Of course it’s multi-faceted. Thoughts and Prayers and minimal non-solutions for future votes and to put the issue aside “until next time” are what America does. My thing is: Maybe a multi-pronged attack on the problem will help. One guy with a bomb in his shoe and look what the US did? Our priorities are strange, that’s all.

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7th grade nephew just came home and said, “I don’t know how to say this without sounding crazy…” and he told me: On the school shared folder, someone found a hit list. It’s from an 8th grader who has a knife collection but nothing further identifies him. My nephews name is on top along with all of his friends. He and his friends are the “meme kids”, with all the jokes and memes and stuff. They told each other then one of them informed a teacher who said they’d look into it. Also, there was an assembly today about the shooting and local things going on. We’re the county next door to where the shooting took place last week. All I could say is, “If there’s ever a reason to stay out of school, this is it.” and he did the hand motions that said “exactly!” and went inside. Being the meme kids, it normally would get blown off as a prank by the meme kids themselves. But in this environment, I hope they follow through. If it *was* one of the meme kids, they can find out, but as those kids (including my nephew) likes the “ironic edgy” stuff, it can get on people’s nerves. That was like 15 mins ago I heard it.. It’s only a knive you might say, but on Monday, they snagged a kid in a local high school that had a knife along with a map of the school and notes about shooting up the school. He’s in jail now already. It’s real.

7th grade nephew just
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Not sure anymore. I did well from 2007-2014 with Google Ads. Set up a “hyperlocal” website, pulled in everything from the local area automatically with scripts and feeds and various things I wrote. Hummed along beautifully. [Yahoo Pipes was my friend]. $800/month was a regular month. But then google wanted single-source content sites and my site got slammed in the rankings. Got down to “pointless” level within 9 months. But I can’t complain. It was a really good run. I found a niche that wasn’t filled by anybody else but now it’s handled well by Facebook and locally driven apps. Haven’t figured how to do it since but I *probably* have my sights too high.

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That reason though is why I didn’t go to Julliard music school at 11. “Perfect practice makes perfect”. I had the ability but the whole process wasn’t my deal and I knew it then. It’s true. I do that. [perfect practice makes perfect] but with piano it was creating that I enjoyed, not pleasing critics. But for shitposting? Well, depends if you’re in it to please the critics or yourself.

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It’s kind of an unfair question though. This question hinges upon two things: You’re expected to use your knowledge of days-of-the-week, but *also* expected to _ignore_ your knowledge that boys are not always born on Wednesdays. Hence, many people will give wrong answers of 1/2 or 1/3 (perhaps recalling Monty Hall type questions). As soon as I saw “probability” I suspected bayesian but that’s also why I didn’t answer for without knowing whether we were in “this Universe” where babies can be born on any day of the week, or a *special Universe* created by this question, where boy babies are ONLY born on Wednesdays. I’m not being pedantic: I used to work with business customers who loaded assumptions into requests and if I didn’t STOP and tease out more specificity from them, time would get wasted in giving results that were correct to the request ASKED but not to the request “meant”.

┬áIt’s kind of an
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7-bit ASCII Usenet was so great and BITNET was superior to internet and oh, those gopher servers – stupid www had to spoil it. Back then, people knew how to have fun, but then AOL got on Usenet and these stupid “websites” starting popping up, and nobody knew how to have fun anymore. All went corporate. Death of the internet in late 1993. [also, no. Things are better now. You just got older.]

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