Also, his Lt. Gov, Chris King – who was running against him but Andrew picked to join him, had a nearly identical and completely compatible platform. They both of the rarely heard of “Christian Left”, with emphasis on social programs, rehabilitation, a govt’s role is lifting up citizens and empowerment, etc. So, it’s a little different from some other Democratic Progressives but not by much. I just had to get used to hearing Jesus in the proper context again, rather than the toxic usage I heard for so long.

Also, his Lt. Gov,
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Agreed – and it works. Positive psychology, while often mocked nevertheless provides tools for everyday people to use in their daily lives to improve communication and keep society flowing. TA is easy to understand and powerful, without a lot of the wonkiness you get with abnormal psychology studies, although I’d say that “Toxic people” pop psych for the everyday abnormal psychology analysis can serve that function for that 1/2.

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I’m also impressed. Going the Trad route is not an easy one and nobody’s roadmap is the same. I did it my own way a while back and while I’m not now, I remember the relief of understanding more and more how it all ties together within this context. I have no idea if there’s any correlation between my route and Tristan’s and it doesn’t matter to me really. It just has the scent of familiarity – the incense and the chants, the depth of stuff making sense and knowing I could speak clearly about things knowing I was on the proper footing for that context.

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context – con-text – “with text”. Basic sarcasm is: “ha, I have said the opposite of what I really mean and that’s funny haha!” There’s usually very little in the text itself that indicates, “THIS IS SARCASTIC NOW” but there is often something. Online, it might be a   or   that tells you, “Switch this meaning into opposite mode”. But that’s all basic sarcasm. Higher levels involve using your pre existing knowledge to bear upon the conversation in order to interpret it properly, as the text itself is devoid of its full message.

context – con-text –
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