Synchronization is a particular fascination of mine. I think Phase locked loops creates time, although it’s aberrations *from* PLLs that creates information (for what’s a clock with nothing interesting happening within the gaps?) . But that’s my TimeCube so i try to resist getting too deep.

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I’ve wondered for a long time if chaos theory’s intricate and fascinating patterns would ever replace probability clouds. I also always thought uncertainty principle to be a stopgap measure that’s convenient but would someday be replaced by fractals or diffusion patterns or Cantor dust even. Since 1990 I occasionally return to wondering but never stopped to look. Remembering now, I looked and I don’t know if they will, but I’m glad to see work done that can have pragmatic effects as now, unlike 29 years ago, we’re actually ENGINEERING new technologies at those scales and need more precision.

I’ve wondered for a
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Edward Lorentz wrote “Deterministic nonperiodic flow” in 1963 in a meterology journal. It afforded the start of a new science, Chaos Theory, that spans all of the sciences in some form. It has been cited 22,200 times – a huge library on Chaos Theory and its development and uses from 1963-2019. This is that library.,10&sciodt=0,10&cites=4511626241846431058&scipsc=

Edward Lorentz wrote “Deterministic
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