Makes sense. I’d put it as a healthy skepticism; I don’t think a kid watching the show necessarily has to believe that the Planets’ Song is telling the truth about The Meaning Of Life, but it introduces a healthy skepticism against whatever else they may have heard, giving them a range of possible options with which to compare/contrast / come up with their own.

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Words change meaning on intention. This was an extremely high profile situation in which it was used in a derogatory fashion. She used it in the context of same-sex marriage. She was being evasive on answering about her opinion about same-sex marriage and it is in that context she used the phrase “sexual preference”. If you refer to sexual preference in the same area as same-sex marriage and you already are known to be against gay marriage, it is not rocket science to know the dog whistling at play there. That nifty video of all the other people using the phrase in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT context, were not using it as a dog whistle but she was. Could Merriam Webster have made that change sooner. Sure they could have. But they didn’t. They made it after this event. Was this the first time making this change was ever on the list of things-to-do? I highly doubt it. But was it the straw? likely.

Words change meaning on
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I only understand some things from Heidegger but one is the idea that the tools become part of us. And when they did brain scans of humans using tools, our mental body shape extends out to include the tools we’re using, whether a hammer or the entirety of the car while we’re using them.

I only understand some
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Non-Reflexive Logics Logics that Derogate the Standard Theory of Identity

Non-Reflexive Logics
Logics that
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As I tend to believe in emergent reality, I’m perfectly ok with reality ‘resting upon’, well, anything, at its base. Since we do not engage with that base very much except at the fringes, I think we can go either way with it: focus on the human tendency towards being object-oriented and stay with that, or conceptualize until meaning itself dissipates and other directions still, or hold them all together. It’s not so much an “everybody’s right in their own way”, rather it’s different kinds of “right” at different views. Like for example, it’s really hard to get away from waves. longitudinal waves in particular. With those you end up with a kind of “background vs foreground” state;

As I tend to
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