Ah! I know why I’m working on all this stuff for so long. I want to be able to accurately summarize anything presented to me in any form in the shortest time possible to anyone who wants to know and mostly, to myself in a way that is accurately representative of my position that I am willing to stand behind. (put my name to) To a lesser but only slightly lesser extent, it is important to do so in such a way that accomplishes this in forms that will be comprehended and understood by anybody, in some way, but not in any way requiring their agreement with my position. I want to also be able to unfold the summary nugget as needed to whatever level of zoom I am capable of, which will likely fail at the level of a formulatic precision but be precise at any level between executive summary and precise formula. I want to be able to translate into different fields. That’s where I’m at right now. More to come. But this was a big one and so simple: Being understood.

Ah! I know why
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Going to try my brain at: The Moment of Change: A Systematic History in the Philosophy of Space and Time Nico Strobach Since Dewey Decimal 115 Time showed up as overwhelmingly the topic I seem to talk about when I did my DDC analysis in 2015. I went to: https://www.librarything.com/mds/115 – poked around for an interesting title that might fit my interest. So, I’ll see how it goes.

Going to try my
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It’s mindblowing how much living, significance, history and memory can take place in a mappable area. A single item at a certain time on a point that’s in this map but invisible to it can hold great significance to the people who were in that place, at that time, behind the walls of mapped but enclosed spaces.


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I don’t mind the illusion part. I don’t mind this form of immorality. But I agree that WITHOUT the embodiment processes functioning properly, you’ll be something different if anything at all. Raymond Tallis is primarily arguing against a single form of mind-uploading: state slice. He did not have an answer for what you could do with a proper history along with proper functioning processes (mind calculi as it were). But he provides a good reminder not to get overoptimistic about snapshots.

I don’t mind the
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