Robotics is taking over production lines. Where I live, illegal immigrants are all around me working on farms and many legal now on their 3rd/4th generations immigrant levels. [I live next to Immokalee FL in a part of Naples that got Hurricane Irma’s eye over us last week]. But beyond the picking level, once they go into the factories, robotics takes over there too. If you’re looking to restructure society, you can’t start from 1800.

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One example of when it fails to be intelligent is that weird feeling you get when you know you COULD do something very evil but don’t, like standing next to a friend on top of a building and for just the tiniest split second, you get that slight urge to ‘push’. It passes and doesn’t make you evil. It has a cause although I don’t remember it offhand. But I’m pretty sure it’s rather universal That’s an ‘gut’ impulse best tamed.

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I think I might know why. I had a similar experience. Feynman turns the behavior of electrons into something similar to “gears and levers”. You can see the mechanics of how they operate once you understand his drawing language. It’s really beautiful and clear. He took electrons away from being “ping pong balls” and makes them feel like quality engineering, like watching a machine operate.

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