Systems. Always my passion. I have a need to understand systems.

Well, I didn’t want to make a big fuss over it but I’m leaving the groups. Most Facebook groups. I have a small one or two I run and keep open with low activity, and a couple for my “personality type” (INFP), and an “illumintardi” group to feed my need for extreme absurdity, but the philosophy groups I’ll be leaving for now.

I started a quest about a year ago now to understand what Philosophy could do for me. It was never my forte; I mostly avoided Philosophy groups, especially as they’ve evolved through the years online into a certain flavor and style.

The groups here are not like those other groups; you guys have been creating something very unique here that I’m proud of. Good leadership, good management, strong commitment.

In any case, I was on a quest to tackle the beast of Philosophy. It had a relatively short list of names to work with; 80+ major players throughout Western history and many minors, each with their own nuances and I dove into various communities with great fervor.

I learned a lot. Experiment a complete success. Hit upon all the major personality types, most I’ve encountered elsewhere online, but Philosophy culture online breeds its own unique style of personas, which I strove to understand better, and now I do.

Having discovered a psychology, which was always my main interest, that suits my way of thinking – perceptual control theory (pct) / Method of Levels, and earlier having found a theory of mind that suits me (the family of embodied cognition) – I want to focus more on those areas rather than philosophy.

Systems. Always my passion. I have a need to understand systems.

So, I’ll still be here on Facebook. I don’t _generally_ answer IM much but sometimes I do. Just need to redirect my focus a little for now. I may rejoin later on though.

You’re an awesome bunch of administrators and really have your heads screwed on straight. There are plenty of examples of those who don’t. Just today, in another group, I had the rare treat of being banned for 24h because I didn’t fall into someone’s obvious logic trap – someone who happened to be an admin.

To me, that’s bad leadership.

But you guys are strong leaders. Very strong. Great group. Keep doing what you do.

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