I’m not crying but I’m combining this mentally with other fed heavy votes that would be fine if states could continue with the ability to fine tune for specific needs but with that ability stripped from them, I suspect their roles will become administrative arms of the fed, in the name of easing regulations. But maybe not. Don’t worry about people crying. Just look objectively at possibilities as if you were buying a used car.

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Sticks and Stones was a nice lie I told myself in the 3rd grade to get through but I knew it was a lie then and now. Words have power. Maybe they shouldn’t in a fairytale land but they do. Cop says “Stop or I’ll shoot!”, aw, it’s just words man. I mean sure, say what you want but to imagine a no-consequence world where words have no meaning or power is to me a bit of fantasy

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cool. I don’t know how that stuff works. I just know restricting states from regulating their own insurances is already showing quality of service issues {my mother was a county worker + a fly-by-night who snuck in lowest bid got the county health insurance contract. Out of state, unfinished website, she was told “they’d call her when they’re ready”… it’s gonna be rough. But hoping they’ll do right.

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Recent. Mom’s retirement health insurance changes each year. Goes to lowest bidder. That’s normal county govt stuff. But this year, since the exec order eliminated a state’s ability to regulate its own insurance company policies, the field’s wide open and ripe for scam potential. The lowest bidder (winner) this year is what looks like a fly-by-night health ins co. They clearly weren’t ready to win the bid. Told her to ignore the deadline paperwork and “we’ll call you when we’re ready”. Maybe it’ll magically work out fine. But that eo changed things FAST and the scammers are rushing in and just getting warmed up. That’s not my only example but its the most recent. Moral travesties are important but ultimatlely mental masturbation. But when stuff hits home, it’s real.

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