I suppose you could bring local media in – they like this kind of thing and that’s kinda what they do. “In your corner” stuff. But looking at this: requiring a termination usually involves pretty severe things: http://www.neola.com/coll…/search%5Cpolicies/po8600.04.htm and finding out: “The average salary for the role of School Bus Driver at Collier County Public Schools in Naples, Florida Area is $32,800″. 189 day contract. Trainee is $8.25/hr Bus driver’s a payscale IV – they’re probably happy to get ANYBODY who is willing to do it and will hang on to anybody who is willing to do the job, just switching routes if there’s an issue. Hopefully they talk to the driver and say, “Don’t be a douche, it’s embarrassing. One more complaint and we give you the [route nobody wants] with the broken down bus”. Having a bad bus driver just teaches kids “don’t trust adults”, so I don’t see any benefit to hanging on to him except they probably have trouble hiring anybody at those rates, so they’ll probably keep him.. Not saying don’t try – I’m just being a wet blanket.

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