You’re looking for “connectionists”. They don’t really exist as a type of scientist / advocate anymore as that dates back to the early 1990s. AI / neural networking became a dirty word in the 1990s and they started referring to it by other names in order to get funding. There was a long AI winter from around 1991 – 2000 or so. Instead you saw the words “Machine Learning” as one of many replacement terms. They knowingly used an outdated model of the neuron because it was computationally easy to follow but they knew at least at the time that it wasn’t a mimic of the brain. Where you see that kind of fluff is in marketing “brain on a chip” from IBM an stuff – and unfortunately, some machine learning researchers actually believe they’re modeling the brain, although I think most of that is what’s in the science advocacy press to keep people enthusiastic about science and to sell books on THE SINGULARITY and stuff. CogSci has been well aware that the neuron is far more complicated than the leaky integrate-and-fire model used in neural networking; it’s just for many purposes, when working with the electric model of the brain, it remains a useful metaphor and easy to work with. But generally I think the current modeling is focused on chemical gating including the behavior of microtubules, white matter, etc.

You’re looking for “connectionists”.
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When I was 17, I thought of becoming a psychologist. So, I interviewed two psychologists. They love a kid that’s interested so it was easy to set up. I’d heard about suicide rates among psychologists and that many become psychologists because they’re searching for their own answers in life and hope that trying to understand others will help them understand themselves. Well, that turned out to be true, at least those two New Jersey psychologists I interviewed. And, so I realized that since what _I_ was wanting to do is trying to understand myself by learning to understand others, I realized that it wasn’t my path and so I didn’t take it.

When I was 17,
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hank you I’ve done some – occasionally i like learning programming languages and i love diving into some kind of seemingly impossible computer challenge where I want to see something happen and I muddle my way through and make it happen – — this though is.. this is something I haven’t seen in computers yet. It’s more of an organic thing, how things naturally affect other things that are bigger and smaller than each other, like biological systems and such

hank you  I’ve done
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I think I’m probably a bit of an epicurean. almost joined a monastery in my mid 20s (went through an uber religious questing thing for a few years) – later found out the ‘friendship communities” were based on epicurean communities historically. As a boy, I was enamored by John Holt (unschooling stuff) and especially by Summerhill – experimental British school from the 1920s. – I was like 12-13 when I ploughed through those books. Convinced to get the heck out of public school, managed to scholarship myself (essays) to a tiny private school for high school which was as close as I was gonna get. Never fully understood politics, governments, etc. I mean I do and don’t; had strong opinions about some subjects but these I was ignorant of until SUPER late – and I had to take online tests to find out where my political stance was. I figured I was just in the middle somewhere. No idea how far off in “far-left” land I was ’til 2014 – 42 yrs old. I’ve run a tiny business for 18 years but never understood profit motive – i run it more like a non-profit I think or it seems. Was successful investing once upon a time (how I got this mortgage) but never really understood markets and capitalism. It was just silly games and still is to me. yet it’s all crucially important somehow. I keep learning.

 I think I’m probably
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Well, the little tiny bit i think i understand of Kant here – and I probably don’t – is the equivalence of free will and moral law; that is, autonomy is acting in accordance with what is lawful for itself; so in this case, it is lawful for an organism to do what is normal for the organism to do; following its own traits. Initiating behavior based on their own internal states; lawful.

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