I know we’re not, and as you’ve seen in many of my posts, I’m critical of America much of the time. But it’s precisely America that I want to improve. We had or have this stuff? We shouldn’t have and if we still do, we have to stop. We’re supposed to be better than this and we can be. I’m not going to excuse Soviet era KGB or Vladimir Putin because we did or do the same. We can stop.

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I’m also impressed. Going the Trad route is not an easy one and nobody’s roadmap is the same. I did it my own way a while back and while I’m not now, I remember the relief of understanding more and more how it all ties together within this context. I have no idea if there’s any correlation between my route and Tristan’s and it doesn’t matter to me really. It just has the scent of familiarity – the incense and the chants, the depth of stuff making sense and knowing I could speak clearly about things knowing I was on the proper footing for that context.

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“Life skills” is usually a 3 month class in 7th grade called “Home Economics”. They go through all of that in an accelerated time. Do taxes. What is credit and debit? How to have and balance a checkbook. What is a contract? etc. What 12 yr old is going to remember that at 16? 20? 25? It’s “familiar” but mostly forgotten by then.

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