That’s a good question. I was raised to see Thomas Edison as a local hero. I see Musk as a “kind of” Thomas Edison. Now in 3rd Grade, I looked up to Thomas Edison because that was drilled into me. He was local hero, made the light bulb just like Christopher Columbus, an Italian, discovered America and other such US History tales. But cracks in the veneer around middle school and I started seeing Industrialists (and politicians) from a different light, part showmen, part conmen, and even though they may end up doing some good things, they’re more the Wizard of Oz than Whiz Kids.

That’s a good question.
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Erica Kleine yes! I have followed that rule my whole life! I usually find one or two people that are obsessed and I listen I’ve made good use of this with fiction: I don’t have the patience to read long novels but I like to know the stories But I don’t find the stories as interesting as I do the people that find the stories interesting So to kill two birds with one stone, whenever somebody says You must read: Dune, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games / see movie: Fight Club, Idiocracy, oh too many to name… What I do is I try to convince them to tell me. It is extremely difficult to get a fan to tell you the story that they want you to see or read. But I keep at it and I am just as insistent that they TELL me the story as they are that I READ the story It can take a while But when they do, I got to experience the excitement that I would never feel about the story through them. And I may not know all the little details but I will have some sense from a fan point of view of what’s good and not. This has also gotten me through trying to understand what various video games are or YouTubers are about because i don’t do either. Works very well and saves time and makes people happy

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