Naples FL is working on it but in a smart way so far. I’m in the rural (read “suburbs but with big fat lots”) part which is resistant to fast development yet they have an intelligent 2030 plan set in place a few years ago during the real estate boom (remember that?) They’re trying not to become “another Miami” but we’ll see. I’m fine with it though. It’s not my perfect place to live – the politics here are almost all wrong – yet I do like Florida’s transparency and ease at starting many businesses.

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grassroots vs state solutions. Or if state solutions are put into place its due to a grassroots / collective push, rather than one person saying “do” and it gets done. Another is “cell” style grassroots, which is a little more what I was thinking of. Example: working on one’s community issues, only involving institutional forces minimally.

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I wouldn’t say the whole right wing at all. Small independent militia groups that have been training for decades for that very magical moment that will never come (sorry), will be ready. So will survivalists, which comes in all political flavors (sorry to disappoint – but artsy hippies can shoot more than just rabbits for their suppers). But anything larger than small bands? I see more infighting and grandstanding for leadership roles when any kind of larger cells need to form, enough to cause internal collapse before they can get any revolutionaizing stuff done.

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Speakers at the Voter Values Summit. I recognize a handful of names like Donald Trump, Kevin Sorbo and I’ve heard of Duck Dynasty but most are unfamiliar to me. Rep. Michele Bachmann Former United States Representative of Minnesota Joseph Backholm President, Family Policy Institute of Washington Dr. Hunter Baker Univerity Fellow for Religious Liberty Steve Bannon Executive Chairman, Breitbart News George Barna Executive Director, American Faith & Culture Institute Gary Bauer President, American Values Andrew Beckwith President, Massachusetts Family Institute David & Jason Benham Best-selling authors and entrepreneurs Dr. Bill Bennett Author and Radio Host Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin Executive Vice President of Family Research Council Rob Chambers National Field Director, AFA Action David Daleiden Citizen Journalist and Project Lead, Center for Medical Progress Chuck Donovan President, Charlotte Lozier Institute Jeremy Dys Deputy General Counsel, First Liberty William Federer President, Amerisearch Brigitte Gabriel Founder, ACT! for America Frank Gaffney Founder, Center for Security Policy Dr. Sebastian Gorka Former Strategist to President Trump; Chief Strategist of the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Coalition Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) Hon. John Hostettler Former United States Representative of Indiana Laura Ingraham Best-selling Author and Syndicated Host Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) Dr. Alveda King Pastoral Associate, Priests for Life Director, Civil Rights For the Unborn Jo Kwong Director of Economic Opportunity, The Philantrophy Roundtable Dana Loesch Best-selling Author and Host of the Nationally-syndicated Radio Program, “The Dana Show” Jeanne Mancini President, March for Life Jennifer Marshall VP for the Institute of the Family, Community and Opportunity, The Heritage Foundation Emmett McGroarty Education Director, American Principles Project Rep. Mark Meadows (R-Nc.) Roy Moore Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Jerry Newcombe Senior producer, radio host, columnist, D. James Kennedy Ministries Lt. Col. Oliver North Syndicated Columnist Tony Perkins President, Family Research Council and FRC Action Dr. Walid Phares Author and Professor Dr. Everett Piper President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University Al Robertson Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Lila Rose Founder and President, LiveAction Cathy Ruse Senior Fellow for Legal Studies, Family Research Council Howard Russell President and CEO, Christian Healthcare Ministries Kamal Saleem President and Founder, Koome Ministries House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) Elizabeth Schultz Fairfax County School Board Member Dr. Linda Smith President & COO, D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship Kevin and Sam Sorbo Award-winning Actors and Producers Peter Sprigg Sr. Fellow for Family Studies, Family Research Council Erick Stakelbeck Host of “The Watchmen”, CBN News, News Correspondent, CUFI Todd Starnes Radio Host, The Todd Starnes Show Mat Staver Founder and President, Liberty Counsel John Stemberger President and General Counsel, Florida Family Policy Dr. Carol Swain Author; Former Professor, Vanderbilt University Nicole Theis President and Executive Director, Delaware Family Policy Council Donald Trump President of the United States Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) Lathan Watts Director of Community Relations, First Liberty Dan Weber Founder and CEO, AMAC Travis Weber Director, Center for Religious Liberty, Family Research Council; Frank Wolf Former U.S. Congressman (R-Va) Dr. Frank Wright CEO, D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship

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