Thing about narcissists, they crave any attention at all, positive or negative. They expect people to be talking about them even when they’re not around. It’s sort of a positive form of paranoia really. I dunno. I guess I just want him to stop making and breaking things for attention and instead look around what what needs to be done.

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I’m old fashioned; I’m still referring to it as Corona. I’m not going to go along with the “cool kids” and call it by a country – that’s just dumb and ship sailed on that weeks ago. Not sure about gendered Corona though – I heard in German it’s neutral gender.

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You and Mohamed aren’t connected on Facebook Studied at Kafrelsheikh University 7:33 AM Salaam, peace Thank you for your book words out of context I have question Can you create book similar to words out of context to contain all Verb ( Get and getting ) usages ? For example.. Get up. Get down. . We need book contains all get words for English Learners. That will help a lot new students in English I hope answer me You with me

You and Mohamed aren’t
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