But you’re mapping the territory of the map with an metaphor   I mean strictly you’re right but Consider a switch to the participatory nature of music as a dialog between composer, musician and audience. The composer communicates to the musician by written music (like above). The written music is a visual performance. The musician communicates to the audience by the auditory.performance. How can the musician communicate this written performance to the audience? They might have to switch to performance art. Simply posting the music as above on a screen would work, or other forms of expression.

But you’re mapping the
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“Good people don’t brag about how good they are”. Jacksfilms is a growing youtube channel, very popular among GenZ. He has a friendly dry wit and engages well with his audience, encouraging their input in the comments which he often highlights in his shows, with one regular segment completely filled with his viewer’s comments. He’s also a musician. (of course a lot of entertainers want to be famous musicians but have to settle for mixing in occasional songs with their regular material) This is a song he just released the other day already with a million views. For all of the negativity and toxicity that’s too easy to find online he’s a good counterpoint to all of that.

“Good people don’t brag
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Random searching finds me another alt.universe me, this who became an active musician with a following, many differences between us and yet united by this strange easy to use music program that came with our computers. I adored the possibilities and yet shared with him the frustration of knowing “this is just the tip of something MUCH better yet to come”. Have we arrived? No. But we’re in a better place in many ways. Still a long long way to go.

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space-filling and fractals have had my fascination since I was a kid… well, late teens when I got a hold of FRACTINT in 1989, downloaded over a 300 bps modem hooked up to PC-Link, predecessor to AOL.

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