I mean, I don’t know about “legal obligation” stuff, but if you believe that it’s important to get a proper count of people living in an area so that fire, police, etc can have enough resources to respond to ACTUAL humans in the area, then I’d mark them. But if you’re worried about political stuff, well, that’s up to you. The fewer people that are listed, the less money an area qualifies for, the smaller schools they build, smaller jails they build, smaller businesses, etc.

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When I played, my methodology, which nobody told me but it was through trial and error., was buy and hold. I invested as if it was going to be forever (Warren Buffet), but I was aware that people are generally emotional and to find opportunities the cool kids aren’t seeing while looking for pumping (George Soros). So I bought for 18 months and stopped. I only sold each when it was about to fall, and used it as income in our new house to start a modest business. Last one I sold was in 2014, so it was a nice 14 years out of 1.5 of work. I didn’t and don’t understand the politics of it all. I was only focused on my needs and wants and how I could get there. Edit or delete this Like · Reply · 1m

People are using their
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Mostly the author is finding a marketing niche and doing it well, I’d say. It’s not easy to get published and noticed and go viral to the point of it showing up on a Facebook group. But if he is truly an idealist. which he may be, it might be a “rise up” moment but for the group that is his audience. Make a niche, find your own path, join in loose coalitions of good will. It’s a theme we’re heard before from different groups in different times. Sometimes it works, sometimes the dominant subculture overwhelms regardless of effort. But I’m all for it. If I was the white ally donor, I’d pour money into it just to see what good stuff comes out of it all. In the end, it results in more and better music for the world to enjoy. After all, how often can you play the same pieces?

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