In 1990, while in college, I was contacted by UNICEF for my work on a youth rights group I founded. They wanted my help spreading the word on UN Declaration on the Rights of a Child and asked to join my group to be an international voice for less represented areas online at the time. It was exciting to be found by UNICEF and treated as an important figure at 18 years old. Those little orange coin boxes I filled every year for UNICEF at Halloween from my church finally started making more sense and went far beyond feeding families into much more complicated issues. The USA may leave the UN Human Rights Council but I will keep following.

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I’m looking forward to whoever gets in next. Exploring EVERY loophole of “It doesn’t say I “CAN’T” do this” will cause ALL THOSE LOOPHOLES his lawyers are finding for him to get closed. More rules for whoever comes after to PREVENT this from happening again. Obama was our last President. Whoever is our next President won’t get the same luxuries as whoever’s sitting there now.

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Good question. I haven’t invested in a long time but any of the historic patterns I learned then seem to still hold true today, even with the new technologies and methods available. Why? We don’t change and it’s we that chose why we choose the tools we use. At the time, I scoured through lots of writers about investing. I found something to learn from each but was always disappointed that none ‘clicked’, until I found Kenneth Rogoff on CBS Marketwatch. I loved his writing style, what he said, his advice — it was all stuff I was already doing but he was smarter about it. It was bizarre but cool for me. So I corresponded a little and after describing my way of thinking, he said that I’m a contrarian investor. I looked up what that was, and he was right. That was over 15 yrs ago, my stocks did well (gone now but because I spent – and lasted 10 yrs longer than I thought they would). Last yr, look him up. Found out he’s a somebody. It was cool.

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I find similar things interesting around the anniversaries of the LAST time I found them interesting. It also happens seasonally. [3 /6/9 month intervals]. I figure the body’s part of the ecosystem of the Earth and the brain is part of the body, so a seasonal brain isn’t so strange.

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