CNN10 is well-rounded. Carl Azuz is legend and it’s not like CNN cable. You watch find and watch them yourself. They actually present multiple perspectives. It’s distributed even in Trump county where I am. Trump *did* shut down the government. Why did he shut down the government? He couldn’t get the money for the wall. That’s facts. If you agree with the wall you’ll say, “They should give the money”. If you don’t agree with the wall OR if you don’t think a government shutdown is justified for this purpose, then you say, “Open up the government and go through normal channels”

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Solid move. Will watch who you pick for the new position of “chief science officer” but I approve of the creation of the position and this declaration. You took one of Andrew Gillum’s main points and are announcing that you’re doing it. But: he laid out specifically where the money is coming from. You have not done so yet. So, please do so lest it become a 4 yr long empty promise. As it stands though, good move. Please follow through. It’s not a home run but it is a solid bunt.

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“We came here, Room 18, on a Monday evening, 6 days before Hurricane Jeanne, and it rained.” “A boy, about 14 years old, hung by me for a couple of minutes and tore my heartstrings out when he said: ‘I couldn’t believe that all of my stuff fit into one little box.'” — in West Palm Beach, Florida for Hurricane Frances cleanup, October 2nd, 2004

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