Maybe he’ll say “it’s just for the memes” but that’s why there’s strong “no-carry-anything in school” laws around. All it takes is “that one kid” to choose to follow through on a fantasy – a fantasy gone obsessive and turned into a plan of action. Nobody wants their school or workplace to be somebody ELSE’s “last glorious stand”.

Maybe he’ll say “it’s
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It’s a part of a family of internet discourse styles. Rules of debate have morphed and changed over time as all things do although it’s mostly unchanged from Usenet days, except perhaps the Fallacy list has grown exponentially and the informals are de facto formalized now and always growing.

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Rule of thumb is, I think: Elementary schools have high security to keep abductions out. Middle schools have high security to keep unruly students *in*. High schools don’t care because after 14, you’re generally considered to be more or less responsible for your actions,and if your 35 yr old internet boyfriend/girlfriend is coming to abduct you, well, tough tushies.

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95-99 is part of 2nd wave millennial, pre-Minecraft generation. Lots of Hitler fetishing, prone to say “kys” and “drink bleach” unironically. Not Z. When you see Z using Hitler references it’s *ironically*, not seriously. They are *making fun of* late millennial, not embracing.

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