Manolo Balmeo I stopped watching TV in 2013 I was never a big fan of news though so I didn’t ever get any fear from TV It’s really not TV that’s a problem but being hooked on news. And news gets delivered in many ways I abandoned TV because I did not want to get hooked on another science fiction show again after the last one finally ended. It’s good I stopped before Netflix and streaming became big. I watch a little TV – about an hour or two per week with other people but that’s about it

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Of course one could argue that we are talking about two different types of time: clock time is constructed and it’s societal The whole notion of going to work is an ongoing roleplay fiction that we participate in along with money and credit and all these various illusions that we participate in Daily And yet because it affects us materially, that does make it real A collective illusion with consequence.

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I am amazed at the code-generating/running GPT4. I fed it some large knowledge graphs I’d created in September 2021 and I had it create hybrid concepts where nodes intersected and THEN asked it to create MAXIMALLY chained hybrids, of which this HUGE one popped on, which means these are all connected concepts _somehow_. Now I can try to find out how.

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Gennaro Nesso As a science fiction head as a boy and also a devout Methodist such as it is, I noticed the various time dilation effects in the Bible as I would do a little bible of the day reading. I love the notion of time dilation in scripture and it’s all over the place So when people would take it literally it would annoy me to no end. Would some higher dimensional creature experience time in the same fashion? And if God was a timeless outside of time being then to enter this time stream, entering a womb as a baby to really get the visceral experience of living as a human made perfect sense to 11 year old me.

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Letting ChatGPT4 guess on themes from titles of books I’ve put together on Amazon: 1. Change and Existence: Your book “Change: The Intrinsic and Fundamental Process of Existence or A River Flowing Onward” likely explores the philosophical and perhaps scientific aspects of change as a fundamental part of life. 2. Emotion-Action Integration: “Find the Emotion, Commit to Action, Follow the Steps: 99 Examples” seems to focus on the connection between emotions and actions, possibly providing practical guidance on how to harness this connection in everyday life. 3. Cognition and Behavior: “The Hierarchy of Human Cognition and Behavior: With an Embodied Cognition Focus” likely delves into psychological and neuroscientific aspects of human thought and behavior, with a focus on embodied cognition. 4. Magical Realism and Altered Realities: “Whispers and Mirrors: A Fragmented Tale of Altered Realities” suggests a work of fiction that explores themes of reality, perception, and perhaps metaphysical concepts. 5. Possibilities and Creativity: “The Possibilities Are Overwhelming” might explore the endless possibilities in life, creativity, and perhaps even technological innovation. 6. Information and Context: Books like “Unfortunately, I don’t believe in Weightless information” and “Out of Context: The 1st Fully Cross-linked Thesaurus” indicate an interest in information theory, linguistics, and the importance of context in understanding. 7. Empowerment and Positivity: “You Are Awesome! Out of Context” seems to be a motivational work, possibly aimed at empowering readers. These titles reflect a diverse and complex range of interests, from philosophy and psychology to linguistics and fiction. They align with your profile’s emphasis on understanding, knowledge, creativity, and complex systems theory. If you’d like to provide more specific insights or details about these works, I can further tailor my understanding of your intellectual pursuits.

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