I feel it’s a false sense of security because good health care _can_ lead to fewer deaths but what happens inbetween being positive and feeling nothing and “almost dead but not quite”? Hospitalization rate might show a truer figure of risk, although many lack health insurance in Florida and will stay at home so those number won’t show up. Also, Florida has been fudging numbers since they started gagging the hospitals and morgues from releasing data themselves, so there’s that.

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I live a few miles down from a farming (immigrant community, the dreaded “BUILD THE WALL” hard working farmers that supply restaurants our tomatoes and potatoes and things. COVID-19 has been an absolute catastrophe in Immokalee. The Federal and State govts are absolutely zero help. They want our numbers to be low so Florida can be “OPEN FOR BUSINESS”. There’s a gag order on Hospitals and morgues from releasing any information. It all has to go through the State. Anyway, thankfully Doctors Without Borders have brought their international humanitarian work to the USA and has been working hard at trying to test everybody in Immokalee and there’s a lot of positives. Ignoring it by not testing was making it worse but now there’s a chance of containing it somewhat.

I live a few
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Mixing implies there’s purity. The notion of “racial purity” is absurd. Hence, argument is absurd and dumb. Simple. Explain how family trees can be pure? What does that entail? Which families are allowed to procreate with each other through time and which families are incorrect? It’s an absurd argument.

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