“Close reading expects readers to focus on the information that a text provides”. I learned in school too, back in the 80s. Also hated it. I found studying the cosmos surrounding a work, including the author, the historical period, influence in culture, etc, to be far more engaging than close reading.

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I try to keep the line btwn fiction and fact as clear as I can. I know a lot of fact is muddled with fictional parts, but folks are too easily swayed by well written, all too internally logical fictional narratives that don’t really reflect reality except as a loose metaphor. Otherwise, I could end up following it like a religion and world’s got enough of that.

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You want absolute libertarian free will. I want degrees of freedom. Metaphor: From the perspective of the inside of a sphere, the inner surface is infinite. You tell me from the inside of your sphere “We are all inside spheres”. I say, “I know but our surface within is infinite from the affordances provided by the subjectively infinite inner sphere we have available”. That’s our difference. I don’t cry ’cause I can’t breath in outer space.

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