My favorite trick: if you want to increase Nitric oxide bubbles (the ‘gaseous signaling molecule’)? Hum through your nose. When it makes that buzzing noise, your nasal passages have gone supersonic, making lots and lots of those tiny little NO bubbles. Will that help you think or form new memories or make your heart work better, among other effects? I don’t know. But, it does make more NO in the body.

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I’m not deflecting anything. What is the nature of a government? What does it do? What metaphors function in place of a government? That can be tricky as government is a nominalization of a verb: TO GOVERN. Government governs. Act of governing. So where does this action of governing take place? On a plot of land with people and things on it. SO now we have a circumscribed place with an act (“governing”) taking place with people and things involved. What metaphor covers all that? A house. A family. Mom, Dad, kids, pets, stuff. Is it a good metaphor? I don’t know. But nation as house, leader as mommy or daddy, the people as kids, the economy as bank account, is SO commonly in use that it acts “as if” true already. Look at the budget. People talk about the budget as if it’s a bank account for their home. But it’s not. It’s entirely different, functions differently. But the metaphor of nation=house, leader = mom/dad is so strong, that even the smartest economists fall in that metaphorical trap and can’t get out of it.

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Doubters also thought coronavirus was a hoax until recently. Bad things happen, sometimes in big numbers and you don’t always know it. IF you had a good experience that’s great. This is for those that were sexually abused in an organization entrusted to their care and well being. Toughen up. Your childhood isn’t ruined. Organization did wrong. Organization has to do right now and are. Sorry if this taints your childhood memories but it shouldn’t. This is just the reality of life and the nature of responsibility.

Doubters also thought coronavirus
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