Not sure. It’s an old book – a classic. I doubt I’ll learn much I hadn’t learned in the last 28 years on my own but I want a full narrative of its history and a taste of the late 1980s excitement over it. I’m amazed to have found it in my local library so that says something that a book from 1987 was reprinted in 2004 and made its way here. I like that I’ll be able to compare what it says about “The Future” of Chaos Theory and compare to what ACTUALLY happened for real.

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Thank you for saying that aloud. That’s precisely my issue with it all. I loved my Joseph Campbell stuff. I love my bits of mystical woo stuff. I like history. Genetics. All fun amazing stuff. But now I got JDP’s fandom as competition, pissing all over nice things with political garbage notions. Or is it JBP? JP? Don’t care. I’m not angry, just very disappointed.

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the internet itself has probably been the biggest barrier lowering creation in the history of human civilizations. people follow their interests and interests converge. subcultures form. who is who? online, you choose freely. Of course there’s dangers with this. There’s dangers walking down the street in your neighborhood. But as more and more get online, wagon circling is common and folks protect one another and teach each other safety.

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And yes, there are theoretically infinite genders. It’s possible for a human society to have a single gender, two sex society. Many futuristic sci-fi visions show a future of a form of egalitarianism where there are not defined gender roles. In that case, gender could be eliminated as a necessary category. That’s not to be confused with “single-sex”, which is male-only or female-only. Adding to the confusion is that we too often use gender and sex in a conflated manner as interchangable terms. But they’re distinct terms and always have been. Common correlation allows us to exchange terms frequently, but that doesn’t erase their distinction when the time comes to use the terms properly.

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