Sorry. More Charlottesville. You can ignore if you like. The march never should have happened. The town didn’t want them there. They decided what they wanted to do in the way elected officials decide things. The local statue preservation society sued. The ears on the right got wind of it and decided “What a great place to do UniteTheRight”. But the mayor said “no, not here”. So, the UniteTheRight people got the ACLU involved. The ACLU sued the town. The town folded and said, “Whatever. We’ll bring police then” The rest is history but it’s being written/rewritten daily.

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I never followed that part of American history much. I learned about the Civil War in school but I didn’t find it interesting. Some people find it VERY interesting though. Some people do mock battles, reliving battles that happened in their hometowns and things. For a lot of people, he represents “What could have been”. The South has a different character than the North and for many in the South, they feel they should have been separate and had their own nation, independent of the North. Or they could have won and moved the capital of the country to the South and ran things in the way they thought was best. I don’t really know for sure. I vaguely remember that of the two Generals, Robert E Lee from the South and General Grant in the North, I *think” General Lee had a more solid character perhaps. But I never found this aspect of US history interesting so I never studied it deeply enough to know for sure.

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People were coming in from all over the country to protest the removal of a statue in front of a town hall in one particular town, chanting and bearing torches on what’s a local issue. If it was a normal protest event, cops in helicopters wouldn’t have been streaming in. But yeah when they say “3 dead”, it’s misleading. Not the most misleading headline I’ve heard. [I’ve seen much more misleading headlines than that – three people *did* actually perish] but a national organization effort for a local problem seemed a little strange.

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