I had a male goat once. Don’t get a male goat. BTW – they’re huge on a male goat. They suck their own, at least mine did. It was great at parties. He got turned on by cigarette smoke. One woman didn’t believe it. We said “go ahead put a cigarette by his nose”. She found out it’s true. Stood in the wrong place. Got squirted.

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People were coming in from all over the country to protest the removal of a statue in front of a town hall in one particular town, chanting and bearing torches on what’s a local issue. If it was a normal protest event, cops in helicopters wouldn’t have been streaming in. But yeah when they say “3 dead”, it’s misleading. Not the most misleading headline I’ve heard. [I’ve seen much more misleading headlines than that – three people *did* actually perish] but a national organization effort for a local problem seemed a little strange.

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Communist Manifesto has been popular in universities as long as I can remember. Look at the culture of academia: there’s a hierarchy and yet it encourages a kind of flat social hierarchy of intellect: the students are capable of what the professors are. They all share, eating in the same cafeterias, having the same kinds of bedrooms. The university environment is the utopian socialism for the students because they don’t usually have to worry about money all that much. So it’s not really new to millennial left. I didn’t read it in college but all of my friends did and they talked about it a lot. I didn’t see the excitement myself but that’s because we had money struggles; my fellow students who got into it didn’t have to think about money all that much so it was easy for them to believe. I couldn’t. although I wanted to.

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I shoot for ketosis when I can. It uses the alt systems, burning fat instead of sugar. You get a *tiny* bit of brain fog the first time or two but it quickly passes and once you switch a time or two, there’s no longer any brain fog at all. I prefer using the anaerobic systems of the body over the aerobic any day.

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