I really had to describe the Facebook play button. Yes, it’s the same as play buttons in 1984 but as the circle means record and triangle means play, there might be some confusion when the two are combined should some unwary time traveler with their trusty BBC Micro happens to wander upon this audiovisual data stream.

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I think there’s a lot of hype pushed by those who create literature for education. Stuck in the 1850s mindset, there are these things called “facts” and they are true, and you must memorize it long enough to take this test. Then you can forget the facts and only remember that if they told you it in school, it was true and that was that and there’s nothing further to be said. This of course goes against actual practitioners of mathematics, history, the sciences, literature, and everything else they teach in schools. How many have been traumatized by a third-grade teacher who said they were drawing their owl “wrong”? You would think Art would be the most flexible at all but no. We’ve been warped for so many generations that we hardly even realize it, or rather WE see it but the creators of educational content don’t. The teachers aren’t to blame but rather the much higher ups who set curriculums for large geographic areas.

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