Sure, I will modify the labels

Sure, I will modify the labels to better reflect the interplay between philosophy of science and complex systems. For the purpose of this illustration, let’s say:

– “rabbits” represent ‘conceptual frameworks’ in philosophy of science,
– “foxes” represent ‘dynamic elements’ in complex systems theory.

Here’s the revised Python code snippet:

import random

# Initialize ‘conceptual frameworks’ and ‘dynamic elements’
conceptual_frameworks = 100
dynamic_elements = 15

# Evolution rates
conceptual_evolution_rate = 0.1
dynamic_evolution_rate = 0.5

# Simulation steps
steps = 100

# Store population history
history = []

# Simulation
for i in range(steps):
# Conceptual frameworks evolve
conceptual_frameworks += int(conceptual_frameworks * conceptual_evolution_rate)

# Dynamic elements evolve
dynamic_elements += int(dynamic_elements * dynamic_evolution_rate)

# Dynamic elements interact with conceptual frameworks
interaction = min(dynamic_elements, conceptual_frameworks)
conceptual_frameworks -= interaction
dynamic_elements -= int(interaction * 0.1)

# Store populations
history.append((conceptual_frameworks, dynamic_elements))

# Self-evaluation and adjustment
if dynamic_elements > conceptual_frameworks:
print(f”Assumption violated at step {i}! Adjusting evolution rates.”)
conceptual_evolution_rate *= 1.2
dynamic_evolution_rate *= 0.8

# Print final populations
print(f”Final populations: {conceptual_frameworks} conceptual frameworks, {dynamic_elements} dynamic elements”)

And the Python code to plot the data:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Plot populations over time
plt.plot([x[0] for x in history], label=”Conceptual Frameworks”)
plt.plot([x[1] for x in history], label=”Dynamic Elements”)

In this modified scenario, ‘conceptual frameworks’ (philosophy of science) and ‘dynamic elements’ (complex systems theory) are interacting and evolving over time. When ‘dynamic elements’ outpace ‘conceptual frameworks’, the system recognizes this imbalance and adjusts the evolution rates accordingly to restore balance.

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