Depends on the situation as to what’s acceptable. I talk in general until race is brought up and if it’s relevant, THEN I’ll say “as a white” or “as a white male” or whatever, *if* that’s the social convention in that situation. Sometimes the races of who is talking or listening makes a difference. Sometimes it doesn’t. I’d prefer it never did but I was raised with that assumption, “If we don’t talk about [x] it goes away” and it turns out that while that works SOMETIMES, it doesn’t ALWAYS. In the case of black vs white, substitute words replaced saying “black”, which made the situation worse because it became an invisible problem for a while, couched under other names.

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“America right or wrong” associated with the flag made it hard for me to stand behind it because I’m NOT “America right or wrong”. Moderate civic nationalism is a good description and I agree – Merkel does it right. I don’t mind a little anarchy, a little yelling, and moderate civil disobedience. In a society, those things should be anticipated as normal.

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They’re purely Nazi-punchers. I don’t like when they call the neos parents and the pizza places they work at, but I don’t mind if they post legit biographies online about them. Neos gotta settle down They’re using other people’s battles (like confederate stuff they don’t care about) to march about nazi ideologies? Nope. They gotta stop. Next march is Boston. One thing I know about Boston? They don’t need outside anti-fa help. Boston *is* anti-fascist themselves. They’ll punch them out themselves if they go too far.

They’re purely Nazi-punchers. I [read full article]