In my cognitive dev psych class long ago, I learned that the approximate age where most children can distinguish fantasy from reality is about 3.5 years old. That is: they’re not confused, any more than we might be, between fantasy and reality. Of course a fast-talking storyteller can convince us a fiction is true as is routinely done to four year olds, which is within the “knows the difference” age. But give comprehensible, trustworthy facts, there’s no confusion between those and “fantasy facts”, so long as the line is drawn by normal contextual means.

In my cognitive dev
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He’s a negative nellie right now but what’s he got to lose? Hawking had his “AI will doom us if we don’t sign this thing” David Attenborough “humans are a plague – monitor your population” and any number of prominent scientists, towards the last decades of illustriative careers, make world proclamations and calls to action for a cause they care about. It’s part of their calling.

He’s a negative nellie
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We gather around a ? and study it, question it, probe it. Science, religion, mathematics, literature, linguistics, fiction, music, art, introspection, testing — so many ways. It is The Aleph and all do their parts in trying to translate it into a form that fits in our ways of describing things. But it is available and aloof, showing what it shows and it never gets boring.

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