Mildly curious to see if anything is other than I thought. My 17 second review is: it’s not. I also know: if I got involved, I’d be hooked. I was once hooked on the stock market and it was addictive. Fun, did really well, but not doing it again. Maybe if it lost the feeling of being Windows XP pop up “earn money while you browse” toolbars I’d think of it.

Mildly curious to see
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The creation of ideas is complicated. It’s not just built upon neurons. You have to build both top down and bottom up to get ideas to link to neurons. Ideas build upon ideas within societies, transmitted in a variety of mechanical means, encoded within languages (which are also built of ideas shared among humans), stretching back to the beginning of human communication and likely prior to animal coded communications. That’s top down. Then you have the coding in evolution allowing for mechanisms that can hold, use and transmit information down generations, information on how to construct species that are capable of idea-creation, holding, usage, transmission. That’s bottom up.

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“Have you ever encountered a “know-it-all”? Someone who claims to know everything, likes to dominate conversations, and offer unsolicited advice? Dealing with such a person can be quite difficult. Fortunately, the characteristics of a know-it-all are fairly easy to spot. ”

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I had a dream in a dream in a dream today. Passed out on an odd time of the day. In the dream I was laying in bed dreaming of a bird making a repeating noise over and over again. I slowly started to wake up in the dream and the sound started changing and I was starting to understand it. Then I woke up and heard “Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow” repeating. I thought “wow! I’m now awake and I finally understand how to translate between dream language and English, by connecting the ancient parts of my brain in the dream state and bringing them forward to the waking state!” It all makes sense now!” Then I tried to sit up. I couldn’t sit up. My room looked normal. But I couldn’t move. I glanced at my phone which was in my left hand. It was off. But then it started flashing on and it was getting hot. “Oh no!” I thought, “I’m connected to The SOURCE! It’s going to run the battery out and overheat if I’m connected to The SOURCE and not using it!” The phone got hotter and I felt the battery swelling thick in the back about to burst as the screen kept turning off, flashing on, then turning off again. Suddenly the phone wasn’t in my hand anymore and I was very cold. I didn’t know where my hand was but my feet were cold and there was coldness on my face. So that’s when I actually woke up.

I had a dream
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The world is a big wonderful amazing place. Being mentally stuck with an ancient picture of a dead man laughing and a few words he never said because of some affinity you feel for a fictional imaginary power-friend is also your choice if you like. But really, there’s a big world out there, today.

The world is a
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In this case, they used questions from advice columns and “am I the asshole?” reddit discussion and a few other places. They simplified them into “right/wrong” and ended up with 1.7 million right/wrong answers. It works in 90% of the cases in the United States. So it’s geared around US morality. But it did very poorly on questions that were complicated and it also did poorly on questions like the one you mentioned because they are culturally specific and there was no clear answer there.

 In this case, they
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