Oh he understand leverage, for sure. Like “I’m putting up Tesla Stock” – then “Oh, other people, here, I have this Tesla Stock – can you loan more liquid assets against this Tesla Stock?” then “oh by the way, yeah, not using that Tesla Stock now”. – it’s a shell game – and well played – usually it’s less “up front”; this is usually done more quietly; the nakedness of it is the surprise here but it serves to educate millions and millions so it’s not necessarily a bad thing; in the investment strategies of Buffet vs Soros (hold vs create/play with volatility), Soros has taught millions how to do it for themselves and they do and many benefit;

Oh he understand leverage,
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being in Australia, these are the kinds of US policy things that might not make it across the sea but in the 1960s a number of laws were passed bolstering marriage privacy, child rearing privacy, etc. It was a way of keeping the government out of the kinds of family things where there is variety but nothing criminal like “how to raise your kids”. Roe v Wade was one of the rulings clustered together with these over the course of a few years. Griswald v Connecticut, which was about the right to contraception in marriage, is a keystone they REALLY want to get rid of because it supported other rulings: 3.1 Right to birth control for unmarried couples, 1972 3.2 Right to abortion for any woman, 1973 3.3 Right to contraception for juveniles at least 16 years of age, 1977 3.4 Right to homosexual relations, 2003 3.5 Right to same-sex marriage, 2015 So by turning Roe v Wade to the states, it will quickly turn same-sex marriage to the states, homosexuality to the states, rights to contraceptives to the states, and there’s other but these are the biggies they want to remove

being in Australia, these
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He’s my age. Like, less than a year apart and I went to school with kids like him as far as personality goes. It’s not that he isn’t doing and won’t do good things; i mean, his place in history books is guaranteed. But he’s a Thomas Edison complete with the showmanship – and the storytelling. Look at what he’s distracting us from at each turn and you get a more true story. For Every big event, there’s some piece of gigantic bad news he’s hiding. We like to be lied to by charming men and he knows how to do it; He’s hard to complain about him to most people; he’s very likable and charming and people will go to bat for him at the slightest grumble.

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Ken Burns is the poster child for Hampshire College where I went to school for a year and a half but couldn’t afford to finish. (precursor of today’s kids school funding problem) he went there 20 years before me but the culture there doesn’t change as much as one might think, for a school that is often considered at the forefront of progressivism. I stopped watching documentaries of any kind a dozen or more years ago. I never watched too many to begin with and I’ll tell you why: Hampshire College has an excellent film program which includes how to construct documentaries. I didn’t take any classes but I had friends who did. documentaries are constructed very deliberately. it doesn’t matter if it’s Ken Burns or a YouTube conspiracy piece : The goal is to lead you to a conclusion. there’s many methods to getting there. Ken Burns is a master of the documentary. I am too antsy to sit through 13 hours on baseball or anything but what I’ve seen from him through the years he’s earned his title. I don’t watch documentaries because I know that I’ll be convinced of what they want me to be at the end. even if it’s something I already agree with, I don’t need that kind of reinforcement. that’s why I read instead of watching these things. ill read a transcript but the use of music, logical-emotional rhetoric, editing of time, order of presentation, these all play into guiding your thinking – and just like it’s difficult to get out of a roller coaster once you’re strapped in, it’s hard to keep your thinking your own during a documentary. if you argue against the points in the documentary, there’s a very good chance that you are supposed to. and if you don’t mind this kind of ride, that’s great. i’m not saying that evil but I know that I don’t have the mental fortitude.

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