Close to real time. There’s a lag that’s socially acceptable but it’s really short. I had a bad stutter as a kid. Too many words wanted to pour our at once. Had to slow down vocal muscles and brain. Speech therapist put strawberry paste on the back of my throat for some reason and showed me how to create a little ‘void’ in my head to sort words out quickly before speaking them. The shortest speed of the world is 13ms. Anything shorter than that is instant. Mutliplayer gaming programmers and network engineers try to work with that 13ms as a golden goal to reach when they can.

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Funny. I thought I’d have strong opinions about this but I don’t. Schools operate on an ancient schedule. Who needs to go home to tend the fields after 3pm in 2019? They also need more funding. Yet, school sucks. Then again, some kids like it. My nephew, now 14, loves school for the socializing. He also doesn’t mind learning but he sees them as two entirely separate functions of school. If it were me, I’d have kid and teen social centers with teachers available, scrap the whole “we have to teach them how to listen to their future bosses” thing. But that probably wouldn’t work so it’s good I’m not in charge of things. So, no strong opinions from here.

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Cops in crowded Eastern areas like NJ metropolitan area don’t have the space, time or patience for 2nd amendment stuff. They need to know “shots fired” = “bad” immediately. It’s not that you can’t get it – it’s your right – but you’re going to know how to use it if you do. None of this guns-flow-like-water Texas buddhism thing.

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