Faith is a word that occasionally confuses me. As a kid, “you need to have Faith” was a substitute for “trust me” and being a kid who was skeptical of the intentions of anybody who said “trust me” (words of a used care salesman or neighborhood bully), I always looked at who was telling me to ” have Faith” Also an adults nicer substitute for “shush. I don’t know. Go away now” As an adult it’s gained more meanings. A substitute for certainty. Now in all that is a better meaning but it’s rarely been the intentions. “Be still and know” For existence I understand Faith. For other uses, I watch.

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I am reading a paper about Place, written by somebody in the USDA Forest Service and I feel a sense of what you’re talking about while reading it. While it’s referring to Place and its significance and how we are situated within it, I have a sense that it may be conveying a similar thing to what you’re alluding to. It’s a dense paper – I’m reading it now – and I have to do a lot of Googling at some terminology I have only a passing familiarity with, but it’s good. Very ecological.

I am reading a
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I gave a very good oral report on Oppenheimer in 10th grade. Same era that my obsession with black holes and theoretical physics reached a point where I could finally write about it / do it for schoolwork 1987/88-ish. For the life of me I can’t think of what I could have filled up a 10 minute oral report on J. Robert Oppenheimer or rather, how I could’ve limited. What was my focus? Manhattan project? McCarthy Trials? Bridge between theoretical physics and engineering? His school? Misunderstood genius trope? No idea. Maybe it’s because he helped turn it all into a reality and the dangers of unleashing something you can no longer control. [nuclear arms race]. Yes, it’s probably the arms race. 1987/88, June 12, 1987. “Mr. Gorbachev – tear down this wall.” , Peristroika, hope. New beginnings — and so while witnessing what I thought was the END of the nuclear arms race, it made sense that I’d be fascinated with the BEGINNINGS of it.

I gave a very
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