leaders gain responsibilities and lose privacy by virtue of being leaders. prayer is a private act or a public act. you can do a private act in public if you are leader, but if you are in the middle of coaching and you stop and pray, when did you switch into a private citizen that loses leadership status for the moment of praying? At a lunch table it’s easy : it’s you, your tray, and your food. you can pray between you and your tray. but if it’s you and a circle of students and perhaps a Camera or two, you are in a leader ship position, at which point is it signaled that the leader ship ends and there’s a moment of privacy needed? if the coach want others to join, that’s using a leadership role: leading a team and leading a prayer is leading. 

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My point being: What you say is that _theoretically_ it might be detrimental in some future where a movement you reference peters out as it were, loses its necessity, starts to cause harm. But until that point is reached, stopping it too soon by pointing out a hypothetical future where it’s not a good idea without providing an alternative, doesn’t seem to make sense unless it’s causing some kind of actual harm in its current practice.

My point being: What
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There are some highly experimental chemicals that float around the fringes of nutrition science, often used by bodybuilders and transhumanists who both like experimenting heavily with their bodies. But it’s not always well regulated if at all; they may work for a few people but then for other people make them violently ill; and with no proper scientists involved in the process (they may be scientists but they’re on a company payroll unbound to academic ethics), there’s few safeguards. Definitely brain fog. Electrolyte imbalance likely too; that gets nasty sometimes. Too much of the wrong kind of salts or not enough salt… not enough water… and odd sweeteners can certainly mess with salt levels as they often use salts in “creative” molecular ways in order to simulate sweet flavors… I’m really glad you went into the doctors to get better.

There are some highly
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https://ciw-online.org this group which is only a few miles up the road from me, started off fighting for a penny per bushel of tomatoes increase from fast food companies like mcdonald’s and wendy’s who buy directly. it’s very hard for migrant workers to petition multinational corporations but they succeeded after a few years.


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Oh thank you. Also GenX and yes, I expect ads and want them to be catered to me. In my case, I toy with them and click on a single item repeated. Then I see what persona my marketed persona becomes. So now, I’m likely a dad of every kind of religion or none that wants to sent their kid to public school / private school / boarding school/summer camp/christian camp/ hebrew school / islam school / atheist camp / space camp / missionary adventures / democratic schools or I want to be a camp counsellor or am a teenager with mental health issues or have a teenager with mental health issues

 Oh thank you. Also
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Oh, this is a tricky one. The commentary really gets into it: self-help gurus like the business success seminars, and New Age are included in the post itself. Worth a read. I’ll have to think about this. I don’t know if I agree entirely with all of this. I have to process a bit. These bits of permission really go straight to the messaging; very interesting. Interesting enough to share, not ready to endorse – may or may not – but food for thought.

Oh, this is a
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