I give my opinions freely as if I am President of Earth and believe that the world would be better if everybody just listened to me. This makes that official. I am Earth President. #PresidentUdut #EarthPresident since Earth Day 2015. and you can too. I’m not stopping you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_eCT3XY0L0 I introduced it thus: As millions of you have complained about being unable to learn the Lyrics to the new Earth Song, I decided, as President of Earth, to upload it to Youtube to allow the greatest number of you to learn the lyrics. You are free to sing the song at any time of the day or night. You get a bonus if it shows up in your dreams and if you teach it to others. For every person who sees this, you receive a prize of becoming the Head of any Agency you wish. Any special Commisison, Committee, Oversight program, is yours. Just ask and it shall be given. –Your President. I did this prior to Trump running. Had no idea who was gonna run.

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I used to be. But what’s changed is watching privatization in action. Maybe it was botched. Maybe it could work if there were consumer protections in place (which is what I’d assumed would happen but didn’t). But what I’ve seen so far has been disturbing to me I’ve been following for-profit privatization of schools since the mid 1990s and I’ve been woefully disappointed. Every public relations success story is followed up two/three years later with “Remember the darling of for-profit privatization of schools? Here;s what really happened”. So, I hit a point by the mid 00s that I had to change my tune. Same with private prison facilities. I’m still ok with privatization of some community services but I notice they only work as DROP-IN substitutes with all of the same transparency and consumer protection in place as you had with a public utility.

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They’re in it for the money because that’s the choices they have shown to them for their class. It limits your thinking. I know it does for me. I’m from blue collar stock. Struggle and work ’til you drop. But I was musically gifted so I got a toe stuck into the world of a few classes UP in society. Had a chance to go to Julliard at 11 for piano. Full free scholarship. Ended up turning it down. Why? I knew my blue collar work ethic would wreck my mind – even at 11 I could see. Got into a super hippie college with full scholarship. Ran out of $$$ so that opportunity to be a theoretical physicist or cognitive development psychologist was gone. And I didn’t mind. Low expectations. That’s what you get. Low expectations. It keeps you where you are in class. And I don’t romanticize that one bit.

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