Nerd (3rd grade. Embraced it by 4th grade and still a pride word for me). Four eyes (ignored it). Millimeter Peter.(5th grade camp. Bugged me ’til I realized I was the only one who even used the shower. Payback for that one? In 6th grade camp I walked naked to the shower down the hall, calmly and boldly and took a shower. Seen by many, gossip started. Butterflies but I was going to conquer it. Came back to room, changed. Came out. “Did you see that? Kenny used the shower.” – “Dude, you used the shower?” etc and a lot of them did after that. I broke the ice and felt heroic. It was a weird victory but it was my victory. Yes, I was weird. Gay: 3rd grade-7th, although by 7th it lost any sting. Payback for that? Read “Sexual Behavior of the Human Male” by Kinsey when I was 14 (I loved data and it had lots), and learned about the spectrum of possible male behaviors. Weirdo: embraced that early. Teacher’s Pet: Didn’t make sense to me at all, so they just sounded odd. Didn’t know what it meant ’til later and when I found out I laughed. Most of my bullies were “fair weather friends” who turned on me in public. My take from that was learning how far I could trust people. Trust in some things not in other things. Still, I didn’t like the “too many people” thing so I got myself a scholarship to a tiny private school for high school to get away from the sweaty mess. Best thing.

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ITT: Historic events you got involved in somehow. [multiple entries ok] 2012: Newtown CT school shooting (Sandy Hook), 12/14/12. I was running a Minecraft server for my nephew and it gained a bunch of players. Four days after the shooting, 12/18/12, users on the server got together and built a memorial. I jumped on the server to document the process.

ITT: Historic events you

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(1991) 26 yrs ago Today [excerpt from an e-mail to a friend letting her know I’d be offline for a while] Re: Local BBS’s. Well, you see, this is what caused the problem. I’ve been rather good for the past couple of years with the modem and BBS’s. However, when I was home over the summertime, I ran a BBS of my own. Now, to stock up on some of the odder programs and such, I called up tons of BBS’s. I thought they were all local. I had gotten used to the system at my college where a non-local call had to be preceded by a 1. Down in Jersey, you could be making local-long-distance calls without even knowing about it. Whelp, I found out pretty quick! Needless to say, my BBS is down. (it specialized in Tandy stuff, although it had a lot of other stuff as well…) Also, when I’ve mentioned that the BBS’s would just be local, she says… “That’s what you said Last time”. She’s right. I -did- say that last time and ended up giving her a nasty bill. I’ll be online at some point when I return. (I’ll have to be – I couldn’t stand not having an E-Mail connection!) –Ken

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Jan 9, 1990. 17 yrs old. Polling for opinions on Time. Good thread: I got 28 replies [I have those too]. Subj: What is Time? 90-01-09 19:57:34 EST From: Steppnwolf Msgs: 28 (90-01-11) Here’s another one of those Mind-Bending Postings from Steppnwolf! Again, sometime in this folder, I might try to give you my feelings and ideas on the topic. But, primarily, I’m here to listen, and to save. After the replies stop, I’ll ZIP the replies and Upload them to anyone who’s interested…. Have Fun!!! /~\ __ __ \ \/ \/ –== \_/teppn\/\/olf ==– Male, 17 Years Old.

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