I’m looking forward to whoever gets in next. Exploring EVERY loophole of “It doesn’t say I “CAN’T” do this” will cause ALL THOSE LOOPHOLES his lawyers are finding for him to get closed. More rules for whoever comes after to PREVENT this from happening again. Obama was our last President. Whoever is our next President won’t get the same luxuries as whoever’s sitting there now.

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Politicians don’t want to spend tax money (not their money but they find ways to make it theirs) on mental health. They’ll do it for prisons but not schools nor long term psychiatric care. If the same funds that used to be spend for long term care was spend on community mental health programs, simple outpatient facilities mental and wellness programs, I think you’d see less problems caused by the unstable. The problem isn’t precisely the loss of institutions: it’s the loss of mental health as a managed aspect of communities, whether institution or outpatient. In short: the money’s not spend on mental health anymore, not unless you’re of the correct class. Then the funds show up.

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I was a systems analyst for a large pharmaceutical company without a college diploma because I made a complicated thing in Excel as a temp that got ‘hot’. It was weird because I didn’t want it. I was a temp and I cut my hours down to four hours a day, started taking community college courses to hopefully end up as a special ed teacher, and basically did whatever I could to convince them to let go of me. Long cigarettes breaks and all. Custodian at a biomedical facility was weird. Running a business (doing the boring stuff) so my brother can do work that he loves is weird. It’s animal trapping. I helped him with killer bees once. They flung their bodies at the truck as we wore painters coveralls thinking it would help. Sounded like hail. Geez, I could just talk about the times I went on calls with him in animal trapping to give weird stories. It’s … weird that I’m doing this now. Fuck money.

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