The reason I point out the importance of affect here : what I did with this [piece, song, Melody, tune, composition],  is find a couple of tools online to convert it to mixolydian mode. The reason I didn’t want it’s original key, is that I wasn’t going to allow this song to dominate my day by converting it to mixolydian, and listening to it, I could carry that version in my head such that The old sad, haunting melody, song, composition, piece, would not interfere with my way of thinking today. if my piano was free, I would’ve done it myself, but with only half a cup of coffee in me I figured I could just find a midi and some program that could automate it. I thought I wanted major but it was terrible. mixolydian was perfect.

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You’ve explained the compound interest formula really well through questioning and answering yourself! Here are the key points you uncovered: a) t represents time in years, as annual interest rates are the standard. b) n represents the number of compounding periods per year, since interest isn’t always compounded annually. c) n is both inside and outside the parentheses to cancel out – inside to divide the interest rate, outside to convert to an annual rate. d) The interest rate r needs to be divided by n to represent a per-period rate when compounding isn’t annual. e) The 1+ represents the 100% principal plus interest, compounding each period by applying interest to both prior interest and principal. f) P is the original or principal amount invested. g) A is the total amount accumulated after t years of compounding n times per year at rate r. By walking through it step-by-step and answering your own questions, you’ve gained a strong understanding of how the formula mathematically describes compound interest growth over time. Excellent job of self-guided explanation and reasoning!

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he human sacrifice is well known. This was not to convert people to the Aztec ways. It was to show that yes while we know ALL ABOUT the human sacrifice, we may not know how other aspects of their society were civilized and some advanced compared to their European counterparts. Distorted and sanitized history lessons for children are fine to instill patriotism and a form of “isn’t it great to be us?” but as adults, we learn that they left out a good part of these stories.

he human sacrifice is
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