Systems are the closest thing I can personify.

I’m a Systems Analyst – well, that was my title at Schering-Plough when I worked there. I was just the “pony-tail magic man” to them.

Anyway, Systems are the closest thing I can personify. I’m not going to give personification to my Reason – lol. Thanks to the circuitry of cognitive systems, the amygdala always trumps reason and feeds certainty into it. The circuit traveling back from the pre-frontal cortex to the amygdala is very weak and hard to train. Emotional control is difficult for humans for that reason and takes much training.

My reason is locked up in a brain in a tiny body on a giant planet. Nothing magical about reason or logic. They work and that’s great, but it’s not magical enough for me to put my full trust in.

But Systems in general? Well, they happen. I’m glad they do.

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