It may be scary: I’ve said things online that might be lurking around in places I’ve forgotten about, but ever since Google acquired the 1990s Usenet newsgroups in 2002 and made it ALL easily searchable, I had to do a massive cleanup as best I could, and give up on my privacy online. That’s not to say “I hurt so everybody should hurt too” but until “Right to be forgotten” hits US shores, which is probably won’t as Americans don’t think like EU, having your online past easily unearthed is simply a reality to contend with. Manage your own information as best you can. Kids today know it and learn to clean up their embarrassing Minecraft Let’s Plays they did in 3rd grade and such.

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I find similar things interesting around the anniversaries of the LAST time I found them interesting. It also happens seasonally. [3 /6/9 month intervals]. I figure the body’s part of the ecosystem of the Earth and the brain is part of the body, so a seasonal brain isn’t so strange.

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