The “Half your age plus 7 rule” is a guideline for “general social acceptability”. It’s tame, safe, and anybody who criticizes age differences in relationships within the green range is ridiculous It happens but it’s usually teasing or mean-spiritedness. Now, I’ve calculated your coordinates. I had to figure out how to divide a box into 5 parts which was a fun little challenge. I realized that two rectangles inside each other with a line in the middle, paying attention to the spaces being even would get me here. So, what this chart says to me is: You’ll get flak from some people.

The “Half your age
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Oo Oo Oo I was looking for this. Transitioning from conducting to insulating – two distinct behaviors emerging as second-order effects that can’t be predicted in a linear fashion. Basically, “how to boundary”. Not crazy about it being Brownian but hey, it’s workable and will tie to statistics well “In fact, both systems display a second-order phase transition between “conducting” and “insulating” phases, controlled by the drift velocity in the Brownian system.”

Oo Oo Oo I
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We only notice laws that we don’t like. That’s probably a dozen to a hundred laws at most. But there’s so many laws that : NOBODY KNOWS HOW MANY. But those laws range from not getting poisoned by your breakfast cereal to how to tie your horse to a post to “what’s fair in trade” to proper legal conduct to the shirt you wear not spontaneously combusting, etc.

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