in anime, which even teenagers who don’t like anime know the culture of now – much like even if not playing minecraft you’d still know minecraft – “the trap” is an ongoing theme. Usually a young man dressed in a maid outfit. And in his generation the deep middle school question was whether traps were gay or not. Ahead to high school or college, the gay question stopped mattering for most but the maid outfit stayed an open option.

in anime, which even
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I only ever really hack into languages. Like, I’ve written websites in PHP but did I really write them? No. I took existing code and heavily modified. I’ve did a lot of work long ago in Visual Basic for Applications. But did I write it? Not really. I recorded macros then I added and added and added and changed until I had this big complicated thing that did what needed doing. I’ve worked in Python: I had a python interface to Minecraft I played around with a few years ago and made it do things. Worked in SQL but same thing. I just learn enough to do what I need it to do. Same with Julia and R, Pascal, C++. I never really write anything, just muck around when I want to accomplish something.

I only ever really
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while i haven’t followed minecraftian social phenomenon for several years now very closely, i’ve noticed. And I’m impressed at the evolution. Minecraft champions. Live playing with millions of followers and interactive chatting on Twitch. Greater devotion than many TV shows ever got and it still remains an approachable game.

while i haven’t followed
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no. there’s variety in every age range. the supposed genZ dichotomy can be summarized as : furry vs gamer and then you have the femboi gamer subtype etc and a lot of it is just injokes and mock battles. Discord people call Twitter people what Twitter people call TikTok people but it’s stereotyping that falls apart quickly upon the smallest inspection of the communities.

no. there’s variety in
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I have trouble “seeing myself”. I consider it a categorization problem. Goes all the way back to school. I could never edit my writings after I wrote them. I could never go back and edit music I played (improvised). Can’t categorize any of my own output and yet I can do it for anybody else. So I thought if I just “get it out there” – output as much as possible, it’ll force me to look at it and gather it together and maybe with some computerized tools it will help me gain some insight that I can’t seem to see myself in myself.

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