Hell 01070407n is semantically closest to The mind 02n Oaths 02080701n is semantically closest to Society 03n I love the classification used by the “Historic Thesaurus” as it is based upon semantic similarity. I’m analyzing it (using Excel of course) to find which categories are FURTHEST AWAY from their PARENT category and CLOSEST TO the next PARENT category.

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SEE, now THAT’S how I look at it too. I didn’t see ‘da media’ really. I only saw this after reading that Ecuador was done with hospitality. Almost 7 years of food, clothing, water, internet (except for a few months once but he got it back). I heard the President of Ecuador give reasons and it sounded reasonable to me. All that other feces? I dunno. But as a guy who is VERY PATIENT with bad behavior, I know what it’s like to FINALLY say “ok, I’m done” after a LOOONG time of accepting it.

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Sorry for all these posts: it’s my public note taking. I’m trying to confirm a “plausible” notion I had earlier today. That is,confirming plausibility, however faint it may be, regarding P450, intra and interspecies communication, language, even to “why we communicate at all”. Looks like it’s an important function leading to creation of Dopamine. Low Dopamine symptoms include loss of motivation / drive / enthusiasm, loss of appetite, passivity, depression, poor attention… How might that relate to interspecies plant/fungi/bacteria/microbe/etc communication networks and language? Why does anything communicate at all? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CYP2D6

Sorry for all these
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