Just one thing: I do not understand defending the boys at all. I saw 5 different videos, from 1m to 3 hours, all different angles. I saw a march moving forward and blocked. The boy that stood a foot away refusing to allow the marchers to go past, smirking, gets no defense from me. Not “boys will be boys”. Not “mama didn’t raise him right”. He made a choice and made a stand, to not move and not allow passage. Why? I don’t know. But it was not the Kentucky Catholic school boy standing still event. It was indigenous people’s march, that this man has done every year for years now. Why didn’t the boy move out of the way? I don’t know. But I can’t understand trying to defend his action.

Just one thing:
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I don’t know if I can think of an ideal school system without also working on all of the systems involving kids. So, thinking aloud: you’re born. Didn’t ask for it, but here you are. You automatically gain: parent/parents/guardians/”ward-of” status. Didn’t ask for it, but here you are. You automatically gain: a society with rules. Didn’t ask for it, but here you are. Rules are expected to be followed or else they’re guidelines. What happens if you break rules? So, follow rules or deal with: Rule enforcers. Didn’t ask for it, but here you are. What kinds of rule enforcers are there? Whoever you’re a “ward-of”, Police. School system. Didn’t ask for it, but here you are. One of the functions of school is that of rule making and enforcing. It’s almost a substitute for the general society’s rule making and enforcing, although if you cross beyond the barriers of school rules, police intersects. So, in an ideal school, what happens to those who are not a part of standard or any schooling? Which systems then kick in?

I don’t know if
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That depends if it’s a public figure or a private individual. Politicians and actors lie for a living and usually if they’re at a high level of power, influence, connections and money, they exist on a somewhat different plane than the rest of us. They’re afforded opportunities and special privacies that make up somewhat for their public lack of privacy. So, that’s why nobody is surprised at secret financial deals, or that they commit crimes like theft or drugs or whatnot and they tend to skirt away without a blemish while regular private citizens feel the blows of law.

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