Faith is a word that occasionally confuses me. As a kid, “you need to have Faith” was a substitute for “trust me” and being a kid who was skeptical of the intentions of anybody who said “trust me” (words of a used care salesman or neighborhood bully), I always looked at who was telling me to ” have Faith” Also an adults nicer substitute for “shush. I don’t know. Go away now” As an adult it’s gained more meanings. A substitute for certainty. Now in all that is a better meaning but it’s rarely been the intentions. “Be still and know” For existence I understand Faith. For other uses, I watch.

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e, physics makes possible, but does not causally determine, the higher-order layers of structure and meaning. It cannot replace psychology, sociology, politics, and economics as autonomous subjects of study. Physics underlies emergent biological complexity, including the physicist’s mind, but does not comprehend it, because it has its own organisational principles

“physics makes possible, but
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Sure they did. They chanted his name at the BLM rallies where his murder happened. IT happened in 2016 and they all remember his name and who he was. Why didn’t white people say much about him since 2016? Why were the only people chanting his name BLM? Because he had a mental illness. He called from a porn shop for help. That’s why white people did not care about him. But blm did because he suffered police brutality that led to his death. Clutching your pearls today over a guys name you just learned about is fine but black lives matter knew about him for years already and were already honoring his memory.

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