Securing the school is their job. Defunding means they no longer have to be mental health counsellors, domestic dispute breakupers, drug stuff, etc. They could focus on crime and criminals. Instead of police doing everything, they could continue to do what they’re supposed to be good at and the rest can be handled by other agencies better suited.

Securing the school is
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It’s an “every classroom needs a bucket of rocks” to hurl at intruder argument all over again. Look. A whole generation of kids have grown up from kindergarten onwards with shooting-up-the-school as an acceptable solution for rage. They got random shooting drills since 1999, escalating since the “false flag operation/crisis actor/fake” shooting in Newton 10 years ago. They ask each other which one of them will be their school shooter from 4th grade onwards. Not if, but which one. They’re all grown up now and some of them are going to be teachers themselves. They will be the ones that solve this. Not us. We had our shot and keep coming up with ridiculous solutions like buckets of rocks.

 It’s an “every classroom
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The brain is more complex than any models we make of it. Our current neural networking model is a model and while it can simulate a brain-ish thing, the brain is still more complex and operates under different paradigms. That doesn’t mean we can’t model it with these data constructs like frames and information theory bits and using modified 1940s-era toy neurons for a leaky-integrate-and-fire approximation — and we might come up with brain-ish features in an artificial system. In all that I’m not saying there is or isn’t more; just that there are limitations to modeling

The brain is more
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Someone asked in the comments if there’s any software that could do it; and while a few suggested Audacity (which I’ve tried) – and I’ve tried a few others as well through the years to do this – another commenter found this Russian program which emulates a Russian synth that worked that way; so I’m gonna look

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Oh he understand leverage, for sure. Like “I’m putting up Tesla Stock” – then “Oh, other people, here, I have this Tesla Stock – can you loan more liquid assets against this Tesla Stock?” then “oh by the way, yeah, not using that Tesla Stock now”. – it’s a shell game – and well played – usually it’s less “up front”; this is usually done more quietly; the nakedness of it is the surprise here but it serves to educate millions and millions so it’s not necessarily a bad thing; in the investment strategies of Buffet vs Soros (hold vs create/play with volatility), Soros has taught millions how to do it for themselves and they do and many benefit;

Oh he understand leverage,
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