67 days without a White House press briefing. Dust. Neglect. I remember various abandoned warehouses I’d been at through the years. Most striking was one in Tampa, Florida. It used to be a sewing factory. We were removing old insulation as it was a health hazard at that point for whoever bought it. Open elevator shafts with ropes dangling. Bathrooms with all stall doors removed and missing half of the plumbing fixtures. Floorboards that were going soft and ready to collapse under our feet. But what struck me most was the dust. There wasn’t much of it. With nobody occupying it for a long time, there were no skin flakes floating in the air, no fabric dust. But the dust that WAS there looked just like this. Third floor was the most surreal. Three large rooms with 25 wooden sewing desks each all set up in 5×5 formations. Perfectly spaced apart. Next week’s work roster still hung from an old clipboard on an empty filing cabinet. So, this is what I see.

67 days without a
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Will Florida join the “Let’s Force the Supreme Court Our Way” anti-abortion gaming with bills and new absurd laws? Probably. This is why I always hated politics Office politics, government politics, community politics, school politics – big fish in small ponds, small fish surrounding a big fish and dancing around like hyenas…. …it’s annoying. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/fl-ne-florida-abortion-bills-20190517-4dyp7snynrfl3f2s5b73xwbcqq-story.html

Will Florida join the
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Nephew’s in 8th grade in a very Trump-y Florida school. [since 7th, he’s made it a point to look at all the voting registrations of his teachers. About 80% Republican, 10% Indy, 10% Democrat, mostly women who talk politics freely in class, argue with students, etc. He likes pointing out that they’re not supposed to talk politics, which eventually stops the worst of it for a while, but they always go back. Two days ago, two class periods in a row one teacher argued with a student about transgender and school sports, having the “only correct opinion” of course, “We Should Not Criticize Our President” — she’s a living meme of typical Trump-y talk] Anyway, this one particular teacher lives directly across the street from a gun range and the kids suspect she gets her anger out about the students by shooting off a few rounds before and after school, but that’s just kid speculation. So, with all that said, Florida’s arming our teachers. With many Florida public schools ALREADY modeled after prisons (architecture, probably the same “preferred builders” that are probably cousins of big politicians too — and mentality)… … I know she’d GLADLY be a prison guard… I mean an armed teacher. All the students will know she’s packing heat and with her temper, it’s not threats from the outside that’s a worry. Our schools recently had a BIG outflow of teachers to a county offering better cost of living, so they’re busy hiring temps. I think some that are left behind are angry they couldn’t take advantage of moving (mortgage, church, partner and kids can hold you from freedom of movement, so you just have to shut up and take it). So, all I know is: It’s only rosy in a theoretical picture. Knowing real kids that are now LAB RATS in an artificially constructed political social experiment that could result in their termination from within the cage is a bit harrowing. But, politicians gotta play, and there’s big $$$ for them to make.

Nephew’s in 8th grade
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“The House bill says that completion of a sentence includes full payment of any fines or fees imposed by the court as part of the sentence. Supporters of the Constitutional Amendment say that the bill is “self- implementing,” meaning it does not require additional language to be imposed by the Legislature.” There it is. Arbitrarily set “fines and fees”. How about: send it to a collection agency and write it off on your federal taxes, Florida? Form of debtor’s prison. Well, with not enough guarding the hen house, this is expected. Go ahead Senate, might as well take what the House wants to do and add to it. Then you won’t have to deal with this pesky voter decision at all and can wash your hands of the people’s voice.

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It impresses those who don’t need to be impressed. I see an easy political win. Democrat and Republican, except for the hardline Republicans supported it. It puts more pressure (legislation / regulation / red tape) on prisons themselves while taking away their flexibility. Florida hated this bill as Florida’s cheap and this is costly and fought against it. It’s a win for Federal in the Federal vs State balance, which is an ongoing theme of this administration. But it’s nice that after over years, he FINALLY gets one thing right. ’bout time. Will lightening strike twice?

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It’s not the seizure of guns that’s so much the issue with the “cops to seize guns”. You’d think it was but it’s not. What happens is the person is automatically put into a different class of person and can be whisked away in the middle of the night to a mental health facility with no paperwork “for patient confidentiality”. That’s scary.

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