I shoot for ketosis when I can. It uses the alt systems, burning fat instead of sugar. You get a *tiny* bit of brain fog the first time or two but it quickly passes and once you switch a time or two, there’s no longer any brain fog at all. I prefer using the anaerobic systems of the body over the aerobic any day.

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Same year, earlier. Summertime, holding another one of my interests as a kid: the Incredible Hulk. I’ve done more thought about that through the years. Fan of the TV show (ran from when was 6 to when I was 10 – 1978-1982). Yet, wasn’t much into other superheroes, although I didn’t think of him as a superhero just a scientist with a problem but whose conscience is such that even his angry side has goodness in mind… except for property damage which Hulk no care about.

Same year, earlier. Summertime, [read full article]