I love this collection of ancient images. I believed in ancient aliens around the age of 12 for about nine months. I had just read a book on ancient astronauts and there was an HBO special that was similar. My grandmother was in to Edgar Cayce who introduced the world to ancient aliens and Atlantis too – that was her book. I also read clan of the Cave bear same time, not knowing it was supposedly “romance”. then i thought of how clever humans are. i didn’t know as much history then as i know now but i knew we weren’t stupid in egypt – i think the King Tut tour in NYC was around the same time. people are ingenious and can be extremely precise when they want to be. a CPU is a thinking rock. how clever is that? I’m not against the idea of alien DNA in us or alien visitation in history. it’s possible for sure. but ancient architects were likely human. What we see leftover are their strongest and best builds.

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I’ve seen about an expansion in the early 20th century that’s continued and read about how Natural Science split into Science and Philosophy around the 18th century I think? There were the schools in 12th century Italy which I think were based upon the few fragments of Aristotle they had. [it expanded when the Byzantians (well, Gemistus Pletho) gave them the classical knowledge which sparked an explosion in European knowledge… There’s the School of Constantinople during the Byzantine era but it always seemed like a finishing school rather than split up into subjects. Prior to that is Roman Empire… prior to that is Greece and Ancient Greece… and prior to that is Egypt — and China was doing things in a similar time scale but without the big gaps… I need to brush up on this myself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_education Also: I love your quadrant. It is food for thought indeed!

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