I did 7 mins and I’m satisfied. I might finish. But this is what I see: Jordan brings up blank slate then denies it, while sliding religion into the shell game when there are other plausible reasons. Something like: If there was blank slate, then if you start with no religion, (and you do not acquire religion or you do then deny it), you will be only rational. But since you are raised in a society whose values are based on values that stem from religion, true denial of religion is impossible as your values will correspond to religious values (humanism). Maybe I’m reading it wrong. But if correct, he’s playing a shell game. a) By assuming society has all of the power, he asserts blank slate. b) If he brings up “god / religious feeling is hard-wired”, this does not mean god or religion but “awe” and “wow”,which you can get from many things – and that’s biological but not necessarily anything to do with religion or belief in god, but rather an experience. c) MOST IMPORTANTLY: What’s not said is what makes this a shell game. Where’s biological causes for these things instead of religion or belief in god? I guess if he doesn’t mention, it doesn’t exist. I’ll finish it now. I’m 1/2 way through his long Dostoyevsky-atheist juggling and tbh, I never thought Dostoyevsky’s view of atheism was correct but I also wasn’t much into him.

I did 7 mins
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I think they’re a part of the fabric that makes up this crazy conflicted America. I wouldn’t want everybody to think like me. That said… a few upgrades are due and maybe a bit of patience too. and a few knock down comment battles. and… I wouldn’t want to grow up in those areas. They seem to be overly sheltered from the realities of the world and respond in fear/anger to so much.

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They’re hysterically awful. Sometimes there’s a clever comment worth wading through the muck for. But you have to do a lot of ignoring. A game for years in Youtube comments is, “Who can say a worse thing than the last bad comment?” Then you get your standard hecklers who are happy to repeat catch phrases and stuff. Then you get the battles. But as long as you don’t start thinking, “THE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL” it’s readable. Just don’t expect much kindness there.

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