Trial and error but I got it. a) Gaussian Blur (helps reduce some noise with minor loss of detail) b) Convert to grayscale c) Mexican Hat wavelet (center surround / receptive field) d) invert (for black on white) e) gamma 0.5 brightens the whites f) contrast 2 darkens the grays/blacks that are left. ffmpeg -i %1 -vf ” gblur, colorchannelmixer=.3:.4:.3:0:.3:.4:.3:0:.3:.4:.3, convolution=1 1 1 1 -8 1 1 1 1:1 1 1 1 -8 1 1 1 1:1 1 1 1 -8 1 1 1 1:1 1 1 1 -8 1 1 1 1:5:5:5:1:0:128:128:0, negate, eq=gamma=0.5:contrast=2″ -c:a copy %1-mhat.mp4

Trial and error but
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I’ve been watching them open and close for years. They’re “good in theory” but abused by the greedy, that’s all. My niece graduated from a fly-by-night – just in time too. That was back in 2008 or so. I started following the phenomenon around 1995 or and first heard her name. She got a bill passed in Michigan allowing for charter schools and I’d hear about them on 20/20 and 60 Minutes now and again, and internet as it was, I’d follow as well. I watched her for-profit schools rise and fail in Michigan, other for profit schools rise and fail. I know there’s successes too. I know there’s failures in public schools as well. For-profit charters go hand-in-hand with for-profit prisons. Often it’s the same construction companies, at least here in Florida. After all, they’re housing people and moving them around from space to space under tight security. So, not so different.

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I believe you 100% in what you’re saying. My concern, being in the USA, is American Jews, whether Zionist or anti-Zionist, atheist or convert or Orthodox or liberal or whatever categories one may put in. It makes me nervous to have the President of the United States put in an Executive Order declaring ethnicity and nationality are the only recognized aspects of Jewish people. That this order ALSO gives protections is fine and all. But it is making a distinction in this way that is not an American way of looking at citizenry and as a supposed protection against discrimination, I think it will ultimately spawn quite the opposite as it designates a class of citizen that did not exist before.

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