My solution is: Time. Allow time. All my stress stories have timestamps because your body physically needs recouperating time. Vitamins and food and happy thoughts are nice and all but it CAN’T be rushed. Pay attention to your body, what it needs. If it wants sleep, you give it. If it wants you to sit still, you sit still. If it wants you to jump up and pace around, jump up and pace around. It knows what it needs if you pay attention. For thoughts? Allow them their space but “move along little calves” – don’t let them dwell and hang around. “NO LOITERING” signs in my head for bad thoughts.

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I live in an area with a lot of undocumented workers. Federal boots due to do a raid on our local area soon which sucks ’cause the big farms need those workers. Anyway, they always drive at or just under the speed limit. Don’t get in trouble. Stay quiet. Go to work. Spend money. Paid 75% of what US workers would get, except US workers don’t want that kind of work. So, if the big black boots from Washington DC step foot in our local soil, it’ll disrupt the fast food tomatoes and stuff. Whatever. Just another day in “States have no say” USA.

I live in an [read full article]