Looking at internet history, the disappearance of ‘general chat rooms’. They still exist of course, although the world’s moved on from anonymous live chatting into more specific specialization (as there was never any money to be made in general live anonymous group chats). https://www.321chat.com/articles/where-have-all-the-chats-gone.php

Looking at internet history,
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I was a systems analyst for a large pharmaceutical company without a college diploma because I made a complicated thing in Excel as a temp that got ‘hot’. It was weird because I didn’t want it. I was a temp and I cut my hours down to four hours a day, started taking community college courses to hopefully end up as a special ed teacher, and basically did whatever I could to convince them to let go of me. Long cigarettes breaks and all. Custodian at a biomedical facility was weird. Running a business (doing the boring stuff) so my brother can do work that he loves is weird. It’s animal trapping. I helped him with killer bees once. They flung their bodies at the truck as we wore painters coveralls thinking it would help. Sounded like hail. Geez, I could just talk about the times I went on calls with him in animal trapping to give weird stories. It’s … weird that I’m doing this now. Fuck money.

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internet was developed 1/2 from a 1950s military communication strategy that inspired the “intergalactic network” memo in 1963 and 1/2 academic curiousities, with a sideline of the independent hippie Cali hackers that started the Usenet side of things and the Pc hackers starting the BBS hackings. Where was the violence in that innovation? Looking for it… looking for it… looking for it…FILE NOT FOUND

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