ie: The hippocampus is actually stupid and that’s good. It associates whether we’re conscious or not, animal or human. A model for memory systems based on processing modes rather than consciousness Katharina Henke Prominent models of human long-term memory distinguish between memory systems on the basis of whether learning and retrieval occur consciously or unconsciously. Episodic memory formation requires the rapid encoding of associations between different aspects of an event which, according to these models, depends on the hippocampus and on consciousness. However, recent evidence indicates that the hippocampus mediates rapid associative learning with and without consciousness in humans and animals, for long-term and short-term retention. Consciousness seems to be a poor criterion for differentiating between declarative (or explicit) and nondeclarative (or implicit) types of memory. A new model is therefore required in which memory systems are distinguished based on the processing operations involved rather than by consciousness.

ie: The hippocampus is
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Kids make hierarchies of things. Scratch is considered elementary school, regular middle school kids still use Scratch but the “real programmer” kids are coding using LUA in Roblox or learning Python and dreaming about learning C++, which is considered the “real language” of programming by many of the younger set. It’s all Coke vs Pepsi stuff really as all programming languages have tradeoffs but like any field there’s elitism and it’s not uncommon.

Kids make hierarchies of
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Oh wow, it really is isn’t it? I’m always right on the cusp of throwing out Generational theory as bunk and then something like this comes along and it reminds me that yes, it stands for something. A grouping of some kind at the least. Is it by media influences or geography or economic conditions, or racial relations of a time frame or some mixed womby yet strangely parseable thing? I dunno but it’s a something worth looking at.

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