i’m a fan of all this. I’m a frustrated extrovert and it’s online i can be free. Got on in 1989 at 300 bps and never looked back. I don’t want deep and few. Too stressful with those I have in that category. I like warm and aloof. I can be a butterfly to whoever and whatever wherever, have impossible friendships and not have to deal with their turmoil or them with mine. I love it.

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No. What I mean is: facilities have always been in place. Fewer have been crossing since a peak in 2010 if I remember right – and that was due to a different situation at that time. What has happened since what’s-his-face (not Trump but that other guy) announced zero tolerance? THAT’S when the crisis began.

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67 days without a White House press briefing. Dust. Neglect. I remember various abandoned warehouses I’d been at through the years. Most striking was one in Tampa, Florida. It used to be a sewing factory. We were removing old insulation as it was a health hazard at that point for whoever bought it. Open elevator shafts with ropes dangling. Bathrooms with all stall doors removed and missing half of the plumbing fixtures. Floorboards that were going soft and ready to collapse under our feet. But what struck me most was the dust. There wasn’t much of it. With nobody occupying it for a long time, there were no skin flakes floating in the air, no fabric dust. But the dust that WAS there looked just like this. Third floor was the most surreal. Three large rooms with 25 wooden sewing desks each all set up in 5×5 formations. Perfectly spaced apart. Next week’s work roster still hung from an old clipboard on an empty filing cabinet. So, this is what I see.

67 days without a
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Will Florida join the “Let’s Force the Supreme Court Our Way” anti-abortion gaming with bills and new absurd laws? Probably. This is why I always hated politics Office politics, government politics, community politics, school politics – big fish in small ponds, small fish surrounding a big fish and dancing around like hyenas…. …it’s annoying. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/fl-ne-florida-abortion-bills-20190517-4dyp7snynrfl3f2s5b73xwbcqq-story.html

Will Florida join the
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