50 States in the USA. They’re like 50 little countries. The USA is an interesting mix of Confederalist (state rights) vs Federalist (federal rights). Always butting heads. I think (personally) each State has different needs in lots of issues. Human rights violations are unacceptable in either the State or Federal level. 2nd Amendment is Federal but the application is Confederate : Each State has a certain amount of limited flexibility in *how* they interpret the 2nd Amendment. In this case is the crossover point between “legal” and “illegal” gun ownership. State can’t infringe upon legal gun ownership *but* – is that person legally allowed to have gun ownership? So, in California, they have a 10 day waiting period. A few folks with heavy $$$ backing from powerful gun lobby groups took it to the Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court said, “No. Not today. Lower Court stands.” Maybe they can try again later with more money and more lobbying and get their 10 days back they had to wait for background checks. But in THIS case it’s true: “Now is not the time”. and… how *do* you get 10 days back?

50 States in the
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1) They want more than “thoughts and prayers”. That is an unbelievably difficult step to get past. That tactic has been EXTREMELY effective at maintaining Status Quo. Nothing new: in the USA, guns are untouchable and restrictions are usually minor. 2) They have to get past 1 first. Right now, they got to “We will listen to you speak”. Afterwards, it might become… “and we decided to enforce an existing database that we have neglected”. Will that be enough? No, as it’s not anything changing. But that might be all the politicians have to do to make this go away as a news story.

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