Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a young prince named Max. Max had a problem, he was always indecisive and never knew which path to take. He often felt lost and couldn’t make a decision, no matter how small it was. One day, while wandering in the forest, Max stumbled upon a wise old man. The old man listened to Max’s problem and then showed him a strange object, a center-surround receptive field, also known as the Mexican Hat. The old man explained to Max that the Mexican Hat was a metaphor for the choices that we make in life. Just like the hat, we often have to choose what is important and what to ignore. He told Max that this was represented by the Cave in his life. Max then embarked on a journey to find the Cave. He traveled through mountains and valleys, and finally, he found himself in a maze. The walls of the maze were tall and imposing, and Max couldn’t see a way out. Suddenly, he remembered what the old man had said about the Cave being a representation of the choices that he was ignoring. Max realized that the walls of the maze were the walls of the Cave, and he knew what he had to do. He took out his trusty dynamite and blew a hole in the wall of the Cave. Max finally saw a path that he could take and he knew he had made the right choice. But Max’s journey was far from over. He had to continue his quest to find the source of his indecisiveness. He traveled for days until he finally arrived at a beautiful meadow. In the middle of the meadow stood two tuning forks, one large and one small. The small tuning fork was vibrating and causing the large tuning fork to vibrate as well. The old man appeared once again and told Max that this was the Wave, the second part of the metaphor for choices. He explained that the Wave was what stopped Max and compelled him to be drawn towards certain things. Just like the tuning forks, the Wave communicated with Max and helped him make the right choices. Max was finally at peace, he had found both the Cave and the Wave, and he knew how to use them to make the right choices. He returned to his kingdom and ruled with wisdom and fairness, making choices that were for the greater good. The kingdom prospered and the people were happy. And Max lived a long and fulfilling life, always guided by the Cave and the Wave, knowing that together they created his reality.

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Connectionism is a paradigm that is useful in both cognitive science and also in artificial intelligence. MY interest is in the crossover of the two fields, where they connect. I’m standing in two worlds and connectionism is a convenient shorthand for “generalizations automatically arise from the interplay of large groups of individual neuron-like structures modifying electrical and chemical weights (or values in the case of AI) with their computations. You know of another way to describe that process I’m talking about I’ll use that word instead. But I don’t know why it is an issue here.

Connectionism is a paradigm
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kenneth udut Kenneth Udut is an author, engineer, scientist, philosopher, and professor (amateur) from the United States. He is also a computer guy who has been online since 1988, when he was a kid. He is well known for his writings on philosophy, science, engineering, and how to think and be happy. He is also the founder of icopiedyou.com, which contains growing contents of his brain. He is active on Vine, Minecraft, ROBLOX, musically, Ifunny, TikTok, and Likee, where he shares his knowledge and ideas. He also has a collection of Vines, which are 6.8 second videos that are intended to play in a loop until stopped. Additionally, he has released music on SoundCloud and has written a book titled “The Book of No Answers”.

kenneth udut

Kenneth Udut

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