I didn’t know what the word Gentrification meant until a number of years ago. Prior to that, it was just normal sounding. New businesses move into run-down city area. Highly promoted as the solution to crime, brings in jobs. Suburbanites like me thought, “Oh good, I take the train through that area and it’ll be all fixed up now.” And it would be. “But why were all those people protesting? Don’t they see the value of nicer things? I guess they don’t like nice things.” Era of “broken window theory”. I was blind to it. But when I could “see it”? it was one of those moments where what you thought you knew gets a DRASTIC upgrade, changing like dominoes falling into your past. I like when that happens to me. This was a big one and I still sometimes catch myself blind to it, returning to old thought patterns.

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Yup. They know too much about you. Family’s a good example. No matter how successful you are, they remember when you threw up on the couch. Your schoolmates remember when you went through that “hair” phase. Your neighbors remember when you got drunk and weaved through the streets cursing at the sky. You have to find your followers from afar. You can construct your image more easily with them.

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So, the point of this is relating to the past two years in: What way? It’s a closed period of history. 2009-2016. The year is now 2018. You can find a list of George W. Bush from 2000-2008 that is similar. You’ll also be able to create one for Donald J. for 2017-2018. Only one is current and changeable.

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Woah. His section on “What is voter disenfranchisement?” goes deep, all the way to the “mind trip” that messes with a voter’s psyche to the point where they say, “Why bother?” and why it’s so important to SHOW, through action, that every vote counts, by counting the votes. All the effort that goes into voting – and it is a lot of effort, figuring out where you stand on the issues, what you think about various amendments, filling it out, mailing it in, showing up and waiting on line — these are acts of faith and hope that your vote will count and that you are given a chance – an opportunity – to actually make a difference.

Woah. His section on
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Fragment of song in head. The fragment is your brain’s index to deeper knowledge but it’s hidden. Go to google to search fragment of song in its index. Google finds fragment of song. MATCH Google shows rest of song. Deeper knowledge. When see or hear rest of song, your hidden knowledge is retrieved too. MATCH. Now you have access to other memories related to that song.

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Every vote counts. Stop throwing shade. You vote, it should be counted. Low staffing is not fraud. And if the supervisor was such a “problem”, Rick Scott could have replaced at ANY time for the past 8 yrs. Get real folks. It’s slow counting of votes received on time. They legally have time to count. No laws are broken. Quit with the shade throwing just because a result MIGHT go the way you don’t want. Vote’s a vote. Count it.

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