Yup. Took major moves though and a few strokes of an Executive Office pen. I think Soros had a much stronger solution as I don’t think this top-down solution will be sustainable for _too_ much longer. Hence the top 3% money-grab at present. They know it. What’s next? We’ll manage but I’m hoping for a crash sooner than later while there’s still money to fix.

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I died three times just after being born. Got last rites (Catholic, almost automatic). Later got baptised Methodist. So that’s: Born: Died Came back. Born-Again: Died Came back. Died Came back. Born-Again: Oh, and I got christened in the Eastern Orthodox (among Ruthenians) at age 24. Born-Again; So that’s: 1: Womb-me died when umbilical cord cut. 2: Outside me died. Came back. 3: Came back me died, was born-again in Christ. 4: born-again in Christ.died, came back 5. came back born again in Christ died, came back. 6. came back came back born again in Christ was born again in Christ. 7. Adult came back came back born again born again me died and was born again in Christ. So, 7 times according to Christian logic.

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Becoming literate in this takes time. There’s no need to worry. It’s just that we’ve been told the world’s a certain way. Now that more voices are saying, “Yoo-hoo? We’re here too.” it’s an eye-opener and I look at my mistakes as opportunities to listen and learn a few things. I remember finding out that I was (default). When I said “people”, I meant “white men of a certain class”. I didn’t know that’s what I meant, but I did because it was so easy to contrast “people” with other groups of people (who are also people). It was a slow realization. I used to argue, “I reject labels and you should too”, not actually listening to why it’s so easy for me to remove the labels but so hard / impossible for people who _weren’t_ also (default) to do so. I’m picking on Bette Midler because it was an avoidable mistake and tonedeaf. Hopefully a little embarrassment and she’ll start learning. I like seeing things from novel perspectives so I don’t mind and I’m lucky that I can hide behind being clueless (white guy) (think Tim Allen back in 90s Home Improvement days) when I screw up, giving me time to improve.

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