The creation of ideas is complicated. It’s not just built upon neurons. You have to build both top down and bottom up to get ideas to link to neurons. Ideas build upon ideas within societies, transmitted in a variety of mechanical means, encoded within languages (which are also built of ideas shared among humans), stretching back to the beginning of human communication and likely prior to animal coded communications. That’s top down. Then you have the coding in evolution allowing for mechanisms that can hold, use and transmit information down generations, information on how to construct species that are capable of idea-creation, holding, usage, transmission. That’s bottom up.

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I had a dream in a dream in a dream today. Passed out on an odd time of the day. In the dream I was laying in bed dreaming of a bird making a repeating noise over and over again. I slowly started to wake up in the dream and the sound started changing and I was starting to understand it. Then I woke up and heard “Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow” repeating. I thought “wow! I’m now awake and I finally understand how to translate between dream language and English, by connecting the ancient parts of my brain in the dream state and bringing them forward to the waking state!” It all makes sense now!” Then I tried to sit up. I couldn’t sit up. My room looked normal. But I couldn’t move. I glanced at my phone which was in my left hand. It was off. But then it started flashing on and it was getting hot. “Oh no!” I thought, “I’m connected to The SOURCE! It’s going to run the battery out and overheat if I’m connected to The SOURCE and not using it!” The phone got hotter and I felt the battery swelling thick in the back about to burst as the screen kept turning off, flashing on, then turning off again. Suddenly the phone wasn’t in my hand anymore and I was very cold. I didn’t know where my hand was but my feet were cold and there was coldness on my face. So that’s when I actually woke up.

I had a dream
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as a teenager, I read a number of books on American education. I was interested in what was broken and how to fix it. One book I read that I can’t track down since, contained a large study done on teenagers to test their intelligence on a number of levels. It may have been early college goers. if I remember right, there was a group that was identical in every way educationally and emotionally with the only real difference, their family’s status. (parents careers basically) they revisited the group 30 years later, scattered all around the world because they had come to the college from all around, whoever they could track down. each had a story to tell. they all used their intelligence and emotional stability in where they landed up. but a few cases left me in tears. The saddest was a middle-aged man who successfully finished college as much as a full academic scholarship gave, but after that, lacking family connections, he went back to the family farm in the midwest and tended it best he could. Verge of suicidal when they found him. his room filled with grand notes and ideas about the things he studied but there were cows to tend and a family business he had to hang onto. was it a case as you say of a family member prized over one’s own success? possibly but i don’t think it could’ve been any other way, at least not at that time.

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Usually several hundred. I’m down to just this one and I feel naked. Exposed. Bare. Barren. Clueless. Aimless. Hopeless. Pointless. Uncertain. Perplexed. Annoyed. Discombobulated. It’s intentional but I don’t like it. Something I force myself to do once a month or two. INFP

Usually several hundred. I’m
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c) I have issue with how he ties together mythology and heritage and dna and find his politics a bit ridiculous but his “how to live” book stuff isn’t awful (clean your room). Has anybody said anything about the intellectual dark web? No. Has anybody said anything about Unite the Right rally? No. Has anybody considered him the boogeyman? No.

c) I have issue
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Me: “Information is Physical” said Landauer in 1961 and established a lower limit of thermodynamic cost of information: “Information is not free” basically. The number has been confirmed numerous times, despite many attempts to break it with quantum erasure, although it can be switched to angular momentum instead of heat. Still, information can be LOGICALLY reversible “for free” even if it cannot be PHYSICALLY reversible for free. But the costs can be made physically small to where a being like a human won’t notice much. Ignorance is bliss. The abstract for the paper: —————— Stochastic thermodynamics of computation – David H. Wolpert One of the major resource requirements of computers – ranging from biological cells to human brains to high-performance (engineered) computers – is the energy used to run them. Those costs of performing a computation have long been a focus of research in physics, going back to the early work of Landauer. One of the most prominent aspects of computers is that they are inherently nonequilibrium systems. However, the early research was done when nonequilibrium statistical physics was in its infancy, which meant the work was formulated in terms of equilibrium statistical physics. Since then there have been major breakthroughs in nonequilibrium statistical physics, which are allowing us to investigate the myriad aspects of the relationship between statistical physics and computation, extending well beyond the issue of how much work is required to erase a bit. In this paper I review some of this recent work on the `stochastic thermodynamics of computation’. After reviewing the salient parts of information theory, computer science theory, and stochastic thermodynamics, I summarize what has been learned about the entropic costs of performing a broad range of computations, extending from bit erasure to loop-free circuits to logically reversible circuits to information ratchets to Turing machines. These results reveal new, challenging engineering problems for how to design computers to have minimal thermodynamic costs. They also allow us to start to combine computer science theory and stochastic thermodynamics at a foundational level, thereby expanding both.

Me: “Information is Physical”
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there is a look in his face that I recognize in my generation “i’m full of shit right now and you guys really are a bunch of suckers” look. i’m not good at reading most faces but I can read the faces of my generation. he can afford to be anything he wants without any real consequence because he can buy his way out of any problem he has a freedom that only money can buy I don’t envy that freedom – i’m just disappointed that regular people can’t see what brings him freedom they attribute demigod properties to him. they believe that he has some kind of super smart. they believe wealthy people work harder. wealthy people do not work harder they’re wealthy because they learned how to get OUT of working hard 1) have sufficient funds so the basic needs are always cared for 2) take credit (see Thomas Edison for model) 3) have a team of lawyers any of us would be charming and happy and likable without a care in the world we could pursue our dreams there’s no consequence that can’t be paid off it is what it is but it’s the look on his face that I recognize that doesn’t come from money : it comes from “I am lying to you right now and you can’t see it”.

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