VERY early Doctor Who. This scene they were focusing on doing science as accurately as possible, back when it was still going to be mostly an educational show. Early in the 5th Doctor they did the same, with good science advisors on board. As Doctor 5 was my “main” initial Doctor, it inspired me to also be fascinated by science, although it’s a chicken-egg as to which came first – my interest and the show reflecting that – or the show inspiring me. Also love the double thumb-biting at the end. I always thought that was a hallmark of the 4th Doctor but it looks now like he drew it from the 1st.

VERY early Doctor Who.
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Imagine an affordable housing solution based upon Myers-Briggs: Apartments with common areas set up in a matrix. The introverts on one far end away from the extroverts. The perceivers separate from the judgers. Etc. But it would be gradual: for example, I’m almost 50/50 thinking / feeling so my apartment would be one that’s set in an inbetween area where others of similar temperaments were also living.

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I always had both. But today you got player/swag/tiktok hookup culture, contrasting with incel/unironically edgy/girls-are-icky/Th0T Patrol stuff contrasting with it’s 20-gayteen / inclusion / acceptance / fight-discrimination subcultures. But despite the new names of things, it’s similar to how it was before although I do see progress in some areas along with some desperate regress in other areas. I think it’s _probably_ a little easier but only if you’re in a supportive subculture.. As far as adult reactions? All depends. I still don’t understand most people from “my generation”. Hated ‘them’ growing up for the most part for constantly trying to enforce norms that were illogical to me and I look at how they turned out and I’m still mostly embarassed by my generation except for one thing: A lot of men my age range raising kids have been fantastic parents, following a Mr Rogers, “be a good guy” inspiration, and that makes my heart proud.

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Udut Amazing read. Sometimes it’s inspirational mythology, perhaps showing a commitment to science, showing a continuing willingness to be a part of the global scientific community. But I suspect a lot of it is rather like US nationalism, a pride that may or may not be deserved for things that may or may not have happened. Someday, I want to see a universal world history book. But at the foreseeable future, a lot is more of the same.

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I worked in Pharma for a few years. Placebo is VERY HARD to beat, statistically. For a drug to be approved in the USA, it has to pass many trials. It can pass drug trials, animal trials and several levels of human trials and still fail to placebo. Millions of dollars in research can be wasted because placebo is so strong and it’s one of the final tests. I watched a chiral and similar molecule “Viagra” go through trials (drugs with left or right handed chirality are treated differently). It had a different handedness than Viagra and substituted bits of the molecule. It reached almost the end, showing effectiveness through it all. But placebo was ALMOST as effective. It was SO CLOSE they had to stop trials and stop the whole project. I think placebo was 50% effective and the drug was 53% effective. It just wasn’t enough to justify treating it like a drug to treat anything.

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