Oh the Orthodox proselytize. That’s how I was involved for so long at one time (about 6 yrs intensely. Never “left” but I never left anything I first join] Although, my first encounter was when I was JUST ABOUT to be catechized into the Roman Catholic church. I was working at Seton Hall University, a Catholic university in NJ, and at lunch, on the day I was going to declare my intent, I looked at the yellow pages JUST to be sure I hadn’t missed any major churches from my church hopping days… and one stood out that I knew nothing about. I made a phone call. Priest’s wife answered. Father is out blessing houses. I was intrigued. The rest took over on its own.

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Wait – THOUSANDS gathered…. in *Naples*? It’s not exactly a protest kind of city. But, Parkland was in a next door county and school safety is an ongoing issue with copycats threats, not so much Parkland copycats but Columbine and all the others with hit lists and stuff, with at least a few school lockdowns weekly. So for this particular protest, it makes sense in Naples. Still surprised to see thousands.

Wait – THOUSANDS gathered….
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I dunno. The men/mars, women/venus thing never fully made sense. There’s some sociologically driven differences. Girls are trained to think long term in relationships and learn the signs of trouble early, such as not listening. Boys are trained that there’s only “now”, grab it while it’s good and maybe you can escape consequences if you think on your feet while sticking to your guns. But I think that’s all more due to socialization rather than biology. For example, religious training can bring up people who do not follow these common patterns… or it can amplify them.

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