It’s in the consistent behavior. Explicitly partisan, notably his work with Kenneth Starr during the Clinton hearings in the 90s and reiterated during his direct condemnation of Democrats in his own hearing the other day, including threats that “they will pay for this”. Activist phrasing during his dissent in the immigrant girl abortion case.

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i’ve done a lot of food and vitamin experiments through the decades. Knew a vegan family in NJ in the 80s – friends with one of the kids. Did vegan for about a year around age 19-20 to see how my body reacted – a large part of it was raw food. Occasionally I’ll do meatless to try new protein ideas. I find out what my body likes and doesn’t like.

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Somewhere as a teenager I also got a taste for Indian food, which she didn’t share. I worked at my childhood church as a teenager as their daily custodian after school and on Saturday’s there’d sometimes be an Indian wedding. So what do they do seeing a blond haired kid setting up and taking out the garbage for them? They fed me. It was great.

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