If you are a citizen of the USA, you should retain the right to vote. Period. It is not a privilege. Voting is not a privilege. Voting is a right. Allowing slavery to continue in prisons (13th Amendment) is why states are allowed to determine whether prisoners can vote or not. That it extends BEYOND their jail term shows that their jail term never ended. They are incarcerated long after they’re out as they are not citizens of the United States so long as they are forbidden to vote. This holds true for any class of US citizen who is denied the right to vote.

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Time _may_ be ordered but not measured. An example of that is when you don’t have a clock handy or a piece of music to measure time with. Time can seem to run forwards, backwards or stand still depending on your reference frames but it is our observation that is at issue, not time itself. Is time working when you’re not looking? It is. Longest reach of time seems to be measured by the speed of light at its maximum distance but most of the time the ‘gears of time’ operate in much smaller and slower ways, such as pushing ball, ball rolls forward in time.

Time _may_ be ordered
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