A bit of a lot of things – lots of trial and error. But I settled on a process for now: Paint dot NET is my homebase. a) Have color image. b) Convert it to 1-bit using a little thing I found http://blog.roguecode.co.za/update-for-my-agent-1-bit-image-converter-1bitter/ c) Open in Inkscape d) Control-A (Select All) e)Path:Trace Bitmap “Grays” Turn off Smooth Options: Turn off Smooth Corners f) Path: Simplify (or Control-L) about three times g) File: Export Bitmap. To do: 1) Automate b) – maybe imagemagick “convert” can do it? 2) Maybe shrinking the image to like 64×64 will make thresholding work better? I don’t know. 3) Use potrace instead of Inkscape for tracing. I did and can but as I haven’t mastered potrace at all, I have to learn its options (same problem I have with Imagemagick – I don’t know it well) 4) Find another way to “simplify”. I think potrace can but I don’t know for sure.

A bit of a
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I had to do this in my life. The projects I want to do can take hours of concentration. But reality gives me 5-15 minute increments throughout the day (except night, which is why I’m up right now). So I learned to have logical stopping points with ANYTHING I do that’s at about the 15m mark. I can usually stall an extra 10m, cut off, and move on to whatever chaotic thing is SOO DARN IMPORTANT that have to packup and leave for hours about. If it’s a super quick thing, I can do it right away and return to my task but usually that’s followed by another interruption within 10 minutes, so sometimes even that 15m logical stopping point stutters along for hours :)

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