Fair warning: the “circles with lines farm” is at it again. Once upon a time, significant effort promoted and succeeded in convincing many gullible people that Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. Now they’re at it again, farming out memes to convince the gullible that the school shooting in FL was a hoax and using photoshopped images of survivors and plastering them on other events, claiming they’re hired actors. Also the fact that the state of Florida agreed to cover demolition costs is part of this conspiracy theory. (Of course they want it demolished : fellow community members died there horribly). If you like being suckered into conspiracy, that’s your business. I had my say.

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Common on internet forums as well as 3D life is “gatekeeping”. In gatekeeping, the older members of a group will disparage someone younger as a way to keep their hold to power. But here is a shift if only for a moment. Peter Wang, born 2003, held the door open during the Florida school shooting the other day to let fellow kids and adults escape the gunfire. They escaped. Peter Wang did not. He died Feb 14, 2018 at age 15 years old. The gatekeepers of this forum are probably in their mid 20s and 30s, having held their power status for a long time and would not normally give respect to someone who is 15 years old, no matter what. But in this case, they’re calling for an moratorium on ageism, racism and such out of respect for Peter Wang was in JROTC and they are calling for a military burial for him. Nobody should die to get this respect. But at least for a moment, the gatekeepers are doing the right thing.

Common on internet forums
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It’s apparently more profitable and cheaper to pray rather than sitting down and discussing solutions. I don’t have the answer and I’m not going to try. But I know that prayers are for society’s powerless. Society’s powerful have more options than prayer. Society’s politicians have MANY more options than prayer, especially when you have access to free money. The people can pray. The legislators can legislate. Quit stuffing your pockets.

It’s apparently more profitable
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Heads up: Sounds of real gunshots and real screaming. That happened in Broward County. I’m in Collier County. We get the same weather reports. “Lets arm EVERYBODY!” isn’t an answer in most places, definitely not Florida. Maybe TX can do that stuff but that’s it. 16 dead. 16. You can die on your hill. I don’t know the answer but one dead should be enough for SOMETHING to change. This shit’s happening daily now. Hardly anybody died or got sick from Tide Pods. That’s a non-issue.

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