I’ve gone back and forth on the debate of cochlear implants. I’ve been watching it go from an experimental technology into something commonplace. Is it abusive to have invasive surgery for congenital deafness or is it abusive to *not* have the surgery if the opportunity is there? My question is: Does the potential patient consent?

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I’ll be disappointed if General Kelly doesn’t play it straight and stand up to his mistake and apologize. I want to believe he’s straightening out the mess as best he can. The press secretary saying “it’s highly inappropriate” to question a General is ridiculous. You don’t get magical powers being a General. It’s more respectful to hold him to his word, toe to toe. Some say he’s getting infected by the culture that’s formed there. If so, and with his newly gained recall abilities, I don’t like the concentration of powers forming. There’s good reason why we have separations of powers. I’ll hold out hope that he’ll play it straight, go with the facts and issue a correction. I’ll hold my breath for a little while longer anyway.

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