The author of this portion, I love. “The version of the paradox above is anachronistic, because it presupposes the definition of the ordinals due to John von Neumann, under which each ordinal is the set of all preceding ordinals, which was not known at the time the paradox was framed by Burali-Forti. “

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Nice 3D Animation from 1951 on “Heart embryology”. “This classic 9 minute animation is from the film “Congenital Malformations of the Heart” made in 1951 at the University of Washington by Drs. Robert Rushmer and Richard Blandau. This restoration was made from Dr. Blandau’s personal copy of the film, using the best available film scanning technology. For this restoration a new voice-over was made, using the same words and timing as in the original film.” [fyi: my stance on personhood is NOT heart beat but separation viability. “Person” is a legal entity defined by the State and if the State is claiming ownership at 5 weeks, they must demonstrate separation viability. If they cannot, then they cannot claim ownership and ownership remains with the current provider, which is the person who is pregnant. Any debate (if there must be one) should start no sooner than 24 weeks, 20 at the earliest. But as I am wombless and can be irresponsible about womb opinions, I also don’t think it’s my say] That said, I find this process absolutely amazing.

Nice 3D Animation from
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