That’s right. In that case, the establishment would be people also in the establishment that you don’t care for, so you position yourself as if you are an outsider (when you’re not) and convince people outside that you’re one of them. That gives political leverage against your internal enemies

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They already can and do verify identity. None of this is about verifying identity. First: it’s taking control away from counties and cities and turning them into state’s hands. So, whoever is in charge of voting policy (Secretary of State) in Georgia will ultimate say in more things. The Secretary of State controls voting regulations. Who was Secretary of State in Georgia from 2010-2018? Who won the 2018 election? Who is the Governor of Georgia now? Who signed this new voting bill into law quickly? Same guy. Brian Kemp. Look at the history of Georgia voting from 2010-2018 to understand better. This is a long game being played. I’m watching a long game of control-change happening in Florida that’s why I recognize it 100% in Georgia.

They already can and
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“Shop somewhere else” en masse is cancel culture. I know why corporations and illegal enterprises stay on the straight and narrow or pretend to: it’s not because of the petty little consumers, even if the band together amplified by media as you wish. It’s because of court systems / tribunerals / etc, that have more power than they. When corporations have governments that give them license to grow like a cancer, as the US government does (we don’t use our anti-monopoly laws – ever), their power is such that we end up with duopolies at best: pepsi vs coke, comcast vs local dsl, mcdonalds vs burger king, democrat vs republican.

“Shop somewhere else” en
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It’s from the State . We can be inspired by the Declaration of Independence. It’s a great document from 1776. But it’s not incorporated into the legal structure and the United States, perhaps unique on the planet earth, is truly a “Nation of Laws” rather than a Nation of Men. It is law that decides personhood. Law that decides justice. Law that decides property. Entirely constructed of law. Kind of strange really. But the USA is called an experiment.

It’s from the State
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