BLM protests include non-black people who were murdered by cops. One thing that a lot of people don’t realize/forget is that MOST of the protests weren’t even about George Floyd or they were but they were mostly focused on LOCAL murders. This one, for example, included a white guy who off his meds at a pornography store and had siezures and died in a similar way to George Floyd. His name shows up in memes now as a “gotcha” [who talks about the WHITE GUY HUH?] – but they did. In 2016 when it happened and in 2019 when they released the footage. But the thing that differs between these cases? It has a disproportionate effect on the black communities where it happens. Why not the white communities as much? Because white people usually are taught: “Oh, mental health? Yeah, so sad”. “Oh at a pornography store? Yeah, sin is bad.”

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DISTANCE FUNCTION… I was just looking it up again this morning.. after a year of _not_ looking it up. I was looking at distance transform, in particular I wanted to find out if my mathematical morphology software had any function to calculate “manhattan distance”, which goes around the kernels/pixels as if they’re streets in manhattan, hence the name – instead of Euclidean, which is as the bird flies (straight). DIdn’t find it yet, but happen to find this.

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