It’s voluntary at the moment. They *do* have a pilot shortage. I think it’s for any retired pilot under the age of 60. It’s also opened for all the branches of the military, which I think was a different Executive Order. That has less direct reasons. I remember when the Reservists were called to serve overseas by George W. It kind of shocked me at the time because until then, I assumed the Reserve was exclusively for domestic security. These days, restarting the draft program wouldn’t surprise me. Of course, most of the people calling for it are conveniently too old to do it themselves. Oh well.

It’s voluntary at the
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Well, so far I haven’t found evidence that they were yet thankfully :) One of the states they settled in (Connecticut) abolished slavery in the late 1700s as it was already uncommon by then. I found an old man’s description of the original meeting house founded by my 10th great-grandfather, and they had a separate section for black people but they were welcomed there, even if some of them were slaves. [some were slave, some were free]. Liberal even back in the 1600s!

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Answer: Nope. Some communities want to handle their own affairs instead of police living outside of their neighborhoods doing so, and report to the outside authorities to their progress in improving their communities, but that won’t happen because 2nd amendment rights don’t extend to non-white groups. Also, that’s a community decided temporary measure some are proposing _not_ an authoritarian imposed “solution”. But I didn’t read the blog. I don’t like reading things that require me to get chemotherapy when I’m done.

Answer: Nope.
Some communities
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