If surface looks are #1 for you, you should have no problem. Play the games. Be the player. Do the fake to get the fake. It won’t last but you’ll get the party fun, just watch for the real-boyfriend in the background that she has back home as you’ll get thrown away as quickly as you might think you can throw away. You’re not looking for substance, so don’t bother yet. You want to enter the role-playing world so do the thing. Just don’t expect much of any lasting time.

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Right now, it’s using Atom, which I just installed, to install Juno, which will interface with Julia, that I want to learn, instead of R or other languages, in order to test some ideas that I probably would do better if I ran GW-BASIC from DOSbox for but don’t then want to have to translate back into newer languages if I’m successful. I also had a disturbing realization that there is NO STANDARD WAY to write mathematical equations in ASCII, DESPITE PEOPLE WRITING EQUATIONS IN ASCII SINCE THE 1950s…. and that really disturbs me. So for that I must live on. And also to try to figure what the heck I wrote this morning half asleep.

Right now, it’s using
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Hard thing for me: If I make a big announcement, I got what I wanted: Recognition and attaboy. Then, I don’t follow through. Then, I disappear and come back later with how complicated life was. But, some say making big announcements works. It probably does. But I got my best work done in the dark, driven by obsession ’til I had a product that nobody saw coming. Probably ADHD.

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Many people today get in a huff over the notion of white privilege. “I don’t have money. Grandparents were poor, etc” They call it “white guilt”. But they don’t really ‘get it’. It’s not whether or not you USE something. It’s that you _could_. Why am I able to get a birth record of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother and HER mother and father’s names? They weren’t erased from history. MANY PEOPLE took care of these identities, these facts. Housed them in a book that went through wars and political changes, was digitized and and retyped in a form that I could find “for free” with just a bit of digging. But, it wasn’t free. It was free FOR ME. I’m grateful for that and know that free (cost) and freedom (that I _could_ do it at al) should be extended to anybody and everybody.

Many people today get
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