made a little money running a Minecraft server from 2012-2014 too. Facebook has been primary output for a while now though. A search for a random keyword on my Facebook profile will come up with posts on whatever topic, which usually is mathematics or logic or physics or cognitive science or artificial intelligence or computing generally with some stupid politics in there now and again, best ignored.

 made a little money
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At the time, student loans were tied to mortgages and in that bizarro Reaganomics world, for a few years they counted a Mortgage as an ASSET rather than a liability. Mortgages are NOT assets unless you are the bank. Anyway, that part of the loan screwed a lot of folks including me. The parents mortgage counted as an ASSET but they were not responsible for the loan; the student was 100%. they corrected their institutional mistake probably at that point where you see the graph drop and changed that part of the loan calculation.

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I think the reason why I talk about it, is I anything I enjoyed doing as a kid, there was some adult somewhere that would point out the money that could be made doing that thing. I was busy in the pleasure of it, but there was an adult seeing how advantage of the skill could get taken for other reasons. and it felt like theft of a talent that wasn’t theirs. Piano playing was a big one; I’m grateful I never pushed by family towards a career; but teachers, adults in church, other adults certainly did. They wanted to see me on stage performing, tried talking family into sending me to special music school (Julliard) for it. I went along with the idea a little and got six months of special prep lessons for it. Then when I asked “do I have to?” no, I didn’t and all was well. I had no regrets. I could see at 11 the life that’d have been set up for me had I done it; constant practice. Judgings, contests. performances. Always under someone else’s control, no freedom. And my income would depend on it at that. Even as a kid I saw a straightjacket where others saw me taking over the world. But thankfully the people that mattered listened to me.

 I think the reason
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