YES! Roots! Теория деятельности stretches back to 1920s Russia. While somewhat similar to studies of “workplace efficiency” in the USA and England, what strongly sets this apart is that the health of the human was paramount, not just worker efficiency. Ergonomics is also related but this actually leads into the “situated action” 1987 and the various embodied cognition, distributed mind, and other distinct but similar notion of the environment and the intentions and the actors and objects all creating context as the activity is enacted. But this is definitely a start to it.

YES! Roots!
Теория деятельности
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So I found a thing I was looking for, not know what it was called. Temporal deixis. Found a well regarded, well edited volume on JUST the subject, referenced at the bottom of that graphic. Found a copy. And.. 603 pages… oh lordie. But it’s exactly on the subject I wanted to dive deep into. Will I get through it? Hope so. All at once or bit by bit, who knows. But I have no excuses not to read it at all: it’s exactly the text I’d been seeking for some time.

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Oh gosh, it’s doom ‘n gloom. Funny thing though: I wonder if things like this aren’t fair to the younger generations. Like, they’re trying out for football, figuring out career paths, learning to balance a checkbook and GenX is all like, “why bother y’all gonna die” – so I’m on the fence

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He lets us say Merry Christmas now and lets kids eat more pizza at lunch. The pseudo-conservative batch of Republicans, who are now the majority, have the dominoes lined up since 2010, Newt was working on it longer. This has nothing to do with having an impeached President in 2020 who will run for office anyway. Could’ve been anybody. The machinery was in place.

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