I made an awkwardly worded sentence. There’s a generalized grouping of individuals that I call Minecraft generation. They generally don’t play Minecraft now, but they did a few years ago. It was a very significant part of their childhoods and they were caught up in the Minecraft phenomenon. Example: Fallen Kingdom will stop any one of them dead in their tracks ,no matter how dank/edgy/extreme/tough/unflappable they may be right now, and will fall into a deep nostalgia pit upon hearing the first few notes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-sH53vXP2A They might not talk about Minecraft now — it’s part of their elementary school experiences — but it holds nostalgia. Along with Minecraft, a lot of other related interests often come with it. Self-referring as “memers” but ironically — important distinction is ironic vs unironic – shares similar memes to older teenagers and young adults but the big difference is that it’s mocking the older teens and young adults for taking politics so damn seriously. Hence: Gang Weed. (look it up). This isn’t all of this generation. But they often have in common Roblox and Youtube. A new split though is found with Fortnite. Fortnite while there is overlap, designates a younger subset. Tiktok (previously musically) is also common among Fortnite players but now Tiktok has an ironic influx – the memers, who are now in a mock war with furries and anime — but it’s not the serious nature that you saw maybe 4 years ago among late Millennials who were serious and not that ironic about their politics, loves and hates.

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