I’m like off in the far left somewhere. Democrats and Republicans do what Democrats and Republicans do. That they turned a potential act of significance into a poorly accomplished performative art for a questionable photo-op? No surprise. Trump does it. (you didn’t think he was authentic did you?) Democrats do it. (you don’t think they’re authentic did you?) Republicans do it. (you don’t think they’re authentic did you?) Ted Cruz does it. (you didn’t think he was authentic did you?) That lady from Colorado waving the gun around at the Capitol wearing “Censored” while talking into a microphone does it. (you didn’t think she was authentic did you?) “I’m not a politician like them.” is performative art too. All the politicians do it. It’s the job. I think what’s particularly annoying is that they didn’t even attempt to not look phony while doing it. But that’s my lament with Trump too.

I’m like off in
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The extent
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