a) “The french poet Paul Valéry wrote “Un ouvrage n’est jamais achevé…mais abandonné.” Later on, both Gore Vidal and Oscar Wilde adapted that quote to make a similar argument. You might know it best as, “A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned.”” b: “A work released out into the world no longer belongs to the artist. It belongs to his or her fans, and that could be difficult for the creator to accept. The musician Nick Cave recently wrote, “Personally, when I write a song and release it to the public, I feel it stops being my song. It has been offered up to my audience and they, if they care to, take possession of that song and become its custodian. The integrity of the song now rests not with the artist, but with the listener.” “

a) “The french poet
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I saw this on Twitter and it’s a reminder that “it’s ok to have an honest assessment of celebrities”. You can like their good and recognize their bad and be understanding of those that reject them because of the bad while still liking the good yourself without forgiving them of the bad. “Van Morrison = spiritual musician and terrible antivaxxer Eric Clapton = guitar god and deplorable conspiracy theorist Tom Selleck = TV idol and trash TFG supporter now plugging evil reverse mortgages to seniors”

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Michael Cavallo dubstep was fun in 2011 but for me it’s a lot like a new flavor of chips — after a time they lose the surprise but i’d say that i generally lean towards electronic as a whole – even back to tape loop / concrete, tubular bells era, prog of course, 8 bit tunes : chip tun and a lot of video game music generally — over to the new age, the trance ambient the danceable EDM stuff (avicii had a winning formula for a few years) — and i meander a lot

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Finding more great stuff related to the left parietal operculum: it’s related to: MUSICIANS, whaddaya know? So: ENHANCED ROUGHNESS DETECTION, HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM and MUSICIAN The parietal opercular auditory-sensorimotor network in musicians: A resting-state fMRI study Auditory-sensorimotor coupling is critical for musical performance, during which auditory and somatosensory feedback signals are used to ensure desired outputs. Previous studies reported opercular activation in subjects performing or listening to music. A functional connectivity analysis suggested the parietal operculum (PO) as a connector hub that links auditory, somatosensory, and motor cortical areas. We therefore examined whether this PO network differs between musicians and non-musicians. We analyzed resting-state PO functional connectivity with Heschl’s gyrus (HG), the planum temporale (PT), the precentral gyrus (preCG), and the postcentral gyrus (postCG) in 35 musicians and 35 non-musicians. In musicians, the left PO exhibited increased functional connectivity with the ipsilateral HG, PT, preCG, and postCG, whereas the right PO exhibited enhanced functional connectivity with the contralateral HG, preCG, and postCG and the ipsilateral postCG. Direct functional connectivity between an auditory area (the HG or PT) and a sensorimotor area (the preCG or postCG) did not significantly differ between the groups. The PO’s functional connectivity with auditory and sensorimotor areas is enhanced in musicians relative to non-musicians. We propose that the PO network facilitates musical performance by mediating multimodal integration for modulating auditory-sensorimotor control. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/320884244_The_parietal_opercular_auditory-sensorimotor_network_in_musicians_A_resting-state_fMRI_study

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