I mean for me, I was always indy. Proud of no party affiliation. But after 16 yrs in FL, for 2018 primaries I joined the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida at least on principal so I could vote in primaries. I never would have considered that before but the division between the two candidates was more extreme than I’d ever seen before in any election.

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No strong feelings, although I switched to Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida to vote for Andrew Gillum in 2018 primaries. I read the Democratic Prog platform, all of it — long and detailed. I agreed with about 80% of it – not 100% but enough to say “f-it”, and I am now no longer an Independent / No Party Affiliation. I like AOC. I watched extremists from the hard shallow right (“Pat Robertson Libertarianism”, basic anti-statist “Leave Us Alone Coalition” ) slowly grow in influence my whole life as they pulled politics towards the right. Apparently started before I was aware of it but I started seeing it as a kid in the 1980s, Rush Limbaugh early 90s, and you got lots of little acolytes littered all over the internet, giving bits of influence from various angles. Anyway, they finally got the majority-majority in 2016, mostly due to standard “Republican always follows a Democrat” pattern and pushed through a LOT of legislation at a feverish pace for 2 years. Results are all around. Good for the wealthy. For Middle Income and below, negatives starting to show. So, I think folks like him need to say what they say, staying the course. We’ve gone WAY to the right. Right-wing still plays victim to Left but it’s not anymore, if it ever was.

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Social credit is just a better classification of “laws”. You break laws, you have consequence. We split it up into misdemeanors and felonies… unless it’s florida where every misdemeanor eventually is just a felony, including walking a dog without a leash in a leash law zone… …ok, maybe that would be a misdemeanor still. But if you don’t pay the fine, you have to pay court fees and it adds up without you doing a thing. Or, by not doing anything, the fees add up. “Authorities have experimented with social credit in parts of China since 2014. Points are deducted for breaking the law, but also, in some areas, for offences as minor as walking a dog without a lead.”

Social credit is just
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Cautiously watching: The devil’s in the details. Right now, there’s no details. But it’s a good and smart political show right now and he’s hitting a lot of popular notes in the first 100 days. “Reading, Writing, ‘rithmatic” might mean a broad cutting of art and music programs: they’re usually the first to go. It also might mean no “Shop 2.0″ that Andrew Gillum was shooting for and I was hoping DeSantis would adopt. Emphasis on Civics education is something both Andrew Gillum and DeSantis had in common though. I’m glad for that. Still, I’m waiting for defunding of public education. That’s often what “back to basics” really means – and I’m hoping it’s not a lowering of standards, which leaves a population of kids uneducated. Hoping he tries to hit good notes on both side of the aisle. I don’t actually care that he’s Republican, just don’t be a disaster for Florida.

Cautiously watching:
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