I like LIDAR although it needs more information. About 3 yrs ago, I figured out a process on getting LIDAR data for my house into Minecraft. At the time I was envisioning Minecraft cameras and things. I *think* Microsoft put some test stuff out exploring a similar idea last year but my interest had waned by then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=065C3vEXNkw

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Watching cgi progress since “Black Hole” ,”Tron”, Star Trek 1 all through the 80s 90s 00s 10s has been interesting. Good puppets are good. Bad puppets awful. Good CGI good. Bad CGI awful. My problem with CGI is when I can feel the copy-paste… or my soul ripples upon spotting an artifact or that gloss…. oh… that glossiness… _but_, once I shut that off in my head, I don’t care how much it’s used. Good’s good. Bad’s bad.

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