Live deep in the woods. Got hit by a hurricane two years back, Irma. Six days without power when they told us to plan for 3 at max. It was a long six days and weeks of cleanup. Animals are loud when air conditioning isn’t running and we managed but I do like my air conditioning when it’s really hot, at least to duck into now and again.

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Found original: “”John Muir Health has been, and continues to be, supportive of the Shelter-in-Place order put in place by Contra Costa County Health Services to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We realize there are a number of opinions on this topic, including within our medical staff, and John Muir Health encourages our physicians and staff to participate constructively in these discussions.” It seems like a single Doctor and a single nurse are saying this. That doesn’t make it not true but they’re not getting support by the organization with regards to numbers. So, I’m skeptical.

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To me, it’s a word. Tests put me at “Left Libertarian”, whatever that is. I look it up. “Social Anarchist” is another word for it. Ok. Compatible with Green stuff? Ok. Fine. So, I join groups to see. This is from back in 2014 on up. Before that I just thought I was “center” / “normal” and everybody else was weird. Come to find out I’m “far left” or “Progressive Activist” according to Hidden Tribes of America. The tests are fun. But organizing things? Meh.

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Florida’s doing a disinformation thing, sadly. Gag order of hospitals and morgues for statistics. It was at 10% lower rate when the gag order wa applied. Don’t know about now. No way to tell. I can only hope it’s not too awful a lie difference. I don’t know about Georgia. Sweden’s not looking good though. A few days ago, the chief medical person was surprised by the high numbers they were seeing as they didn’t anticipate the growth rates of it.

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Know of him my whole life. Slick NY fast talker used car salesman but real estate. Thinks he’s mafia but he’s not. Good at skipping out on loans, not paying workers. Uses poor building materials. His bravado was cute on TV so long as you didn’t have to do business with him, or have him in any authority position over you whatsoever. I knew people who got stiffed for the Taj Mahol in the early 90s. My final negative opinion cemented during the Indian Casino trials in the mid 1990s. It was after that that he stopped having any kind of “cute TV” look to me. Then I ignored him. Forgot he existed. Saw him ran for Prez in 2000. Forgot about him. Saw he ran again a few years later – 2012 was it? I forget, but abandoned after he got made fun of by NY newspapers, who he swore vengeance on afterwards. Third time, he got in. Republican was gonna follow Democrat, so it was gonna be somebody with the R. [USA goes Mom/Dad/Mom/Dad] So, since July 2015, it’s been daily stuff with his name on it. Gets old but he demands people pay attention to him daily. When he does get ignored, such as when Gov Cuomo was daily news, he started his own show and bragged about ratings. So, a shallow guy who should be retired on a golf course in Florida. That’s about it.

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Right now: The “flattening the curve” protocols worldwide _are_ working to keep hospital occupancy rates at manageable levels. One very very very very common error is to: a) take measures that are pro-active b) get positive results from pro-active measures. c) declare the measures were not needed at all.

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