How I did my experiment: I don’t talk at length well and not at all well spontaneously (not knowing what I’m going to say where I just start talking and let whatever comes out). So, I forced myself to give an answer for: “How to solve anything”. I had to do it for at least 10 mins. Once done, I had to fit my spontaneously / forced speaking tempo to a backing track at the correct BPM. Thankfully, I already knew my comfortable “fast speed” on piano is 270 bpm (arpeggios using triplets at 270 bpm, which works out to 810 bpm really). So, I did fractions of that. It worked at 270, 135 (1/2), 67.5 (1/4). But it REALLY stood out at 90 bpm, which is 270/3. 1/3. That makes sense to me as “triplets” (3 in 1) is what I normally like.

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