It is being used as a 90 day distraction, yes. I see no dates. There is so many I cannot verify anything. Nobody will verify this list. It is too long. The length makes it convincing. Maybe it is all true and recent. Maybe it stretches back for decades. I don’t know. Chris Trammel (“Trauma”) is a kickboxer in Thailand, originally from Texas. Where did he make / get this list? How true is it? I don’t know. It looks like. It’s sorted by Democrats first, Republicans second which is an odd way to sort things but whatever. === But again – back to my original point: What “action” are you referring to taking? It’s gossip. Gossip is something to talk about. A distraction from talking about other things. What is law enforcement and others NOT doing that “we can do”?   It’s puffed up, pumped out, extended over a LONG PERIOD OF TIME… all to give an IMPRESSION of OMG HORRIBLE THINGS HAPPENING TODAY… …and there’s nothing we can do about ANY of it, except whatever people think is a reasonable course of action… which involves not wearing masks or not voting or voting only Trump2020 or whatever non-working thing that won’t change any of it. If you want to DO SOMETHING, Save the Children US is one of many organizations that actually DO something rather than compiling lists of names of people already prosecuted long ago for crimes. === -

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I was familiar with Process philosophy somewhat and a bit of Whitehead but I don’t remember ever encountering Bergson before today. I’m surprised because so far what I’m reading ‘clicks’ well with me. I suspect the people I like have learned from people who learned Bergson’s stuff.

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Close to goals. I spent a bit of last night working with Octave, an open source MATLAB to get various tools working so I could create and work with cochleagrams / correlelograms, I got over an obstacle this morning, then several others. I created what I had been working towards — and after all that… .. I realized I already had ALMOST what I wanted already. I just had to rotate it. I’ll probably have to stretch it too. Here I combined both ffmpeg’s waveform/acolor with showcqt after rotating both of them. It’s still not exactly it but this view is a decent compromise for the moment.

Close to goals. I
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Well, I see play as a sacred part of life, an activity that all mammals engage in as do other life forms on the planet. It’s the domain of children of all species and as they grow up they continue it but in changed form, which includes such things that game theory likes to touch on such as negotiation, lying, hiding information, leaving false trails, etc. So when I first encountered game theory I was excited. But then I found myself disappointed at learning about something named after something that I consider a core building block of what makes beings who they become (play, games, etc) and is instead a logic puzzle.

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I read a study of genius level students of different levels of income from around the USA that was a long term study. They were all top of the top, all had all the merit you could possible imagine in the intelligence department. But they went back to their homes and families and were checked up on 10-20-30 years later. The predicators of financial success was family income. Period. Not talent. Not merit. The luck of being born into the right family or not.

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Well damn, I’m going to find that. That’s the thing I have the most trouble with, except it’s the opposite direction. I can write verbose but then how to I get down to “clear and succinct”? Twitter sometimes helps. Using physically small notepads helps. too as I don’t have room for verbose. But once I have the small bits, then I have the problem of organizing.

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