While this is a “me too”, nevertheless it was the right thing to do. Your president Will come and go but your bread-and-butter is the NFL and all of its players. Even if your fans boo you, they’re not going anyplace. Doesn’t even matter to me if you modified the meaning amongst yourselves. It’s like chocolates on Valentine’s Day. You buy the chocolates.

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Robotics is taking over production lines. Where I live, illegal immigrants are all around me working on farms and many legal now on their 3rd/4th generations immigrant levels. [I live next to Immokalee FL in a part of Naples that got Hurricane Irma’s eye over us last week]. But beyond the picking level, once they go into the factories, robotics takes over there too. If you’re looking to restructure society, you can’t start from 1800.

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Is this ageist? I often use shortcuts from “Generation theory” (Silent Gen, Baby Boomer, GenX, Millennial, GenZ, Gen Alpha) when talking about apparent characteristics of large groups of people based upon when they were born. I don’t hold them as solid absolute categories but I use them as “shortcuts”. I first heard of it growing up. Hated it when it was wrong and hated it even more when it was right. Yet I’ve found myself using it more and more through the years. I don’t use it for negative purposes. I don’t disparage generations (except my own which I feel I have a right to) and yet I can’t help but shake this nagging suspicion that I’m participating in ageism simply by using generation theory. Your thoughts?

Is this ageist?