ok. Updated with my new principle here that rather than Principles of a Domain making up a Domain, it is Principles of Domain, Philosophy of Domain and Applied Domain that make up a Domain. All three might not always be present but a fully fleshed out Domain will probably have these. Didn’t have a spot for Case/Example as they’re usually how things start so this’ll probably get updated again once it ‘clicks’ how to work it. Now to figure out what that changes from my previous things and if it stays or if I go back to how it was. Used “canva” online for this. Was easy to use – just type and go.

principles-of-venn-Domainok. Updated with my
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James Gray i’m on the constant search for what I consider “perfect word combinations”. they don’t happen much but I know it when I see it. It’s the phrases that are connectors. I can almost feel the click in my head. but then how to describe the connections? eight years ago I described this to a friend who said “you need to write a dictionary” i’ve lost touch with that friend about six years ago but I did the dictionary over a long weekend, sat on it for a year, put it up on Amazon and Internet archive. that wasn’t it though. so I’ve been looking for patterns within myself. of course there’s the bootstrapping problem. I didn’t come from nothing but there is a “before” that will always be inaccessible to me I hope some of what I do resonates even a little. I think it does. I know there are many other people who are on their own quests. I hope my quest resonates with their quest even if they’re not identical. I think it’s a certain kind of “striving in earnest”

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“regressive imagery dictionary” by Colin Martindale – I figured out in WordStat 8 how to show full hierarchy path, which gives me what I was missing. Martindale’s categories aren’t all intuitive to me but it’s not too hard and I’m learning. I just have to compare it to what I know.

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It may or may not surprise you to learn that I don’t want to be right. I’m going with the most dangerous possibility because being caught unprepared leads into situations. In this angle, it appears that police are showing rioters the way in and how to get to places very politely and calmly. Why? Speculation. Trials. It’ll all come out at some point. But for now, there’s 12 days between now and the inauguation. A Jan 17th coup date was widely discussed on all the networks and is what prompted the big Trump shut down and pulling parlor from the stores. Nobody wants THEIR service to be THE PLACE where a govt insurrection plan is discussed on.

 It may or may
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