Confession: The test of who Facebook decides to show which posts to more quickly is an ongoing experiment. While it is not related to conspiracy per se, this Rockefeller wiretap shows the Spectrographic brainwashing of the freethinking scientology. While I don’t consider Tesla a whistleblower, this clear forgery of skepticism has implications for Messianic stockholders of electromagnetic apologists. This tetragrammaton (not shown due to dematerialization) indicates the ramification of the corruption and the machinations of the gremlins.

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It’s about time. Yeah, I know why it’s like this. Been like this as long as I can remember. But it was always stupid. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Or put accurate dimensions next to the fake one. It’s not that hard to add a few bits of ink on stickers. Is it a ridiculous lawsuit? Might seem so. But Red Bull doesn’t give you wings and despite a 10 year ad campaign using it, they gave a $5 check to anybody who asked once they were called on it. I agreed with that.

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We *had* one of the other Bushes once. [Florida]. I didn’t mind him as governor tbh ,even though Im not Republican. [Im not Democrat either]. The guy that followed him I kinda liked. But the new guy? eh. Only if there’s a hurricane, then I’ll be glad he’s there. But otherwise he’s just gaming some system somewhere for Republican votes somehow. Yeah, Rick Scott… I try to forget his name.

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