Kenneth Udut is a philosopher, engineer, scientist, and how-to-thinker who has been active online since 1988. He is also an amateur professor and a computer guy. He is best known for his Book of No Answers, his Vine videos, and his collection of Vines. He is also the President of Earth. On SoundCloud, he has several tracks, albums, and playlists. He has also spoken out about trapping and animal removal services in Naples, Florida.

Kenneth Udut is a
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I don’t think it’s mentally unhealthy. If you look at what all the people in your clusters have in common, you’ll find that we’re ALL JUST LIKE THAT in our own ways. We all have our soapboxes and pontificate. We are all wrapped up in our own projects. We’re like old men sitting in toolsheds tinkering but with reality and coming out for air sometimes.

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The “killer bees” one especially ‘got me’. I knew someday they’d arrive in the USA thanks to that show. And – I was here when they did, running an animal removal company with my brother. AND – we faced them – around 2004-ish in Everglades City, as they viciously attacked us and the truck. The sound of thumping as they all tried stinging the truck was embedded in my memory. and they migrated up north – BUT, they did something I didn’t expect from Everglades City to passing through Naples and beyond: Their power weakened. They made the domesticated bees meaner and they became weaker until they merged into one, manageable bee. A little more irritable and cranky than before but not all that much and no killer bees to be found around here at least now.

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I care about the teaching. I know what they’re teaching and what they’re NOT teaching. I also know of a few different efforts to destroy public education as a way to get free money. I’ve been studying school voucher programs since the 1990s. At first, I was ok with the for-profit models and didn’t mind the idea of public funds being diverted for SOME private schools with alternative ideas, both left and right politically, religious and non-religious. But I did not expect the behemoth foundations, interconnected pastors linked with governors, members of the house, organized crime, to sweep up and see business opportunity for profit to take over. I expected standard criminals to set up fake schools and take the money and run. They have and do and some get caught and some do not. But I didn’t expect megachurches to get involved as they have.

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“The tea will benefit Fostering the Future, a Be Best initiative” Jan 24, 2022, Press Release It was a vaguely worded press release. Tongues wagged locally too. [I’m in Naples, FL where the donation event will take place in April] The word “initiative” gave the impression of it being a non-profit. As her husband is about to testify in a fraud case and their accountants bailed on 10 years worth of records, it’s prudent for anybody doing business or charity (because laundering concerns) to be careful until things settle down.

“The tea will benefit
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