It was the help of an app called Fourier Anime that got me started. It created rubber-band animation from a standard image. I took one of the frames, simplified it further using Inkscape’s “simplify” to get here. App page for Fourier Anime says it uses this process, which I’d like to figure out to do by hand: 1. Edge Detect Differentiate the luminosity value of the monochrome input image, then we can get the edges where the luminosity are changing significantly. 2. Find Contours Extract contour curves from the edge image one by one. 3. Fourier Transform Contours are the sequences of points. Convert this complex sequences into Fourier coefficients by Fourier transform. 4. Low-pass Filter Leave only the coefficients of low-frequency parts. 5. Inverse Fourier Transform Reconstruct the complex sequences of points from low-pass filtered Fourier coefficients. And draw the curves in the display (parametric representation).

It was the help
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And thank you! The Math Dancing will help. It’s so tempting to jump to it but I gotta work with vectors and REALLY maximize it. Groups is akin to bit flipping which is my normal domain and I’ll be back into discrete again. Hard for me to work in platonic ideals but I’ll do it for drawing and animation as that’s my nemisis..

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As it’s too chaotic right now to watch a vid, I’ll judge by summary only for now. “Criticized by the left and claimed by the right, Dr Jordan B Peterson’s ideas are a defense of traditional morality and leading a purpose-driven life. His claim that hierarchies help individuals create goals for themselves (and that goal-setting is a good life skill) seems to deprioritize equality—at least equality of outcome—as the primary goal of society.” Just going by synopsis, I’d initially say that I generally hold to the common: just by default if nothing else but I am probably more fine-tuned if I thought about it more.

As it’s too chaotic
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The “Half your age plus 7 rule” is a guideline for “general social acceptability”. It’s tame, safe, and anybody who criticizes age differences in relationships within the green range is ridiculous It happens but it’s usually teasing or mean-spiritedness. Now, I’ve calculated your coordinates. I had to figure out how to divide a box into 5 parts which was a fun little challenge. I realized that two rectangles inside each other with a line in the middle, paying attention to the spaces being even would get me here. So, what this chart says to me is: You’ll get flak from some people.

The “Half your age
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