Very basic spice combinations and cooking tricks to turn stuff from “just the food itself” into various ethnic dishes. No measurements, only ratios. One unique book I enjoyed on cooking was: It’s not ‘unique unique” in that occasional blogs come up, but what I’m thinking of is an “all-in-one” cover the planet but simple enough for kids.

Very basic spice combinations
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Oh that vid is already reaping benefits. His example of a bird eating food while also scoping the background is fantastic. It already knows about the food and focusing on it, so that focused narrow task is mostly left part of the brain, while it scans the background for any possible threats – uncertainty – and that task is simultaneously taking place in the right part of the brain. It’s this simultaneousness that is so intriguing. Visual Foreground/ visual background processing.

Oh that vid is
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It takes strength to do things right. To do things wrong is easy and weak. It’s easy to say, “Go ahead and stop me”. It is the dare of the weak made to the strong of millions of toddlers across the globe. It is a National Emergency that is calling for a National Emergency. A living crisis invents a fictional crisis. As a Nation of Laws, what do the laws say? That’s coming up next.

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