You want absolute libertarian free will. I want degrees of freedom. Metaphor: From the perspective of the inside of a sphere, the inner surface is infinite. You tell me from the inside of your sphere “We are all inside spheres”. I say, “I know but our surface within is infinite from the affordances provided by the subjectively infinite inner sphere we have available”. That’s our difference. I don’t cry ’cause I can’t breath in outer space.

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You stole my first argument so well done :P So, to my 2nd: little kids are still hands on and tactile. There’s arguments going back to origins of TV – and probably before with boys reading ‘pulp fiction’ and girls reading “trashy romance” that it keeps them from physical play. But NERF isn’t going anywhere and up through the age of 4-5 – even with Gen Alpha having tablets from toddlerhood, grasping, stacking, falling, dancing — those are all basic develpment stages all kids of average physical abilities go through.

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I’m a false seeker. What’s leftover may be truth. I look at it this way: You start with everything. Everything is true. This is the world of fiction and non-fiction combined. It’s a nice place to stop with wonders never ceasing. But I’m not satisfied with everything being true. So, like a piece of marble, I cut away. Slowly, carefully. I let the marble show me how it’s best cut because I can’t see inside. I don’t know what it will look like when I’m done but I like how it’s shaping so far.

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