Computers in classrooms is part of the job training aspect of schools. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs weren’t raising kids to be workers as they will never have to work. Instead, they could afford to send them to the equivalent of a progressive’s finishing school. Good for them and I’m jealous. But for the rest of the millions of regular scholbs, various forms of job training experience are integrated in classrooms as that supports the standard American neoliberal way, which is go to school, get a good paying job, get married, live a middle class lifestyle.

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RT @JustNoticeUs: They’re counting votes. This is what democracies do. It may shift the results and it may not. But Florida’s recount is Automatic in order to avoid a repeat of 2000. It will take a few weeks. Thank you Andrew Gillum for showing how to do things right.

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Justification doesn’t point to character though. It’s not a logical contradiction being pointed to as it’s perfectly possible to justify via logic and reason her actions, or most actions, given enough information and creativity. Rather, it’s similar to the distinction between a politician who talks about ill morals of others while being immoral in his own private life. That’s not a contradiction but a character flaw. Maybe it’s not in Ayn Rand’s case, as rational self-interest is a moral virtue in her system and so long as it can be logically justified, it’s ok. In that case my post is contrasting incompatible moral systems.

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