I like fascinating combinations of words. Sara Bernstein University of Notre Dame Abstract I develop ontological pluralism about non-being, the view that there are multiple ways, kinds, or modes of non-being. I suggest that the view is both more plausible and defensible and than it first seems, and that it has many useful applications across a wide variety of metaphysical and explanatory problems. After drawing out the relationship between pluralism about being and pluralism about non-being, I discuss quantificational strategies for the pluralist about non-being. I examine historical precedent for the view. Finally, I suggest that pluralism about non-being has explanatory power across a variety of domains, and that the view can account for differences between nonexistent past and future times, between omissions and absences, and between different kinds of fictional objects. Keywords ontological pluralism ontology non-being presentism absences ontology of fictions Categories Causation by Absences in Metaphysics Nonexistent Objects in Metaphysics Ontological Pluralism in Metaphysics Presentism in Metaphysics Truth in Fiction in Aesthetics https://philpapers.org/rec/BEROPA-7

I like fascinating combinations
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