I don’t see a master group. I see certain wealthy families that got powerful. America builds wealthy families – and some families started with Old Money from Europe. Most Jewish people I’ve known were agnostic, liberal Jewish folks who played Dungeons & Dragons or were 1990s computer geeks, so far removed from any wealthy family connections that the idea that they’re even marginally connected is laughable to me. Criticize the wealthy all you like but extended it to this whole big group makes no sense to me.

 I don’t see a
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dude, that’s David Duke, Farrakan stuff. Yeah, some Jewish business folks did own and trade in slaves in America, but Jewish population then and now were the minority in population amount – AND a minority in the amount of slave owning and trading. MOST of the slave owners and slave traders were Christians because Christians made up the bulk of the businessmen and Christians made up the bulk of the property ownership and Christians made up the bulk of the ship owning and building, including the slave trading and slave owning.

dude, that’s David Duke,
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That is the magic; the heart, the care – I’m glad your public friend is feeling better as well; MS would scare the stuffing out of me. I was admonished by an online friend when I was preoccupied with having been born preterm and was learning a lot of things via health statistics. For me it was an eye-opener to see that I was not alone – that I belonged to a group with similar issues. But Navveen Dangwal, who I think passed away but a month later (I think covid in india – it was bad at that time there) – he admonished me for focusing on health statistics for those diagnosis and compiled numbers are half-truths and can be misleading – that basically, you’re not a statistic, although he didn’t put it in motivational speaker terms like that. But I could read what he was meaning and was grateful. He was right; I needed to move on from that area so as not to get boxed in.

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“The procedure is as follows: 1. Sort all the arcs into ascending order of weight. 2. Select the arc of least weight to start the tree. 3. Consider the next arc of least weight. – If it would form a cycle with the arcs already selected, reject it. – If it does not form a cycle, add it to the tree. If there is a choice of equal arcs, consider each in turn. 4. Repeat step 3 until all vertices are connected. https://medium.com/intuition/kruskals-algorithm-a0a197520cdf

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I remember when I took my first political test in 2014. I was shocked to see just how Anarchist and far left I was because I had no idea that I was anything but “normal”. I didn’t pay much attention to politics outside of voting every 4 years. Exploring my values over the last few years has been fascinating and I can go back in my own history and see what things I’ve kept the same and which things I have changed about.

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Same 9 groups, new lead names bubbled up: Influence/Influence_by natural groupings. Centered influence within group (Main influence outside of group) Total of 1121 names Plato (Aristotle) Heidegger (Heidegger) [Schopenhauer global] Darwin (Edvard Westermarck) Bertrand_Russell (Bretano) Friedrich Hayek (Vilfredo Pareto) Descartes (Adam Smith) William James (Carl Jung) Edmund_Husserl (Kant) Confucious

Same 9 groups, new
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