You grew up in a family that were entertainers and musicians. Can’t underestimate the impact that has on perception. I have an equivalent: for me, the notion of office work or small business ownership was “no big deal”. “it’s easy” because that’s what I was familiar with. I learned to touch type quickly young. I understood how corporations worked and how to navigate things, etc. Yet I’ve talked to others that were deathly afraid of the whole thing. Businesses were big things. Impenetrable fortresses. I was like, “Just talk to the secretary, say x y and z and you’ll get an appointment”. So, I’m thinking it might be a case of that. I didn’t know anybody involved — and growing up I was always the outsider person. Scholarship kid. Only kid with [x], the best at [y], Always put on stage to perform when I didn’t want to but I did it out of duty.

You grew up in
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I’ve never had meshugana thrown my way as a description – but I’d been warned not to kvetch. A little chutzpah is good and strive to be a mensch, not a putz. I’ve known how to give a good spiel on occasion, once leaving someone verklempt much to my surprise, but I suspect I was being a bit schmaltzy. I thought these were simply New Jersey words until I was in my late teens and I became very proud of already knowing a little yiddish until I realized it’s not worth bupkis as this is the extent of my fluency right here.

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Nothing fed into VIRTUE until today: Egalitarianism. What fed into Egalitarianism? Artificial Intelligence which led to Personhood which led to Egalitarianism. An interesting chain that I don’t know what to make of yet. Emotion Subjective experience Subjectivism Axiological Theories Axiology Value (ethics) Virtue Egalitarianism Personhood Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Representation Grouping

Nothing fed into VIRTUE
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