So, the point of this is relating to the past two years in: What way? It’s a closed period of history. 2009-2016. The year is now 2018. You can find a list of George W. Bush from 2000-2008 that is similar. You’ll also be able to create one for Donald J. for 2017-2018. Only one is current and changeable.

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Also, his Lt. Gov, Chris King – who was running against him but Andrew picked to join him, had a nearly identical and completely compatible platform. They both of the rarely heard of “Christian Left”, with emphasis on social programs, rehabilitation, a govt’s role is lifting up citizens and empowerment, etc. So, it’s a little different from some other Democratic Progressives but not by much. I just had to get used to hearing Jesus in the proper context again, rather than the toxic usage I heard for so long.

Also, his Lt. Gov,
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Agreed – and it works. Positive psychology, while often mocked nevertheless provides tools for everyday people to use in their daily lives to improve communication and keep society flowing. TA is easy to understand and powerful, without a lot of the wonkiness you get with abnormal psychology studies, although I’d say that “Toxic people” pop psych for the everyday abnormal psychology analysis can serve that function for that 1/2.

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