Funny. I thought I’d have strong opinions about this but I don’t. Schools operate on an ancient schedule. Who needs to go home to tend the fields after 3pm in 2019? They also need more funding. Yet, school sucks. Then again, some kids like it. My nephew, now 14, loves school for the socializing. He also doesn’t mind learning but he sees them as two entirely separate functions of school. If it were me, I’d have kid and teen social centers with teachers available, scrap the whole “we have to teach them how to listen to their future bosses” thing. But that probably wouldn’t work so it’s good I’m not in charge of things. So, no strong opinions from here.

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I’m not good at feeling my feelings. I have trouble naming them most of the time. I usually think of the symptoms but can’t connect them to a feeling name. But I’ve been learning to say to myself, “These are the symptoms of sad and overtired” for example. Once I can put a name to it, I can sit with the name and the feelings for a while and allow them to run their course. But it’s difficult.

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I’m not a natural business owner, just doing it by necessity. Tried a couple of businesses in my early 20s, didn’t do so great. But learned a lot. Starting Affordable Trapping was a big learning curve. I thought i knew a lot but knew less than I thought. Along the way, discovered: a) How the IRS defines things _is_ the defacto truth. Scratch that: THE defacto truth. b) If a pundit or politician says anything contrary to the IRS, see a. a is right. So, a small business is 50 or 100 employees and up to 500 at which point it’s a medium biz. So what’s 50 and under? Also a small business? No, it’s not. It’s a Micro business. But even the IRS mixes up those terms in places. But once you know what kind of business you’re in, you can learn what does and does not apply to you. It’s actually fascinating in its own way.

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