If you are a citizen of the USA, you should retain the right to vote. Period. It is not a privilege. Voting is not a privilege. Voting is a right. Allowing slavery to continue in prisons (13th Amendment) is why states are allowed to determine whether prisoners can vote or not. That it extends BEYOND their jail term shows that their jail term never ended. They are incarcerated long after they’re out as they are not citizens of the United States so long as they are forbidden to vote. This holds true for any class of US citizen who is denied the right to vote.

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I was raised in NJ within which the “Rebel Flag” was just “Hey I’m not like you”. Didn’t mean much really beyond that. Come down to Florida, early 00s to today and wow, what a difference in that flag. Stuff I learned in NJ schools that was considered “out of date” / “old fashioned” / “long ago conquered” were alive and well around here. No outright evil just lots of little things here and there that surprised me — and where I’m at isn’t even deep south.

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That’s my answer. There’s no cohesion in the Trump family but plenty of hanger-ons like most of the politicians in Florida. Being in Florida this is annoying. So, no. There won’t be. Do some believe that? I know trolls have been pushing that idea for a while, particularly feeding into the QAnon thing for laughs and some numbskulls believe. But I don’t think they’re voters per se, not significantly.

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Peace with Russia is fine so long as it’s not under Putin’s regime. Russia’s broke, there’s total political apathy among the people because “hey surprise Putin wins again” and they’re doing slimy deals to improve their land holdings to increase their oil export as they don’t benefit from petrodollar. The USA benefits from the petrodollar relationship with OPEC and Saudis for our financial stability and that’s not changing. I don’t like US foreign policy and never did. But I sure as heck don’t feel a need to improve Russia’s standing, particularly when decisions affected domestic policy such as treatment of our own.

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