My 10th great-grandfather is Reverend John Bowers, Pilgrim, Puritan or Quaker, I can’t tell yet. Born 1629 in Dorset, England Immigrated with parents to Plymouth before 1636. Died 06/14/1687 Derby, New Haven County, Dominion of New England (Present Connecticut), (Present USA) He was sent to Derby, CT and the small community of about 12 families built a Meeting-house in 1681, which was very plain (an account by a 79 yr old man in the describes from his childhood). In 1721, they’d grown as a community and built their second church, which continues to be a working church, now a member of the UCC (United Church of Christ). His father, my 11th great-grandfather, George Bowers, was a constable (a cop!) in Plymouth. His brother’s granddaughter, Bathsheba Bowers, was the only female author in 1709. She “lived as a recluse. She cultivated her garden and adopted the principles of vegetarian Thomas Tryon. She professed Quakerism but had a deep argumentative and independent streak. According to Bolton, Bowers was “so Wild in her Notions it was hard to find out what religion she really was of”.

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