Alturism is a part of human nature. It’s found in other mammals as well so it should be no surprise that humans are naturally alturistic too. I think compassion is a sign of high intelligence as it is both immediate (now based) and forward thinking (future based). I think we get caught up in life and can neglect our better sides for a time ,but I don’t think that alturism will ever leave, even if it occasionally goes into hiding.

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Your friends are abandoning you. This is not always a sign of, “They can’t handle the truth”. Maybe you have all brand new friends now. Have you ever taken Autism Quotient test? I took it today and, not surprisingly, I’m “just” inside of the autistic range. It’s only a few questions. It’s possible you have some mindblindness. I scored 37. Just took it today.

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Grey matter reduces during maturity. Stress (whatever the origin) reduces grey matter. The hippocampus grows a miniscule amount of new grey matter neurons but in general, after the peaking of grey matter growth between the ages of 5-10 years old, it nearly always shrinks. This is not necessarily a bad thing for increased cross-connectivity of neurons reduces the need for so much grey matter. One notable exception is meditation, which increases grey matter volume.

Grey matter reduces during
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The rigor of mathematical grammars (viewing mathematics as constructed languages built collectively through usage, investigation, deep introspection into its own properties as well as external applications of the grammars in a pragmatic fashion) has afforded the grammars and languages of the various mathematics a unique place in the world’s families of languages as a far more reliable and robust method of communication than standard organic languages that are in more general usage.

The rigor of mathematical
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