Systems are the closest metaphor for God that Kenneth Udut has.

I believe this: Humans need to believe something at their core. They may believe “I believe nothing”. Ok, that is a central belief to them. I’m ok with that.

For me, I believe Systems are amazing. I don’t care what started it. The Universe that matters to me started at the Protostar.

What came before that? It’s interesting, but irrelevant to me.

I deal in facts as far as we can ascertain them. I say “Thanks” because of a simple fact: I didn’t do it.

I don’t care what/who did. My “Thanks” is not wasted because it’s for my own psychological health. Generic Gratitude keeps me from being a jerk. I’m not implying you are; you seem quite civil. But we’re not lawyers debating a “Case for God” – at least I’m not. We’re two ppl commenting on a thread started by John Blaise Lent, each sitting in our respective homes at our computers, tablets, whatever, throwing words in each others direction, and awaiting responses.

These are the facts as I know them to be true.

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