420 walkout [ National School Walkout ] “In Collier County, Florida, some 1,000 students from 10 public middle, high and alternative schools participated in the walkout, according to Collier schools spokesman Greg Turchetta. ” Background: https://ift.tt/2HMvFAp Crude infographic is mine. I’m not endorsing or going against it. I just find the whole notion of high school and middle school students protesting en masse in the USA about anything to be fascinating.

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Well, I’ve seen all level of devotion. Basic civic nationalism, which I’m fine with. It’s normal. Then people who believe his promises, which to me starts getting odd. Then God Emperor Trump level which is “personality cult” / North Korea level Kool Aid stuff, and finally Fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy / Bringing of End Times, Restoration of Jerusalem, war-leading to peace, stuff. That’s my measuring stick of devotion, first time I actually wrote it out.

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Terry searches make it tougher for African American citizens, especially in police states like FL. Higher courts have had to overturn Florida decisions on many occasions. “Unreasonable Suspicion: Relying on Refusals to Support Terry Stops” Rachel Karen Lasert, Found it by searching for: can black people decline consent to search vehicle

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