Youtube’s basically a monopoly but so is Facebook. But there’s no monopoly busters, just free market at play. I keep hoping a #2 and #3 video service ramps up. As far as ‘cracking down on conspiracy”? I doubt it. That’s like their claim to go after neo-nazi stuff, but only because it’s illegal in almost every country Youtube is seen in, except for a few like the USA. But they don’t. As far as Alex goes? For an entertainer, he;s a too powerful media giant.

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I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler. Through physical therapy from around age 2-4.5, I was able to enter public school without much noticeable. I was extremely lucky. In my early 20s, to repay, I spent a year volunteering full time at the same CP center, helping the kids out and setting up the computers for UI and such. Now I’m 46 and my heart is with every person with cerebral palsy. My case was mild and physical therapy helped rewire the motor functions of my brain and while I know it’s not a fix for all people, I know it makes a huge difference. The center that helped me is still around but somewhat hidden, in these days of integration. It is now known as Jardine Academy Private School and is in Cranford NJ but it was in Union, NJ when I knew it.

I was diagnosed with
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New style active school shooter drill “…the shooter is a dark skinned male…” Of course he is. That’s become normalized expectations – and this is becoming normalized expectations too. Maybe it shouldn’t have to be. Aren’t the adults supposed to fix the problems? Who is doing school walkouts despite their schools and parents giving them punishments? It’s not the adults. “This active shooter drill at East High School in Anchorage, Alaska simulates the sound of gunshots The purpose of this training is to teach students what actual gunfire sounds like”

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