t a fraud that they’ll see…

If you get up at that time – and the little demons get dark and creepy at that point of the day (it’s like a daily “drug crash” that everybody experiences) – try hard to retain the ‘observer” character in your mind – the one watching yourself go through this. The Narrator Voice has to be the strongest – the one you have most control of. “Oh look. Those brain chemicals are at work. Stupid brain… chemicals. This will pass. This will pass. Let’s see, what do I have to look forward to today? Nothing? No no – that’s the chems talking. yes, yes, the crappy stuff – i acknowledge you guys too – but what about the good things? Hmm – maybe I should look in the mirror for a few minutes. maybe i’ll draw a warm bath…. No No – what I’m doing is NOT useless – IT’S not a waste of time. Yes, I AM worthy. I’m NOT faking it. I’m not a fraud that they’ll see… “

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