vba as in visual basic for applications? I was a pro at that (in Excel). Nice things about it: Complete integration with Excel so no worrying about display (it’s going to look like Excel no matter what you do). Recording uncertain bits is great as is the context sensitive valid bits after each . Drawbacks? I dunno. I did everything through Excel for like 5 yrs straight and got paid good for it, so no complaints here. Good for what it was good for.

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“STEM” is a very broad set. I wouldn’t say it’s dominated by “libertarians, racialist crackpots, and resentful anti-feminists,” at all. Maybe current University settings? I dunno. But in the working field, I’ve mostly seen that with certain engineering and programming, usually low levels. Scientists *tend* towards the left, although not exclusively by any stretch. The internet itself is the work of the idealistic communistic left as the various networks came together. The whole sharing culture. But, maybe it’s been changing. I dunno: the blog seemed like a solution looking for a problem, but perhaps I’m blind to it.

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If you were restructuring society from a blank slate and no history, that would make sense. Blank paper. Empty breadboard. New Document. But that’s not what we have. “Substituting similar systems” sounds reasonable and in theory I can see it. In fact, I’d say that’s what’s been happening already: a cult of science and math worship of (the Universe is Math stuff) that grew from the early 00s to the early 10s, although seems to have stagnated lately. It has many of the earmarks of a new religion and honestly, I’m fine with it as a modern substitute: The “Wow Universe” vs “Wow God” thing is fine. I’m also fine with attacking quackery from any realm. (quack religion, quack pseudo-science, etc). But it’s when the reasonable moderate groups get attacked that it bothers me.

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Thoughts on possible origins/amplifiers for different mindsets between logic/engineering/physical sciences vs social sciences/humanities/etc. I suspect traceable foundations in the modern West may go down these lines (just an educated hunch): Calvinism and its branches put logic / reason first, and through the centuries, reasoned their way out of God and kept on reasoning. No heart in it – it’s all mechanical, law based, rules, facts, ontological. Went down the engineering line as it were. Physical sciences and Southern Baptist fed alike, estranged cousins. Snopes trial. That sort of thing. Arminianism and its branches were heart. Faith. Always room for the unexpected. The effect with unknown cause. Humanity. Do good works because doing good its its own reward. Liberal Christianity. Humanism. This is more of the social side of things. Congressional. People working together. Social movements. Free will. Choices. Uncertainties. Post modernism. Relativistic strains. Epistemology.

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Robotics is taking over production lines. Where I live, illegal immigrants are all around me working on farms and many legal now on their 3rd/4th generations immigrant levels. [I live next to Immokalee FL in a part of Naples that got Hurricane Irma’s eye over us last week]. But beyond the picking level, once they go into the factories, robotics takes over there too. If you’re looking to restructure society, you can’t start from 1800.

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