I had a male goat once. Don’t get a male goat. BTW – they’re huge on a male goat. They suck their own, at least mine did. It was great at parties. He got turned on by cigarette smoke. One woman didn’t believe it. We said “go ahead put a cigarette by his nose”. She found out it’s true. Stood in the wrong place. Got squirted.

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Bacon makes everything better. But for nutrition, spinach is close enough and I love spinach any which way. Mustard greens is good with bacon. Pretty much any of them. I don’t see the magic of Kale tbh. Then again, I see value in iceberg lettuce. Good on pizza btw. Take your salad and dump it on your pizza. It wilts, just a little. Yum.

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If you eliminate the separations between matter, energy, space, and time, and see them as “one thing” it might be easier. Consider a tapestry. Now consider the tapestry once it no longer exists as a tapestry and has returned to elemental particles. Now consider the tapestry as all of the parts that make it up, but before they were used in a tapestry. Now consider the person making the tapestry, as they are making it. Now consider every meal that person has to eat and every drink they have to drink while making that tapestry. Consider them purchasing all of the elements that make up the tapestry. Now think back to the manufacturers of the parts of the tapestry. If the material is wool, think of the sheep that were sheered. They too, had to be born and raised and all of that takes energy and time. Consider what the sheep eat. Consider the sun that helps create the food sheep eat and the water they drink, as well as the maker of the tapestry. Consider all of the space needed for these processes to take place. Now put a balloon around all of the processes, all of the time, all of the energy spent. Except there is no balloon that is separate from these things. The balloon is constructed of all of the time and energy and matter and space and exist only in one place: the imagination of myself, and you, and anybody else who reads this.

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