t make up what “cranky’ is…”

(for it is not YOU who is acting as if the cat has humanlike feelings — rather, it is you who has catlike feelings — or even more appropriately – you both SHARE the same feelings because you are both mammals – mammals share the same types of emotions, thoughts and feelings. or even tougher but true – we put human characteristics to a computer “it’s cranky”, “computer’s not happy today” — but n…o, it’s not that we are putting human characteristics to a computer — but rather, computer also runs on the same laws of nature that you do (even though we constructed it, it is equally a part of nature, for it came from us, who are a part of nature) – and so, it is true that the computer is cranky – not that we put our feelings on the computer, but that, whether or not the computer has a consciousness, those ‘things’ that make up what “cranky’ is… “

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