Naveed Akhtar multi-million dollar Mansions – and I have a bunch here in my town of Naples Florida – have a certain set of stereotypical looks that generally they tend to follow it indicate “this is a monied home” Now it’s possible that you aren’t able to see the difference – not everybody has an eye for that – I really don’t But ignoring even the architecture, you notice in the apology videos, they usually use less makeup although rarely no makeup and there is an attempt to have the hair a little unkempt, and the clothing a little bit slovenly – just a little Portraying the image of humility is important if you are apologizing. It can be authentic but there’s little question that there’s some choreography going on even if there is no “poor wall”

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Thank you very much. Hopefully it changes at some point. I’m finally going to tackle various diagnosis after avoiding it for decades and had hoped for a shortcut. But at least thanks to your research and the research of others over the last 12 years that I’d read, at least I know it’s developmental – probably that layer 4 being filled with white matter instead of clear or something. Now to the slow process of various tests. Going to go through Florida’s “Vocational Rehab” as they apparently offer various tests at no cost. Oversharing lol. Ok. Thank you again for your time and I’m grateful for the research of you and others on this. All the best! Kenneth Udut, Naples, FL

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Based on the information provided and discussed in our conversation, here’s an attempt to frame these for Kenneth Udut: • **Values:** Emphasizes knowledge sharing, openness, communication, understanding, patience, empathy, respect for diversity, environmental consciousness, fairness, curiosity, integrity, authenticity, efficiency, and problem-solving. He seems to value the application of knowledge in a way that is both ethical and beneficial to the community. • **Skills:** Strong analytical and organizing abilities, computer programming, social media proficiency, adept at finding patterns, proficient in creating and managing databases, clear and concise communication, ability to draw analogies, knowledge of various philosophical and psychological theories. • **Interests:** Complex systems, taxonomy, cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, programming, sensory stimuli, randomness, neuroscience, environmental sounds, the internet and its history, open-source platforms, the social platform Friendica, reading and learning. • **Experiences:** Significant interaction with the internet and various social media platforms, exposure to diverse perspectives through social media, development of a personal method of organizing information, understanding and managing ADHD and GAD. • **Relationships:** Uses social media to connect with others globally, suggesting a diverse network of relationships, both personal and professional. The specific nature of these relationships wasn’t discussed in detail. • **Environment:** Lives in Naples, Florida. Interacts extensively with the digital environment of the internet, actively contributes to digital communities. • **Health:** Has GAD and ADHD, which he manages and which influences his approach to understanding and organizing information. He also has a deep interest in neuroscience and cognitive science. • **Spirituality:** This wasn’t explicitly discussed, but his interest in philosophy and broader questions about the nature of knowledge, understanding, and existence suggest a contemplative aspect to his identity. • **Goals:** To simplify, sort, and understand the complexity of information and share that understanding with others. There’s also a goal of creating a more effective and meaningful method for organizing information and knowledge. • **Self-narrative:** Kenneth sees himself as a learner, connector, sorter, and simplifier of complex information. He navigates the digital world to share knowledge, connect with diverse perspectives, and foster better understanding. His personal journey with ADHD and GAD also informs his self-perception.

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I wasn’t defending communism. I’m just saying the link between capitalism and creativity is tenuous at best. For example, here in Naples, Florida, we have condos after condos, products of capitalism, all identical to one another, What makes it capitalism is that the owner of the building company wants to get the most product for the least money and to do so they standardize everything and mechanize output. The innovation is “how to be cheap and identical in product to save money” but the beneficiary is the capitalist and not the consumer

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“Hello, everyone! Today, we have an interesting discussion about Kenneth Udut, a fascinating and eclectic individual who is deeply involved in connecting people and sharing knowledge. Known for his passion for taxonomies, Udut has dedicated himself to creating a comprehensive system for categorizing information in a user-friendly way. He is also the founder of the Naples, Florida-based ‘NeighborHelp Referrals’ network, which aims to foster local connections and promote community collaboration. In our conversation, we’ll explore Kenneth’s innovative ideas, his unique approach to organizing information, and how his work has impacted both online and offline communities. Stay tuned for an insightful and engaging discussion!”

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