Fascinating! I like the advice for Republicans (and presumably Libertarians) who want to move away from their toxic brand and towards a possible win in big cities. I actually never thought about why until you said “Some never had a republican or libertarian mayor”, which surprised me. Thank you – I learned a thing. And I might just look through this site. https://www.governing.com/topics/politics/gov-urban-republican-mayors.html

Fascinating! I like the
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I only started watching the march part from the Courthouse on to 5th Avenue S, the stand and sitdown at 5th avenue and then back again, including the long holdover at Davis and 41. UC Breaking News did straightforward coverage, just showing us what’s happening without much commentary except on occasion. I think it was set up and run by mostly local high school and college aged students and overall was a well coordinated protest, considering Collier County simply doesn’t do this kind of thing. But tonight, it did and between the protesters, Collier County Sheriffs, even the State Police, it was basically a model protest all around from everybody.. except maybe that one person on 5th avenue who wasn’t involved and started acting threatening towards the protesters. … the police surrounded him and held him back with a line… and the guy that got hit by the police cruiser… and I _think_ a passerby in a car early on was threatening to do something out his car window at the protesters and sheriff’s got him before he could do anything… and the girl that got dehydrated … and the block party at Davis and 41 where the sheriffs and protesters were just chillin’ for a bit as the entirety of the Olive Garden watched…

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