I could never be an atheist. I’ve done religious stuff over time, been calling myself “agnostic” for years just to shut people up from both sides of the fence, except those who insist on playing 21 questions with a stupid 4-square chart some yahoo invented. But atheism just seems silly. anti-theism I ‘get’, especially if one’s been burned. But atheism is unnecessary.

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Human expression – words and beyond: Considering the varied forms of expression available, the only limits is whatever are our limits as a species. Look at fiction. Such power. One might say, “Well, we can’t express ourselves by forming a planet out of nothing!” and then someone writes a story where a character creates a planet out of nothing: Now they have created a planet out of nothing. Or in areas where words fail, we have music and visual arts. We have shows of affection that can convey more complex things than words or poetry can. Within this there’s a lot of ambiguity of course: One of the marvels of language is that it helps dispel a lot of ambiguity related to actions. … but then it can also be used to obscure as well. And the there’s mathematics and logic, whose praise and limitations I can write about for pages.

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PROOF OF CONCEPT: I began to play an INFOCOM text adventure* while having http://readthrough.com narrate a screenplay (in different voices – it’s amazing what it can do) written by Gary Whitta in 2014 but not yet turned into a movie. I used a walk through and planned to go through the whole text adventure but after seven minutes of following cheats, I decided I’d rather read along the script. * “A Mind Forever Voyaging (AMFV) is a 1985 interactive fiction game designed and implemented by Steve Meretzky and published by Infocom.” I didn’t finish but I got what I wanted. More interesting than using a walk through on a text adventure I’d never played was finding the SOLUTION to a passing curiosity: “Is there a way to automatically change text-to-speech voices on the fly and is there a way to deconstruct a screenplay?” I figured there must be a way to deconstruct a screenplay because they seem to follow a standard format and.. in fact, they do. Readthrough is amazing in what it can do: To be able to take any screenplay and have it read aloud by different computer voices is amazing. They also have a feature where real people will do the reading for you for free — or you can do readings for others — but my interest in what is possible to automate. So, several concepts proved and I’m satisfied.


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