I don’t hate him. I want whoever is President to be successful at being a President. Despite a lot of help around him to clean up his poopy messes, he’s failing miserably, although the elimination of one after another of his campaign promises ever coming to fruition gives me hope that maybe he’ll start being a President. “Fuck it, guess I’ll act like a President now”. That’ll be better. Less embarrassing.

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There’s a good picture of the LARPing shields and the guy who took the roleplay way too far. They travel from protest to protest to protest to protest. Live action, 00s style video game battles completely with little shields with symbols on them. This is not a civil war. It’s a roleplay that went too far. No one should have died. Somebody died. Heather Heyer is dead. Go home people. Take your traveling live action roleplay and go rent a football field for your battles instead of being so cheap you have to do it in the streets IN OTHER PEOPLE’S PROTESTS. It’s not your protest. The next scheduled protest is probably also not your protest. Go home. Battle somewhere safe. Nobody should be dying at a protest. But somebody did. Time to put down the toys and grow up.

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