I eat mass produced, industrialized meat products from cows, chickens or pigs that likely were raised in awful conditions, muscles from different animals mixed together in unholy combinations, enhanced with purified drippings of amino acids Life feeding life My body responds well to beef, a little less but also well to pork, likewise with chicken and turkey and white fish. But I enjoy yogurt and cheese and Dairy except for milk unless it’s lactaid. My body is not intolerant to lactose but it lets me know. And yet I’ve gone vegan and vegetarian in my life a few times and I could do it again. I think of the conditions the vegetables have been raised in and I have to shake my head in disappointnent as well and yet: I eat Mass produced, industrialized vegetable and fruit and grain products collected in horrible conditions. I trust the government. I said words that nobody ever likes to say. I trust Regulators to try to stay on top of these multinational food producing corporations that have far too much power. I don’t have any much other choice at the moment without making the kinds of sacrifices I don’t want to make. This is as honest an assessment as I can provide.

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“The consequences of the goal “exploring as much of the maze as possible” will depend on the specific context and constraints of the task. Here are some potential consequences of this goal: 1 If the maze has multiple exits or paths that lead to the same destination, pursuing this goal may result in a longer overall time to reach the destination, as the individual may take more time to explore the maze. 2 If the maze has limited resources, such as a limited supply of food or water, pursuing this goal may result in the individual using up these resources more quickly. 3 If the maze has hazards or dangers, such as traps or predatory animals, pursuing this goal may result in the individual encountering these hazards more frequently and potentially increasing the risk of injury or death.

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