I love this collection of ancient images. I believed in ancient aliens around the age of 12 for about nine months. I had just read a book on ancient astronauts and there was an HBO special that was similar. My grandmother was in to Edgar Cayce who introduced the world to ancient aliens and Atlantis too – that was her book. I also read clan of the Cave bear same time, not knowing it was supposedly “romance”. then i thought of how clever humans are. i didn’t know as much history then as i know now but i knew we weren’t stupid in egypt – i think the King Tut tour in NYC was around the same time. people are ingenious and can be extremely precise when they want to be. a CPU is a thinking rock. how clever is that? I’m not against the idea of alien DNA in us or alien visitation in history. it’s possible for sure. but ancient architects were likely human. What we see leftover are their strongest and best builds.

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They already can and do verify identity. None of this is about verifying identity. First: it’s taking control away from counties and cities and turning them into state’s hands. So, whoever is in charge of voting policy (Secretary of State) in Georgia will ultimate say in more things. The Secretary of State controls voting regulations. Who was Secretary of State in Georgia from 2010-2018? Who won the 2018 election? Who is the Governor of Georgia now? Who signed this new voting bill into law quickly? Same guy. Brian Kemp. Look at the history of Georgia voting from 2010-2018 to understand better. This is a long game being played. I’m watching a long game of control-change happening in Florida that’s why I recognize it 100% in Georgia.

They already can and
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We’ve been tracked from the day we were born. Our grandparents were tracked from the day they were born. Our great-great-grandparents were tracked from the day they were born. That’s society. Each new thing got people complaining. But it wasn’t new. It starts with the Census, then the collection of taxes and policing. Which part of Western civilization didn’t have those?

 We’ve been tracked from
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There are many tools for self-discovery. We have access to more tools now than at any point in history. Philosophies, religions, psychologies, ideologies, movements, each with its goods and bads. Am I utilitarian because I think it is prudent to utilize whatever tools are available for the purpose? If Stoic community does not spark joy for you, is particular communities, all communities, or any community? Is it lack of purity? Many tools to work with. You can restrict yourself to one or use many.

There are many tools
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https://web.ics.purdue.edu/~rauhn/BAaegeantext.htm Ah nice. An account of early history that first includes, in detail, the intense debates between archeological characters in the 19th and 20th centuries as a reminder that it’s one of the areas in history where interpretation really does change the course of history significantly.

Ah nice. An
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