The rigor of mathematical grammars (viewing mathematics as constructed languages built collectively through usage, investigation, deep introspection into its own properties as well as external applications of the grammars in a pragmatic fashion) has afforded the grammars and languages of the various mathematics a unique place in the world’s families of languages as a far more reliable and robust method of communication than standard organic languages that are in more general usage.

The rigor of mathematical
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Ultimately, purely deterministic could be argued successfully to the satisfaction of a philosopher or logician. I only read the summaries as I find podcasts linear, like being the ball in a pinball machine having to wait for whatever is coming next instead of having an overview of the whole machine at once. I have the same issue with Youtube videos. Earlier, in another group, Zee Zee shared what looked like an amazing 1 hr lecture on Theoretical neuroscience and deep learning theory by Surya Ganguli. But it’s a 1 hr lecture. I can’t sit still and listen for 1 hour. So what I did instead is spent an hour: a) finding the slides for the presentation. It was in PDF. B) Converted the PDF to an MP4 slideshow, 5s each slide. c) Found out that 96 bpm is a multiple of 5s each slide. D) Found a piece of free music at 96 bpm without drums. e) set the slideshow to the music. Now I have a 10m 20s presentation I can process in a way I prefer, even if the lecture would have walked me through more slowly, inch by inch, step by step, point by point. Synchronizing music to slides reinforces cognition, at least for me and it’s a strong slideshow. Now I can go through it.

Ultimately, purely deterministic could
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You’re right, but what have we done with that knowledge? Avoided the necessity of 1st order logic and moved into a whole technological blossoming by that avoidance of 1st order logic and moved onto 2nd order logic in the form of Computational Complexity.

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Online since 1989 Whatever else I also do in life, corresponding with people regarding various topics and going back and forth is a part of it. Constant researching, trying new programs, learning new skills and expanding so that every day there’s something impossible I didn’t do yesterday or at least amazing to me or satisfying is an important part of my life. The rest of the time is spend anticipating needs for a couple of people who don’t realize they have a lot of needs that involve me but as they’re always involving me, I made it part of an ongoing challenge for myself. Subcultures are a continual source of fascination so the mental challenges of seeing things from other perspectives and how they intersect with my own is also expansive. Composing music in my head, working out novel solutions to things I don’t understand until I can find a metaphor that I could explain something I didn’t previously understand to someone else, is also an ongoing challenge that I enjoy.

Online since 1989
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