back when i ran a minecraft server, (2012-2014) i had to install a censorship filter, which i hated doing. I tried getting clever, making it do automatic substitution words for the most commonly used things. Then they’d use spaces. t h e w o r d would be like that. So I captured the single spaced ones. But after that, I let it be. If they used other combinations of spaces, other letters, etc, – Nobody could argue that I didn’t work on the issue and they got to feel clever for beating the system. Win win.

back when i ran
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I had NPC “players” plugin on my Minecraft server back in 2012-14 and it was a very popular plugin. I gave people the power to script their own NPCs to do and say what they want. Most had them act as sentries but some made them builders, some as friends and companions too. I loved being able to give people that power themselves.

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Sandy Barrow’s be a kind leader advice above is solid and i can’t add to it. i’ve been thrust into leadership roles many times and groaned but i usually did things the same. I delegate to people that I think can handle things, especially people I don’t like. by showing them trust it wins their favor (unless they’re evil but that’s actually really rare) I pay attention to see if they follow through but not micromanage. let people do things their way so long as the main goal gets accomplished

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oh, no. Rick Ashtly is my era. Michael Jackson. Lots of other names that blissfully disappeared in the 80s. 100% commercialization mostly copy-cat music with a few originals. It’s precisely the same in that way. I agree about overdone CGI though. “Every movie looks like XBox/Playstation rendering” gets old. Special FX in my era was plastic wrap and vaseline, lots of bad bloody special fx, some cool creepy claymation. and a lot of early CGI. I liked early CGI – the ones that screamed at you: Yes this is made on a computer because computers are amazing. I miss those.

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Unrelated but I’ve been working on this thing on and off the last few weeks and the behavior really is the strangest thing. It seems that having multiple heads to nodes in a directed graph leads to a situation that you have MANY stable configurations but you can’t predict which one will show up. There’s only 1405 nodes in this directed graph I’m doing and yet a tiny minor change in a far off corner of the graph results in everything shifting. In subgraphs what once was the “base” of a hierarchical grouping suddenly shifts away and something else is dominant. Even when the structure itself doesn’t change but a minor shift in view changes, the priorities in the groupings make a radical shift. It baffled me for a couple of weeks. Why did it keep changing when I didn’t DO anything much or at all? Sometimes I’d simply make a group — it didn’t disconnect from anything else, just grouped. Suddenly other things shifted in response to it as I worked with it. Still amazes me. It feels like I’m working with a living creature.

Unrelated but I’ve been
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