The creation of ideas is complicated. It’s not just built upon neurons. You have to build both top down and bottom up to get ideas to link to neurons. Ideas build upon ideas within societies, transmitted in a variety of mechanical means, encoded within languages (which are also built of ideas shared among humans), stretching back to the beginning of human communication and likely prior to animal coded communications. That’s top down. Then you have the coding in evolution allowing for mechanisms that can hold, use and transmit information down generations, information on how to construct species that are capable of idea-creation, holding, usage, transmission. That’s bottom up.

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I once studied for fun the developmental stages of when typically distinctions like front back, left right, here, there, cognitively develop. I did it by looking into studies of deaf-blind children, figuring that they were have a more difficult time and their learning processes more notable. I did get answers. Unfortunately it was a couple of years ago and I don’t remember what it was.

I once studied for
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to skim means speed reading, or reading quickly, or using various faster techniques to learn new materials while reading. When someone is “skimming” it means they read only the headlines, or only the conclusions, or only looks at the pictures, or only looks at summaries. They want to get the “main ideas” but know they will not get all of the details. So I call myself a “skimmer” because that is how I read difficult books. I am restless and impatient but by setting targets while reading such as: absorb an overview of a book as quickly as possible and find what is interesting to me to focus further on, then I have an easier time working with a difficult book.

 to skim means speed
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Ran 13 years of my Facebook comments through an AI Topic Sorter I like. I set it for 60 words each in 6 Topics. Ran it for 6000 iterations and I like this topic: system words human brain systems thinking theory similar process set logic form language information sense view universe reality based god order knowledge experience basic math data model concept perspective nature physics work number humans level simple learning mathematics general difficult patterns study research logical exist points concepts understanding fascinating ways numbers function fit computers present physical memory computer working notion

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dunno. I just kept calling it “the project”. I started collecting my thoughts literally – first on index cards, then I made a website to stick my comments and posts into … and it’s all been a big navel gazing thing. Learning a lot though. Finally figured out I’m definitely inattentive ADHD so that’s something at least.

 dunno. I just kept
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surprised i had this: file from when I was learning Turbo Pascal 6.0 My 2nd one. “Shizzy” and “Oh_no” were my two variables”. starting Dec 9, 1991. I used it for a couple of years; I’ve since forgotten everything about Pascal; but it was a great way to write DOS programs at the time. Program name: Man_Im_Confused

surprised i had this:
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