She’s unfortunately operating from an old playbook, as old as the pro-Kavanaugh playbook and it’s sad to watch. Far sadder and worse that Kavanaugh got in via the old playbook but watching Hillary Clinton defend herself using another page from that playbook is just disappointing. She’s not defending her husband here, that’s the thing. #metoo really DOES reach all men of power regardless of political lines and I’m glad for it.

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The American’s Creed. This is a snip from my Boy Scout Handbook, 9th Edition (1979-1990). When I would see any of these things abused, such as a political party claiming full ownership of these things, it bothered me and still does. If what you see around you isn’t America, protesting the fabrication before you is good and appropriate action, in hopes that it will bring us back on track towards America as an idea made real.

The American’s Creed.

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