I know we’re not, and as you’ve seen in many of my posts, I’m critical of America much of the time. But it’s precisely America that I want to improve. We had or have this stuff? We shouldn’t have and if we still do, we have to stop. We’re supposed to be better than this and we can be. I’m not going to excuse Soviet era KGB or Vladimir Putin because we did or do the same. We can stop.

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Academics have been calling for a “replacement NATO” ever since Glasnost. https://www.jstor.org/stable/1149018?seq=1… What’s Glasnost? Not something you hear about anymore “perestroika”? New phone, who dis? A commentator on a Q&A site from Moscow said this in 2008: “I was born in 1987 and i don’t know the principles of Glasnost. Nobody remembers that thing anymore. As for the freedom of word – we have the Internet without any “Great wall” firewall. Last couple of years, portals for city services started, so you can address an issue through the net, and it’s really working. As for transparency of the government machine – many of us are not interested in that. Constant ruling of one party and one man killed an interest in inner politics in us.” and that was 2008. Political atrophy. That’s why we’re so intriguing.

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Ah! I always wondered if any of my ancestors had slaves. Zero so far but this 1790 Census compared to my tree may help. How to read: 1st No.-Free white males over 16 years 2nd No.-Free white males under 16 years 3rd No.-Free white females 4th No.-All other free persons 5th No.-Slaves *-Illegible Snell, Eve–3-0-2-0-0 Snell, Jacob–2-3-3-1-9 Snell, John–4-3-3-0-0 Snell, John J.–1-3-2-0-0 Snell, John S.–1-3-2-0-0 Snell, Nicholas–2-4-*-*-* Snell, Peter–1-8-4-0-0 Snell, Peter G.–1-0-1-0-0 Snell, Severinius–2-1-6-0-0 So, a Jacob Snell in 1790 had 9. Now to find out if I’m related.

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