(1991) 26 yrs ago Today [excerpt from an e-mail to a friend letting her know I’d be offline for a while] Re: Local BBS’s. Well, you see, this is what caused the problem. I’ve been rather good for the past couple of years with the modem and BBS’s. However, when I was home over the summertime, I ran a BBS of my own. Now, to stock up on some of the odder programs and such, I called up tons of BBS’s. I thought they were all local. I had gotten used to the system at my college where a non-local call had to be preceded by a 1. Down in Jersey, you could be making local-long-distance calls without even knowing about it. Whelp, I found out pretty quick! Needless to say, my BBS is down. (it specialized in Tandy stuff, although it had a lot of other stuff as well…) Also, when I’ve mentioned that the BBS’s would just be local, she says… “That’s what you said Last time”. She’s right. I -did- say that last time and ended up giving her a nasty bill. I’ll be online at some point when I return. (I’ll have to be – I couldn’t stand not having an E-Mail connection!) –Ken

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There’s a pile of shit that gets thrown on top of you with whatever identity a kid goes with. There’s a male pile of shit and a female pile of shit. There’s a white and black pile of shit in the US, a “proud etnicity” pile of shit dumped on kids in European countries. A nerd pile of shit when one’s given a nerd identity, a deaf pile of shit, etc. It’s still all shit.

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Looks like Garrison Keilor caught the creepy to women syndrome from Charlie Rose in 1991. Well, he retired last year from Prairie Home Companion and him speaking out in defense of Al Franken yesterday was a career disaster move and history will get another washing now. Will another of his style of storytelling come around? Probably, but maybe without the Russian hands and Roman fingers.

Looks like Garrison Keilor
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Well, consider this: Look at your focus: You are focusing on them. The audience. Someone else watching the debate. Large audience. The pressure the conversation has on the audience in not being outcast by the audience. My question is: What about you? An audience sways and moves like water. But an audience consists of individual humans with minds, feelings and opinions. You are an individual human with a mind, feelings and opinions. You can engage one-on-one at that level, rather than on a one-to-many or a many-to-one. It’s far more effective I find. Thoughts? Change of mind?

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