As a teenager, I used to read “how to make money from home” “How to market yourself” “How to get rich doing some simple task” and stuff like that. Pre-internet but there were tons and tons of books on the subject including basic marketing psychology tricks and stuff. So when I learned about the propaganda tools, public relations tools, whatever – saw examples – none of it surprised me as it was all the same kinds of techniques; which really isn’t too surprising as it’s all a part of the same media era.

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Well, I’ve been interested in connectivism and AI since I was a teenager, loosely following certain trends, and exploring heavily ontologies and other computer word digesting things a lot for the last bunch of years as a hobby (and SEO during Web 2.0 days when you could make money keyword stuffing and stuff) – so I was definitely ready for ChatGPT as it took care of the thing I can’t do well: generalizing. I can abstract just fine but generalizing is a pain in the ass for me. So being a words-structure guy I’ve been in love. And when some guy did its political stances back in Dec and it was just like my own, well, I wasn’t surprised; left-lib is precisely where something like these systems would have to be in; enough room to explore while holding onto at least SOME basic humanistic constraints

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Paul Follows Thoroughly enjoying this. 1/2 way through this episode. Very very familiar territory; it is a marvelous trip back in time for me and I’m so happy to see these things again and feel these levels of compassion again, seeing the adult autism center in particular; From around 3-5 years old, during the day, I went a cerebral palsy center which was a lot like that area for the adults, but bigger with classrooms and such. It was for ages 3-20 years of age and it was for all levels of disability. Cerebral Palsy, autism, emotional disabilities, down’s syndrome, etc. I went to physical and occupational therapy there as I was born extremely premature in the early 1970s and had some problems. Whatever they did must’ve rewired my brain enough because i was able to attention regular school at age 5. Flash forward to when I was 20 years old. I ran out of money for college (was going to be theoretical physics, artificial intelligence, chaos theory or developmental psychology – wasn’t there long enough to have to narrow down) and came home. At some point of being unable to find work, might have been between jobs, probably around age 23, I decided to volunteer full time at the Cerebral Palsy Center for free. And so I spent about a year – volunteering full time at the same center I went to as a small child. I both worked with the kids and also helped set up their computers and assistive technology, such as it was in the early 1990s. One of my favorite tasks I took upon myself teaching a boy about to age out of the center how to type. He was 20 years old – had to leave by the end of the year. He had severe cerebral palsy and was non-verbal and had great trouble controlling his limbs. I’d set up one of the computers with my favorite Word Processing program and I taught him how to type with one finger. One day, he spent the entire day at the computer – I came in now and again but didn’t know what he was working on – and towards the end of the day one of the teachers got me and said he wanted to show me something. He showed me this 3 page long letter, perfect paragraphs, that he wrote to his mother thanking her for everything she’s done for him through the years.. I was almost as giddy as he was in happiness that he accomplished this. I got it to print out and he was able to give it to his mother when she picked him up that night. He reminded me a lot of the young man who was intelligence but had to use a talk board and tablet. I look forward to the rest of the show; I definitely relate to everything in it so far.

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I LOVE how CHATGPT ABSTRACTS to principles!. Always wanted to connect TRIZ to large philosophical systems. Me: “Abstracting the TRIZ effects database to principles, what do we get?” ChatGPT: Abstracting the TRIZ Effects Database to principles results in the identification of the underlying principles that are common to the effects cataloged in the database. There are several different ways to abstract the TRIZ Effects Database to principles, but one commonly used approach is to identify the following basic principles: 1) Contradiction: The TRIZ methodology is based on the recognition and resolution of contradictions. A contradiction arises when there are two conflicting requirements or objectives that cannot be met simultaneously. Resolving a contradiction requires identifying a solution that satisfies both requirements or objectives. 2) Ideality: The concept of ideality involves maximizing the benefits or functions of a system while minimizing its costs, drawbacks, or negative impacts. The ideal solution to a problem is one that achieves the desired result with no drawbacks or negative side effects. 3) Resources: The TRIZ methodology emphasizes the efficient use of resources, including time, money, materials, and energy. Solutions that make more effective use of resources are generally preferred over those that require more resources. 4) Evolution: The TRIZ methodology is based on the idea that innovation and progress are driven by the evolution of systems and technologies. The evolution of systems involves the development of new functions and features, the optimization of existing functions and features, and the elimination of unnecessary functions and features. 5) Patterns: The TRIZ methodology is based on the identification and application of patterns in problem-solving. These patterns include recurring trends and principles that have been observed in the development of technology and systems over time. By abstracting the TRIZ Effects Database to principles, we can gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles and concepts that guide the TRIZ methodology. This can help us apply TRIZ principles more effectively in problem-solving and innovation.

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