and yes, bigger issues. The organizer, a 15 yr old girl from Connecticut, not far from the Sandy Hook incident (which left a mark on her when she was little), said on her Twitter feed that the most IMPORTANT result of this 420 walkout ISN’T the walkout itself, but the NETWORK this forms for future action. There’s something new growing here and I think it’s amazing.

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What amazes me about this case is how much it reads like the cases brought against Muslims in the US and Europe. Innocent preacher for 35 yrs in Turkey of a church with 25 members or a secret operative passing information that eventually made its way to Kurish military and CIA as an intelligence conduit? Such “cloak and dagger” stuff, it reads like a movie plot. But with the reputation of “a Turkish prison”, I hope for his release too.…/us-priest-brunson-faces-prison… “While media reports claim that it is not confirmed if Brunson is “a U.S. agent” or not, a separate indictment by prosecutors in Ankara says FETÖ used its sprawling international network of schools to provide a cover for CIA operatives.”

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Trump made the same choice made by a bunch of past Presidents. It’s a choice he said shouldn’t be made and that only his opponent would make. Well, he’s made it. Now I’m just hoping that the phony cold war game plays out (again) without too many people actually dying in the process. Or, at best, this was a one-off event and the rest is just posturing.

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Well, I’ve seen all level of devotion. Basic civic nationalism, which I’m fine with. It’s normal. Then people who believe his promises, which to me starts getting odd. Then God Emperor Trump level which is “personality cult” / North Korea level Kool Aid stuff, and finally Fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy / Bringing of End Times, Restoration of Jerusalem, war-leading to peace, stuff. That’s my measuring stick of devotion, first time I actually wrote it out.

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Well, I know the you recreate memories upon retrieval. It’s novel, we reject it (inhibit acceptance) until we find a similar pattern in the brain already, retrieve it, feel consoled as it’s not actually new and reencode the retrieved pattern to include what’s new, “over writing” the old memory. At least that’s my understanding of the process.

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” How about brain entanglement though. Damn we’re such cavemen compared to our future species.” I can’t wait. Where do you end and I begin? Synchronized swimmers and dancers, sports players, multiplayer gamers, drivers, all need a holistic awareness of self and other as a super-organism. Still, there;s separation without commingling. But we readily control online avatars in games and also respond to its needs and not just our own. So, how different is that from having cooperative control of yourself and other people simultaneously? Where does the “I” end and the social dance begin? In very act of communicating, there is a shared brain space. Talking to you is not so different than having a conversation in my own mind, debating different aspects of something. Maybe the transition won’t be difficult at all. Maybe we’re already doing it.

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