Naples FL is working on it but in a smart way so far. I’m in the rural (read “suburbs but with big fat lots”) part which is resistant to fast development yet they have an intelligent 2030 plan set in place a few years ago during the real estate boom (remember that?) They’re trying not to become “another Miami” but we’ll see. I’m fine with it though. It’s not my perfect place to live – the politics here are almost all wrong – yet I do like Florida’s transparency and ease at starting many businesses.

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Oh I’ve thought about it. I know how to do it. I used to pirate all my software, even before P2P and it was multipart downloads on obscure BBS, Usenet groups… and of course afterward when it got super easy. [I leeched for a while, then started contributing]… But I dunno: I think it’s the challenge of it for me, working around it. I like Paint NET. I recommend it freely to people who are just starting out their editing adventures. I’ve learned lots of great plugins that do things that people like to do.

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That was worth watching. I started watching while Scott was talking and he went over some specifics as to everything they’re doing and needs to be done. He went over specifics as to the needs of Puerto Rico, he went through his own experiences with Irma, how they’re the same and how they’re VERY different situations. They need generators. They need trucks to move things out of the ports. Puerto Rico is a mountain island and has unique issues. He’s welcoming students from Puerto Rico to continue their educations at Florida state schools at in-Florida rates. Working on re-opering some evacuation centers so people have a place to stay during recovery. I’m impressed with Gov Scott. He’s saying and doing the kinds of things I expect someone in his position should do and then some.

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Robotics is taking over production lines. Where I live, illegal immigrants are all around me working on farms and many legal now on their 3rd/4th generations immigrant levels. [I live next to Immokalee FL in a part of Naples that got Hurricane Irma’s eye over us last week]. But beyond the picking level, once they go into the factories, robotics takes over there too. If you’re looking to restructure society, you can’t start from 1800.

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