Original is far worse than simply copying the behaviors of others, which is what provincial people do, for it makes communication of ideas difficult, whereas those who utilize a standard set of patterns for communication (such as sarcasm (saying the opposite of what you mean) have a much easier time as it becomes a simple game like Othello / Reversi. Surround white concept with black tiles so concept is opposite in meaning. Dry humor is a slightly more elevated form of sarcasm but it’s less straightforward and less villager-like and so can often escape undetected.

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So: there’s a split built-in to “theory”: The split between “thinking” and “doing”. Conception is interesting too because the “thought is conceived” notion comes from dissections of the brain as they noticed the similarities between the womb and the brain. The shapes are similar, therefore the “children of the brain” are “conceptions” or “concepts”.

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