Ok, you’re into this stuff. I’m 6′ tall, large frame, never could get lower than 193 lbs at 3% body fat, which I’ll never do again as I was always cold – I was shooting for 180 but I had too much muscle mass to get that low). My neck is muscular and thick. Always been exactly 17.5 inches since I was 15, so I could never button shirts up to the top for business. So, you’re a peer reviewed High T guy. Is muscular thick neck a part of this high-T thing?

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freedom/n is in [freedom] [independence,independency] is an instance of [freedom] [independence,independency] is an attribute of [independent] For [independent], see also synset [separate] For [separate], see also synset [individual] [individual] is an attribute of [individuality,individualism,individuation] [individuality,individualism,individuation] is an instance of [trait] [discipline] is an instance of [trait] [restraint,control] is an instance of [discipline] control/n is in the synset [restraint,control]

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Forgiveness is a transaction of anticipations. What’s happening in “I forgive you”? It’s a highly compressed statement with multiple senses. Financial context: “I forgive you” means “You no longer have to repay your debt to me”. I am relieving you of your debt. Socially: “I forgive you” is: I no longer have the desire or power to punish you. That comes from royalty and court systems. The king provides pardon. The king forgives you. You will not be (further) punished.

Forgiveness is a transaction
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