Doubters also thought coronavirus was a hoax until recently. Bad things happen, sometimes in big numbers and you don’t always know it. IF you had a good experience that’s great. This is for those that were sexually abused in an organization entrusted to their care and well being. Toughen up. Your childhood isn’t ruined. Organization did wrong. Organization has to do right now and are. Sorry if this taints your childhood memories but it shouldn’t. This is just the reality of life and the nature of responsibility.

Doubters also thought coronavirus
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Rich Dad, Poor Dad got big around 2000 and I got it somewhere around that time. Might have been an audible I downloaded to my HandSpring Visor now that I think about it ’cause I know his voice, but I know I had the paperback. Guy was full of crap but entertaining. He knew how to spin a yarn. Basic “The Universe will give you cash if you just avoid paying taxes like me” stuff. Going through notes, I can see I went through the exercises AGAIN around 2010 – probably a desperate moment, looking for any answers and that book was laying around. I think it was one of those “four ways to make money in america” things: stocks, real estate (and the basic starting process with that), run a business, run a few businesses, buy and sell businesses. 5 ways. Whatever. But yeah. How to be a “rich idiot”.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad
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Upper middle class will worry about the “how” of things just as middle and lower middle does. How to get something done. Process. Management, either self-management or management of others. Wealthy generally don’t. When stressed, they go on vacation, zone out, disengage. “You’re all so blue about money – let’s have a party!” It’s not that non-wealthy don’t also do that. But when you’re not wealthy there’s a “rubber meets the road” moment where you have to deal with stuff. If you’re wealthy? It’s completely optional.

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