HILL: “Mixed” as a descriptor and concept needs to eventually go away because it is toxic to humanity. “Mixed babies, mixed marriage, mixed schools, mixed communities.” These all imply there is something wrong with it, as if it’s “mixed up”, confused, or like letting food touch on your plate. I don’t like my food touching but I don’t care how people congregate but I *do* care about people passing ridiculous judgement on them for the most threadbare, vacuous “reasons”. The concept needs to be gone along with “purity” and such.

HILL: “Mixed” as a
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automatic malnourishment. Vegans *can* have adequate nutrition but being a special diet they have to work harder at it. But omnivores can end up with different problems from excess nourishment that’s unbalanced. Fat’s good for you. Too much fat can be bad. Salt is good for you. Too much is bad. etc.

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Watching cgi progress since “Black Hole” ,”Tron”, Star Trek 1 all through the 80s 90s 00s 10s has been interesting. Good puppets are good. Bad puppets awful. Good CGI good. Bad CGI awful. My problem with CGI is when I can feel the copy-paste… or my soul ripples upon spotting an artifact or that gloss…. oh… that glossiness… _but_, once I shut that off in my head, I don’t care how much it’s used. Good’s good. Bad’s bad.

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