It’s a part of a family of internet discourse styles. Rules of debate have morphed and changed over time as all things do although it’s mostly unchanged from Usenet days, except perhaps the Fallacy list has grown exponentially and the informals are de facto formalized now and always growing.

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Capturing thought has been my obsession for a long time. Got my typing speed maxed up to 110 bpm long ago, Tried learning various shorthand and macro languages but my brain couldn’t do it. Various recording methods etc. I have a solution I’m ok with now but it took a long time to get there and I’m still not 100% satisfied.

Capturing thought has been [read full article] I never knew about it. Learning now: “Now, the boxing ring and the new ultra-violent, no-quarter-given “sport” of ultimate fighting is the last legal home of mutual combat with the distinction that it is not spur-of-the-moment, spontaneous. Similarly, the defence of mutual combat in criminal law has, except in the United States and India, been mothballed. In the case of the United States, many more recent cases restrict the defence to scenarios where deadly weapons were used; almost as if the only circumstances would be where a killer killed his victim as part of an agreed-upon first-to-kill game.”

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I’ve got stuff I’ve written when I was 14 (school newspaper on dress code equality), 17, 25, 30, all the way to now (just turned 46). My politics honestly haven’t changed. If anything, I’ve watched much of the world start to catch up to me but they’ve got a long way to go, and I’ve seen a lot of the world regressing.

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