AP Music and AP Physics That list of things I thought I wanted to major in 11th grade still interest me today. I’m always making little stupid videos. That’s music composition/theory and photography. Astrophysics / Theoretical Physics, / Quantum Physics still remains a strong interest. Philosophy? Well, every field, including Philosophy itself, has a “Philosophy of…” part. Philosophy of Science, Science Philosophy of Music, Music Philosophy of Art, Art Philosophy of Math, Math It’s also called: Meta-[something] or [something] Theory. Dewey Decimal System, a library classification system that still like despite its many flaws, has a brilliant solution. The first .01 is “Philosophy Of” 530 Physics 530.1 Theories and mathematical physics 510 Mathematics 510.1 Philosophy and theory Big ones get a whole 1: 500 Natural sciences & mathematics 501 Philosophy & theory So, it’s logical.

AP Music and AP
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Ah! A simple “Constrained ‘short enough’ path” that’s not shortest but far from long. Looking for you!! From Hofstadter’s Butterfly –> Indubala I Satija –> Wikipedia: Farey_sequence –> Farey sequences are prominent in studies of any-angle path planning on square-celled grids, for example in characterizing their computational complexity[13] or optimality[14] –> ” The Length of Shortest Vertex Paths in Binary Occupancy Grids Compared to Shortest r-Constrained Ones Article Sidebar Published Aug 19, 2017 ” –> this.

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The “Half your age plus 7 rule” is a guideline for “general social acceptability”. It’s tame, safe, and anybody who criticizes age differences in relationships within the green range is ridiculous It happens but it’s usually teasing or mean-spiritedness. Now, I’ve calculated your coordinates. I had to figure out how to divide a box into 5 parts which was a fun little challenge. I realized that two rectangles inside each other with a line in the middle, paying attention to the spaces being even would get me here. So, what this chart says to me is: You’ll get flak from some people.

The “Half your age
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Ok. Now I can see the cognitive “woo” a lot of folks have with BASE-2 Binary. 0 and 1 is only 0 and 1/2. You’re working with 1/2’s. For BASE-2 it’s: 0=0% 1= 50% 00=100% 00=2. It’s BASE-2. You need 2 symbols. BASE-10 is: 123456789 10 BASE 10. Starting at 0 just messes everybody up. The whole POINT of a positional notation system is to be able to ADD A NEW COLUMN to the LEFT as needed. It’s a CLOCK COUNTER. Start with 1. 0’s just a placeholder after all.

Ok. Now I can
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