I got undocumented workers all around me. Part of the local economy, makes millions in taxes and productivity. Our local sheriffs are ICE deputies and COULD raid and deport but usually don’t anymore, not for like 10 yrs. So the other day, Federal boots come trampling in, all jacked up on steroids and yuri and start shit. I’m super pissed now.

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Those are inspirational tales, fun stuff but if you look at their family, you can usually eliminate most of those “starting from nothing” stories. “Dad used to be a lawyer but he got laid off so we had nothing” – you can zap that type of story because an ex-lawyer still has connections, which is not a “from nothing” story, etc. It’s not that it’s impossible of course. Immigrant tales abound but most modern “self-made” aren’t really. I mean they worked hard – impressively so – but look for the hidden “leg ups”.

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Hi . My name is Kenneth Udut, currently in Naples Florida but from New Jersey. I’ve been doing a lot of genealogy work on my mother’s side of the family (mostly using Geni but also FamilySearch). Recently, I put both mine and her 23andme kits into GEDmatch and you came up on ones we share, which means you’re definitely related to my mom and I through her side of the family. I searched your email on google and saw your post on http://www.gsadoptionregistry.com/connecticut/19601969connecticut.html A LOT of her side comes from CT. I’ll see how specific I can get: My mother’s mother’s mother’s side is probably a dead end – German immigrants from 19thC. My mother’s mother’s father’s side though, is Rogers. These particular Rogers spent a LOT of generations in Branford, New Haven County, Connecticut, United States My mother’s father’s mother’s side quickly ends up in Glasgow, Scotland (Shaw, Campbell) My mother’s father’s father’s side is Luster, then Crane as I go back, and is mostly in Elizabeth, NJ area. So, my guess is we have a mutual relative to Rogers in Branford, New Haven, CT a few generations back. -Kenneth Udut, Naples, FL

Hi . My name
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