Reading through it now. It was unsatisfying until I found “Multiple range” theory. It’s compatible with my computational-thinking and can encompass any of the other theories within it, if needed. I can work it on an Excel spreadsheet, which I once finally discovered can be accurately described as: “Step-indexed Kripke models over recursive worlds.” and “non-monotonic dataflow programming, concurrent logic programming”. So while it may not be “satisfying” (pun) for many, it’s effective.

Reading through it now. [read full article]


Richard Stallman had it right long ago. Gist of it is Free is free. Anything else isn’t. But I wanted Minix to win the Linux/Minix war, and Hurd to win over Linux, but I usually back the unpopular side. “It’s time [to] explain the meaning of “Hurd”. “Hurd” stands for “Hird of Unix-Replacing Daemons”. And, then, “Hird” stands for “Hurd of Interfaces Representing Depth”. We have here, to my knowledge, the first software to be named by a pair of mutually recursive acronyms.”

Richard Stallman had it [read full article]