I worked in Pharma for a few years. Placebo is VERY HARD to beat, statistically. For a drug to be approved in the USA, it has to pass many trials. It can pass drug trials, animal trials and several levels of human trials and still fail to placebo. Millions of dollars in research can be wasted because placebo is so strong and it’s one of the final tests. I watched a chiral and similar molecule “Viagra” go through trials (drugs with left or right handed chirality are treated differently). It had a different handedness than Viagra and substituted bits of the molecule. It reached almost the end, showing effectiveness through it all. But placebo was ALMOST as effective. It was SO CLOSE they had to stop trials and stop the whole project. I think placebo was 50% effective and the drug was 53% effective. It just wasn’t enough to justify treating it like a drug to treat anything.

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“HD 80 covers Hendry County and part of Collier, including part of Naples and the communities of Orangetree, Immokalee, Island Walk and Vineyards.” Sometimes I think all they do is redraw districts. Nothing like going to vote and you don’t recognize your district number or names. Florida has been in ongoing battles for years: Republicans have been caught red-handed several times in lawsuits and confirmed by judges at gerrymandering, new things passed, maps drawn, thrown out, stalled, confusion, over the past 15 years. I’m now in District 80 for the Florida House of Representatives. I’m posting it here so I won’t forget. I should probably start following Hendry County politics as Golden Gate Estates is included in that instead of the other part of Collier County.

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White privilege isn’t economic. Example: If I get a shave and a haircut, pick up a second hand, brand name suit, learn the right walk and talk and get my script ready, there’s almost no barriers for me in the USA. Fake name and fake biography and I can go even further. It’s a white privilege because if I was olive or brown skinned, walls would go up. If I’m pulled over by US cops, how I look gives me an instant advantage. So while it may or may not be true in other places, white privilege is 100% true in the USA.

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Read a couple of them. Never read Communist Manifesto, read a few chapters of Harry Potter, first one, forced to read Great Gatsby and Animal Farm at school which killed them automatically, not sure if I read 1984 or not (they had special pads they stuck to your head when I grew up so I’m not sure), and the Bible? Various versions over time. None on this list fit for me. *Could* have been Hitchhiker’s Guide but I saw the TV series and Adams was a little too atheist for me to emulate, although I liked his humor. So, I dunno. Sounds like fandom stuff.

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I’m a middle aged 2nd wave GenX (for those who do the generational thing) and was raised with the “if you don’t say it, it goes away”, which was the dominant solution in the 80s. and… it was a failure. New words replaced the old and they all seemed “reasonable” to my white suburban raised ears at the time. 90s were full of code words that was embedded structural racism but I couldn’t see it. Thugs, inner city, street gangs, monsters, animals, dogs, “real criminals”… all coded racism. Wasn’t ’til the late 90s that I started to see it, and wasn’t ’til BLM that it finally clicked in that my childhood training wasn’t helping.

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How I did my experiment: I don’t talk at length well and not at all well spontaneously (not knowing what I’m going to say where I just start talking and let whatever comes out). So, I forced myself to give an answer for: “How to solve anything”. I had to do it for at least 10 mins. Once done, I had to fit my spontaneously / forced speaking tempo to a backing track at the correct BPM. Thankfully, I already knew my comfortable “fast speed” on piano is 270 bpm (arpeggios using triplets at 270 bpm, which works out to 810 bpm really). So, I did fractions of that. It worked at 270, 135 (1/2), 67.5 (1/4). But it REALLY stood out at 90 bpm, which is 270/3. 1/3. That makes sense to me as “triplets” (3 in 1) is what I normally like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQvcpAG682E

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