When I was learning Russian (trying to) back in 1999-2000, I got a satellite dish and rented two Russian channels. I couldn’t make holes n the roof at that house, so I ran a long wire to the backyard and attached it to a box. One of my favorite shows was a Spanish novella with Russian voiceovers and poorly written English subtitles. I got to use a little of my Spanish high school learning, upped my Russian a tiny bit but mostly it just messed with my head.

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I hate doing repetitive tasks by hand which should be easily automated and I can’t THINK of how to automate it quickly so I can get it over with and instead… have to do it by hand because it would take LONGER to come up with the automation than to do it by hand. This is 13 minutes sped up 48x into 16 seconds. 16 seconds is a reasonable speed for this (lining up 162 texts of different lengths side-to-side by one keyword they have in common]] but 13 minutes was annoying. I knew the code I needed t write: it’s the code that could execute what I did by hand. But writing the code would take longer than 13 minutes. [I didn’t know it would take 13 minutes to do this but I knew it would be longer than 13 minutes to write working code and executing it]. ugh. It’s over at least. [and afterwards, I found 6 missing pieces – only 156 instead of 162. Turns out 6 didn’t have the keyword. Were there faster ways? I know there are. Or must be. Can you set it up and run it in less than 14 minutes, including time figuring out and debugging the code? If so let me know. There’s other texts I’d like to align. I know there are concordances programs; I think I have one – but i don’t know it as well as I know excel, and learning time adds to the time cost. I won’t need this again for this project but I may in the future. Either way, my gripe is done and I’ve expressed it thusly. :)

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