Depends on usage of the term but yes, the term God can be used in that context in many places. I don’t say God much because people bring their own notions of the term with them and I hate explaining what I mean every time, but when I say God I mean something similar. I’d also include all the things just currently outside knowledge, perhaps ‘for now’ or ‘forever’ along with possibilities in general. I’d think of God as a term best used in an apophatic way – that is, instead of saying God is this or that, rather say “God is not this or that”. Generally though, I avoid the term. Too much misunderstandings from people.

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Thank you! Yes, I knew she couldn’t be the first think such things. I mean, it’s been implied throughout human history in various ways… and I suppose one could argue something about Plato’s Cave but he took it a little too far. Yes, the various biblical quotes that in this kind of context are the kind of thing I was looking for. Thank you

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