“HD 80 covers Hendry County and part of Collier, including part of Naples and the communities of Orangetree, Immokalee, Island Walk and Vineyards.” Sometimes I think all they do is redraw districts. Nothing like going to vote and you don’t recognize your district number or names. Florida has been in ongoing battles for years: Republicans have been caught red-handed several times in lawsuits and confirmed by judges at gerrymandering, new things passed, maps drawn, thrown out, stalled, confusion, over the past 15 years. I’m now in District 80 for the Florida House of Representatives. I’m posting it here so I won’t forget. I should probably start following Hendry County politics as Golden Gate Estates is included in that instead of the other part of Collier County.

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I got undocumented workers all around me. Part of the local economy, makes millions in taxes and productivity. Our local sheriffs are ICE deputies and COULD raid and deport but usually don’t anymore, not for like 10 yrs. So the other day, Federal boots come trampling in, all jacked up on steroids and yuri and start shit. I’m super pissed now.

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