meh. I was an 8-bit kid, BASIC , Tandy computers, Intellivision, John Hughes movies, War Games and all the music. If you only hear the best music, it’s easy to be nostalgic. But there was a lot of crap music out then too. A lot. It got forgot but it exists. We had a lot of blinders on in the 80s. Minecraft generation’s better, once they get past this current huccip.

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Indeed. It’s basically a single player treasure hunt / puzzle game that originated as a text adventure on mainframes in the late 1970s and was famous in the 1980s as the beacon for the genre of interactive fiction which was popular at the time – and still continues in modified forms to this day. What this person did is used the descriptions of the areas in the text adventure, with its locations mapped out during game play (going East or North or West or South, Up or Down) – and created what they envisioned from those descriptions in minecraft.

Indeed. It’s basically a [read full article]