I followed the charts once. I’m 6′ “large frame / big bone” but basically, muscular. Charts said I should be 180 lb. So, over 9 months once, I got myself from 240 to 190. Body fat got down to 3%, according to whatever that BMI scale said.. I was cold, sickly, uncomfortable, kept trying to push it. But I wanted 180. After a week of misery, I decided to let my body decide while continuing to work out. 205-210 was my “natural lowest” that I could sustain for a while with extreme diet without feeling miserable. But that was still unnaturally low. Now? I’m sure my BMI’s too high. I keep the muscle with protein but stopped working out long ago. If I did it again, I’d go to 220 and stop and wouldn’t even push for 210, nevermind 180. Every body’s different. My point’s just – find your own way with that, pay attention to what your body’s telling you.

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Grey matter reduces during maturity. Stress (whatever the origin) reduces grey matter. The hippocampus grows a miniscule amount of new grey matter neurons but in general, after the peaking of grey matter growth between the ages of 5-10 years old, it nearly always shrinks. This is not necessarily a bad thing for increased cross-connectivity of neurons reduces the need for so much grey matter. One notable exception is meditation, which increases grey matter volume.

Grey matter reduces during
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