I think I might know why. I had a similar experience. Feynman turns the behavior of electrons into something similar to “gears and levers”. You can see the mechanics of how they operate once you understand his drawing language. It’s really beautiful and clear. He took electrons away from being “ping pong balls” and makes them feel like quality engineering, like watching a machine operate.

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I keep hoping my work will self-organize into something. I’ve been dumping everything I ever wrote that I can find onto http://icopiedyou.com – ugly interface but public so I keep myself honest. When I forgot something, I google my own brain. It’s handy. Maybe one day somebody will invent the something that I need to help organize it all into a coherent something that’s entertaining and can easily be followed by others. One day.

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When used properly, emergent properties and complexity are quite useful ways of thinking. My first exposure to them was back in 1990/91 and I REALLY wanted to learn about complexity theory and connectionist type stuff but unfortunately we ran of college $ before I could finish. So it also annoys me when emergent properties and complexity are used for hand-waving, in places where someone could equally say “god” or “magic” etc. They’re using it wrong and for that, I don’t like that they’ve become mantra words.

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