don’t know what I’ve ever completed. I’ve recorded musical ideas, played piano or synthesizers in long rambling four/five hour sit downs and mostly take other music and do stuff to it, like extreme slow downs, or taking a vocal track and putting a different backing track to it for comedy… that sort of thing. But just toying around. The kind of focus and dedication required to make something excellent to my satisfaction is something I don’t have.

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Sticks and Stones was a nice lie I told myself in the 3rd grade to get through but I knew it was a lie then and now. Words have power. Maybe they shouldn’t in a fairytale land but they do. Cop says “Stop or I’ll shoot!”, aw, it’s just words man. I mean sure, say what you want but to imagine a no-consequence world where words have no meaning or power is to me a bit of fantasy

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Given two adults, can an adult female rape an adult male? There might be a category issue with this one. I think adult female rape on adult men is categorized as unwanted sexual encounter or something like that but it’s not usually categorized as rape. So dissecting whether it’s possible is tricky because of how things are currently categorized. So, I’d have to say “I don’t know” at present.

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You won’t even take the time to figure out the context. You just dismiss it and go back to sleep That’s ok. One less person to worry about among us who are paying attention to what’s happening. TheHill is bipartison reporting that the whole Congress reads. It’s their Gossip rag, yes, but each side gets equal time. If you want to know what both sides of Congress are thinking, pay attention to TheHill. Otherwise, you’re sleeping.

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