Am I working to skew my FB feed a little? Oh yes, yes I am. Now I’m moving into pro-immigration songs I haven’t heard before. This one is about Ellis Island. I saw the last bit of a documentary on the Ellis Island hospital the other day. Learned much. The wave of immigration was because the US needed workers but then sentiments changed significantly with lots of weird tests devised that were Eugenics inspired. Eugenics had and has an interesting history, some efforts seem ok and others are just weird or excuses for being a bad human towards other humans. Anyhow, that’s not this song.

Am I working to
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Long before I got DNA done, I followed my maternal line as deep (tree) and wide (bush) as I could and collected all the footprints through history I could find through genealogy, put it through google fusion tables and mapped it out. Made a cheesy video. Maternal goes back to Plymouth Rock, USA, all the wars and stuff, but a lot were and stayed in parts of England.

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