The author of this portion, I love. “The version of the paradox above is anachronistic, because it presupposes the definition of the ordinals due to John von Neumann, under which each ordinal is the set of all preceding ordinals, which was not known at the time the paradox was framed by Burali-Forti. “

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Part of the trouble with showing the real you, is knowing what that is. I believe fully in the importance of “be yourself!”. But I also know there are social and practical limitations to that. I think a lot depends upon how you interpret “the real you”. Is it urges and whims? Or is that more “animal side”? Is it giving opinions? That can get you in trouble quickly, especially if you express an opinion (“what I REALLY think”) that you don’t hold TOO strongly but will cause irreversible social damage such as loss of trust in you. Is it sharing your deepest feelings and “craziest ideas”? That may be safer and probably a bit closer to what I think of as showing “the real you”. But that carries a danger of your own heart being broken and your enthusiasm crushed. I think it comes to this: Whenever you communicate, you’re putting what you say in a vulnerable position: and that is, of being judged. Being judged can be shallow – such as based upon what you say – or deep, judging your worth as a human being. So, that’s why I think of “the real you” instead as “vulnerable mask”. It’s a facet of yourself that you keep hidden or obscured in some way. Yet, I think it’s possible to be “as transparent as possible”, with whatever code you’re communicating in. Right now, for example, I’m talking in the “code” of an “authority on a subject”. It encourages those who read this to think, “Hey, he’s pretty smart”. Is this a mask? In a sense, it is. Actually, yes, it is a mask. But it’s also transparent as I’m expressing what I want to say but through a code that I think will be readily accepted.

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Hell 01070407n is semantically closest to The mind 02n Oaths 02080701n is semantically closest to Society 03n I love the classification used by the “Historic Thesaurus” as it is based upon semantic similarity. I’m analyzing it (using Excel of course) to find which categories are FURTHEST AWAY from their PARENT category and CLOSEST TO the next PARENT category.

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I dare anyone to strip away the Zig Ziglar-esque / AA / corporate proverbial wisdom — none of which is awful in itself THAT’S WHY IT’S ALWAYS POPULAR — from Jordan P and see what’s left over. What’s left when he’s NOT talking about cleaning your room or “fulfilling your destiny”?

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P450s in the brain: Found all over in smaller amounts than in the liver, but in significant places. Higher in smokers than non-smokers. Found at Purkine cells. “Some domestic animals can develop a condition where the Purkinje cells begin to atrophy shortly after birth, called cerebellar abiotrophy. It can lead to symptoms such as ataxia, intention tremors, hyperreactivity, lack of menace reflex, stiff or high-stepping gait, apparent lack of awareness of foot position (sometimes standing or walking with a foot knuckled over), and a general inability to determine space and distance.[34] A similar condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia occurs when Purkinje cells fail to develop in utero or die off before birth.” – [Menace reflex test] evaluates a behavioral response to a visual threat. As such it is not a reflex and involves integration of the visual pathways with cortical perception of a threat and a motor response in the form of a blink.’ — Communication. Coordination.

P450s in the brain:
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“P450 enzymes have been compared to a blowtorch.” “They catalyze regiospecific and stereospecific oxidative attack of non-activated hydrocarbons at physiological temperatures. Such a reaction, uncatalyzed, would require extremely high temperature and would be nonspecific. The details of the mechanism by which P450s carry out all types of reactions, especially the most complex ones found in plants, are not yet understood.” P450-as-life’s-language-maker? Looking strong. Looking strong. Viewing communication as inhibiting non-specificity. Choosing. Choice. Randomness reduction. Cutting away. Assymetry-maker. Inequality-creator.

“P450 enzymes have been
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I’m not buying your assertion that “media circus” is a valid axis. My ontology has “school shooting”: Causes form of psychological trauma among survivors. PTSD is common result. So it is logical to allow PTSD statistics. You can measure severity. There’s a scale for that I posted yesterday, but I don’t know if school shooting gets or event warrants its own special category. Media circus wouldn’t show up at all on such a scale.

I’m not buying your
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