ok I have locations for the follow plots in bigplot so far blockmaster189, greendeadman, EveMyr, Israphel102, TheMelonMiner, tigerfive100, sellis111, harrisonhaunted, sindressebra123, gwo0906, alk3333, BeastlyNinja27, Austreviga6, zoewhistler, TriSaraTops123, Lindbergs, milosz2082, MedaKnight, lindaphan3108, wanghua9, yehudelah, UNCLAIMED, minneire, lexielulu2, vinniesark, knarf2011, fullyloaded0314, MONKEY_KING_7, Tobman10, axle900, multimine3000, fireball5651, rlooper0, jonahanzjan, Frankieboy12, HarryPotter51, xakihiko_anadax, eliaspjr, Dat_Random_Pony, MelPerkin, Charcoal Charlie, Sarge1217, soarr, Ally_busous, Hitgirl60, pixiepink, Rebtand, ENDERWOLF58, Pancakesplatter, Kyle31705, beeyorkie, Anakin9704MC, D3ATHMACHIN364, Pigpen108, 753300x, minecraft_chich, Lodxo, sebastiansteve, zercin, Rhys191, Jedi_Riley, ekt2003, cmilam61, blockmaster189, weathersean1234, connecticut860, tangee, zac4123, sirflatulance, mrmurphyminecraft, Teknoman1, Mattster85, OpticTurtle45, monkeyhat3r, isaiah0311, samcannell, 4004ERROR4004, watercharizard2, Multiblazerboy, LittleLouie229, hugemoose, LittleLouie229, coolmanzak, No1ButFlame87, sacokid, omgitsstewie, Flexitol, cheesehead913, zombiekiller221, millskid1, Ryanmooo3, Anakin9704MC, ,

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well i went the equivalent of 22 Minecraft miles before it started bumping me out like before, so I’ll treat that as “go no further for now” (Hitgirl60 at 45;1 at 18000 65 0 is as far as I’ll go in that direction – doublechecked with L1l_Avenger’s plot at 45;2 which is at 18000 65 410) So now I’ll see what I can do in another direction; I’m going from plot to plot marking down names in Excel.

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I ran a creative minecraft server from 2012-14 which was close how i see things; i had some strong ideas on how things ought to be and i instituted them; I ran it before I knew what my political zone was… ..if I ever stopped and analyzed it, it was probably buried in how I conducted things. Real world is and always was a bizarre place and continues to be. I’m a longtime child of the internet; my whole adult life from green terminals onwards – a politically useless being basically. my gods are the IETF and their wizard-like decisions that create the affordances for communications to function in hardware and software protocols worldwide at unimaginable scales

I ran a creative
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