History is written by those who write history that successfully gets passed down. That is not always the victors, not at all. You simply have to be able to pass on your story. American Civil War? The losers wrote a lot of things that they consider history. So, point one ain’t necessarily so. Point two isn’t even real. It’s a Western superhero trope or a political rallying quote. Reply1m

History is written by
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Securing the school is their job. Defunding means they no longer have to be mental health counsellors, domestic dispute breakupers, drug stuff, etc. They could focus on crime and criminals. Instead of police doing everything, they could continue to do what they’re supposed to be good at and the rest can be handled by other agencies better suited.

Securing the school is
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I worked for Schering-Plough pharmaceuticals for a few years about 20 years ago. they didn’t manufacture anything that would kill anybody – maybe the animal drugs division I don’t know. mostly I was working with Claritin when it was still under patent. I signed so many non-disclosure agreements. there’s always class action lawsuits against drug companies because they are a big side of a barn to hit and they readily pay to avoid too much scandal while working there I concluded that they are not immoral. but what they are is amoral : their ethical stances are guided by avoiding lawsuits. lawsuits are part of operating costs but I wouldn’t say they knowingly market dangerous drugs that they knew would kill people drug companies don’t change much of the product they make : they modify existing products because all of the strong drugs have already been made 60 years ago everything they make now is weak and barely functions so that they can sell more product. they have to beat placebo only by 5% which is their goal. they don’t make drugs too strong because they want it to be applicable for as many millions of people as possible

I worked for Schering-Plough
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Well, the little tiny bit i think i understand of Kant here – and I probably don’t – is the equivalence of free will and moral law; that is, autonomy is acting in accordance with what is lawful for itself; so in this case, it is lawful for an organism to do what is normal for the organism to do; following its own traits. Initiating behavior based on their own internal states; lawful.

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