oh dammit man – hit me in a sweet spot. I’m not going to join in and say “waste of billions to repeat an old mission for popularity sake” because, YEAH, I want to see astronauts on the moon playing golf in HD. I know it’s a waste of money and it means “by the way, we’ll have to mine coal from your national parks for it”. Hits my selfish spot. You got one point from me. It took you 43 months to score a point but you scored one. I know how you get the money for it is going to be in the most atrocious ways and I’ll complain about those and that will take away from most of your 1 point if you do… when you do. But yeah I want to see it. Make it quick and don’t fart around too much or use it as an excuse to wreck the US natural resources. Get your one point. Do it right though. I also hate that it’s part dog-whistle for return to pre-civil rights 1963.. but I’ll ignore that for now.

oh dammit man –

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Real Estate investing always falls 9 months behind Stock Market investing. It’s a behavior pattern that’s unbelievably predictable. While it’s POSSIBLE that people are living in these new homes… it’s far more likely to be empty homes for rent, homes built and bought quickly (new neighborhoods built by construction companies and bought by people scared of a drop in the stock market bubble), I think there is also a technical reason behind the 9 month lag but as these are new home construction, i don’t think it’s as much for technical reasons.

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