More Early America Genealogy. I was following genetic lines and tripped over a 12th gg-father I didn’t know about. I’m nervous because I don’t want early settlers who were jerks – not that I could help it if they were — but so far they’ve all been alright in my book. Hoping this one is too but I’ll find out. A founder of Concord Mass… hoping it’s not a witch burning kind of guy… a bit nervous here. Rev. Peter Bulkley, son English clergyman Rev. Edward Bulkley, was a dissident preacher who sought religious freedom and helped found Concord, Massachusetts. Peter was born 31 January 1582 at Odell, Bedfordshire, England; he died at Concord, Massachusetts on 9 March 1658/9.

More Early America Genealogy.
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I was just born here. I did not conquer anybody. I grew up faced with rules to follow, idealogies to believe or not. My ancestors go back to Mayflower. Quite a few do. I traced them back. I know which family lines. I know what the terms of the deals were some made with those who lived here. My ancestors founded: Elizabeth, NJ, Branford, CT. _Possibly_ Newark NJ and possibly a northern part of Long Island, although I think that was a retcon history in the 19th century to prove a dubious land heritage. So far, none did bad trade deals that I could find. I have the signatures of the indians my Elizabeth NJ ancestors signed. So, a lot of what you’re talking about doesn’t make sense to me. I see mostly business deals in my family tree. I don’t so far have any smallpox blanket stories.

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