is an unabashed Kamala Harris supporter. Kamala Harris is more or less accurately described as “white female Obama”. In short, supporting Progressive causes “in principle” and taking care of basics (Gay marriage was a no-brainer fix) but continuing to support systemic issues rather than addressing them (see: 2009 financial crisis fix. It worked – and I won’t take that away from him – but as it doesn’t address the structural problems with America’s economy it’s a 10-15 year bandaid at best). So, girlzrok13 is doing a “say anything to discredit” thing where the actual words don’t matter so much as the dig at the opponent is an unabashed [read full article]


Didn’t see it. Don’t want to see it. Fiction that is too eerily similar to real life compels us to draw comparisons and change our narratives of reality to fit the fiction. It’s also what keeps me off of most documentaries. It’s my own weird personal choice but I learned long ago from friends in the film school dept how to create narratives to sway using not just words but music, editing techniques, shot choices etc, I stay skeptical of too much comparison drawing.

Didn’t see it. Don’t [read full article]


Everything is true. Yes. If you take all possible perspectives into account, there will be at least one ontology in which a concept exists and if that concept exists in an ontology, it is a theory of a category. In _some way_ that will tie into a physical thing, making it real conceptually and also at least partially real in a physical sense. Falseness is the closest thing to a ‘true fiction’ we have.

Everything is true. Yes.
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