Introduction to Metamathematics by Stephen Cole Kleene (1952) I knew there was a field of study / methodology and a book that jumped the chasm from mathematics to computing and this is it. Metamathematics. “An informal illustration of this is categorizing the proposition “2+2=4″ as belonging to mathematics while categorizing the proposition “‘2+2=4′ is valid” as belonging to metamathematics.” Good. Need to fill in gaps. Been writing about this for decades but I didn’t know that’s what this was called. Maybe now I can talk less clumsily about it.

Introduction to Metamathematics

Is AI my spirituality? religion and spirituality_spirituality_21_1 94% technology and computing_artificial intelligence_26_1 5% Drawn from the following list of words from me and THEN thrown into the International Advertising Bureau Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) Content Taxonomy V2, released 1 March 2017. 20. things brain reality thinking humans perfect thought experience mind bpm paper patterns explain thoughts nature similar lines perspective moment numbers concept simply map whats concepts analogy form metaphors human short idea isnt analogies point sense imagine imagination brains part minds thing reason exist complicated metaphor understand meaning fit inside moving measure world draw describe simple easily certainty connections universe tend dimensions notice perfectly physical emotion side forms internal context properly dimension simultaneously points place subjective machines exists backwards based find uncertainty fully object speak emotional words close shape embodied cognition limitations move flat lot circle cognitive ability flaws connection comprehend

Is AI my spirituality?
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