Academic dry humor: “5. The End of Everything Danto (1997) aside, Martindale’s recognition that art has ended seems overdue. By now, everything else has gone away. Not only did the modern era end (Vattimo, 1985/1991), but the post-modern era ended as well (Kaplan, 1988). Progress in science ended (Stent, 1978). Physics, linguistics, economics, psychology, and all of the humanities are now gone (Halpern, 2001; Henderson, 1980; Lindley, 1993; Wagner, 1978; Ward, 2004). Religion died long ago (Nietzsche, 1882) and alas, despite my enthusiasm above, evolution ended too (Ward, 1995). Even culture and history have ended (Fukuyama, 1989; Gans, 1985) ” — me: The dry humor in academic work. Context: lightly mocking a brilliant psychologist (Colin Martindale) whose claim to fame is “artistic development over time in written, visual, and musical works was the result of a search for novelty” who, towards the end of his life, saying that this is the end of novelty. src:

Academic dry humor: