From their site: “Southwest Key shelters for unaccompanied immigrant children operate as a self-contained unit, delivering shelter, food, healthcare, education, recreation, case management and legal services to the children in our care. We are required by the federal government to provide everything that a child needs in order to thrive in a humane and homelike environment. As a result, there is little interaction between the children in our services and the surrounding community, save for those businesses and employees engaged in their care on-site.” I don’t like the lack of supervision. They may file all the right paperwork but any facility that cares for human beings needs supervision, whoever runs it.

From their site:
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“That feeling of information that just by reading it, can change the way you see the world…” is brilliantly worded. I try to treat information / input as food. It’s why I don’t watch documentaries much; I know the tricks they use to convince rational-minded people through “what if” and logic mazes connecting bits of evidence. It’s bad for people. But, I more strongly believe in autonomy of knowledge seeking so I wouldn’t forbid it. I can try to convince but not ordain.

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