Hard thing for me: If I make a big announcement, I got what I wanted: Recognition and attaboy. Then, I don’t follow through. Then, I disappear and come back later with how complicated life was. But, some say making big announcements works. It probably does. But I got my best work done in the dark, driven by obsession ’til I had a product that nobody saw coming. Probably ADHD.

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Many people today get in a huff over the notion of white privilege. “I don’t have money. Grandparents were poor, etc” They call it “white guilt”. But they don’t really ‘get it’. It’s not whether or not you USE something. It’s that you _could_. Why am I able to get a birth record of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother and HER mother and father’s names? They weren’t erased from history. MANY PEOPLE took care of these identities, these facts. Housed them in a book that went through wars and political changes, was digitized and and retyped in a form that I could find “for free” with just a bit of digging. But, it wasn’t free. It was free FOR ME. I’m grateful for that and know that free (cost) and freedom (that I _could_ do it at al) should be extended to anybody and everybody.

Many people today get
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Hell 01070407n is semantically closest to The mind 02n Oaths 02080701n is semantically closest to Society 03n I love the classification used by the “Historic Thesaurus” as it is based upon semantic similarity. I’m analyzing it (using Excel of course) to find which categories are FURTHEST AWAY from their PARENT category and CLOSEST TO the next PARENT category.

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I dare anyone to strip away the Zig Ziglar-esque / AA / corporate proverbial wisdom — none of which is awful in itself THAT’S WHY IT’S ALWAYS POPULAR — from Jordan P and see what’s left over. What’s left when he’s NOT talking about cleaning your room or “fulfilling your destiny”?

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I think too much is trapped in real estate. If they want to save capitalism, they should drop the floor on real estate valuation in the USA. All at once. But keep the paper assets (mortgage loans, etc) as they were. This will reduce the top by some, but they will stay on top. But it will automatically take those at the bottom tiers and push them up a little, enough so that they can afford to live and participate beyond basics. There will be a delayed effect from a mass real estate drop but as it will be all at once, the worst concern might be an influx of foreign real estate investment that might start driving values up again too quickly. But I think it could work. New crash is coming within a few years and I don’t want it to be global. I think it can be prevented but there’s going to be changes in some ways.

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