Topological insulators are pretty new. quantum spin Hall state. Theory in 2005. Confirmed here in 2013. 2019 a new binary switch – which doubles as memory – called vTOPPS is shown theoretically. Next I expect a laptop running off button batteries that you pick up and put down once a day to recharge. “Topological insulators’ edge currents are characteristic of a new state of matter, the quantum spin Hall state, which was first proposed in 2005-6 by theorists Charles Kane of the University of Pennsylvania and Shoucheng Zhang of Stanford and SIMES and colleagues. They predicted that electrons of opposite spin would move in opposite directions along a topological insulator’s edges without dissipating heat. These two unusual and desirable properties could ultimately lead to new types of “spintronic” devices that exploit electrons’ spins, rather than merely their charges, to store information.”

Topological insulators are pretty
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In a physical sense, a “convincing power / force” is a “mover” and for this reason, it’s been said a few times in the history of computing: “The computer is a rhetorical machine.” First time I heard that, it took me a while to wrap my brain around that notion as I was always told it was a logic machine. But really, it’s not a logical machine. Within a single clock tick, it is a logic machine but the very next clock tick, what happens next need not logically follow from what came prior. It moves bits around. What those bits are used for is not necessary logic at all. I can type “2+2=5″ right now. I can lie. I can make my computer lie.

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My 11th ggrandfather, Capt. Joseph Weld MAY been part of the founding… but he started as but an Ensign. I guess somebody had to be Ensign, right? “Although we have a long history and we are the oldest chartered military organization in the Western Hemisphere (1638), we are only the 3rd oldest in the world. The 2nd oldest is The Honourable Artillery Company of London (1537). The oldest is The Pontifical Swiss Guard (1506).”

My 11th ggrandfather, Capt.
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Many people today get in a huff over the notion of white privilege. “I don’t have money. Grandparents were poor, etc” They call it “white guilt”. But they don’t really ‘get it’. It’s not whether or not you USE something. It’s that you _could_. Why am I able to get a birth record of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother and HER mother and father’s names? They weren’t erased from history. MANY PEOPLE took care of these identities, these facts. Housed them in a book that went through wars and political changes, was digitized and and retyped in a form that I could find “for free” with just a bit of digging. But, it wasn’t free. It was free FOR ME. I’m grateful for that and know that free (cost) and freedom (that I _could_ do it at al) should be extended to anybody and everybody.

Many people today get
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