Well I’m old-school Internet; before the public floodgates were opened; and the Queen of the Computer – Admiral Dr. Grace Hopper, inventor of COBOL, wrote the first computer compiler (back when her bosses all said, ‘computers are for math not English!”) was constantly on the fight against programmers who always tried to keep code to themselves; and being in the powerful positions she managed to put herself into, she mandated code sharing; and it was a rare sharing of information between militaries and universities they enjoyed for a good 40+ years, thanks to her. Would I join it? Naw. I’d make my own religion first. But in general, yeah I agree with the idea. :)

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I am for gradient voting. I don’t know if it has a name so I’m calling it that. Now: You leave home at 5 years old to participate in school as an individual, apart from parents. You are criminally liable from age 0 onwards in 33 US states, with 11 years old at Federal level. Of the remaining states who have minimum, 7 years old in North Carolina, 10 years old in Wisconsin is the highest minimum. There are regulations at the school, town, city, county, state and federal levels that you must follow. But even if you are not criminally liable yet or even if you are, you are a ward of your parents, the school (in loco parentis) or the state. What you do in school is not isolated from the law of the land and the US quite literally a nation of laws. Those laws are set by legislators, who are voted in and act as representatives for your interests. If you have no representation, you have no say in laws that affect you. This makes you a citizen that must abide by laws but without a voice, a separate voiceless class without any possible control over your rights and responsibilities. In a gradient voting system, you would have partial votes. Fractional. This gives you tangible experience in the democratic process that is real and measurable while mitigated due to perceived immaturity.

I am for gradient
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Ah! I know why I’m working on all this stuff for so long. I want to be able to accurately summarize anything presented to me in any form in the shortest time possible to anyone who wants to know and mostly, to myself in a way that is accurately representative of my position that I am willing to stand behind. (put my name to) To a lesser but only slightly lesser extent, it is important to do so in such a way that accomplishes this in forms that will be comprehended and understood by anybody, in some way, but not in any way requiring their agreement with my position. I want to also be able to unfold the summary nugget as needed to whatever level of zoom I am capable of, which will likely fail at the level of a formulatic precision but be precise at any level between executive summary and precise formula. I want to be able to translate into different fields. That’s where I’m at right now. More to come. But this was a big one and so simple: Being understood.

Ah! I know why
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