surprised me the other day

surprised me the other day and said that he likes Bloomberg. I mentioned that he’s a billionaire, and isn’t he kinda buying votes? His reply was “Yeah, but he was a mayor of New York which is basically a country, isn’t really a party guy and seems to be good with money.”

It was then that it hit me that the notion of the USA as an oligarchy is pretty much a given to him. He was like when Trump started his campaign and is now with political opinions and for him Obama is just a meme.

and, he’ll be soon, driving in less than a year, voting in about three years.

So, unless there’s a dramatic shift, the notion of “US as oligarchy” might just be “ok, so that’s just how it is” for his generation, assuming he’s representative, which I don’t know if he is or not.

He’s pretty centrist, despite my “far left”-ness. I don’t think his mo m or aun ts vote. I’m the major adult male figure for him. His friends are mostly ironic far-right but that’s the neighborhood we’re in. Local KK K drago n two blocks away, his mid dle sch ool tea chers were all big time Tru mper s, freely talking about “those damn lib eral s” in class – although he’d call them out when they did thankfully.

I’ve got a few centrist friends online that like Bloomberg. I guess in a lot of ways he’s just kind of normal. Billionaire normal but normal.

As for me, I’m surprised and glad to see Sanders doing well but I’m not holding my breath either as the powers that be don’t care much for him. Still, I’m hopeful as it’d sure be interesting.


The notion of monarchs is becoming normalized. The notion of revolutions, violent or non-violent but collective in any case, is becoming normalized. The notion of the USA as able to purr along smoothly is cracked and shaken, the expectations of BIG DRAMA is daily.

Inbetween it all, “The Hustle” is strengthening. “Gotta hustle if you’re gonna survive”. I never understood “the hustle” completely — it’s not in my blood but I always associate it with attempting to get sponsorship deals and such.


Yeah. I mean, I get it but there’s always been a bit of hollowness to it, like watching water dancing on top of a hot skillet about to evaporate.



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