there are many benefits to breaking things down into discrete, sequential movements or steps. at each and between, you can check effectiveness (accomplish goal?) or efficient (least movement?) using whatever metric you choose for correctness. these can be turned into patterns however: A common mistake is to turn THIS solution into the ONLY solution.

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As a scholarship kid, I couldn’t afford to finish (Reaganomics considered mortgage as an asset rather than a liability – penned by people who owned multiple houses and could afford to liquidate them I guess – but we just had the one house only and couldn’t liquidate that) – but in 90/91 I remember the struggles non-white Hampshire college students had and I was definitely a fan of multiculturalism (as long as it wasn’t of the “great white hope – we will save you” which bothered me then in the way that good intentions can delude sometimes) I don’t think the college got it right from the start: as an experiment it’s ongoing, like the US Constitution: living, vivid, ever changing yet most of the core stays the same but there’s some hidden core values left unsaid that are an ongoing struggle.

As a scholarship kid,
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I like the thought of there possibly being a partial equivalence between all of the different views but not full equivalence, allowing for more compatibility than we see now but ultimately retaining the distinctions that made them distinct in the first place, allowing for an ontological pluralism with sufficient translators between to allow everybody to ‘win’ as it were in some fashion.

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Bill Sue Foster are they working with the local community or trying to establish an outpost for their religious group? i’m sorry if I am callous but I have seen a lot of evil done in the name of missionary work. A lot of good as well, but if they’re not working in an ecumenical basis, without support of the local religious leaders for protection, trying to strike it out on their own as the “great white hope”, it’s hard for me to sympathize of course I want them to be safe but were they attempting to rescue people that needed rescuing in that way?

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David Evans i’ll do a more honest take : The freedom I cling to isn’t freedom. i don’t know about my own ecosystem. i am lying to myself about having unfettered access to truth. i think opening my eyes is simple. But when i thought i was opening my eyes to a simple reality i was closing them. i close my eyes to the truth and gratefully delude myself that i am doing the other. i project my frailties upon a vague notion of “the masses” instead of facing my own difficulties head on.

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