Oh, it’s fascinating for a lot of reasons. I was involved for six years with the Orthodox, learned a lot of theology and solidified in me what “the whole point” of Christianity is supposed to be as a religion. From that vantage point, I can see what other Christian groups do wrong and what they do right in attempting to adhere to a model of “How To Be A Human Well”. I can’t say I believe or even if I did, even at the time. But I dove in as deeply as I could to understand as fully as I could, at least on an intellectual level, and from that I can see its holding power, even when its in fractured form.

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The one that followed, 9th edition that I had, was more traditional, although it kept a good amount of the groundbreaking inclusion of various social groups whereas prior versions always showed only white boys, even though Boy Scouts was not a white boys only organization. As I’m going through the 8th edition, I’m noticing a lot of things I *wish* my edition had, such as nature watching in the city, how to navigate in a city when lost and stuff like that.

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Advertisers need eyes. Shock gets eyes. Exposure numbs. Increase dosage. Advertisers get returns on investment. Kids each figure it out as they dive in and start making their own videos. How to title for shock. What content gets views. How to navigate the horrid recommendation engine My hope is numbness becomes a childhood phase to pass through and I think for most it is.

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Sorry. Another Kavanaugh thought. At his level of society, they have EVERY opportunity for proper grooming. How to behave. How to talk. What to wear. How to make connections. How to gather loyalty. How to raise money. How to establish a name. How to work the media. Business and political connections. Which parties to attend. How to behave with boys. How to behave with girls. Excuses are none for him. Many other men passed through Georgetown and Yale as fine upstanding citizens.

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All boys school. Boarding school. What high school has a golf course on it? Cries and rages the tears and anger of privilege like an adolescent or an abuser. I can’t relate nor sympathize. Those who live a paycheck or two away from homeless like most America? I’ll sympathize with. But not this, and not so high up in the privilege chain.

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It’s an uncomfortable truth about apologies. Forgiveness isn’t part of an automatic algorithm: Do bad, apologize, receive forgiveness As children, we’re taught this are the rules. But that script can be abused and often is by people who want to continue “doing bad”, trying to force forgiveness out of the person or people wronged. If an apology is viewed as currency, does this apology match up to the wrong that was done? So, that’s another way to look at apologies.

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