I don’t think it’s “incredibly stupid”. I don’t know what the ink is made of – it’s indelible but there’s only a small amount. Car exhaust and charred food consumption are more toxic objectively. The INSIDE of a can with the plastic lining I wouldn’t cook food in too often, but the outside top seems to be bare aluminum with a little bit of indelible ink on it. Can’t be worse than what gets through the waxed paper when marking meats for freezer storage with a sharpie

I don’t think it’s
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making a 13 year old middle schooler happy for home lunch (when presumably most kids buy food in school) is probably no easy task. 13 year old me would probably want things differently and adult me would pack a lunch differently. But both 13 year old me and now-me would not say no to this either especially if I can use the nutella sandwiches as collateral with someone else

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Ted Agens my generation was accused of participation trophies. I am Gen X. in fact, one of my favorite aspects of being a Boy Scout was in the process of being removed, which was the skill things on the belt. they were considered participation trophies, and that was the early 80s. I also remember everybody getting trophies in certain events. and I believe in them because they also have first second and third place and I like coming home with something for my work. no kid is fooled, of course, but that’s not the point. I don’t buy into my generation’s collective amnesia in many of the things that they accuse millennials of our actually things they were accused of as X. but I was aware of pesticides in the 80s. we were taught to not eat foods that were homemade because they might have razor blades or poison. we had to wash off pesticides and it was the beginning of church potlucks might bring food poisoning and communion might spread disease I believe some of these things and other things I didn’t I was before the helicopter parenting era. i’ll also talk about helicopter parenting but I’m going to first acknowledge what I know of from my own childhood and acknowledge the BS from my own generation as adults on the “kids today” stuff when we shared it. with that framework in place ill give an answer

Ted Agens
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