Grey matter reduces during maturity. Stress (whatever the origin) reduces grey matter. The hippocampus grows a miniscule amount of new grey matter neurons but in general, after the peaking of grey matter growth between the ages of 5-10 years old, it nearly always shrinks. This is not necessarily a bad thing for increased cross-connectivity of neurons reduces the need for so much grey matter. One notable exception is meditation, which increases grey matter volume.

Grey matter reduces during
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Every time you recall something, it is a two-way connection. Memory is retrieved, new information incorporating including how it feels at present, and rewritten back to the source, also incorporating a lot of not consciously accessed parts of the memory. Refresh. Constant refresh. I think as we get older / brain more use, the compression routines (for lack of a better phrase) get better and more efficient. In some cases, more accurate and precise. For others, too much so. There’s absolutely unbelievable amount of room to work with in the brain. Also comparison to, machines isn’t quite correct for the brain can get better and improve over use, not as a muscle but like NOTHING man-made to compare it to. The brain is more like a society of people over time. A society can get better at what it does over time or it can get worse, but it’s always changing in some way.

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When I was 13-ish, I read in some thing that “boys should learn to hold climaxing as long as possible while masturbating in order to know how long to maximize pleasure for you and your partner later”. So, that’s just what I practiced. From the very first time, despite bruises, elbows, knees, a lot of awkward laughing and confusion on my part, I held out long enough. Always did. I stopped messing with sex around age 24 after a bunch of not-so-good relationships (I was as much to blame) and didn’t like the emotional roller coasters. But even in rocky relationships, I knew how to do _something_ right. I just needed to work on a lot of other stuff too.

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