The bridge needs to be rebuild immediately. Every day it’s down thousands of companies and people lose money because everything gets delayed. Sooner it’s built, the sooner people can get back to making the money they made before it crashed in. Lloyd’s will pay something. The shipping company will get sued and pay something. But the cost of rebuilding is too high for any of those folks to afford. meanwhile, everybody’s losing money with a downed bridge.

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Bit of a myth that math works so perfectly together because it doesn’t Lot of hype about math out there. A) The reason it works so great with modern physics is it was co-created with physics over last 5 centuries. B: the reason it works so well with money system because it was co-created with our money systems. C) I would say ratios are real. d) Arithmetic is “real enough” E) geometry and Beyond gets a little bit silly but generally works because ratios work. F) category theory is an absolute blast and a lot of fun but the devil’s in the details and the applications. (Bob Ross can paint trees with a little fan brush but you won’t be able to determine the leaf structure from it)

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oop – ok, that walked through a few institutions rather quickly. Ok ,I need to take it piecemeal. I have education, work, prison. Their commonality for me was “people processing” for function capability, which is why skills testing, etc. So a further addition you’re suggesting (or perhaps it is from the author that used or created the graph I copied at the start? let me know) use of g as a… .. hm, as a sorting tool for work viability but as a “pre-sort” in order to save the workplaces time/money/etc by pre-sorting the workers for them. This would lighten the burden on employers in theory from having to administer these tests because the government would administer them. So that would fit under workplace except the government is pre-sorting for the workplaces. HOWEVER, it seems this goes a step further from using as a pre-sort tool to assist in-country workplaces. It removes the individual testing and substitutes historical statistics of g in order to prevent immigration based upon historical averaged g-scores across certain populations.

oop – ok, that
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Inflation is inevitable and it’s here to stay for a long time. Unrealistic pipe dreams from the past that were only temporarily there because of tricks is a game that can no longer be played – well it can but it’ll be temporary when it does. I don’t delve much into this stuff lately but this guy is a pro. Give him a look. I don’t agree with everything he’s said but he’s been right for decades about a lot of things. I remember him predicting austerity after some last-gasp false “everything is getting better folks!” WAY BACK in the early 00s and predicted it would happen around 2018-2025 at which point we’d no longer be able to pretend that things weren’t going flat. It’s not that things won’t get better or will get worse but rather than we’d hit a point of ‘sustaining’ and the people chasing the big money-to-be-made would have to face the fact of “no, not for some time”

Inflation is inevitable and
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People in our society listen to Putin and respect Putin. They look up to him as a hero and wish to emulate Putin. We are not Russians. We are Americans. He has Russia. He can run Russia. His influence over many American minds is very strong because of the personality cult that was carefully crafted around him. Lots of important people have carefully crafted personality cults. Putin, Dalai Lama, Queen Elizabeth II, etc. Many don’t. Putin’s crafted PR self has been documented a few times; his every movement is strictly controlled by his people – practiced and rehearsed. Understandable as Russia is all about image as it does not have much money and its power is more limited than it portrays.

People in our society
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