t, are a practical multi-perspective view of humanity,

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It is related to research on the self that I’ve been doing, although not strictly within model dependent ontology, yet it is somewhat related in the “scopeness”.

The main difference is my questing has been that of a subjective rather than objective nature; as I am attempting to comprehend self first before even thinking about moving on to attempting to proclaim too many things regarding the rest of humanity or human knowledge.

My latest venture a few days ago: I have been collecting as many writings of mine, from whatever the source, ending up with a large enough corpus to do data analysis on.

As I am not seeking models of reality but rather perspectives of self (in the hopes to BUILD an “accurate as possible” model of self from), I processed 9000+ of my writings through the past few decades through an AI tool created for librarians to help classify academic papers accurately.

One would think this belongs in Information Sciences or Information Theory and perhaps it does.  Or in a Librarian’s forum. But imagine; What would a contextless model look like?

It’s hard to remove a model from the context from within which it’s been created as the assumptions of the system that created the model will be built into the resulting model and affect the model’s results.

But the systems of classifying knowledge used by Librarians, while far from perfect, are a practical multi-perspective view of humanity, with no other purpose than to make knowledge classifiable and accessible.

It may not be a contextless system but I can think of nothing that comes closer at present that’s in use.  It only needs to predict where this knowledge, whatever it is, will be searched for by the humans seeking that knowledge.

So, after processing approximately 9000+ of the writings through it, I ended up with what amounts to a series of Lenses.  1000 categories that attempts to classify all of human knowledge and the AI decided were each of my writings belonged – *if* they were a part of a document that was to be archived by a library.

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