e, physics makes possible, but does not causally determine, the higher-order layers of structure and meaning. It cannot replace psychology, sociology, politics, and economics as autonomous subjects of study. Physics underlies emergent biological complexity, including the physicist’s mind, but does not comprehend it, because it has its own organisational principles

“physics makes possible, but
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I get it! Do I get it? Binary as opposite always seems incomplete. Tuples – things in triple makes more sense. This relates to that. Three. But that’s not enough. What if you start with “relates”? If you’re working on a single line, you at least have a left and right and you are the middle. I am in the middle relating to the The less of a metric while also relating to the more of a metric. My name is “Range”. Beyond lower limit Connection function Range Connection function Beyond upper limit That’s five parts. The range itself can be split several ways. We have your average, which would be the mean. It can be represented by the gaussian. A thin line going straight through the middle at 50% fine. That leaves you with upper and lower sections of usable range. This brings you to another option that you can use instead of Gaussian and that is binary. One can represent the top 50%. Zero can represent the lower 50%. What was once the mean is now the “excluded middle”. Spectrum is another way to split up the usable range which involves gradients. It can be seen as a smoothed binary. But I’ll work with the binary right now. I now have usable opposites. My nothing has more that’s hidden below and beyond. My everything has more that’s hidden above and beyond. What’s nice about this as you can do anything you like within the range in anyway you please without having to control anything beyond your bottom range and anything above your upper range because that is as far as you can work with. The rest is actually beyond your reach and probably invisible to you and untouchable. Yet there is a function that hooks up what is beyond the upper and there’s a function that hooks up with is beyond the lower. Those functions are interfaces. What’s beyond is not necessarily infinite. What’s happening at the interfaces? Is it squishy fractals? Fuzziness? Is there way things can get through? Of course! It can be imaginary numbers. It can be random fluctuations or stochastic or characterized as chaotic and measured that way. What’s beyond zero and one if you choose to have binary be a range can be the computer system it’s running on. In the system you have context. It’s possible that the context is not entirely accessible but it’s guaranteed that there is a context even if you choose to ignore it.

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DISTANCE FUNCTION… I was just looking it up again this morning.. after a year of _not_ looking it up. I was looking at distance transform, in particular I wanted to find out if my mathematical morphology software had any function to calculate “manhattan distance”, which goes around the kernels/pixels as if they’re streets in manhattan, hence the name – instead of Euclidean, which is as the bird flies (straight). DIdn’t find it yet, but happen to find this.

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