I worked for Schering-Plough pharmaceuticals for a few years about 20 years ago. they didn’t manufacture anything that would kill anybody – maybe the animal drugs division I don’t know. mostly I was working with Claritin when it was still under patent. I signed so many non-disclosure agreements. there’s always class action lawsuits against drug companies because they are a big side of a barn to hit and they readily pay to avoid too much scandal while working there I concluded that they are not immoral. but what they are is amoral : their ethical stances are guided by avoiding lawsuits. lawsuits are part of operating costs but I wouldn’t say they knowingly market dangerous drugs that they knew would kill people drug companies don’t change much of the product they make : they modify existing products because all of the strong drugs have already been made 60 years ago everything they make now is weak and barely functions so that they can sell more product. they have to beat placebo only by 5% which is their goal. they don’t make drugs too strong because they want it to be applicable for as many millions of people as possible

I worked for Schering-Plough
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Well, the little tiny bit i think i understand of Kant here – and I probably don’t – is the equivalence of free will and moral law; that is, autonomy is acting in accordance with what is lawful for itself; so in this case, it is lawful for an organism to do what is normal for the organism to do; following its own traits. Initiating behavior based on their own internal states; lawful.

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Mind from Matter? – Via Brain and Behavior, May 2018 Neuroforum Martin Heisenberg How did the process of Darwinian evolution lead from dead matter to the human mind? Of this long, complicated process the present essay selects and discusses just one step, that from animal behavior to animal mind. The process of living has two aspects, the maintenance of the process in the organism and the interaction of the organism with the world. In animals the latter is organized as behavior. Behavior evolves, as it serves the fitness of the animal. The brain evolves because it improves the behavior in terms of the animal’s fitness. Given the richness of the world and the openness of the future, the organization of behavior can be indirect and most intricate. The animal mind can be understood as behavioral organization at a higher level, as metaorganization. This concept is documented by behavioral studies in a particular animal, the fly Drosophila.

Mind from Matter? –
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Ah! I think I found an explanation of Free Will that I can work with. ‘Martin Heisenberg (son of Werner Heisenberg of uncertainty principle fame) has interesting things to say about free choice as well. If we understand free will in its most basic form—”randomness followed by lawful behavior”—Heisenberg argues that while animals aren’t “conscious” or self-aware like humans, even unicellular organisms exhibit these kinds of choices: “Although we do not credit animals with anything like the consciousness in humans, researchers have found that animal behaviour is not as involuntary as it may appear. The idea that animals act only in response to external stimuli has long been abandoned, and it is well established that they initiate behaviour on the basis of their internal states, as we do.” -Martin Heisenberg (Nature, vol. 459, 2009, p.164) ‘

Ah! I think I
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NATO and America do not matter here. America sees motivation as money or power and sees things in very animal terms. But what if you had a destiny? What if you were a billionaire monarch with a chance to restore your country not only to its former glory, but to correct 600 year old mistakes? Maybe that treaty six hundred years ago never should have happened. Let’s undo the split with Poland over kiev. Why can’t we return to kievan Rus’ and beyond? It’s just a little fighting and a few years away. We can have heaven on Earth without the degenerate West speaking for us anymore. And maybe we can convince them to let us be, for we resonate with the conservatives and “regular guys” over there. they understand us.

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