yeah – analysis paralysis, as a kid diagnosed with ‘generalized anxiety disorder’. creating an observer – a narrator – to your dreams may help. if there’s a favorite voice like james earl jones or something like that, think of that voice before you go to sleep. practice enough and you can gain a 3rd party camera view with narration to your dreams when things get too scary. You’ll be both narrator and participant but it helps while dreaming.

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Minimal Human Instruction Set? So: I read about a proposed Universal Tactile Language for Visually Impaired with multiple disabilities. 55 proposed symbols from teachers from several schools that were spread out in the northeastern USA. Well, out of the 55, which ones worked? I found the follow up study. They didn’t test them all but of those they did, 14 got a 40-60% success rate but 7 were mastered by most: “Wheels on the Bus,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” more, finished, juice, sensory. If this was an instruction set for a computer to bootstrap functionality, could it scaffold into a dictionary of functions with more and more meaning? Well, maybe. Wheels on the Bus could be the continuity of time, a crucial feature of computing that standard mathematics has as optional. It allows for step/time based functions. So, I’ll put Wheels on the Bus as expressing that. Twinkle Twinkle is “expanded workspace” / buffer / pointer system. It’s visible yet, out of direct reach. Pointers. Maybe Push/Pop stack or “memory pages” (like Spreadsheet Worksheets). So I’ll go with that. Itsy Bitsy Spider today I realized fits the monomyth. it’s in four distinct states: status quo, rain conditions, drying conditions, loop condition (“again” – a counter). This means it’s loop – example here is a game loop for comparison: while (user does not exit) check for user input run AI move enemies resolve collisions draw graphics play sounds end while It will presumably rain regardless of the spider’s position but if the user is in the water spout/gutter, the rain which gets the inside of the water spout slippery, any thing in the water spout will slide down, whether user or other kinds of enemies not introduced. User interactions with AI include: more, (stroke red velvet cloth) finished, (pull on spool at the end of a string) juice, (pick up juice box shape) sensory. (pick up lotion bottle shape) Sensory is akin to an averaging / smoothing / abstracting function as it smooths the skin, calms the nerves, smoothing. Juice is energy. More/finished sound like diffusion controls at the very least. More on that later.

Minimal Human Instruction Set?
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