I run an animal removal service and live in an area where a lot of immigrants work on farms, pay taxes and support the local economy. a) if he forwards it, it effectively comes from his mouth. b) you are clueless about reality. c) the ex-politician is clueless about reality. d) the person who posted that message he forwarded is clueless about reality. So that’s three idiots.

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I’ve got stuff I’ve written when I was 14 (school newspaper on dress code equality), 17, 25, 30, all the way to now (just turned 46). My politics honestly haven’t changed. If anything, I’ve watched much of the world start to catch up to me but they’ve got a long way to go, and I’ve seen a lot of the world regressing.

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I grew up with him not too far from where I lived. Shmuck was always in the news. Y’all who only heard of him 3 yrs ago got no clue. He’s a typical, boring NJ/NY used car salesman with mafia dreams. Nothing special, just “buy my Kia”. ===

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Not really. Bro’s a hunter and I’ve helped gut and skin a few deer. Got good at sausage making. But honestly, I’ll take store bought sausage out of pork any day. But… some truth: we used to raise hogs and that *did* make better sausage, so it’s 50/50. But venison’s nothing special. You have to add a LOT of your own fat and I’m tired of cutting my own stomach open for it.

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