The Global “Race To The Bottom” The IMF maintains a “long view” of the economy, not seeing individual heads of state so much as following published numbers depending, of course, that they’re accurate. I read their annual report on the USA from mid 2017. At that time, much of what it said was very positive and favorable to Trump’s promised changes, giving suggestions that – surprise – mirrored many campaign promises and WH Press Releases post election. They did give strong warnings about the growing disparity of income (the growing “hollowing out” of the middle class and growing poverty rates) and the lack of comprehensive affordable child care. Flash forward to 2018: At first, they were positive about short-term gains via Republican tax cut package but quickly warned about a trend towards a global “Race To The Bottom” where protectionist policies and trade wars insulate the super-wealthy from the rest of the population and the hollowing out of the middle class and poverty levels growing. Context on “Race To The Bottom”, different than attached article on trade wars warnings.

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Faith is a term that never ‘clicked’ with me and “belief’ also leaves me with a “what does that really mean?” feeling. I understand hope. There’s some future event that you hope comes to pass, so you make plans and do things to work towards it in some way and hope everybody else does their part too. So, for me it’s goal oriented with lag. But faith or belief as stand-alone concept no matter how many ways I’ve seen them described, always leaves me a little empty. Trust, I get. You can measure trust and refine it. It has parameters and metrics to work with. Faith and belief though… I dunno, were always hollow.

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