What’s scary about these folks is that they know *just* how to make some things spread. In 2016, I remember they were putting up fake Twitter profiles with stereotypical looking feminist profiles with pictures of badly drawn Nazi hate graffiti (that they did themselves). The left believed it and it made the news. The right who *weren’t* part of the planning thought it was faked by the left because it was so obviously badly done and those who sat in the background that got the controversy started just monitor what happens and laugh.

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Oh I’ve thought about it. I know how to do it. I used to pirate all my software, even before P2P and it was multipart downloads on obscure BBS, Usenet groups… and of course afterward when it got super easy. [I leeched for a while, then started contributing]… But I dunno: I think it’s the challenge of it for me, working around it. I like Paint NET. I recommend it freely to people who are just starting out their editing adventures. I’ve learned lots of great plugins that do things that people like to do.

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