It’s all regional. Where I am it’s fashionable to love Trump. You won’t dare find a single Biden/Harris sign anywhere. It’ll get bullet holes in it in the part of Naples I live in and in the millionaire part of Naples, neighbors will call the property manager to launch a complaint so they get taken down. But Trump flags and boat floatillas and parades are common. Naples is one of the Republican home bases in the country. So, everybody’s experiences vary. Everybody’s got a “them” that’s oppressive in their own minds.

It’s all regional. Where
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CCSO, Naples City PD, State Police – and I think I saw one or two National Guard (I always appreciate the National Guard when they show up), all did a fantastic job working with the protesters in their march in Collier County yesterday. I was impressed that they protected the high school kids’ first amendment rights and handled any minor scuffles quickly and without fuss. Very proud of them.

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Found original: “”John Muir Health has been, and continues to be, supportive of the Shelter-in-Place order put in place by Contra Costa County Health Services to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We realize there are a number of opinions on this topic, including within our medical staff, and John Muir Health encourages our physicians and staff to participate constructively in these discussions.” It seems like a single Doctor and a single nurse are saying this. That doesn’t make it not true but they’re not getting support by the organization with regards to numbers. So, I’m skeptical.

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