There’s a LOT of reasons I want Andrew Gillum for Gov and Sean Shaw for Attorney General. Shaw’s been a consumer advocate lawyer for a long time among other things and he wants to be tough on big companies for flaunt laws that affect employees but for stuff like this, he’d soften things, especially if there’s no complaints. If I were AG? Sure, let them fine him, ok. Shove the paperwork he needs to practice legally at him and give him an option to work under another’s dentistry license. Say, six months or so. Meanwhile, work with the legislature to make changes and when his case comes up, fight for an exemption in his case as consumer advocate against improper state legislation.

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Her family had to move out of her home to out of state, live separately from her husband and kids temporarily — she’s had to take measures to be fine. Kavanaugh had to… oh, do nothing. We can sit back, read blogs and comment, so in the end, neither of our opinions makes any impact. But a growing lack of empathy in the USA is a bit of a concern, but that’s just my bleeding heart talking. Good talking with you.

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Those are inspirational tales, fun stuff but if you look at their family, you can usually eliminate most of those “starting from nothing” stories. “Dad used to be a lawyer but he got laid off so we had nothing” – you can zap that type of story because an ex-lawyer still has connections, which is not a “from nothing” story, etc. It’s not that it’s impossible of course. Immigrant tales abound but most modern “self-made” aren’t really. I mean they worked hard – impressively so – but look for the hidden “leg ups”.

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