Conservation of identity when using lossy methods works differently with sound than with images. Will I recognize this sound if I put it through image changes? The sound’s intelligibility survived “convert to binary” (2 bit) and doing an outline of the binary forms. but it did not survive a number of other ways. Erosion was the most fascinating though, as it played every sound the test voice I used was capable of all at once but in the rhythm of speaking.

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A bit of a lot of things – lots of trial and error. But I settled on a process for now: Paint dot NET is my homebase. a) Have color image. b) Convert it to 1-bit using a little thing I found c) Open in Inkscape d) Control-A (Select All) e)Path:Trace Bitmap “Grays” Turn off Smooth Options: Turn off Smooth Corners f) Path: Simplify (or Control-L) about three times g) File: Export Bitmap. To do: 1) Automate b) – maybe imagemagick “convert” can do it? 2) Maybe shrinking the image to like 64×64 will make thresholding work better? I don’t know. 3) Use potrace instead of Inkscape for tracing. I did and can but as I haven’t mastered potrace at all, I have to learn its options (same problem I have with Imagemagick – I don’t know it well) 4) Find another way to “simplify”. I think potrace can but I don’t know for sure.

A bit of a
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