Collier County, FL – from the Sheriff’s office. If you’re evacuating, be sure to bring proof of residency. It doesn’t eliminate thieves and squatters but it helps because they assume if you have a place to live and can prove it, you’ll probably go there. ——- Residents of the county must be able to provide proof of residency before they will be let back in to the areas where they live. If you evacuate, please make sure you have photo identification, like a driver’s license or employment photo identification, and proof of residency, like a phone or electric bill, a rental agreement or a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy. If safety is a concern due to debris or hazardous substances, check points will be established to determine who can enter certain areas. It is the goal of the Sheriff’s Office and all emergency responders to allow residents and business owners back to their properties as soon as it is safe. Being prepared is the key. If you plan to evacuate, bring your identification and proof of residency with you so you can get back home or to your business as quickly and safely as possible.

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Misleading advertising for sure. If he’d gotten the lenses he’s probably better to move to another state for six months, get a driver’s license in that state, then come back and get his license transferred over so he can use the special lenses. Florida is very strict about vision and driving. I was told “If you were getting new license here, we wouldn’t give it to you. You’ve very lucky you got it from another state first”. So I make sure I get it renewed promptly each time.

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This is beautiful. The code is simple and logical. The output beautiful.I think I’m willing to learn this. Actual code to make this in NetLogo included to show you: “This model demonstrates diffusion of a quantity through a directed network. The quantity moves among nodes in the network only along established, directed links between two nodes.” ——– [code]—– directed-link-breed [active-links active-link] directed-link-breed [inactive-links inactive-link] turtles-own [ val new-val ] ; a node’s past and current quantity, represented as size links-own [ current-flow ] ; the amount of quantity that has passed through a link ; in a given step globals [ total-val ; total quantity in the system max-val ; maximum quantity held by a single node in the system max-flow ; maximum quantity that has passed through a link in the system mean-flow ; average quantity that is passing through an arbitrary ; link in the system ] ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;; Setup Procedures ;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; to setup clear-all set-default-shape turtles “circle” set-default-shape links “small-arrow-link” ; create the grid of nodes ask patches with [abs pxcor < (grid-size / 2) and abs pycor < (grid-size / 2)] [ sprout 1 [ set color blue ] ] ; create a directed network such that each node has a LINK-CHANCE percent chance of ; having a link established from a given node to one of its neighbors ask turtles [ set val 1 let neighbor-nodes turtle-set [turtles-here] of neighbors4 create-active-links-to neighbor-nodes [ set current-flow 0 if random-float 100 > link-chance [ set breed inactive-links hide-link ] ] ] ; spread the nodes out ask turtles [ setxy (xcor * (max-pxcor – 1) / (grid-size / 2 – 0.5)) (ycor * (max-pycor – 1) / (grid-size / 2 – 0.5)) ] update-globals update-visuals reset-ticks end ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;; Main Procedure ;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; to go ask turtles [ set new-val 0 ] ask turtles [ let recipients out-active-link-neighbors ifelse any? recipients [ let val-to-keep val * (1 – diffusion-rate / 100) ; we keep some amount of our value from one turn to the next set new-val new-val + val-to-keep ; What we don’t keep for ourselves, we divide evenly among our out-link-neighbors. let val-increment ((val – val-to-keep) / count recipients) ask recipients [ set new-val new-val + val-increment ask in-active-link-from myself [ set current-flow val-increment ] ] ] [ set new-val new-val + val ] ] ask turtles [ set val new-val ] update-globals update-visuals tick end to rewire-a-link if any? active-links [ ask one-of active-links [ set breed inactive-links hide-link ] ask one-of inactive-links [ set breed active-links show-link ] ] end ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;; Updates ;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; to update-globals set total-val sum [ val ] of turtles set max-val max [ val ] of turtles if any? active-links [ set max-flow max [current-flow] of active-links set mean-flow mean [current-flow] of active-links ] end to update-visuals ask turtles [ update-node-appearance ] ask active-links [ update-link-appearance ] end to update-node-appearance ; node procedure ; scale the size to be between 0.1 and 5.0 set size 0.1 + 5 * sqrt (val / total-val) end to update-link-appearance ; link procedure ; scale color to be brighter when more value is flowing through it set color scale-color gray (current-flow / (2 * mean-flow + 0.00001)) -0.4 1 end ; Copyright 2008 Uri Wilensky. ; See Info tab for full copyright and license.

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