I’ve been taking some classes online “just because” (never got a degree of any kind so something minimal might be fun considering I had old credits I could still use) and went with Florida State College of Jacksonville because they had rolling admissions and my local community college didn’t. $25 last August, next thing I know I’m doing it. Anyway, today I get an e-mail that affects on-campus peeps. I’ve been waiting for the excuse to ban TikTok from Florida but I expected at the K-12 level. Surprised to see it at the college level too. Of course it’s their network and it’s not the first time an institution has restricted access to sites for various reasons. But that it’s a State of Florida policy adds to the interest here. Some will agree with the censorship, others won’t. But I share because it just happened and I guess it’s a law now I didn’t know about? —————- “Greetings students, FSCJ is moving forward with meeting the requirements pursuant to Florida Statute section 112.22. This statute requires FSCJ to block access to websites and social media platforms deemed to threaten personal privacy and national security. As a result, FSCJ will be blocking access to the following social media apps, technologies and websites as of Monday, February 26, 2024. The use of these applications on FSCJ-owned devices or networks will not be allowed, and use of these applications will be blocked from access via personal devices on the College’s wired and wireless networks. QQ TikTok WeChat VKontakte Kaspersky These applications have been identified to bring unnecessary risk by the Florida Division of Management Services.”

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I’ve been independent most of my life. Voted for H- Ross Perot twice, just because. I forgot to vote in 2k. Voted for Bush because I liked his cabinet and we were stuck in a war and then he fires them so last time I did that. Obama in 2008 +2012, then Clinton 2016 + Biden 2020. I changed to Democrat in 2018 ONLY BECAUSE in Florida I wanted to vote in the primaries and Florida’s a closed primary. That was the one and only time I decided to get enthusiastic about a politician. It was Andrew Gillum. I liked him overall. I decided I could stomach the ” Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida ” which is a wing under the Florida Democratic party but usually spends more of its time complaining how Democrats are doing everything wrong, which is fine. I don’t get too deep into it beyond that. But I’d say my own politics are far more radical than the progressives. I just stay quiet much of the time unless something is important to me or I feel like yapping about.

 I’ve been independent most
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They already play games with who appears first in the lists. Here in Florida, I watched them manage to bury the Democrat candidates among the Republican and independent and write-ins in a clear attempt to be confusing on the ballot. I’m not saying Florida’s very nice for doing that, but so long as the choice is there, same font size, etc, if they do something ridiculous like moving the democrat into the NEXT COLUMN and say “oops how did that happen?” causing people to accidentally vote Republican thinking there’s no Democrat, well, they do that stuff anyway and there’s no stopping that – no Supreme Court case on that.

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Now, not that I am an authority, but I just _took_ an “Intro to Women’s Studies” course: Fall 2023. I wanted to take it because there’s a very very good chance they’ll be stripped from Florida colleges before long and I always wanted to take the infamously horrible “gender studies” – and it fit into a requirement. Anyway, it was NOTHING the fear mongers said it was. Maybe because I’m entirely used to intersectionality concepts, etc, that there was nothing weird, odd or strange to me about it but it basically was an American History course from a different point of view.

 Now, not that I
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