1/2 my county’s already moving up to Gerogia and beyond. Evacuation suggestion came out yesterday for them and for anybody whose house is questionable or doesn’t want to deal with the possibility of shelters. Being at the bottom, we should go up first, so when other evac orders come in in more central and northern cities, we’ll already be beyond them and not get in the way. Our county is excellent with this stuff. Not a fan of Florida politics or my county’s but during a disaster they know what’s up and what to do right, plus their emphasis on infrastructure is a model other communities could follow.

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Perhaps. But see, once the infrastructure is in place, it’s just a matter of pluggng in to the right sources. It’s ALSO possible to get university support, or municipalities can institute local taxes to support., they can have other funding drives. Big Daddy/Big Mommy (we’re in Big Daddy govt mode right now) doesn’t have to take care of everything all of the time. There’s other mommies and daddies and sometimes the kids can do things themselves and cooperate.

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Oh there’s other ways. Someone who goes this route often has at least a few $$ in the bank and is able to put together a somewhat self-sustainable farm. They’ll spend years and years reading and studying what to do and once they have enough capital, they jump in and do it.

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