Wait – THOUSANDS gathered…. in *Naples*? It’s not exactly a protest kind of city. But, Parkland was in a next door county and school safety is an ongoing issue with copycats threats, not so much Parkland copycats but Columbine and all the others with hit lists and stuff, with at least a few school lockdowns weekly. So for this particular protest, it makes sense in Naples. Still surprised to see thousands.

Wait – THOUSANDS gathered….
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Oh… that’s in my town. Naples. No no. The founder muscled her way onto the school board, muscled out two other members, was trying for a coup. It’s a propaganda piece by the Classical Academy folks. Who are they? Here’s one of them, They want to make a sideways monolithic replacement of public schools with this. Part of Betsy DeVos’ family of stuff. I’m all for losing Common Core but this needs grain of big salt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DxVwrEg0hk

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Naples FL is working on it but in a smart way so far. I’m in the rural (read “suburbs but with big fat lots”) part which is resistant to fast development yet they have an intelligent 2030 plan set in place a few years ago during the real estate boom (remember that?) They’re trying not to become “another Miami” but we’ll see. I’m fine with it though. It’s not my perfect place to live – the politics here are almost all wrong – yet I do like Florida’s transparency and ease at starting many businesses.

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