i was called Canadian a few times in my life. The semi flat affect, dry wit that’s very often inappropriate, that half frozen smile of “come on guys that was funny wasn’t it? well i think it’s funny… i think” there’s also a “Canadian everyman” Image that he calls into. Michael Myers, martin short, john candy, dan akroyd, rick morantis all seems to draw from a similar well

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On May 30, 2021 I made this to summarize that part of my project. Then I forgot about it and did other things. On Sept 17, 2021, today, I went from: Object of the Mind -> Abstract Object Theory -> Richard Sylvan (Routley) -> neo-Meinongianism whereby even if abstract objects don’t “exist”, (such as mathematical objects), they can still be true as they are constructed of properties and I realized that this is the conclusion I was illustrating. Therefore, I guess I am a neo-Meinongian (at the moment)

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白云泉 very good. when was 11 years old I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. what’s amazing is this was 1405 categories i gathered by hand, connected together using whatever hierarchies were in Wikipedia. and then ignore the hierarchies and reorganized the organization based on which things were connected at all and how they related to one another and had the program put them into groups and then reorganized each subgroup to find out what was truly Central in each subgroup. I continued to other sub groups within the sub groups i did it a third time until I had reasonable sized (small) subcategories. so it was like nesting dolls And then starting at the bottom, figured out what was central to each successively larger group until I ended up with 3 I ended up with risk mitigating, object of the mind or creativity or intuition, and product mgmt. so it summed up to protecting the integrity of thoughts or ideas. perhaps even saving or. protecting mental purity or sanctity of creativity so perhaps this is what i mean when i say authenticity ? i don’t know

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I don’t think there has been a President since President Teddy Roosevelt that was advocating so strongly for this measure. One would think it was FDR but no; FDR inherited a CRIPPLED (sorry) tax code inherited from the decimation from Congress and Presidents during the 1920s that was nothing like what came out of President Teddy Roosevelt’s tenure. Likewise, President Biden inherited a tax code severely cut at the knees, his options limited but what he asks is also very narrow and limited but powerful. Other measures will come into play to ensure they don’t price gouge, as the meat industry is doing in grocery stories during COVID “Oh no the companies will bully us if we tax them too much” shows who they’ve bullied already. Anyway, I keep being surprised when I hear it. Never heard it from any other President in my life, just candidates. Will it happen? Who knows. But go ahead: respond with “whatabout” some other thing. Floor’s open.

I don’t think there
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