Two year pandemic reducing overall oil output sending prices downhill had very little to do with things. Oil companies wanting to recoup had very little to do with things. Special arrangements made after the Saudis flooded the USA with dirt cheap oil en masse to drive prices into the NEGATIVE per barrel had nothing to with anything. Nope. Jan 21st, 2021 was 90%+ of all the problem. Nothing set in motion prior had much impact.

Two year pandemic reducing
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It’s an “every classroom needs a bucket of rocks” to hurl at intruder argument all over again. Look. A whole generation of kids have grown up from kindergarten onwards with shooting-up-the-school as an acceptable solution for rage. They got random shooting drills since 1999, escalating since the “false flag operation/crisis actor/fake” shooting in Newton 10 years ago. They ask each other which one of them will be their school shooter from 4th grade onwards. Not if, but which one. They’re all grown up now and some of them are going to be teachers themselves. They will be the ones that solve this. Not us. We had our shot and keep coming up with ridiculous solutions like buckets of rocks.

 It’s an “every classroom
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James Nichols The main point I’m trying to impress here is: The intentionally vague wording is extremely dangerous for the people and powerful for the powerful. One of the first things DeSantis did was help a couple get their garden. it was lovely. Even NPR was behind it. but : “That’s the day a Florida law went into effect that nullifies local bans on vegetable gardens at residential properties.” and the thing is, they did not just nullify local bans on vegetable gardens. they nullified any restrictions at a local level for any reason, regardless of local conditions.  it was framed as a “victory for the people”. but it didn’t give any power to the people. it gave all the power to the state

James Nichols
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sorry to hear that. I was lucky; they were called “Scary Christians” when I was growing up. I’d see them on TV: televangelists and stuff. I thought it was all an act: it was so plastic and fake. I was sure the audience was in on the joke and it was for our entertainment at home. Wasn’t until my early 20s before it hit me: they all believe it. They really are sending their whole retirement income in to these charlatans. and I met a few in person who believed all that, hook line and sinker.

 sorry to hear that.
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Back in 2003-2005, one county in Florida temporarily put into place a standardized, high quality gifted discovery testing for two years. Then the funding was cut and the program was no more. Years later, in a separate study in undiscovered genius, data from this program was used and they figured out that, for that very brief period of time, there was a LOT of previously undiscovered minorities and poor students put into gifted programs (and were doing well) that this merit-based testing had discovered that weren’t found previously nor once the program had ended. After the program ended, the vast majority of gifted students were again, economically advantaged as usual.

Back in 2003-2005, one
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