I thought hard about this one for a lot of years since writing that. I still don’t have complete answers for myself and definitely not answers for anybody else; but i’ve explored a few things. I wrote that in 2010; and it hits hard; in 2013, I decided to put my money where my thought was and wrote poetry inside of our state’s fictitious name database; a chain of fictitious names leading to a fictitious name that seems like my given name and it is, but it also isn’t. Celebrities do it, so I can too, I reasoned. So here, KENNETH E UDUT is a fictitious name owned by SOMEBODY. But is SOMEBODY? SOMEBODY is owned by NOBODY. So now I could say legally from 2013-2018, KENNETH E UDUT is SOMEBODY who is owned by NOBODY. Yet it was all a fiction and yet it seemed to resemble truth.

 I thought hard about
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The best place to get free money is from the right wing crowd right now; stick a lets go brandon on something and they buy it – but that’s the same group that always bought the Franklin Mint coins on TV and stuff, so it’s not really a growing market. There’s a market for selling meme as gag gifts when they come out and the Venn diagram between the two is there – but it’s saturated with a lot of college kids with brand new rubber stamping machines and stuff.

The best place to
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NATO and America do not matter here. America sees motivation as money or power and sees things in very animal terms. But what if you had a destiny? What if you were a billionaire monarch with a chance to restore your country not only to its former glory, but to correct 600 year old mistakes? Maybe that treaty six hundred years ago never should have happened. Let’s undo the split with Poland over kiev. Why can’t we return to kievan Rus’ and beyond? It’s just a little fighting and a few years away. We can have heaven on Earth without the degenerate West speaking for us anymore. And maybe we can convince them to let us be, for we resonate with the conservatives and “regular guys” over there. they understand us.

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Andrew Lawrence it’s really a path of citizenship in America children born on US soil are automatic citizens. so the parents may be migrant workers but the children are perfectly legal they go to regular schools and grow up and get jobs and maybe they can help their parents get naturalized and become citizens. there’s a lot of migrant workers here that came over here questionably working on the fields nearby where I live what I think is great is when the second generation pulls the money together and buys the farm and turns it into a cooperative. this has happened to a few major farms here that are now completely worker run

Andrew Lawrence
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Sean Granger capitalism plus consumers. that was my original response to why I think cancel culture is not a thing. you have companies making money. you have people that are spending money. let us burn Nike sneakers because we don’t like the new shaving ad from gillette on NFL is nothing new. every one of these celebrities that were supposedly canceled by the supposed cancel culture simply laid low for a few months and came back unscathed. many profited from this supposed stigma of Cancel and made millions of dollars more than they would have because now they have become the supposed rebel heralded by Joe Rogan and musk and center to right and the “anti sjw left” that doesn’t look like left to me (jimmy dore etc) from Donald Trump Junior to I don’t know how many comedians have profited from this idea that they are the bulwark against cancel culture, this perennial victim of the left of the pink haired hoards etc. and I suppose the center leaves me confused sometimes because i’m way off in the far left somewhere. I see the games being played by the far right to influence the center and it’s so easy. just pretend to be the average guy

Sean Granger

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