His career for 8 years before this was being steeped in everything having to do with voting laws, rules and regulations. Someone who is clever can make intentions secondary effects and not “in the text” to allow people like yourself (their defenders) to say “But it’s not technically written there” while it has the exact effect they want. Plausible deniability. Gets them out of trouble and people make excuses on their behalf.

His career for 8
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I didn’t think of my mom and grandmother as hippy. But when I got older, I realized: a) We were fed yogurt and health food and had mother earth news around in the early 80s. b) My grandmother did Yoga and believed in Edgar Cayce. But.. there was not outward evidence of any hippiness. Yet, I did read my grandmother’s Linda Goodman’s “Star Signs” and her Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth”, so maybe.

I didn’t think of
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I’ve seen about an expansion in the early 20th century that’s continued and read about how Natural Science split into Science and Philosophy around the 18th century I think? There were the schools in 12th century Italy which I think were based upon the few fragments of Aristotle they had. [it expanded when the Byzantians (well, Gemistus Pletho) gave them the classical knowledge which sparked an explosion in European knowledge… There’s the School of Constantinople during the Byzantine era but it always seemed like a finishing school rather than split up into subjects. Prior to that is Roman Empire… prior to that is Greece and Ancient Greece… and prior to that is Egypt — and China was doing things in a similar time scale but without the big gaps… I need to brush up on this myself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_education Also: I love your quadrant. It is food for thought indeed!

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