is a never ending fascination of mine. Not the reading study but by noticing my own noticing. “When attention deployment is driven by salient stimuli, it is considered to be bottom-up, memory-free, and reactive. Conversely, attention can also be guided by top-down, memory-dependent, or anticipatory mechanisms, such as when looking ahead of moving objects or sideways before crossing streets. Humans and other animals have difficulty paying attention to more than one item simultaneously, so they are faced with the challenge of continuously integrating and prioritizing different bottom-up and top-down influences. ” So yeah, there’s an aspect of “priming” involved. But – priming doesn’t make something salient by itself. It’s got to be pulling on something MUCH deeper that connects to that salient stimuli and it is a communication that takes place, a new network that forms that extends beyond the boundaries of mind-salience to the outer world and from the outer-world back in, in a constant communication loop. I think has actual effects that “draws in” salience-worthy events to happen around you to some degree. My mom calls it “Things go in 3s”. I don’t quite have that, but I think it’s one of things that could be called “superstitious” that I have about me. I think it comes from having a connectionist view but not limited to neural function but also connected to a larger global brain that we’re each part of like a grand organism. The internet is a store-and-forward representation of this existing reality. But this reality goes long before the internet and surpasses it in complexity.
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It might be speculation or error. For example, in anthropology, the Hopi tribe of Native Americans are often pointed to as a peaceful tribe. But “Noble Savage” anthropological mythology, popular starting in the 19th century is tied into this, reinforced by fictional stories such as Tarzan and Victorian Romanticism seems to tie in.. Yet, looking at today’s behavior and/or animal behavior and using that as a filter through which to view our nature-without-civilization/religion/etc is also a speculation or error to wach out for. So, “check your assumptions”. Hard in practice but it’s worth working at.

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Actually, I think you’re had a stronger white nationalism for a few years longer – a possible near future for the USA. But what’s different I think is that our civil rights movement only SEEMED to leave the early 1960s behind. But what happened is bigotry continued under politically correct words like “thugs” and “inner city” and “animals” – substitute code words for the word good light skinned folk in the USA don’t say – and it FLEW right over our light-skinned heads through the 1980s and 1990s but thanks to BLM and other movements bringing this stuff out to the sunlight, light-skinned Americans like me are JUST starting to see what the darker-skinned Americans have known all along: The bigotry never left in the first place.

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