I’m less “Progressive” and more “Progressional”. It’s an odd word. I found it on an old writing I did when I was 20, writing about the importance of getting computers and online to more “Average Folks” and not just for “us Progressional Folks”. Contrasting Progressional vs Traditional. Democratization of Information vs Paywall or other locked Secrets systems. That’s not to say all information is for all people. Restricting access to nefarious actors is probably justifiable in some cases… maybe. It’s why I don’t write my social security # here or driver’s license or the last 3 digits of my credit card on a Youtube comment. But overall.

I’m less “Progressive” and
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Look up emergency savings average USA. You can consider emergency savings with travel expenses. To travel, you need a certain amount in savings. Ideally, that’s emergency funds with separate travel funds. But minimum, you can use emergency funds to travel. How many American households can afford to take themselves even at standard (not high speed) rail rates?

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Oh I can see with glasses. I even have a driver’s license. But I’m basically two different people with and without glasses. Only one eye is usable with glasses, the other being perhipheral vision but as I don’t know any different, it’s ok. GPS assist sounds like a fascinating notion though. I wonder how it would be to navigate with that while walking?

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I was flippant and I forgot we’re a year apart. I was responding to your dismissive participation trophy insult because I’ve been hearing that since I was a kid in public school about “kids today” and I’m tired of the cliche. I’ve followed education in America from about 5th grade on – I got myself into Vail-Deane as it was the closest thing to Summerhill I could find and that’s when I was in 8th grade. [I had to do a couple of essays and also verbally explain myself and along with finances, got a full scholarship]. So I _know_ from myself that some kids are capable. As far as rights? Kids have license that’s granted by their parents or teachers or local police and also taken away, but as far as rights go, it’s a different set of rights than you get 18+.

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