Being born with poor hearing, I know this all too well. Fast branching into a context is key. When you lack context, it’s REALLY hard because the branching can go anywhere. But with branching + context, a single syllable can easily branch into a limited set of words to choose from that you then backtrack and change if the context from the heard part of the sentence modifies your earlier expectations. Well, that’s my first time putting into words my daily experience since I was little but there it is.

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Our lifespans are short. We work with limited information. This information can be partially verified back only a few generations and includes our own verification. Then, we die. Inbetween, we live. It is in the limited inbetween that we CAN in fact judge right vs wrong as we do not have access to much else. Choosing not to judge is also a choice.

Our lifespans are short.[read full article]