I live in an area with a lot of undocumented workers. Federal boots due to do a raid on our local area soon which sucks ’cause the big farms need those workers. Anyway, they always drive at or just under the speed limit. Don’t get in trouble. Stay quiet. Go to work. Spend money. Paid 75% of what US workers would get, except US workers don’t want that kind of work. So, if the big black boots from Washington DC step foot in our local soil, it’ll disrupt the fast food tomatoes and stuff. Whatever. Just another day in “States have no say” USA.

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Well, if you want to understand my way of thinking, he nails it. He’s got the rare blend of knowledge, optimism and skepticism that I consider good scientific traits . I think to understand human intelligence, you have to understand intelligence first. Give it a range. Look around at what lives and what are their levels of intelligence and what makes it so. So, one example is learning reflexes. How to have AI habituate? A danger of habituation is making mistakes but I think trying to go straight to human AI without making the mistakes of other intelligent creatures loses on some of the mechanisms that makes ours work.

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I was at the start of “break up into groups of 4″ in the 80s (NJ USA). Wasn’t my thing but it worked for normal kids. Flash-forward to 2010s, FL USA. Nephew completed 8th grade, going into 9th in a month and he’s only had two classes that WEREN’T small groups. So, it became a thing. Great for many, probably most, but not all. I suspect Denmark is very scientific about it. Not haphazard like the USA, where we “try it and give up” or rush to implement everywhere without training or tracking or guidance and it sticks around as tradition before you know it. I don’t care that much if they experiment on kids in schools. The whole lower school thing is a 200 year social experiment starting with theory that we’re all a part of and University is a an outgrowth of a middle ages experiment in “Scholasticism” based on fragments of 1000 year old texts that they got wrong and by the time Byzantine knowledge transfer happened in 1450s, Scholasticism was as entrenched for them as public school is for the world today.

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Sometimes to look at your own problems, it can help to step outside further away and then look in. NYRA tends to be US centric, which is ok – that’s the National in NYRA. But look at this video. It’s a PSA about child neglect in Caribbean. My question is: Is there a line between freedom and neglect? If so, where is it?

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No. What I mean is: facilities have always been in place. Fewer have been crossing since a peak in 2010 if I remember right – and that was due to a different situation at that time. What has happened since what’s-his-face (not Trump but that other guy) announced zero tolerance? THAT’S when the crisis began.

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