Here’s probably why I can’t directly answer this. Like many, I took a barrage of “perfect career for you” tests. I always come up with similar answers. But one test – MAPP – was different. Expensive. I paid. Number 2-5 were the same as others: Coach, Psychologist, Minister/Rabbi. But #1 was unique and nailed me better than the rest: “Middle School Teacher, Special Ed.” What subject a special ed (both slow and “gifted”) specialize in? Any.

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I think “Linear/Non-linear” is an artifact of pedagogy. Linear equations are treated as standard and non-linear as exception _but_ what this does is similar to learning 3 4 5 6 7 long before finding out that wholes are the exception and not the rule. (likewise, linear is the exception, non-linear the rule). But the continuous / discrete divide is a difficult bridge. I personally think continuous is an artifact of linear equations. Computation blew continuous out of the water in capability and power, I think. As far as time goes? I think time can be quantized – we already do that with units, but it might need a bit of non-linear flexibility for when renormalizing scale just isn’t working.

I think “Linear/Non-linear” is
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IF THEN ELSE, oh yesssss. Branching. Text adventures (Zork, etc) – I wrote a few of those back in the day. “Choose your own adventure”. I also liked toying with UI and creating menuing systems. Ergonomics is an ongoing side hobby, whatever improves human/computer interaction. I did good on algebra all the way up to Calculus, but by Calculus, I’d gotten tired of the school format and my little mental FOR/NEXT loops for algorithms were whirring too much for Calculus – not sure which it was.

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We lack good metaphors for some of the quantum effects. But I think that’s because we learn it too late, long after we learn that integers are math. Oh, no, then there’s fractions. Oh no, then there’s percentages. Oh no, then there’s decimals. Oh no, then if we’re lucky we get to learn that integers are the EXCEPTION and are actually odd compared to all the amazing spaces inbetween a 3.00000 and a 4.00000. Hence, we can get stuck, say, on spin. Ok, there’s no great metaphor for spin YET. But raise a generation or two that accepts spin as everyday knowledge and they’ll find the metaphors to teach future students with that we can’t.

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