Upping my knowledge of digital sound a little, discovered “DSD” format which is fundamentally different from PCM. It’s a high resolution sound format used in PS3 and in some musical instruments. There’s *one* free editor for DSD files, made by TASCAM. Called the “TASCAM Hi-Res Editor”, it’s free and edits DSD and WAV. This page suggests using “foobar2000″ to convert your MP3s, etc to WAV if you must, although several sites make a strong mention that there’s little point in decompressing MP3 and making it DSD because the compression in MP3 already removed significant signal, making it a bit of a waste of time and space to go from MP3 to DSD. In any case, this is the stuff. This site has links to both the TASCAM Hi-Res Editor and foobar2000 (if you don’t already have foobar2000. I had it already but forgot as I usually use Audacity) http://ift.tt/2tnWaUy

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I was obsessed with digital sound since I was a kid, whether computer generated or sampled. Here I go back to 1993 to a program I wrote in 1993 to convert WAV into Deskmate SND so that I could play a piece of a 1989 song in 1989, “The End of Innocence” by Don Henley. I liked it in 1989 and *probably* have a 1989 era soundfile I recorded from MTV or radio at the time straight to my Tandy 1000 TL. Pay for music? yeahsure.

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Worldwide, the narrative is shifting. When I heard today that “Trump is no longer the Leader of the Free World” and other articles speaking of “no longer the G7 but the G6″, it’s a pretty big deal. Merkel is in her game and getting the buzz. The idea of the US fading to irrelevance on the world stage is not likely but our role is shifting.

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