Scott Forman A) I wouldn’t put limitations on Internet itself unless it was a Service Ie: As long is it governed by market forces it follows market rules. B ) Political donations and nonprofit in general are already regulated. For that I would strengthen existing features. I think there’s a bill that made it easy for corporate donations and I always forget it’s name that can be taken away again that would help. Bills for transparency requirements can easily solve a good portion of the problem by making it difficult for all but the most dedicated.

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So, I don’t fully understand this except they successfully found a repeatable method to turn a map projection with height into a playably accurate (not just technically accurate) representation of real earth in minecraft. I think if I reread this a few times it’ll click but I’ll just say that I’m impressed at least by the presentation on this page. “The real world is not flat – on a large scale it’s pretty much ellipsoidal. However, we often want to represent a part of the surface of the Earth on a map (on paper or on a computer screen) – so we use map projections to map from the curved surface of the ellipsoid onto a flat surface (2D). We also agree that our landscape is not really a positively curved, rotationally symmetric ellipsoid. There are hills, valleys, buildings and so on. We get around that with the help of so-called height models, which represent the surface in a coordinate system which is a combination of a flat 2D planar system and a height axis. The height axis can represent height above the ellipsoid, a truly geometric concept, or the height above a geoid, that carries the important geophysical information that water tends to run downhill!” “1. Ocean, 2. Reference ellipsoid, 3. Local plumb line, 4. Continent, 5. Geoid. By MesserWoland (Own work)”

So, I don’t fully
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It may or may not surprise you to learn that I don’t want to be right. I’m going with the most dangerous possibility because being caught unprepared leads into situations. In this angle, it appears that police are showing rioters the way in and how to get to places very politely and calmly. Why? Speculation. Trials. It’ll all come out at some point. But for now, there’s 12 days between now and the inauguation. A Jan 17th coup date was widely discussed on all the networks and is what prompted the big Trump shut down and pulling parlor from the stores. Nobody wants THEIR service to be THE PLACE where a govt insurrection plan is discussed on.

 It may or may
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