Ah! I always wondered if any of my ancestors had slaves. Zero so far but this 1790 Census compared to my tree may help. How to read: 1st No.-Free white males over 16 years 2nd No.-Free white males under 16 years 3rd No.-Free white females 4th No.-All other free persons 5th No.-Slaves *-Illegible Snell, Eve–3-0-2-0-0 Snell, Jacob–2-3-3-1-9 Snell, John–4-3-3-0-0 Snell, John J.–1-3-2-0-0 Snell, John S.–1-3-2-0-0 Snell, Nicholas–2-4-*-*-* Snell, Peter–1-8-4-0-0 Snell, Peter G.–1-0-1-0-0 Snell, Severinius–2-1-6-0-0 So, a Jacob Snell in 1790 had 9. Now to find out if I’m related.

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