I was a systems analyst for a large pharmaceutical company without a college diploma because I made a complicated thing in Excel as a temp that got ‘hot’. It was weird because I didn’t want it. I was a temp and I cut my hours down to four hours a day, started taking community college courses to hopefully end up as a special ed teacher, and basically did whatever I could to convince them to let go of me. Long cigarettes breaks and all. Custodian at a biomedical facility was weird. Running a business (doing the boring stuff) so my brother can do work that he loves is weird. It’s animal trapping. I helped him with killer bees once. They flung their bodies at the truck as we wore painters coveralls thinking it would help. Sounded like hail. Geez, I could just talk about the times I went on calls with him in animal trapping to give weird stories. It’s … weird that I’m doing this now. Fuck money.

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Upping my knowledge of digital sound a little, discovered “DSD” format which is fundamentally different from PCM. It’s a high resolution sound format used in PS3 and in some musical instruments. There’s *one* free editor for DSD files, made by TASCAM. Called the “TASCAM Hi-Res Editor”, it’s free and edits DSD and WAV. This page suggests using “foobar2000″ to convert your MP3s, etc to WAV if you must, although several sites make a strong mention that there’s little point in decompressing MP3 and making it DSD because the compression in MP3 already removed significant signal, making it a bit of a waste of time and space to go from MP3 to DSD. In any case, this is the stuff. This site has links to both the TASCAM Hi-Res Editor and foobar2000 (if you don’t already have foobar2000. I had it already but forgot as I usually use Audacity) http://ift.tt/2tnWaUy

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