I had a male goat once. Don’t get a male goat. BTW – they’re huge on a male goat. They suck their own, at least mine did. It was great at parties. He got turned on by cigarette smoke. One woman didn’t believe it. We said “go ahead put a cigarette by his nose”. She found out it’s true. Stood in the wrong place. Got squirted.

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People were coming in from all over the country to protest the removal of a statue in front of a town hall in one particular town, chanting and bearing torches on what’s a local issue. If it was a normal protest event, cops in helicopters wouldn’t have been streaming in. But yeah when they say “3 dead”, it’s misleading. Not the most misleading headline I’ve heard. [I’ve seen much more misleading headlines than that – three people *did* actually perish] but a national organization effort for a local problem seemed a little strange.

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Misleading advertising for sure. If he’d gotten the lenses he’s probably better to move to another state for six months, get a driver’s license in that state, then come back and get his license transferred over so he can use the special lenses. Florida is very strict about vision and driving. I was told “If you were getting new license here, we wouldn’t give it to you. You’ve very lucky you got it from another state first”. So I make sure I get it renewed promptly each time.

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