Yeah, I had to rip off the band-aid first. Learning deeply about Edward Bernays should be an absolute requirement in schools in order to navigate the world of political sloganeering, commerce, marketing, etc – and it’s hard for me to talk about the positives without also bringing in the negatives and so I figured I’d get them out in front so I can then write about positives.

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It continues to amaze me. Like, for example, this post. It could be just a joke in a “but of course everybody knows that’s not happening and wouldn’t happen” way. But instead, they believe it. And get concerned. And their congressmen use this to pass laws against imaginary problems that don’t exist that they use for cover to grab a little more power via the vagueness of the language (such as removing the ability of a school board to do a particular thing now that’s far broader in scope than the imaginary non-problem) – meanwhile gathering votes from people whose rights they’re removing after they went and fought this cardboard fantasy trojan horse that neverwas, evil pounding at the gates that was never even there.

It continues to amaze
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