We *had* one of the other Bushes once. [Florida]. I didn’t mind him as governor tbh ,even though Im not Republican. [Im not Democrat either]. The guy that followed him I kinda liked. But the new guy? eh. Only if there’s a hurricane, then I’ll be glad he’s there. But otherwise he’s just gaming some system somewhere for Republican votes somehow. Yeah, Rick Scott… I try to forget his name.

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Never much for club names. “Back in mae day” there was a pink triangle on a black background that said, “QUEER” and they were fighting AIDS and stuff. [they did good too; got the numbers way down with 12-15 years worth of continual work]. Wasn’t ’til 2002 that I learned that Rainbows were now used and things were a little less extreme.

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I’m from Jersey. I learned how to spot a bullshitter a mile away (great for analyzing all politicians including current Presidents). But even with that training, I always felt Canadian. No idea how they do on the “spot the bullshit” dept but they some of the best comedians.

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I don’t like being blanket stereotyped either but everybody does it to some degree. I try not to but it happens, in which case I’d rather restrict it to myself than pretend as if I’m free of error and it’s everybody else that’s doing it wrong.

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