We *had* one of the other Bushes once. [Florida]. I didn’t mind him as governor tbh ,even though Im not Republican. [Im not Democrat either]. The guy that followed him I kinda liked. But the new guy? eh. Only if there’s a hurricane, then I’ll be glad he’s there. But otherwise he’s just gaming some system somewhere for Republican votes somehow. Yeah, Rick Scott… I try to forget his name.

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I’m from Jersey. I learned how to spot a bullshitter a mile away (great for analyzing all politicians including current Presidents). But even with that training, I always felt Canadian. No idea how they do on the “spot the bullshit” dept but they some of the best comedians.

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It’s beautiful today though :) This is from before Facebook went “local” and my Naples-only website had unique features that were otherwise tricky to find, like an excellent doppler radar zoomed in just right with lightning and all. Can’t complain. Google + Facebook got smart and realized that “local matters” but before they did, I had years where their ignorance was our gain. The trick now is figuring out what they’re ignorant about today. Find that and you found a niche.

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