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Most cited texts from
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Context aware Facebook posts and ads are at it again. This was next on my feed, then I see the ad to the right is mirroring the image. and I was going to share it here because it has a reference to the joke (the stance of a wife that is about to hear an explanation) but it too is self-referential in itself – as if Facebook saw I was talking about self-referential things and decided to make a self-referential contextual ad that suited perfectly in a strange way…

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Context really is everything. One of the comments explained this one. I’ll paraphrase: This is a few years after the Flu epidemic. Fresh air helped with the Flu. That means open windows. But you can’t open windows in the wintertime because it’s too cold. And being in enclosed spaces meant more transmission of Flu and children would die. HOWEVER, if you buy their LARGE Radiator, you can LEAVE the windows open if you want AND ALSO heat up the room, preventing children’s deaths. By saving children from death, this radiator creates life. Hence: the children coming out of the radiator.

Context really is everything.
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