when I was 13 years old, I saw an old book from the 1950s Youth: From 11 to 16. I read it cover to cover. I was able to translate “jazz records” to “heavy metal cassettes” etc as behavior is behavior even with a 30+ year difference between the book and me. And I was shocked how much matched to me at 11, at 12, and then at 13 where I was. So then I peeked ahead to 14…. to 15…. to 16! It was like getting a glimpse into T H E F U T U R E. I had some idea what behaviors I _might_ do before I even did them. And when time went on and I found myself doing those typical things I remembered the book and laughed to myself: “You made it!” and so, when I read other “ages and stages” materials and learned about “nesting behaviors” and such and other categories for 30s, 40s, 50s, etc – – I wasn’t surprised when my time came and I _did_ the things they said I would.

when I was 13
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Yes. That’s the thing a lot of folks don’t ‘get’ – except for some more extreme folks, I don’t think MOST PEOPLE are against “REASONABLE profit”. a) You pay yourself for your work of course b) On top of that ,you get ‘extra’ as a ‘treat’ tied to performance. c) the company as a whole deserves reasonable profit but then there’s: d) excessive profit.

Yes. That’s the thing
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They worked for him in 1988/89 era. I was 16-17 years old. Before the Taj Mahal even opened in 1990, they knew they were never going to get paid. I don’t know what happened to the Taj Mahal after 1990. I didn’t care. I just knew that I had no use for the guy that didn’t pay him. I heard it went bankrupt somewhere along the line years later. Didn’t matter. Families still didn’t get paid. You want to do a “both sides” and speculate. But that’s two distinct family businesses. i happened to know they both. They didn’t work together that I knew of. Drywall was one, plumbing was another. Hard working Italian American families. I do not care about the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

They worked for him
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I like it. but I’m biased. I was so thrilled when Doctor Who came back after 15 years, I decided from the first episode with eccleson that I would not be sour grapes, no matter how good or bad it was. Superstitious? of course But I took Doctor Who for granted during the curly blonde haired guy. I was a teenager and I got less and less enthusiastic. They modified the theme. That doctor was cranky and irritable and I hated it. And each episode I would get more and more angry. When there was a big hiatus of Doctor Who during his term – that’s when they made the production “doctor in distress” – I almost gave up all together. I’ve missed most of trial of a time lord and never caught all of it. I know I didn’t see all the episodes of six and seven I let myself get so bitter at the time that I can’t watch them. But I never expected them to take Doctor Who off the air. So I vowed I would not take it for granted again if it ever came back It’s a kind of vow only a teenager could make. But at the time I was the only Doctor Who fan I knew. My grandmother introduced me to it but nobody in New Jersey knew what Doctor Who was that I knew just some Princeton weirdos that dressed up in Doctor Who costumes to raise money for the PBS station. I didn’t want to be that “crabby old man” as a teenager when I got older I decided at 17 I would enjoy it like an 8-year-old every time because that’s who it’s written for, not for crabby teenagers – or crabby middle-aged men I was 32 years old when it came back on the air and I decided I would keep my vow. (That Doctor Who movie in 1996 … That disappointed me even more deeply – I can’t rewatch that either)

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This temper tantrum, destructive attitude – and you’re taking a course that teaches it? – is divisive and unAmerican. Maybe it is suitable for “the South Will Rise Again” – which is fine. Separation away from America to form your own separate nation from America is certainly a viable possibility and something that a lot of people want to do. But to destroy America in order to construct something else, well, that’s not a task to take lightly at all.

This temper tantrum, destructive
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Language Blending, Laddering. This week’s vocabulary is food. I asked Claude-AI to write me a story that goes from ENGLISH to SPANISH until finally reaching FULL SPANISH at an A2 level. I don’t know if it got all the words or not yet but I have had to read it. I’ll do so now, taking notes as I go on pen/paper.

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