Nerd (3rd grade. Embraced it by 4th grade and still a pride word for me). Four eyes (ignored it). Millimeter Peter.(5th grade camp. Bugged me ’til I realized I was the only one who even used the shower. Payback for that one? In 6th grade camp I walked naked to the shower down the hall, calmly and boldly and took a shower. Seen by many, gossip started. Butterflies but I was going to conquer it. Came back to room, changed. Came out. “Did you see that? Kenny used the shower.” – “Dude, you used the shower?” etc and a lot of them did after that. I broke the ice and felt heroic. It was a weird victory but it was my victory. Yes, I was weird. Gay: 3rd grade-7th, although by 7th it lost any sting. Payback for that? Read “Sexual Behavior of the Human Male” by Kinsey when I was 14 (I loved data and it had lots), and learned about the spectrum of possible male behaviors. Weirdo: embraced that early. Teacher’s Pet: Didn’t make sense to me at all, so they just sounded odd. Didn’t know what it meant ’til later and when I found out I laughed. Most of my bullies were “fair weather friends” who turned on me in public. My take from that was learning how far I could trust people. Trust in some things not in other things. Still, I didn’t like the “too many people” thing so I got myself a scholarship to a tiny private school for high school to get away from the sweaty mess. Best thing.

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Well, if it had check boxes, maybe you could check many of the first-row boxes, if you identify as a woman (if so), express feminine (if so), assigned female (if so), physically attracted to men/women/other (I don’t know, never asked and it’s not my business to assume), emotionally attracted to men/women/other (I don’t know, never asked, isn’t my business to assume) I’m not even sure how I’d fill it out. Probably lots of “Other”. Never was much for gender/sex stuff. Thought I was bi in high school. Called myself pansexual in college – but this is b4 they clarified a lot the gender stuff. I never held much importance to my gender / sex / etc but some people do.

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Sticks and Stones was a nice lie I told myself in the 3rd grade to get through but I knew it was a lie then and now. Words have power. Maybe they shouldn’t in a fairytale land but they do. Cop says “Stop or I’ll shoot!”, aw, it’s just words man. I mean sure, say what you want but to imagine a no-consequence world where words have no meaning or power is to me a bit of fantasy

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[I’m historical: I started the Y-RIGHTS group on the early internet back in 1990 where the founders of NYRA met up on somewhere in the mid 90s. They were more activist minded and I encouraged them to form their own groups and helped show a few resources how to do it. I lost track of NYRA for a while but found them again here on FB and joined here].

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I don’t know. I remember learning as a kid (never knew if true) that in France at one time, theft of necessities was not prosecuted as a kind of hands-off social welfare program thing. Does that bump up to theft of insured replaceable objects? For the thief it might. For the courts, probably not. For the homeowner, certainly not because it’s a hassle to replace and having strangers enter your home is icky and destroys the illusion of safety.

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