Autistic people often consider deciphering intention of others “mindreading”. If you are autistic, then I apologize. I can’t expect someone to do something they’re not capable of. However, generally, intention is often graspable – it is part of communication. People don’t talk in vacuums free of histories; you yourself have these whole grand histories of industries – somehow dictionary publishers are leftist – or more importantly to your cause, anti-rightist – and therefore attacking [something] by their actions. This is a complicated set of intentions you have about these things involving a lot of people doing a lot of things. A more rational set of intentions can be inferred by an individual with a known history in communication such as Amy Comey Barret in a particular situation where her intent was clear – and likely a long overdue modification to the dictionary took place after that event. It is long overdue because it’s not a novel change to language; it may be new to you but it’s not new

 Autistic people often consider
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History is written by those who write history that successfully gets passed down. That is not always the victors, not at all. You simply have to be able to pass on your story. American Civil War? The losers wrote a lot of things that they consider history. So, point one ain’t necessarily so. Point two isn’t even real. It’s a Western superhero trope or a political rallying quote. Reply1m

History is written by
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He’s my age. Like, less than a year apart and I went to school with kids like him as far as personality goes. It’s not that he isn’t doing and won’t do good things; i mean, his place in history books is guaranteed. But he’s a Thomas Edison complete with the showmanship – and the storytelling. Look at what he’s distracting us from at each turn and you get a more true story. For Every big event, there’s some piece of gigantic bad news he’s hiding. We like to be lied to by charming men and he knows how to do it; He’s hard to complain about him to most people; he’s very likable and charming and people will go to bat for him at the slightest grumble.

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If by “left” you mean liberal arts universities (the “liberal arts” referring to the study of “literature, languages, philosophy, history, mathematics, and science” as a general education that is useful for all peoples) and the tendency towards expansive rather than contractive learning experiences that broader and strengthen rather than narrow and weaken connections between diverse concepts, emboldened in a process of discovery unique to the individual yet shared in a group fashion as each support the others, then the college I attended for too woefully short of a time (because scholarship only goes so far and federal funding laws were stacked against scholarship students at the time, a holdover from Reaganomics but continues still as evidenced by the calls to lower or cancel excess student debt consisting mostly of such things as late fees which are punishments but not core to the loans themselves and even of the loans which were ridiculously overpriced for the time and still), then Hampshire College would certainly quality as an institution from which a “left” meme might originate and this particular meme is a very good example for this famous meme image IS in fact from Hampshire College and reflects how a typical Hampshire College student often looks, both in the time I went and still to this very day and also when this picture was taken.

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