Hoping to read: Simultaneity and Delay: A Dialectical Theory of Staggered Time, Lampert J., 2012. Through original speculations on the surprisingly complementary concepts of simultaneity and delay, and new interpretations of the great philosophers of time, this book proposes an innovative theory of staggered time. In the early 20th Century, Bergson and Husserl (following Einstein) made Simultaneity-what it means for events to occur at the same time-a central motif in philosophy.In the late 20th Century, Derrida and Deleuze instead emphasized Delay-events staggered over distant times.This struggle between convergent and staggered time also plays out in 20th Century aesthetics (especially music), politics, and the sciences. Despite their importance in the history of philosophy, this is the first book to comprehensively examine the concepts of simultaneity and delay.By putting simultaneity and delay into a dialectical relation, this book argues that time in general is organized by elastic rhythms. Lampert’s concepts describe the time-structures of such diverse phenomena as atonal music, political decision-making, neuronal delays, leaps of memory and the boredom of waiting; and simultaneities and delays in everyday experience and behaviour.

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There’s a number of journalistic guidelines regarding anonymous sources. In politics, anonymous sources have a very long history so it’s nothing novel. (Watergate Deep Throat is a classic example). I think looking at subsequent news publishing guidelines is, in fact, useful, as each does rest their credibility upon the others when they quote other sources.

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Peace with Russia is fine so long as it’s not under Putin’s regime. Russia’s broke, there’s total political apathy among the people because “hey surprise Putin wins again” and they’re doing slimy deals to improve their land holdings to increase their oil export as they don’t benefit from petrodollar. The USA benefits from the petrodollar relationship with OPEC and Saudis for our financial stability and that’s not changing. I don’t like US foreign policy and never did. But I sure as heck don’t feel a need to improve Russia’s standing, particularly when decisions affected domestic policy such as treatment of our own.

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