It’s a “what about the children?” x conspiracy mashup. If you keep talking about The Largest Pedophile Ring In History Uncovered people will believe there is a thing such as The Largest Pedophile Ring In History Uncovered. Soccer moms are eating this up for one thing. Oh my lord, so many WW1WWA hashtags on soccer mom, cheerleader mom, circle-of-moms etc social media, and not limited to any part of the political spectrum oh no. It gives us a nice distraction from shitty reality for a bit EXCEPT it’s being dragged out along with ‘AND WHY ARE WE PAYING ATTENTION TO, UGH MASKS, INSTEAD?”. Otherwise, it would just be a nice normal conspiracy.

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When I played, my methodology, which nobody told me but it was through trial and error., was buy and hold. I invested as if it was going to be forever (Warren Buffet), but I was aware that people are generally emotional and to find opportunities the cool kids aren’t seeing while looking for pumping (George Soros). So I bought for 18 months and stopped. I only sold each when it was about to fall, and used it as income in our new house to start a modest business. Last one I sold was in 2014, so it was a nice 14 years out of 1.5 of work. I didn’t and don’t understand the politics of it all. I was only focused on my needs and wants and how I could get there. Edit or delete this Like · Reply · 1m

People are using their
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There’s no way to make our response as a nation as led by Donald Trump to COVID-19 ok. It’s not. The USA has succeeded in many things in its life but this is not one of them. One of the top jobs of a president is to be the figurehead – responsible for all that happens under his care and guidance. This means he gets to gloat for the good but have to suck it up for the bad, even though we know a President isn’t responsible for all that much except maybe tone.

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This was “the” big thing in 1990/91 at least. All over the place, on t-shirts and things. It was in the midst of the AIDS situation. It’s actually thanks to activists wearing T-shirts with this on it going into cities and even small town America to spread sexual health awareness that ended up reducing the problem of wide-spread AIDS in the USA. It wasn’t a govt program that helped. It was person to person education. Took years but the positive effects shows up in the statistics.

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