Ooh, this should be a good watch. It’s only going to be 2m but it possibly represents something more for me if I agree with it. I’m proud of my life choices and have no regrets but like most I have “what ifs”. I don’t look at what ifs as wistful though, rather, I look at those who *did* take my “potential timelines” then and now and see how it pans out for them. Been meaning to draw this up for a while, so 5 mins of paint .net work will simplify a lot of future conversations in this realm as to “what makes it meaningful for me” subjectively.

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Hampshire College was a good fit for me as it was just a tiny bit “too far” in the direction I already was in. So I learned how far left I went and where it stopped for me. Of course, at that time and up until 2014, I was CERTAIN that I’m just “perfectly in the political center” – that **I** had the rational point of view and it was everybody else that’s nuts, except for a select few who ‘get’ my POV. But I think thanks to early exposure to “This is further than I go in the direction I’m in”, I learned quickly where a side of my boundary is. So I got to be “mini-right” within that progressive world, a constant nudge to those within my “group” yet never actually leaving it. Through the years, I’d also formed ties with people from across the political tribes so as to try to understand. I still don’t feel part of “my tribe” but now I can acknowledge that I have a tribe and am within it, even if I’m a bit of a nudge to those a little more left and right within it.

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Yeah – “”Covariant electrodynamics: ” “Covariant electrodynamics: Four-tensor electromagnetic field, transformation of fields, electric and magnetic fields of a moving charge, Lagrangian for charged particle in a vector potential, Lagrangian density for the electromagnetic field. gauge transformations, stress-energy tensor, conservation laws.”

Yeah – “”Covariant electrodynamics:
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“The House bill says that completion of a sentence includes full payment of any fines or fees imposed by the court as part of the sentence. Supporters of the Constitutional Amendment say that the bill is “self- implementing,” meaning it does not require additional language to be imposed by the Legislature.” There it is. Arbitrarily set “fines and fees”. How about: send it to a collection agency and write it off on your federal taxes, Florida? Form of debtor’s prison. Well, with not enough guarding the hen house, this is expected. Go ahead Senate, might as well take what the House wants to do and add to it. Then you won’t have to deal with this pesky voter decision at all and can wash your hands of the people’s voice.

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DNA thing: Now THIS is interesting. I’m deaf in one ear and only hear up to 5000hz in my ‘good ear’ – and not that well at that. Yet, GENETICALLY, my hearing is more acute. I have perfect pitch (both relative and absolute) and I’m always listening for subtleties in sounds for its natural musical content or meaning (words and other noises). So, maybe that’s it. Cool.

qddqqdDNA thing: Now THIS
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