what’s weird about doing these key changes and taps. This wasn’t a lesson. Piano teacher didn’t go over “how to transpose” as she was doing strict classical music. On my own, I liked TAPS and I was fascinated that it was possible to play the SAME SONG in different keys and so I’d do this kind of thing a lot. Then I discovered major vs minor and then other modes and would change songs to different modes – and I was always making medleys of different songs I knew shoved together in pieces, connecting them at natural connection points.

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Overall the messages are fine. I’ve made money using a lot of techniques from these kinds of things. I shouldn’t be so harsh. I’d been inspired to learn about real estate and done things. I’ve been inspired to learn about stock markets and bonds and done things. I’ve learned about making money in a regular job and how to parlay that into money that pays for itself to make more, etc. Many of the techniques work and there is a great power in having a good attitude. What’s good about it _is_ good and yes, I shouldn’t be so harsh. But I will fall on deaf ears. You will pat me on the head and send me on my way. And I think that’s the part that is bothersome: a religiosity to it that can close the ears. I did well using a lot of these ideas. I don’t even mind reasonable thought leaders making profit off of new packaging. But it’s those that are in excess, that harm others in the process of enriching themselves; that make extended promises that can’t be kept and leave believers penniless. I’ve been lucky.

Overall the messages are
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This is why I _like this guy_. He “gets” how it works, how to do it, how NOT TO DO IT, unlike these blundering fools who slapdash what they THINK should be done, screw it up ,get sued and lose. If I was DISH network and I had WAY too many w h – i t e m e n – pale sausage days — i’d pay this guy whatever to help recruit qualified applicants so it stops looking like a WH I T E S O N L Y organization and a little more reflective of america.

 This is why I
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Their lack of actual accountability makes it tricky. We can’t vote in new leaders of Walmart like we can politicians. But they perform many government functions like negotiating trade with foreign nations, etc. For a while, they were training 1/3 of the employees how to get on government assistance to justify their low wages and low hours. They finally got in trouble for that but they got away with that for a very long time.

Their lack of actual
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