I think of information being raised to Newton’s 3 laws is a bit premature although Information is the direct inverse of Entropy. That is, Information is a useful way to work with Entropy (instead of the fatalist Newtonian way). This is crucial stuff. Now, current subatomic notions need a no-hiding / no-cloning in order to work properly. Even if it’s wrong and information *is* lost/destroyed, the math simply won’t work unless those things are true. That said, we live in a “classical” world. It’s great that my sigh right now carries on eternally…. somehow. But… at some level, dividing between useful and “yeah so what?” has to be done if you have goals. So, how do you divide? What can you throw away if every ‘bit’ of information matters, carrying on forever and ever? That’s my ongoing challenge. Knowing how it works and doing it right.

I think of information
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I took a vid from youtube. (I had it already for older project). Extracted all ~5600 frames. Converted it from full colorRaster (BMP, xy, pixels, whatever) to 1-bit. (black and white). Then to SVG which is Vector (Lines with angles, filled geometric shapes) Then from Vector BACK to BMP but VERY tiny. (28×64 – that’s 28 across by 64 down: A VERY SMALL smartphone!) THEN back to SVG (making new vectors from tiny ones, which got rid of noise by pushing lines together (got rid of gaps). THEN from Vector back UP in size. So that’s my short code to remind me of my process so that I’ll kow what I did a few years from now.

I took a vid
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detail enhancing, now that’s computationally complex. Gotta get those fractal algorithms going on that one, maybe cellular automata. But this stuff I’m messing with is trying to understand globs, which is related but going in opposite directions. Both info retaining, but one going finer and one going globbier but both maintaining distinctions.

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A bit of a lot of things – lots of trial and error. But I settled on a process for now: Paint dot NET is my homebase. a) Have color image. b) Convert it to 1-bit using a little thing I found http://blog.roguecode.co.za/update-for-my-agent-1-bit-image-converter-1bitter/ c) Open in Inkscape d) Control-A (Select All) e)Path:Trace Bitmap “Grays” Turn off Smooth Options: Turn off Smooth Corners f) Path: Simplify (or Control-L) about three times g) File: Export Bitmap. To do: 1) Automate b) – maybe imagemagick “convert” can do it? 2) Maybe shrinking the image to like 64×64 will make thresholding work better? I don’t know. 3) Use potrace instead of Inkscape for tracing. I did and can but as I haven’t mastered potrace at all, I have to learn its options (same problem I have with Imagemagick – I don’t know it well) 4) Find another way to “simplify”. I think potrace can but I don’t know for sure.

A bit of a
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