In the USA, it was commonly taught that “if you ignore racism it will pass on its own”, from the 1980s onwards. It didn’t work of course but a lot believed at the time. Instead, overt racism became obscured, substitute words entered into the lexicon of public discourse. So there’s decades of white people (and non-white too) who believe law changes worked. Removal of slurs from public acceptability worked. It didn’t though. It’s a deeper problem and attacking it at the surface ended up only being a “feel good” measure for those who originally caused the issue.

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Hurricane stuff. Stood outside during a Cat 3 and screamed randomly “woo hoo” while at a crappy motel helping brother at a job repairing homes wrecked after a PREVIOUS hurricane 3 weeks prior. . Another Cat 3 (Irma), I had to go outside to batten stuff up or take stuff down or move things at the windiest times. Also, I did one or two job interviews long ago. Much worse.

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Did stocks from 1999-2002 + held+picked at them ’til 2014. Did very well. Beat the S&P and Dow by a decent margin and rose when they fell, even during the crashes. [smart long terms picks I did]. Market is pure emotion and like the purely emotional, predictable. Economic ‘news’ is mostly a farce and standard news reporting on stocks even more a farce.

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