I don’t know. I remember learning as a kid (never knew if true) that in France at one time, theft of necessities was not prosecuted as a kind of hands-off social welfare program thing. Does that bump up to theft of insured replaceable objects? For the thief it might. For the courts, probably not. For the homeowner, certainly not because it’s a hassle to replace and having strangers enter your home is icky and destroys the illusion of safety.

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Answer: Nope. Some communities want to handle their own affairs instead of police living outside of their neighborhoods doing so, and report to the outside authorities to their progress in improving their communities, but that won’t happen because 2nd amendment rights don’t extend to non-white groups. Also, that’s a community decided temporary measure some are proposing _not_ an authoritarian imposed “solution”. But I didn’t read the blog. I don’t like reading things that require me to get chemotherapy when I’m done.

Answer: Nope.
Some communities
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It’s about self-acceptance. It’s got a great click-bait title but it’s basically letting other people love you and getting past one’s own internalized self-hatred. The boyfriends knew and were fine. He had a problem with himself and he’s learning to overcome it. Brave? I dunno. I’m guessing it’s a world that the hee-haw folks won’t ever be involved in so I dunno what’s their triggers on about.

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My mother’s status: “Laundry done, house cleaned, can opener near by. All ready for the sweating and mess of living in a dark no A/C house for days.” There’s no bravado in this. Just is what it is. People at the house have been doing what they can. News reports don’t help much – one brings hope the other brings destruction. Learning which is which is hard but it matters. Once the lights go out, we just manage at that point until things start to come on again. Since our phone service is terrible here anyway, probably won’t get updates from here for a bit. Hoping we keep electric until the last minute – which would be sometime Sunday. I Don’t expect Internet to be back for a few days after that. Is what it is.

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Doesn’t even matter which language, unless you’re focused on $$. Best way to start I think is have something you need to do that only programming will fix. Maybe you want to script a game. So, you learn LUA or Python. Maybe you want to see something in a browser. HTML5 Canvas / JS stuff. You could learn for learning’s sake too. Lots of good guides for that. Just follow along and the learning happens.

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Well, current applicants can reapply for now and funding removal is slow. Also, did you hear that Trump sided with Democrats on quick funding boost that had Harvey funds in it? It’s three months worth. DACA has a six month window. This gives Democrats the ability to tack DACA on EVERY BILL that goes through for months. Smart move there. Why are Republicans furious? One of which is because DACA can be saved now. If it’s saved, Trump can take the credit “I knew they’d decide right – I was testing them”, or if it’s not, he can throw the blame their way “Hey, they wanted it that way”. He’ll have answers to both critics now.

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