I can give some hidden clues that might be invisible on the outside. Here’s a hint: If it wasn’t for the 80s Southern WASPy right usurping American pride and intermingling it with tent revival fundamentalist TV evangelism and claiming “America” for themselves, I’d gladly wear an American pin because I’m proud of when America does things right but I’m also disappointed when America does things wrong.

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The people at the extremes are being reigned in as they expose themselves freely and are shamed. The internet alt right is as large in numbers as it ever was, but having a “win” in the White House has been demoralizing because now there’s no excuses for their glorious revolution to take place. But they expected daddy to do it all and he can’t. Now a number of them are angry at the firing of Bannon because *he* was the one that held their core values in the White House more than Trump, who is more of a moment to moment opportunist.

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