If you have Campbellian interests, I highly highly recommend TV Tropes. You’ll go much further than Campbell or his interpreters or Jung) as: a) You’ll find they’ve all been in common use for decades now b) You’ll recognize it when you see it.. Takes a lot of the “woo” out of Jung and Campbell and their interpreters, but it really ties it all together as a “‘common personality expectations” for fiction.

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I guess as I peruse non-fiction for facts, I do so quickly. Book jacket, table of contents, flip through for words that “jump out”, straight to conclusion. Do I agree or disagree? Go back and “spot check” chapters for points I might be curious about. That’s about it. I occasionally read slowly, left to right, but usually I eat non-fiction in chunks like that.

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I don’t agree with this. It’s mistaking mapping for the thing. Yes, much of you that’s you if not most or all is an amalgam of all these things BUT a) the product is unique which is YOU, b) Awareness of the law, various standards do exist in society c) Our languages are relatively standardized within a realm of flexiblity and code-switching from subculture to dominant culture is a reality, meaning you CAN HOLD conflicting processes and switch, much as how a 4 year old DOES know the difference between FICTION and FACT – that all you hear is not necessarily true and yet some of it is fun. Therefore, there is also LESS uniqueness within a given culture than the extremes possible in a language-free, society-free environment. d) As there are at least some standards that are common among users of a language and members of a culture, it is reasonable to expect SOME level of civil compliance. e) Thought experiment: Driving on the road. Why doesn’t everybody crash into everybody else? How do they negotiate meaning without words?

I don’t agree with
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Most folks put themselves as “normal” and work around that. It’s a good test. I thought I was politically center until I took a few tests. Out of all of them, this is best for Americans as it’s accurate enough and specific enough that I couldn’t say it was totally wrong about me. No, I won’t watch the video. I form my opinions by observation of behaviors, individual and group. I form my own theories. They happen to fall in the “left libertarian” / social anarchist – call it whatever.

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I’m glad solid state drives are taking over. But: CDs will last 1000 years. (they don’t). Our backup system is foolproof (company closes). Lots of big promises. Standards change frequently. Serial and Parallel ports were standards for 25+ years. Now it’s USB. But which one? What will replace USB by 2025? Don’t know yet. Cloud’s great. Companies change hands and dissolve. Servers get wiped.

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