Sense-making is universal. Abstracting is necessary for sense-making – language itself is an abstraction. What constitutes language? Noise or hand motion represents thing, Noise or hand motion represents action or condition, Noise or hand motion represents direction/location/acted upon thing. But what got hunter-gatherers laid?

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Well, if you want to understand my way of thinking, he nails it. He’s got the rare blend of knowledge, optimism and skepticism that I consider good scientific traits . I think to understand human intelligence, you have to understand intelligence first. Give it a range. Look around at what lives and what are their levels of intelligence and what makes it so. So, one example is learning reflexes. How to have AI habituate? A danger of habituation is making mistakes but I think trying to go straight to human AI without making the mistakes of other intelligent creatures loses on some of the mechanisms that makes ours work.

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