Music composes in my mind continually; it never stops or ends. That’s the other thing; the music. I like it – it’s good that I do. I researched WHERE the music comes from and I found out what part of the brain; took a while. the inner composition process is linked to the same areas that the muscles use for rehearsal; the pre-SMA. So, the inner music composition is being composed by performed by invisible fingers and an unmoving voicebox in the area of the brain that constructs muscle sequences just prior to movement. It can “run free wheeling” – disconnected from the muscles it’s designed to control. Hence, the inner music composition I enjoy.

Music composes in my
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Writing (Art (Creative Writing (Brainstorming (Imagination (Originality (Author (Individual))))))) Government (Political Science (Democracy (Voting (Representation (Equality (Citizen (Society))))))) Cooking (Food (Baking (Measuring (Accuracy (Precision (Chef (Cook))))))) Exercise (Fitness (Weight Training (Repetition (Intensity (Muscle Growth (Athlete (Individual))))))) Music (Art (Composition (Notation (Imagination (Originality (Composer (Individual))))))) Engineering (Science (Mechanical Engineering (Design (Calculation (Precision (Engineer (Individual))))))) Medicine (Science (Oncology (Diagnosis (Treatment (Cure (Doctor (Individual))))))) prompt: “Without descriptions or explanations Please provide 7 concepts and break them down into their hierarchical structures using the format (Concept (Class (Method (Process (Characteristic (Goal (Agent))))))).

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Cognitive and behavioral characteristics, such as difficulty understanding emotions, problems with problem-solving, and lack of fear Developmental characteristics, such as delays in milestones and delays in speech and language acquisition Physical or health-related characteristics, such as vision impairments and low muscle tone Social and behavioral characteristics, such as social immaturity and lack of self-awareness Topics related to the brain, such as the corpus callosum and the basal ganglia Philosophical and scientific concepts, such as infinity, quantum mechanics, and the bystander effect Musical concepts, such as playing the piano and musical creativity.

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