don’t know what I’ve ever completed. I’ve recorded musical ideas, played piano or synthesizers in long rambling four/five hour sit downs and mostly take other music and do stuff to it, like extreme slow downs, or taking a vocal track and putting a different backing track to it for comedy… that sort of thing. But just toying around. The kind of focus and dedication required to make something excellent to my satisfaction is something I don’t have.

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Nice! I knew a group of folks who were working on a similar concept a couple of years ago — all very hush-hush and I lost track of them. I don’t know how far they got – and I doubt it’s them – but it’s a solid concept. Their idea was to teach this way of thinking by enforcing its use in the way people interacted as they were big believers in this style of reason. I see it as an upgraded Pros/Cons board, very clean and neat.

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