9 yr old brother grabs gun from bedroom gun rack, shoots and kills 13 yr old sister over argument over video game controller. Lost a daughter, who knows what the justice system will decide for the son and for them as parents, Meanwhile, public opinion will put opinions on. It’s the video games. It’s the guns. It’s mental illness. It’s bullying (victim blaming). It’s the liberals. It’s the NRA. It’s Mississippi. It’s vaccines. It’s American culture. It’s immaturity. It’s a bad seed. It’s the mother’s fault. It’s the father’s fault. Did I catch all the regular angles? What do I think? I don’t know.

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Locally, deputies are called poli-migra – a spanish slang for police having multiple levels of confusing jurisdiction, including being deputized as federal immigration agents and not just county sheriffs. It was heated for a dozen years but these days I get the impression that deputies generally leave immigrants alone to do their work, pay their taxes (yes they pay taxes), and the immigrants know to keep their noses clean. But – also, the deputies don’t rush to deport for every stupid little thing. You get into a bar fight? Traffic violation? They get dressed down like anyone else and fined. In short, it’s a strangely working relationship. Everybody needs everybody else around here. But federal thugs trampeling over state lines and county lines and city lines and neighborhood lines, interfering with daily operations of businesses and communities, is _not_ the way things are done here and not the way things should be done.

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