VERY early Doctor Who. This scene they were focusing on doing science as accurately as possible, back when it was still going to be mostly an educational show. Early in the 5th Doctor they did the same, with good science advisors on board. As Doctor 5 was my “main” initial Doctor, it inspired me to also be fascinated by science, although it’s a chicken-egg as to which came first – my interest and the show reflecting that – or the show inspiring me. Also love the double thumb-biting at the end. I always thought that was a hallmark of the 4th Doctor but it looks now like he drew it from the 1st.

VERY early Doctor Who.
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Well, my thinking is going “outside-in”: Backlit LCD, through which only desired photon excitations pass through the glass/plastic in front which does not have energy levels spaced one photon energy apart). Then the air also does not have energy levels spaced one photon energy apart. Then your cornea, 2mm pupil, lens and fluid, all of which should have minimal energy levels spaced one photon energy apart. Finally, “light reaching your retina has a photon energy that matches the optical pigments in the M-cones. Thus the light is absorbed (in photon sized chunks) by exciting electrons in the optical pigments.” Those electrons push a wave down your optic nerves where it breaks up into parts for further processing.

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Depends how you look at it. If youth get online, they instantly have more freedom due to the democratization of information available in this realm. Impossible friendships are possible now. Finding a subculture that suits you is possible now. Changing your identity is possible now. But… In 3D life? Paranoia set in after 9/11. “Can’t let kids walk alone anymore to school”. Even prior to that, in the 90s, helicopter parenting, boot camps and the like were a big fad that many youth suffered with. Somewhere in the 90s, kids no longer could have their own bank accounts in the USA, and by then any “kids jobs” were snapped up by adults anyway, so no financial freedom. So, there’s been both oppression and freedoms depending on what realm.

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When I was 11, my mom took me to special piano lessons to get ready to apply for Julliard music school. I went to them, just sort of following along, did well, all the while imagining what going to that school and what a life as a professional musician might be like. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I didn’t want it. Perfect practice makes perfect, getting constantly judged… So, after six months of special lessons I knew she couldn’t afford, nervous I’d disappoint her for wasting her money and time, I said that I didn’t want to go to that music school, bracing myself for anger. But, she said “ok” and that was that. To this day, I _still_ occasionally thank her that she listened to me when it mattered.

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