Pinball (any but I had favs) Zaxxon A silly Roadrunner game Air Hockey Breakout, Arkanoid, all those POLE POSITION Pool Space Invaders / Mrs. Pacman / standards Contra Street Fighter Minecraft (lots of quarters on Minecraft). Special Note on Breakout: This will age me perfectly: Teenagers at the community center played one song every time I was playing Breakout and it’s forever linked in my head: This tells you: a) That song was current-ish (on the jukebox, a community music playing device with microtransactions) b) I was not yet a teenager. c) I was old enough to be playing and enjoying video games d) I was independent enough to spend hours by myself in public e) teenagers were still another species to me. (I could not relate yet)

Pinball (any but I
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Prioritize man. 50 people no longer exist, partially because Islamophobia (from a “preservation of a vaguely Christian vaguely light skinned group that tended to congregate around Europe” mindset) of an individual at the end of a fast moving projectile weapon. A politician vaguely shares a “preservation of a vaguely Christian vaguely light skinned group that tended to congregate around Europe” mindset. He basically says: The shooter had a point.

Prioritize man.

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We’re similar era. Tandy Color Computer 2 in 1983 at 11. Online in 1989 with my first PC. Full internet in 1990 and I never left. But: I stopped playing video games when I was 16 years old. I believed (stupidly) that video games were for kids. I watched in disbelief through the late 1980s and 90s as friends I grew up with STILL played video games and stuff. But… I found a loophole at 16: beta testing. Did a lot of it. Wrote reviews of games on Usenet and BBS’ sometimes, not as a player but as an evaluator and I didn’t actually “play” (get into) the games. I was all scientific about it. Once Doom came out and I saw that all upcoming games looked like Doom, I stopped even doing that. That was 1995? Minecraft was my next and I resisted for a year. I KNEW it was different somehow. Not like Doom. By 2012, with my nephew saying, “Can we run a Minecraft server?” I had to. Even then, I only played on the LAN or on the server just enough to make them happy. Played along. Fought just hard enough, designed basic structures or used it to map out ideas in 3D. But, how I can relate to your concern isn’t our use of this amazing interconnectivity and such, or using computers to twiddle our happy chemicals like fancy video poker to a gambler. Rather, I can relate in that the internet is disappearing.

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I disagree. The influx of vast amounts of information combined with having to sort out conflicting information from various sides forces them to discover what they really think and how they stand on things. For a brief period, stupid kid humor is stupid kid humor. But I still think most grow out of it. Some of course never will. But they never would have before all of this either: They were just invisible before.

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